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“The Brown Bag Lunch Series” By Traci Abbott The Bentley Women’s Center and Gender Studies Program are pleased to announcement a new brown bag lunch series, “Can We Talk?” for faculty, staff, and students in LaCava 120. The kick-off event will take place Wednesday, Oct. 12, 12:45-2:00pm, with an informal meet-and-greet and discussion on potential topics for upcoming programs. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch or buy one from the Lower Café, while cold drinks will be provided.

General Meetings: Mondays 2:10pm-3:25pm Brown Bag Lunch October 12th November 12:45pm-2:00pm

The second event will take place Wednesday, Nov. 9, 12:45-2:00pm during Culture Fest. Assistant Professor Tzarina Prater from the English and Media Studies Department will be speaking on, “Can We Talk ... about Differing Conceptions of Health and Beauty Around the World?" Dr. Prater’s research includes African American literature, Anglophone Caribbean literature, and gender studies. Her talk will integrate images of beauty in popular culture from across the world as well as her experiences growing up in a multicultural household and living abroad.

Inside this issue:

We hope you can join us for this exciting new program! Our hope is that it will facilitate new connections among faculty, staff, and students and spark conversations about current topics.

Can we talk?

Final Four!


Yield Campaign


Speakers During General Meetings


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


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Women’s Center places in Final Four! “Feminism in Action Contest”, Mass. NOW By Kathryn Burgner This summer, the Women’s Center applied for the “Feminism in Action Contest” through the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women. The proposal for the contest was written and submitted by Kathryn Burgner, with help from the entire Women’s Center Executive Board, as well as our Co-Advisors. Our idea for promoting the “Young Feminist Movement” was to coordinate an mentoring event series with young women at the Waltham Housing Authority. While we were not chosen as the winner of the contest, we were placed in the “Final Four” contestants round and were featured on the Mass. NOW website. We also received two complimentary tickets to Mass. NOW’s Annual Event, “A Feminist Affair”, which we will be attending on October 22, 2011. We will be able to interact with the winner, other finalists, and members of the Mass. NOW chapter. We would also like to acknowledge Edward Zlotkowski and Jeannette MacInness from the Bentley Service-Learning Center for their willingness to collaborate on this project with us. We are thankful for the help they have given us with this proposal and look forward to building a strong relationship in the future between the Women’s Center and the BSLC! Additionally, Officer June Conway graciously helped us look into community partners to include in our proposal. We also hope to work with Office Conway in the future and thank her for collaborating with us!

“Yield Campaign” - Awareness & Action Committee By Lisa Ann Landry The Awareness and Action Committee is excited to announce a new awareness campaign for this school year. The committee this year is preparing the Yield Campaign, which will be a combination of events and awareness promotions on campus and online during the late fall and spring semesters. To launch this campaign, we will be having the Center for Counseling and Student Development’s Peer Educators present their Getting Real about Relationships workshop at the Women’s Center General Meeting on November 14, 2011. We will then have a larger event in mid to late November regarding relationships – what a healthy relationship is, signs of abuse or assault, and how to help a friend. For our larger campaign, we are planning on working with other campus organizations in order to put on awareness and safety events. Primarily, however, we will focus on our flyer and online campaign, which will state short statements of healthy and unhealthy signs (with traffic signals) on posters around campus that will have QR codes linking to the online campaign of helpful information for those interested, friends, and victims. If you have any interest in learning more or helping to plan this campaign, please contact the Awareness and Action Committee Chair, Lisa Ann Landry, at


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NEW Speakers During WC General Meetings By Logan Michaud Starting this semester, several women speakers will be appearing during our general meetings to speak on a topic that we feel is relevant to our group. Our first speaker was Deanna Busteed, Bentley’s Clinical Dietician / Sports Nutritionist and Coordinator of fitness classes. She educated us on the changes that have just taken place, including the shift from the use of the food pyramid to the use of MyPlate. She gave us helpful tips on snacking and exercise. Mary Marcel was our second guest speaker. Mary is currently a Senior Lecturer at Bentley for the Information Design and Corporate Communications department. She shared with us some very interesting and relevant research that she is doing for her book about gender roles. We learned about the four different ways a person may be categorized by their desires and personality traits and how these qualities can affect the way that they interact with others. Throughout this next semester we will have other various speakers covering topics ranging from sexual health to challenges women face in the professional world. We invite all to come join us for these sessions during activity period (2:10pm-3:25pm) on Mondays!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer By Ashley King and Grace Karon On October 2nd, the Women’s Center, joined by Alpha Phi, participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. The rain that had loomed over Waltham cleared just in time to load up the busses. Armed with pink and white pom-poms and adorned in the newest Women’s Center shirts, 100 students from the Women’s Center and their supporters proudly completed the six mile loop around the Charles River alongside 40,000 other walkers. Costumes were spied, including feather boas, pink cowgirl hats, and tutus, and cheers were heard from the sidelines by herds of loyal volunteers. Since 1993, Making Strides has seen 7 million walkers and has raised over $400 million dollars to help breast cancer patients become survivors and see another birthday. Breast Cancer affects not only those directly afflicted with it, but everyone around them as well, and Making Strides sensitively addressed that by allowing walkers to fill out stickers identifying who they were walking for. Women proudly wearing “survivor” sashes got particular encouragement along the route. Although the American Cancer Society is particularly busy during the walk, they operate year round. See for more info.


Calling All Alumni... We are currently updating our alumni database! If you have any names and email addresses for alumni, then we would love to add them to our mailing list! Despite how recently or long ago you were part of the Bentley Women’s Center, we would love to keep you and your fellow alumni updated on the events, membership, and other details of the center! All names and email addresses can be sent to: We very much appreciate the help with looking into the history of the Center’s past! Thank you!

Reference Librarian Office Hours to Begin By Kathryn Burgner

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the Women’s Center and Liz Galoozis, a Reference Librarian, Coordinator of User Instruction, and the Gender Studies Liaison for the Bentley Library. Starting this month, Liz will be holding Office Hours in the Center, during which she will be available to help students with questions about research or finding resources for classes, especially those in Gender Studies classes. The time and days of her hours will be announced soon, but they will most likely be scheduled in accordance with Gender Studies classes’ syllabi, giving students help during the times that they will most need it. Liz is so excited to work with the Center and looks forward to interacting with even more students through her new office hour times at the Center. Please feel free to contact Kathryn Burgner, VP of RRR for the Women’s Center ( or Liz Galoozis ( for any questions about the new Gender Studies Office Hours!

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Sexual Health Presentation and Q&A By Courtney Smigiel

Ever wonder about what goes on down there? To answer some of the sexual health questions that we are often too embarrassed to ask, we have invited a special guest into the Women’s Center. On Monday, October 24th during our general meeting from 2:10-3:25pm, Gerri Taylor, the Associate Dean and for Health and Wellness and Director of the Center for Health and Wellness at Bentley, will be presenting about the topic of sexual health and will be available to answer our questions. Presently, a colorfully-decorated shoe box occupies the round table in the Women’s Center and is the outlet for individuals to write and submit sexual health-related questions to be answered by Gerri. Any and all questions are encouraged! The box will be removed and given to Gerri on Wednesday, October 20st to allow adequate time for Gerri to prepare answers. All submissions are anonymous and we encourage students, faculty, and staff to get involved and attend our general meeting to learn about this topic! Here are few questions that you may have been thinking about, too…  What is a UTI? How do I get one? Is it preventable? What is the treatment?  Can I really catch diseases from public toilet seats?  How soon can I take a pregnancy test for it to be accurate? What are the earliest signs of pregnancy?  Can I get pregnant during my period?  I wake up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. Is this normal?  How soon after having unsafe sex can I find out if I've contracted an STD?  How soon before getting my period should I expect to PMS?  What is a canker sore and is it contagious?  How often can I take an emergency contraceptive?  Will I experience any side effects from going off birth control?  How do I choose the best birth control? We hope to see you at our meeting on October 24th to hear Gerri speak and ask her your own questions! Please stop by the Women’s Center to submit questions of your own.

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A Look Back: September Events Photos By Katrina DeFrancesco

Top Left: A group photo of the awesome Women’s Center team for this year’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” Walk in Boston Top Right: Some Women’s Center members at the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” Walk Reception for all team members! Bottom Left: Our executive board with the presenters of “The Female Orgasm” show! Bottom Right: “The Female Orgasm” presenters uncovering some common orgasm myths printed in magazines, like Cosmopolitan. Center Bottom: Helping residents of Waltham Crossings make beautiful door wreaths for Fall!


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Upcoming Dates & Events By Courtney Smigiel

Brown Bag Lunch Events  First Brown Bag Lunch: Wednesday, October 12 at 12:45PM  Second Brown Bag Lunch: Wednesday, November 9 at 12:45PM Speaking Events/General Meetings  Elisa Vincent from the Center for Women in Business: Monday, October 17 at 2:10PM  Gerri Taylor from Health Services to answer sexual health questions: Monday, October 24 at 2:10PM  Alyssa Hammond from Career Services: Monday, November 7 at 2:10PM  Peer Educators “Getting Real About Relationships “Workshop: Monday, November 14 at 2:10PM Social/Service Events  Halloween Potluck Party: Monday, October 31 at 2:10PM *please bring a dish or drink to share*  Waltham Crossings Community Service: Sunday, November 6 time is TBD  Love Your Body Day Relaxation Event: Sunday, November 13 at 11AM  Elections for next year’s Executive Board: Monday, November 28 at 2:10PM Additionally, we will be planning a dinner and movie night on a Friday or Saturday. Every event except for Waltham Crossings and Love Your Body Day, will be held in the Women’s Center. All are encouraged to attend!

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September & October 2011 Newsletter  

Bi-monthly newsletter highlighting events and current happenings of the Bentley Women's Center

September & October 2011 Newsletter  

Bi-monthly newsletter highlighting events and current happenings of the Bentley Women's Center