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FEBRUARY 19, 2009

This Issue Paying for an internship: the controversial alternative Marijuana Law University of Dreams ONE Campaign Club Updates ..................5 Food Dude: Chef Eric Ripert ...............6 The costs do not end at simply a college education.

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All of your general education classes are in order and you are really happy with the way that your major classes are shaping up. You are highly involved in multiple clubs on campus and you have built up a great rapport with your supervisors and professors, cementing a few great recommendation letters. Sounds like the situation most Bentley students find themselves in. So with all this working in your favor, do you really have to worry about getting an internship this summer? In this dismal economy,

Photo by Bree Johnson

according to The Wall Street Journal, the market for summer internships is drying up, which means some tough searching for some very qualified students. It is in this scenario, where internships are tough to come by and many feel discouraged at their chances, that a “destination internship” program like University of Dreams is an appealing opportunity. University of Dreams, which opened in 2000, provides a package to prospective interns that is truly unmatched by any other service. They not only revamp your résumé and work with you on interview techniques, but they contact

No change to marijuana policy, despite state law Leslie Dias CAMPUS LIFE EDITOR

Before Massachusetts became the twelfth state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, violators were arrested, suffered fines up to $500, put on probation or sent to jail, and were even subject to lose their driver’s license. However, during this past election a speedy decision to add Question 2 regarding the decriminalization of a small amount of marijuana has sparked a serious debate between supporters and opponents. Now, those persons caught with less than an ounce of marijuana are now required to pay a fine of $100 with no criminal charge attached. But the more relevant question still remains, how has the decriminalization law in Massachusetts affected Bentley students? Well, the

truth is, it really hasn’t. After speaking with Director of Public Safety at Bentley, Chief Ernest Leffler, Bentley’s policy regarding the possession of drugs has not changed. When asked what Bentley’s policy is on the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, Officer Leffler replies, “There has been no change to Bentley’s policy on drug possession. It remains a violation of college policy to possess drugs and those found in violation of the policy will be subject to judicial action through the Dean of Student Affairs’ Office” Although Bentley may not be relaxing their policy on drug possession, the good news is that it has not proven to be a major issue during this school year. The number of violations has been minimal, and Officer Leffler states, “We have had about 20 incidents

involving reports of marijuana use since the start of the fall 2008 semester, all of which were referred for judicial action.” On November 4, 2008, the decriminalization of less than an ounce of marijuana was passed in Massachusetts with a victory of 65% yes to 35% no. However, laws regarding the acts of growing, trafficking, and driving under the influence of marijuana still hold the same punishments. In accordance to the new punishment for small amounts of marijua(continued on Page 6)

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your prospective employers, vouch for your usefulness, find you a place to live, iron out your transportation and also plan your weekend getaways. “Internships are no longer optional; they are an absolute necessity,” said Normington, “and I think you need to look at an internship as an investment, just as a four year education is an investment.” And quite an investment it is. With locations ranging from New York City and San Diego, to Hong Kong and Costa Rica, the price tag on each service ranges from $5,000 to $9,500. It is exactly that price tag, however, that has many people crying foul. “I think it’s just disgusting,” said Bentley junior Sharon Leonard, “I got my internship by going from company to company, perfecting my résumé myself and working through the difficulties of interviews. The fact that you can buy your way into, that seems wrong.” “It seems unfair that people who have more money can buy their way into internships,” said Melody Shekari, Bentley junior, “it

sends the message that money can buy you success and that is not a message we should be proud of.” Bentley freshman, Dave Curran, laughed at the proposition, saying he would, “absolutely never” ask his parents to pay for this service, nor pay for it himself. Though some Bentley students may feel this program just deepens the gap between the haves and the have-nots, in a survey carried out by University of Dreams, it was clear that this program delivered in not only job placement, but also life changing experiences. Of all participants surveyed, 85% said that the summer they participated in University of Dreams was the best summer of their lives. 70% Said they were asked to come back to intern or interview for another position, while 30% of college seniors were asked to come back for a full time position. Clearly, those kinds of results are easily marketable to willing students. Normington realizes the company has some skeptics, though, saying, “It’s convenient for people to say that (continued on Page 7)

Bentley in ONE Campus Challenge

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Melody Shekari STAFF WRITER

Bentley has been a part of the ONE Campus Challenge this year, earning points by raising awareness of the ONE campaign. On February 6, the Power 100 weekend summit, hosted by the ONE Campaign, was held at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Gery Botchoukova, founder of Bentley’s ONE chapter, led the effort on campus to raise awareness of global poverty and treatable diseases. The chapter was started after Professor Deichmann of

the Global Studies department suggested the idea, and Botchoukova decided to run with it. She and campus leaders from the top 100 schools of the challenge met to discuss important issues, including preventable diseases, the HIV epidemic, and extreme poverty. Present at the summit were actor Anthony Edwards, Lauren Bush, members of Congress, and leaders of international organizations. Of the conference, Botchoukova said, “We all shared the same passion for this cause…it was a blast!” The Patriots’ Tom Brady (continued on Page 7)

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FEBRUARY 19, 2009






Gaelen Austin-LaFrance

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BACS & BASA bring you Karaoke and Games Night Thursday, February 19th 9 pm – 11 pm Back Bay FREE FOOD & RAFFLES

BACS Chinese Lunar New Year Friday, February 27th 7 pm – 10 pm, Back Bay FREE PERFOFRMANCES, FOOD, & RAFFLES ___

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Theft Wednesday afternoon, a call came into the station from the University of Florida regarding a police report taken about a Bentley staff member there who reported his Bentleyissued laptop stolen. The laptop had been taken from the staff member’s rental car located at the University of Florida at the time. The laptop tag number was entered into a database that alerts authorities if someone tries to sell or pawn it. The case is closed unless further information comes to light. Motor Vehicle Incident While on patrol last Tuesday, at around 3:30 p.m., an officer observed a motor vehicle with freshman decals illegally parked in Lot 16 outside of the Trees Complex. The day before, the same officer had given the vehicle’s owner a warning because the car had a flat tire and the student agreed to have it moved to Lot 1 within 24 hours. The vehicle had not been moved and then was then towed off campus. The owner will be charged with Violation of University Rules and Vehicular Violation. A student entered the Police Station Friday morning just after 11 to report their vehicle had been struck in the Farm Lot. The student reported parking the car the day before and returned the morning of this report to find the rear bumper had been damaged on the driver’s side. Photographs were taken and the student was advised to contact their insurance company. The case is considered closed. Elevator Campus Police were dispatched Saturday evening just after 5 p.m. to assist someone who had become stuck in an elevator in Lindsay. The trapped individual was an employee who was working at the time. After attempts to move the elevator failed, a facilities worker reset the power to the building and the elevator doors opened. The employee was visibly upset but unharmed. The elevator was shut down until it could be repaired. Alcohol Violations Friday night at around 11:45 p.m., an officer observed a male unsteady on his feet while on patrol in LaCava. The officer followed the male who was headed toward the bathroom to make sure he was ok. The male party informed the officer he was on campus attending an event but was not a student. He had a strong odor of alcohol on his person and slurred his speech. An ambulance was called

and took him to the hospital for further treatment. Sunday morning at around 1:51 a.m., officers were dispatched to Kresge Hall to aid staff members who were having trouble breaking up a party. When the officers arrived, the staff members were speaking with several people in the room. Around twenty-five people were escorted out of the dorm. The room residents will be charged with an Illegal Party, Uncooperative with Administrative Personnel, Noise Ordinance, and Underage Alcohol Violation. Officers reported to Slade Hall Sunday morning at 2:34 a.m. for a report of an extremely intoxicated female. The student in question gave officers a different last name than the one that appeared on the ID she had given them. A search of her purse revealed a second ID that had the original name she gave them. She was taken into protective custody and will be charged with Underage Alcohol Violation and Protective Custody. Taxi Cabs Sunday morning at around 1:30 a.m., officers arrived at North Campus for a report of a past assault involving a weapon and a cab driver. The male informed officers he had gotten a cab after leaving a bar in Boston and upon arriving on campus realized he didn’t have enough to pay for the ride. He indicated the cab driver had then locked the doors and threatened him with a weapon. The driver requested the student’s phone as collateral while he went to get the rest of the money. The student gave the driver his phone and returned shortly after with the rest of the fare. The driver gave the student’s phone back and left. Cameras in the area were unable to ID the cab company and a search of the area did not come up with the taxi in question. The case is considered closed. Also Sunday morning, just after 2, Campus Police were dispatched to Orchard South for a complaint about another cab ride. The student informed officers that she had taken a cab from a bar in Boston with friends and the driver had given them a set price. Upon arriving on campus the driver demanded a higher fee than he had originally quoted the students. After an argument, they ended up paying the higher fee. The student wanted to file a report to make a complaint with the cab company but didn’t know what the driver looked like or what cab company it was. The case is considered closed.

Instant Vanguard The new way to anonymously comment on campus, by instant messaging the Vanguard at “INSTANTVANGUARD” “JORT SEASON IS HERE!”


“what do you call a group of guys who used steroids? ... the Yankees” “Am I the only one on campus that feels like A-Rod was talking out of his ass this week? He cheats, then he rambles out being naive and young and dumb.....just admit you were a filthy cheater, hand in your MVPs, and we're good.” “global chef (from peru) in seasons on thursday night (4:30 -- 7:30 only!!) BUB fashion show next friday!”


“To the person who was blasting ‘I'm on a boat’ on Sunday night, that was awesome. You should do that more often.”


FEBRUARY 19, 2009




Obama’s stimulus will prolong economic crisis

*The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each editorial board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

EDITORIAL Career Fair: jobs are there, you just have to look Towards the beginning of each semester, the Bentley Career Fair plays host to a myriad of companies. To this fair, seniors, junior, sophomores, and even freshman flock to look for jobs and internships. You walk up to the nearest booth that interests you and begin to have a chat with the recruiter standing there. After a few minutes of talking you happen to inquire about an internship for the coming summer, only to receive the dreadful response “sorry, we aren’t hiring.” It is confusing, and even sometimes angering, to find a company not hiring at a career fair, which is what Bentley tries to avoid. Who wants to be wearing a suit in a hot sweaty room, taking time out of their busy day (perhaps even missing a class or two) to only get disappointed with outright rejection? Career Services requires that a company wishing to attend the Career Fair come prepared with job or internship opportunities. Thus far, there are 98 confirmed companies with only three listed without specific job or internship opportuni-

ties. So why all the talk around campus about companies not hiring and students leaving the Career Fair empty-handed, semester after semester? It sound as if the fears of companies going to the Fair and not offering any positions is more a myth than a reality. A meeting with Susan Brennan, director of Undergraduate Career Services, and Jennifer Thibodeau, Employer Relations Manager, shed new light on the causes of this highly circulated myth: The first problem is miscommunication between employers and fair-goers. Often, companies send division specific people to talk about, for example, the finance division or the marketing division of the company. These people are often recently Bentley graduates or other representative who know nothing about the job prospects of the company apart from the division in which they specialize. Second, not all the companies come with opportunities for every major. Part of the selection process is to create

THE VANGUARD Bentley University 385 Beaver Street 310M1 Student Center Waltham, MA 02452 Phone: (781) 891-2912 Email: Web:

diversity among the companies and the types of students they are looking for. Third, the volatile economy is making it much more difficult to find a job or internship. The fact of the matter is that there are 4000 Bentley student foaming at the mouth for the hottest Job or internship, and with only 100 or so companies present at the career fair, there are bound to be disappointments. Yes, the fair is a good way to learn about the companies and the programs they potentially offer, but it is called a career fair for a reason: to find a career. Certainly the companies are interested in finding good Bentley students and graduates to fill positions, but as these economic times remain unstable, companies are growing very cautious and shrinking business operations, resulting in lower demand for new employees. There is hope though. True, the economy is not doing as well as it has but there are still jobs to be had. By being determined and creative, applicants can bypass the career fair turnaways and benefit from the event.

As Congress and President Barack Obama struggle to stabilize the US economy, the bailout they crafted nears $787.2 billion which, as much of the money will be borrowed from the Chinese government, will actually cost the American taxpayers approximately $1 trillion with interest. However, Americans should not support the enormous spending “stimulus” package which will propel the national debt to levels unseen since World War Two, and would cost much more than the nearly $594 billion war in Iraq. President Barack Obama characterizes the bailout plan as one which would “safeguard the American economy”, “jump-start job creation”, “ensure that markets are stable, credit is flowing and families can stay in their homes.” However, economic history points to the fact that government spending on such an unprecedented level actually prevents economic recovery. The last time that government attempted to spend the economy out of a crisis was under Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s. However, despite his wholesale government intervention and all its “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects, per capita consumption, non-residential investment, and total hours worked, indicators of a healthy economy actually remained below preDepression levels by 25%, 60% and 21%, respectively. Instead, all that occurred was the single largest jump in government spending in the history of the country. No promised spike in GDP growth, no expansion in employment, no economic recovery, just a Depression prolonged by more than 10 years. So what should

President Obama do? Instead of emulating valueless tactics of an age gone by, he should apply the methods with which Ronald Reagan solved the inflation and economic stagnation crisis of the late 1970s to early 1980s. The economic conditions Ronald Reagan faced at the beginning of his first term, 11.83% inflation, double digit unemployment, 16% interest rates, plummeting consumer spending, 1% productivity growth and a contracting GDP, constituted a crisis much more dismal than the recession we face today. However, with his 25% marginal tax rate cuts for all income brackets, a more than 10% reduction in government spending, a reduction of 31.2% in government nondefense discretionary spending and an aggressive anti-inflationary policy, President Reagan was able to successfully steer the US economic recovery in two years. However, President Obama’s plan does the exact opposite. Already, the President talks about tax hikes starting in 2010 to pay for this “recovery” plan which will cause a spike of 81% in government spending, greater than the one under FDR, and make our budget deficit the largest since WWII. President Obama should stay true to the words in his Inauguration Address that “The question we ask today…is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works.” He should look beyond ideology, beyond Democratic Party politics, and adopt proven methods of solving economic crises to stem the one in which we find ourselves today. Anton Sadovnikov

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FEBRUARY 19, 2009


Feed your future See the difference 100 PwC interns made in Belize. Begin at

© 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. All rights reserved. “PricewaterhouseCoopers” refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP or, as the context requires, the PricewaterhouseCoopers global network or other member firms of the network, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity. We are proud to be an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


CLUB UPDATES BEAR is a developing club on campus geared towards outdoors activities. In the future, we plan on hosting both on-campus and off-campus events. From hiking, camping, and kayaking off campus to barbecues and outdoor sports on campus, BEAR desires to be a club which anyone can join! We hope to attract new members who are excited about a particular field or anyone who is adventurous enough to attend all events! If there are any questions or desire to be on the e-mail list, please contact Courtney McShane at Our first club trip is Thursday, February 26th, at 4 PM at Boston Rock Gym. It’s half off for college students so bring your ID!

Bentley Jazz Band The Bentley Jazz Band will be playing their first gig of the semester on Sunday February 22nd from 11:30-1 in Season’s Dining Hall. This is a family weekend goodbye brunch that you will not want to miss!! Bring your parents, family, and friends by for some omelets and great live music!!

Ski and Snowboard Club So far Bentley’s Ski and Snowboard Club has been to Killington, Sunday River, Bretton Woods and Wildcat. This weekend they are heading off to Sugarloaf with about 45 Bentley Students. Upcoming Trips: Day trip to Mt. Snow and Sunday River SPRING BREAK. There are still some spots left for the Spring Break Trip for only $330. This is the cheapest spring break trip out there! The SSC will be hosting elections for new e-board members after spring break and may be taking a trip to Mt. Washington to ski Tucks. Feel free to email with any questions!

Attention Sophomores! Important Upcoming Dates: February 18th- “Times Up” 3 Part Workshop: Planning for the Unthinkable 1-1:45 in Lindsay 27 February 20th- Housing Deposit is Due

Clash of the Classes This Thursday at 7:00pm in the Dana Center Compete in mini games and show school spirit for the chance to win amazing prizes! There will be a DJ and dance performances along with great gift certificate and T-shirt give-a-ways!

Bentley Ball We took your feedback and made this year’s Bentley Ball better than ever! March 20th at the Westin Hotel. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided. Dress is formal attire and there will be a cash bar for those 21+. Tickets are $30 and are always on sale through Bannerweb. Tickets will also be on sale in the Student Center every Wednesday from 12:45-2 and 5-7 until March 4th! Don’t miss out!

Bentley Consumer Action Line: A Day in the Life of a Student Mediator Justin Joel Contributing Writer

Most conversations about my on campus job proceed something like this: You have a job on campus. Awesome!!! Where do you work? Bentley Consumer Action Line? What is that? Oh, well then, what do you do there? Oh, so you pretend to resolve disputes between imaginary people and fake businesses. Well, I guess that is cool. Wait a second, why do you do that again? For those of you who do not know, the Bentley Consumer Action Line does in fact work with real people and real situations. It is one of eighteen consumer authorized by the Massachusetts’s Attorney General’s Office that work to assist consumers in resolving disputes that they may have with local businesses. It is the only program in the state that is completely ran by students. The consumers feel that they have been cheated or deceived by these businesses in some way. The consumers oftentimes are unable to work out their problems with the businesses on their own accord, but still wish to resolve the situation and avoid the costly fees associated with the litigation process. This is where the Bentley student mediator is able to play a role in helping both the consumer and the business to come together and settle their dispute. The mediation process is best illustrated with use of an example. One consumer filed a com-

plaint with BCAL against a local gym. The consumer had purchased a trainer and gym membership for her son at said gym. The training program was supposed to last for seven months. One month into the training program, the consumer’s son was hurt in a non gym related physical activity. The gym denied the woman a refund for the six months of gym membership that her son would be unable to complete as a result of his injury. The woman claimed that the gym was being unreasonable for denying the refund of unused membership fees and that they had been uncooperative in trying to resolve the matter. A BCAL mediator worked over the phone with both the consumer and the business and was able to secure the women a full refund for lost training sessions plus a complementary five month gym membership. Bentley Consumer Action Line has, since its inception in 1993, secured approximately $675,000 in refunds for consumers. BCAL’s faculty coordinator, Professor John Hayward, oversees operations of the program, and Professor Stephen Lichtenstein also assists in its coordination. The program has a staff made up of both new and experienced student mediators and is looking forward to another successful semester assisting the local community. Student mediators will be keeping you posted throughout the semester as to their unique experiences working for the organization.

Join us at

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A Breakfast Sandwich inspired by bakers Try one of our three delicious breakfast sandwiches with allnatural eggs – freshly cracked every morning, a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar, your choice of Applewood-smoked bacon or allnatural sausage, grilled on freshly baked Ciabatta.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2009



By: Tom Hoeler

Interview: Chef Eric Ripert When I started this column I had one primary goal: to get an interview with a real chef somewhere and talk to him about food and the culinary world. I didn’t care who it was; a celebrity chef the caliber of Bobby Flay or a line cook from a diner here in Waltham, MA. It didn’t make a difference to me, so long as I was able to make a connection between the cooking we all do at home versus the cooking done in professional kitchens and restaurants. However, nothing could have prepared me for the interview I conducted last week, a oneon-one phone conversation with Chef Eric Ripert. Eric Ripert is the head chef at Le’ Bernardin, voted as the top restaurant in New York City by Zagat the last four years and is number twenty on the 2008 list of Restaurant magazine’s top fifty restaurants in the world. He and his restaurant have received multiple James Beard awards (the Oscars of the restaurant world). In what turns out to be the most exciting interview I’ve

ever had, Chef Ripert shares, among other things; his memories of first learning to cook, what it’s like running a world class restaurant, the work he does with the City Harvest charity (New York City’s food rescue program), what kind of music is great for cooking and even what super power he would want to have. The Food Dude(FD): I read you grew up first learning to cook in your grandmother’s kitchen. It was much the same for me so I can imagine how much that meant to you. What do you remember most about cooking with your grandmother? Chef Eric Ripert: What I remember is that she was cooking very simple food. That the food had a lot of flavor, I just loved her food when I was a kid and everything had a little mini ritual about it. Like when she would make a vinaigrette, it would take forever to make it and she would use a fork and not a whisk, and she would cut the garlic on her finger, she wouldn’t use a cutting board. It was very simple cook-

ing, with simple techniques but it was very flavorful. That’s what I remember the most. FD: What is the first dish you ever learned to make, being able to produce it start to finish by yourself? Chef Ripert: That I don’t remember. Oh, I know what it was. It was an onion tart, called Pissaladière a very typical [dish] from Provence. I learned how to make the dough and then I learned to cook the onions and make it together. So that was my first success. FD: When you are in the kitchen, how much time are you spending doing the cooking yourself, versus just expediting or being around ensuring that the standards and quality of the restaurant are maintained? Chef Ripert: I spend quite some time in the kitchen during service. However, I’m not in charge of the station at all. Not even only expediting, I’m more walking in the kitchen

Photo from

going through stations, talking to the Chef who is expediting. I’m always moving in the kitchen but not necessarily producing much. FD: So in an average week‌just kind of estimating it seems you spend about 50 hours a week in the restaurant. Chef Ripert: It’s more, it’s almost 60. 56 [laughs]. FD: What keeps you motivated and inspired every day having already achieved so much? Chef Ripert: Whoever is in the restaurant industry for a long

time, really knows that they have a passion for either way cooking or being in the dining room. But, you know, I’m living my passion so it’s not like I’m counting the hours or thinking about it. I’m just coming here and it’s my life; it’s what I enjoy doing. FD: If you hadn’t become a chef, do you have any ideas what kind of career path you might have taken? Chef Ripert: I wanted to be a forest ranger. FD: Was there any special reason why that was? (continued on Page 14)

Marijuana (continued from Page 1) na, the law also states that those under the age of 18 caught with less than an ounce of marijuana must attend and complete a drug awareness program with community service. Failure to complete these programs will result in a $1,000 civil fine. As a prominent factor to the passage of the decriminalization law, the Committee of Sensible Marijuana Policy was responsible for putting Question 2 on the Massachusetts ballot. As quoted in the Boston Globe, chairwoman of the Committee of Sensible Marijuana, Whitney Taylor, complimented the voters on taking such an initiative. She stated, “The people were ahead of the politicians on this issue; they recognize and want a more sensible approach to our marijuana policy.� The supporters of the decriminalization argue that the lessening of the punishment will allow law enforcement to focus on more crucial and violent crimes. In addition, they are convinced that the decriminalization will result in the state saving millions of dollars in law enforcement fees. Even after the passage of the new decriminalization law,

there are still plenty of opponents. Many state officials and law enforcement units see a large number of negative effects of decriminalization. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley commented that the passage of Question 2 would, “turn our neighborhoods into the testing ground for a radical drug legalization agenda�. He also stated that, “Teen marijuana abuse has been declining for years, and passage would undoubtedly reverse that trend�. Some officials protest that the idea of decriminalizing even small amounts of marijuana suggests a lax approach to drug possession. Others predict an increase in drug trafficking and use especially when marijuana use has become very popular. They also see a connection between those who have a small possession of marijuana and those who practice more offensive acts such as dealing marijuana and driving under its influence. As Bentley remains strict with their drug possession policy, Massachusetts is hoping that the decriminalization of marijuana possession less than an ounce will help the state focus its efforts on more pressing issues and cut unnecessary spending during a troubling economic time.

Start Your Career in Accounting.





FEBRUARY 19, 2009


NEWS Inside a R.A.D. class: effective strategies for self-defense Melody Shekari STAFF WRITER

After researching the R.A.D. program, I was eager to see what the class actually entailed. I also wanted to know why others take the class. Jessica Tokarz, Olivia DiLorenzo, Betsy Nally, and Jenna Cavicchia are a group of lively freshman that are taking the course this semester. Cavicchia said that after seeing the emails for the class, she thought it would be a good idea to take it, and the girls decided that they wanted to take the class together. DiLorenzo said that it was more comfortable taking the class with friends, and in both classes I attended, I noticed that most girls had at least one friend in the class with them. Nally also commented that “Everyone should do it,” and Tokarz

The R.A.D. classes are off to a great start.

said she couldn’t wait to use her moves in the future. According to the instructors, no one that has gone through the course at Bentley has reported having to use the physical moves,

Photo by Kosha Divatia

but past students have said that they use the risk reduction strategies and have even gotten into the defensive stance. These strategies may have diffused the situation so that physical attacks

ONE Campaign

Paying for an internship (continued from Page 1) you are just buying an internship, when truly the price for the program is not just for the internship, it’s for housing, food, activities and everything else.” Normington also pointed to the fact, one again, that this is an investment just like any university degree is an investment. While the majority of Bentley students questioned reacted similarly to Curran and Shekari, there is no denying that business for the company is booming. According to Normington, 2009 will be the best year for business yet, with University of Dreams placing around 2000 students into their different programs. “I think part of the reason why is because our name is getting out there, through marketing and word of mouth,” stressed Normington, “And then of course, number two is the economy. Access to opportunities is harder to come by in this economic climate.” There were some Bentley students, when presented with the services University of Dreams provides and their success in the current economy that look favorably on the idea. Thiago Camargo, a Bentley junior, stated that, “I understand that it’s unfair that someone may not be able to pay for it, but if someone can’t buy a car, but I can, should I just walk to

work because they don’t have the same opportunity?” Junior Austin Smith stated, “I don’t think that I would personally do it, but that is partly because I have already had an internship experience. I can more understand the person who is into their junior year and hasn’t yet had an internship experience paying for this service. That makes sense to me.” Smith also noted that this type of summer internship is similar to prep school, in that it is not required after high school, but for someone who feels they need the experience, it is there for them. While some students disagreed with one another, there was one constant to each opinion. That this was a service for rich kids and their parents, however according to Normington, University of Dreams programs are not filled with stereotypical well-to-do rich kids. “I would say the profile of the student who is doing our program, is exactly the same profile of every student in your university,” said Normington,” I think it’s a very fair assessment to make that if you are willing to invest $100,000 in your four year education, by comparison, getting a really great experience in a great internship, it’s not an unreasonable investment. All of our interns realize that.” University of Dreams,

haven’t been necessary. During the first class, I was given a booklet with information for the course. The class went over some of the points, including how to be more aware of your sur-

roundings. It really got me thinking about how little I think about that. Being in this safe bubble at Bentley has caused me to let down my guard. It’s comforting to live in here, but what happens when I leave? Hopefully, thinking about this now will help me be more safe and aware in the future. The second class was more physical than the first. After learning the initial moves in the first class, effective strategies were the focus. We practiced our moves on instructors with pads, and they gave helpful feedback. I can confidently say that I know how to effectively knee someone in the groin, but, hopefully, I won’t ever need to do that. I already feel better about my ability to protect myself, and I’m ready for the next class.

which can be researched at m, is very enthused by the success they are seeing and it is clear that the company has somewhat profited from the downturn in both the economy and job market. While some response to this program has been negative, there is a belief within University of Dreams, and especially by Normington, that they should be looked at one of many options for prospective interns. “To students we always say, ‘We hope that you are using a network, using the people you know. We hope you are going to your career center; use the resources that they can provide you. Submit your résumé to an online web forum. That’s great! Go do that!’ ” While students at Bentley should be aware of the countless offices and advisors that are available to them in their quest to find the perfect summer internship, what Normington hopes is that, “We are just another one of those options.” Albeit, to many students, a pricey one.

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(continued from Page 1) launched the 2nd annual ONE Campus Challenge at the beginning of the school year, and since then, campuses across the nation have been earning points towards being the winner of the challenge. The ONE campaign believes in the power of young people, which is why they host the campus challenge and reach out to college students. Schools earn points through weekly challenges and a variety of activities, including signing students up, getting their campus ONE organization mentioned in the media, and writing letters to Congress. The top ten schools will be announced on March 3rd, and each will receive a $1,000 grant to use at ONE events and programs on campus. The winner of the challenge will be announced on April 7th 2009, and will host the grand prize event on their campus. The ONE Campaign has been so successful at Bentley that it is ranked #16 of all colleges nationwide. Bentley is just ahead of Princeton University, Western Kentucky University, and local rival Brandeis University. Wright State University and Baylor University have 1st and 2nd place respectively. Bentley is among the top schools in earning points and raised up to 11,000 points in just one week. Bentley currently has 431 student members online. “We have a good chance of being top ten,” said Botchoukova. She asks that

students interested in the cause should sign up and invite friends online and emphasizes that staff, family, and friends can sign up even if they don’t go to Bentley. During the rest of the semester, Botchoukova will be visiting classes and running ONE events that anyone on campus can be a part of. ONE is a nonpartisan and non-profit organization aimed at raising funds for and awareness of issues including global poverty, treatable diseases, and hunger in developing countries. Co-founded by Bono, Bobby Shriver, and other campaigners, the high profile campaign has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and been represented by a number of celebrity spokespeople. According to their website, “One billion people live on less than dollar a day. One billion people lack access to clean water. Millions of people in the poorest countries die from diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria – preventable and curable diseases that have been eradicated in developed countries.” The campaign hopes to raise awareness of this and increase government funding to address these problems. They encourage letters to representatives, having a presence at political events, and work with a number of government officials. These are indications of the success of the campaign, and they hope to grow and increase their efforts.


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For Your Entertainment

If you could see ONE artist or band at Spring Day, who would it be? GRACIE KARON CLASS OF 2012 MARKETING, AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES "Parachute V.A. I saw them perform last month and they put on a great show!"


JP PASSERO CLASS OF 2009 MANAGEMENT “Taylor Swift. Come on, have you seen her?"

KRISTEN LAVALLEE CLASS OF 2012 MATHEMATICS "I’m going to go with the CD I’m most obsessed with right now…Akon.”


Photos by Bree Johnson

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Album Review: N.A.S.A. – The Spirit of Apollo N.A.S.A. really came out of nowhere. As far as I can tell, almost no one knew anything about them six months ago, three months ago a few songs leaked onto the internet, and now they are apparently working with everyone from everywhere, are perpetually gaining momentum on the internet, and have released an album that can only be described as “epic” if nothing else. N.A.S.A., as one might guess, is kind-of a terrible name to choose because it makes you almost impossible to Google. When you are competing with the people who launch space shuttles and satellites into orbit, your Wikipedia page is more or less destined to play second fiddle. Despite these difficulties, here is what I’ve been able to gather about N.A.S.A. from their record labels webpage: N.A.S.A. stands for North America / South America and consists primarily of Squeak E. Clean (AKA Sam Spiegel) and DJ Zegon (AKA Ze Gonzales), and Brazilian funk is apparently the main background element here. Personally, one of the first things that comes to mind about the N.A.S.A. and their debut CD, The Spirit of Apollo, is that it is absurd. I don’t mean that in a negative or positive way, but more as a matter of fact. One look at the cover reveals rockets and spacemen in front of a giant disco ball. Also, when you have trouble counting the number of other artists featured on this album, you know you’re in for something interesting. At my last count, there are 38 different artists featured on here over the seventeen tracks, and if you add in Squeak and Zegon themselves, you might as well make it an even 40. So I took all of this in, braced myself and actually listened to music presented to me. While the initial leaks had showed promise, I always had serious doubts at the ability to feature

such a wide range of different artists over so many different songs and still present an album that makes sense as a whole. Somehow, The Spirit of Apollo, is actually the most stunningly coherent blend since Girl Talk was smashing samples together for Feed The Animals. From the intro, the album leads into two songs featuring David Byrne’s singing as a surprisingly effective complement to the first six rappers featured. “Way Down” changes things up slightly with Barbie Hatch’s slower vocals on the hook, yet provides a welcome shift. And really that’s a great way to describe this album – welcome shifts. None of it feels out of place, but with this many guests, each of the tracks stands on its own and keeps The Spirit of Apollo from getting boring – an important aspect considering that 17 tracks over almost an hour and fifteen minutes makes for a very long hip-hop album. Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon prove to be adroit beat makers throughout this album, and there’s something about their style that feels both fresh yet old-school at the same time. In a time when hip-hop seems almost overly saturated with fast-paced synthesizer -fueled beats (see Timbaland) and vocodor-masked raps (see every popular rap song of the past nine months), N.A.S.A.’s Brazilian funk backing takes this album in what feels like a welcome step back into the past – the beats feel more natural, and it’s pretty cool when you can actually identify the rappers. If that wasn’t enough, this duo also proves to be able matchmakers when it comes to the artists featured here. When I listen to the Wu-Tang clan, I typically don’t think, “Wow, this would go great with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.” But N.A.S.A. pairs the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard with Karen O on “Strange Enough”, and the result is just fantastic (I actually didn’t realize what a fitting title that was until I wrote

By: Matt Weisse

this). On “Gifted,” Kanye sounds as though he was made for the beat and has just waiting for Lykke Li to do a chorus with him his whole life. And placing Spank Rock with Santogold and M.I.A. on “Whatchadoin?” makes me wonder why this matchup hasn’t happened earlier. That said, The Spirit of Apollo isn’t perfect, though. There is a lot going on here, and it only makes sense that some of these songs are certainly better than others. With such rampant experimentation, it’s tough to win them all. It’s also a bit much to digest at once. As I noted earlier, this is a very long album, and listening to it all the way through takes some effort. And that 15 minute closing track with the gap of silence between the “N.A.S.A. Anthem” and the hidden track just feels very unnecessary. Ultimately though, this album is definitely worth a listen. By sheer probability alone, given the amount of things here, you’re bound to find at least one track you like, and probably more. There’s also something about this album that just feels like an almost overdue change of pace from hip hop of late. It’s refreshing to know N.A.S.A. is unafraid to experiment, and collaborations such as these leave me feeling incredibly curious as to what their next album might sound like. But for now I’ll just enjoy this. 8.5 /10 Try: “Gifted (feat. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykki Li)”, “Strange Enough (feat. Karen O, Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Fatlip)”, “Way Down (feat. RZA, Barbie Hatch & John Frusciante)” The Spirit of Apollo was released this Tuesday on ANTIRecords. This weeks leaks: Simian Mobile Disco – “Synthesise” / “10,000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong” – Simian Mobile Disco is back and preparing a second album, but unfortunately if these two tracks are any indication, they haven’t added many new tricks to their arsenal. “10,000 Horses” rises and falls, yet I can’t shake the feeling I’m listening to “Sleep Deprivation Pt. 2” for some reason. “Synthesise” has a video that might kill any epileptic viewers, but musically I just have trouble getting into it. I just hope the album as a whole has a bit more variety to it. The “Synthesise” single is out soon on Beatport. The new album will drop sometime in 2009.


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Audiobone headphones: redefining headphones one jawbone at a time Ian Markowitz A & E EDITOR

There is nothing in this world as badly in need of a redesign as audio headphones. I am vocal in my distaste towards almost every headphone ever created not for their sound quality but for their comfort. I bashed Apple’s headphones when I reviewed the iPod Shuffle and I recommended the Sennheisers I use when I published the Holiday Gift Guide in December, but I still have yet to find the holy grail of headphones. You would think that it wouldn’t be hard to find, all I ask for is comfort, sound blocking, good sound quality, reasonable price, and portability and I have yet to find headphones which meet all of my criteria. The hardest part for companies to excel in is the comfort department. Sound blocking is easy, the companies just find a material to block the noise typically using either foam or silicone rubber as their material of choice. I have always found this to be the most important feature because it allows you to truly hear the music without cranking the volume to full blast when you’re in public and blowing out your eardrums. Sound quality and reasonable price tend to be directly correlated to one another so I usually try to find a middle ground at around $40 where you get relatively inexpensive headphones but still

Courtesy of Audiobone

good sound quality overall. Portability is also easy to accomplish, I just ask that my headphones not be bulky over the ear headphones. I was excited to try a completely new concept in terms of headphones: headphones which don’t go on or in your ear, but instead go outside your ear. They are called AudioBone Headphones and they are made by a new startup called Game Changer Products. The AudioBone headphones utilize a technology which has been dubbed bone conduction and was originally invented by Beethoven. The headphones work by using the jawbone to conduct the sound waves to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. In essence, the AudioBone headphones rest just forward of the ear canal on the jaw bone and pump your music through your jaw bone. When I first received these headphones, in the box there was a note from Game Changer letting iPod and iTunes users know they might have to increase their volume,

which I found a bit strange for a pair of headphones. The note asks iPod and iTunes users to increase the volume limit on the songs because the headphones require more power to get the sound waves to travel across the bone into the inner ear. Strangely though, the headphones only come with instructions for iTunes and iPod users, but the issue seemed to me to be pervasive across all portable music players and all music software. Wearing the headphones for short periods of time is fairly comfortable, but most people would tend to wear these for extended periods of time, which I found to be increasingly uncomfortable the longer you wear them. The reasoning behind this is twofold. First, the design of the headphones means the headphones compress against the skull to keep the headphones from moving around on the head, which in my tests it did a fairly good job at. Regardless of how much I bounced and shook of my head the headphones barely moved. Second, the technology behind

the headphones requires the “speaker” to be pressed firmly against the bone to maximize conduction, which for extended periods of time becomes especially uncomfortable. Furthermore, because the headphones require a little more “oomph,” they powerfully vibrate against the side of your jaw which, especially at high volume levels can be very uncomfortable. Because this is a new type of headphone, I can’t really compare the audio quality to other bone conduction headphones, but the audio seemed almost as clear as any other pair of headphones. Also, the headphones seemed to clearly play all different genres of music from rock to pop to classical to techno. A major advantage to these headphones is that the headphones are waterproof, so you can wear them in the pool, in the shower, even while you’re covered in sweat working out at the gym. Furthermore, because the headphones conduct sound through your jaw bone, you can listen to people talking

around you, or you can put earplugs in, and still hear the music if you worked at a construction site for example. Overall, I think that the headphones do a good job utilizing bone conduction technology and keeping it in a simple package. I think that the problem lies not in the headphones, but in the choice of technology. Bone conduction technology seems to be something which seems amazing in concept but in its implementation it doesn’t seem to quite be ready for the mass market. Furthermore, the going price for the headphones is $179, which seems far too expensive for what you get. The headphones feel as if they are made similar to a $20 pair of headphones you would get at CVS.


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New social site lets you exchange The Dark Knight for The Notebook Tom Hoeler STAFF WRITER

Another in a long line of social networking sites akin to Facebook, LendAround is an online community aimed at allowing its users to post catalogs of their DVDs and then lend them out.

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After signing up you can fill out a profile with your address, general contact information, and what types of movies you like and dislike in general. Your address is shown only to your friends on the site and is used when someone needs to mail you a DVD. After creating a profile you can then begin adding DVDs to your page that your friends can borrow. The site has a very streamlined and simple way to do it. You type the name of a movie, for example The Godfather. LendAround links to and will pull all the information for that movie including box art. In many instances it will pull several options that you will then look over and choose to better refine your selection. As previously mentioned, the system works really well. I was able to upload over 100

DVDs in a little less than 20 minutes, but I was taking my time. The system was able to identify all of my movies with a few exceptions. Sometimes it didn’t find the specific version of the film that I owned, or if I owned a trilogy of films it didn’t display them as a trilogy and I was forced to add them individually. LendAround does have a submissions area for general comments and bugs and encourages people to email them when something like this occurs or their DVD is not found so that they can update the system. The system also didn’t seem to have any problems with any films that were especially old or had just been released. Once you have a catalog going, people can start requesting DVDs from you and vice versa. You simply

browse through a collection, find the DVD you want and send in a request. You can actually request an individual disk to borrow. So if you are catching up on Lost you can request Season 2, DVD number 3 from the owner without having to borrow the whole season. The owner can either deny the request or accept it. Accepting it prompts back the users about where the DVD will be sent and how it’s going to be delivered. The site has a handy option to print out an address label with the person’s contact info on it for you to affix to the mailing package. LendAround recommends using a plastic “clamshell” or DVD wrapper rather than sending the DVD in its box. As the site indicates, this can reduce the price of sending the DVD down to about forty

two cents for a first class letter. When you are finished borrowing it, a message will allow you to tell the owner that you are done and you can arrange to either send it right back immediately, or if someone else wants to borrow that DVD from the original owner, you can just arrange to send it on to the next person. It’s an extremely user friendly system, about as difficult as taking a book out from the library. In order to borrow a film you need to be friends with someone. However, this is one of the areas where LendAround still needs some improvement. Currently there is no way to simply search for people on the site and make a friend request like you would for Facebook. You can invite other people (continued on Page 14)


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Brian Ceci Vanguard Staff Aries (March 21-April 19): You’re trying to rekindle a past relationship with either a friend or an ex, be careful their prerogatives may be different than yours. Taurus (April 20-May 20): This week your life may seem a little dull, try to spice it up with a new restaurant, a new store, or even just some new clothes. Gemini (May 21-June 21): Wow, this is a great week! You will get a tender mix of love, luck, AND fortune this week, enjoy it, by Monday it will be all gone…for a long while. Cancer (June 22-July 22): Stressing out over homework or a group project? Take a breather for yourself and enjoy a trip to your favorite restaurant or just rent a good movie and enjoy yourself. Leo (July 23-Aug 22): You’re strong and charismatic personality will win you a hot date next weekend, so be sure to be on the lookout for any takers! Virgo (Aug.23-Sept.22): Be careful of the advice and suggestions you give this week, the stars are saying your words aren’t as good as you’d hope. Better luck next time, Dr. Phil. L i b r a ( S e p t . 2 3 - O c t . 2 2 ) : Deciding between an apple or an ice cream? Make sure to hit the gym to run into a new cutie in your life, he/she may just change it for the better! Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21): The snow may be melting but you’re still acting cold at heart. Drop the icy front and allow people back in your life who have recently hurt you, it’s not worth the impending blizzard. Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Enjoy your post-sickness free time with some personal time. Go out and explore, Magellan, you may find something you never knew existed. Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Step down from taking the alpha role this week, your roommates or group members are close to putting your head in the toilet. Enjoy a breather, or just not being put into a toilet. Aquarius (Jan.20- Feb. 18): The weather is heating up and so is your temperature; be prepared to spend the next week under the covers. Get the tissues and Vick’s Vapor Rub ready! Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20): You never take your horoscope seriously. Good luck without it this week. Maybe you should just try Sudoku.

The columns found in this newspaper are written by individual authors and do not reflect the opinion of The Vanguard, its Editorial Board members, or Bentley University. Comments resulting from the columns can be directed to the author and/or The Vanguard.

COLUMNS Mistress of Issues

Let the Mistress help you! Dear Mistress, I live in a room with four other people and it seems to be getting pretty crowded. It’s not the people that are taking up a lot of space, but everyone’s stuff! We have a ton of stuff for five people and people just keep bringing in more and more. I know its little early to start worrying about this but I’m not sure any of us will be able to move out with all of this crap everywhere. How can I convince everyone to stop bringing all this stuff back to the room? ~Crap as far as the eye can see Dear Crap as far as the eye can see, I think that you and your roommates are facing a similar issue to most college students, regardless of where they attend or what time of year it is. College students simply seem to amass a huge amount of stuff for the respective amount of people involved. When moving from home to school it’s not unusual to feel as if you need to be ready for every possible situation and that if you leave one thing behind, it will be the one thing you actually need. The other

mentality surrounding your accumulation of stuff is the lack of time to clean anything due to busy schedules and the tendency to collect free or inexpensive things, because they were free or inexpensive. Before you blame all of the “crap” on your roommates, look around your room and see what stuff is actually yours. There is a possibility that a lot of stuff is just out of place or randomly jumbled together; organizing it all can help you wade through all of the stuff you have. Knowing where something is is just as important as having it; if you can’t find it, the item is useless. Another thing you can do to quickly put a dent in your ever increasing pile of stuff is to determine what in your room is trash. There is no use in saving something that is broken or that can’t really be used for anything. Removing all of the trash can help you at least make a path to the door. During your cleaning, try to notice what items can be recycled or what could be donated. There is a chance that some items you no longer need or want don’t need to go to the dumpster, but instead can be recycled or donated. If you are

By: Nicole Darvirris in need of money, consider selling some of your stuff that is in a clean, useable condition. After you have tackled your stuff, and your portion of the common spaces, suggest to your roommates that they do the same. Not everyone will see your point about how much stuff there is, but remind them that move out day will be here sooner than they think. No one wants to drag a bunch of stuff home that they don’t want. Another tip to make moving out easier, if you live close by (or just want to visit home no matter how far away it is), pack up some of your less frequently used items and bring them home. The resulting amount left in your room will be a smaller and more manageable one the actual day you have to move out. Have a question? Email the Mistress at m You can also Instant Message a question to the screenname MistressOfIssues on AOL Instant Messenger. Names have been changed to protect privacy. This column is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to replace professional advice.


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


NOTES FROM ABROAD Question #4: What has been your best experience with food? What surprised you most about the local cuisine? Is there food you miss, or a meal you absolutely love from your host country? Katy Hoover ROUEN, FRANCE

Living abroad, you’re bound to miss friends and family, it’s natural. You don’t, however, really expect to miss food. After my first month and a half abroad though, there are definitely certain foods that I’ve begun to miss. Although I don’t eat a hearty breakfast on a regular basis at home, I know that there are at least ten good breakfast restaurants within a five mile radius of Bentley, should the need for a hearty breakfast arise. On several occasions here, I’ve woken up with a desperate craving for a nice, greasy breakfast – eggs, bacon, home fries and toast. Breakfast is good here but it’s not very filling, normally just a piece of fruit, a piece of bread and a cup of tea.

There is, however, one aspect of the French breakfast that I’ve grown very fond of, Nutella. I’ve tried Nutella before coming to France but now that I’m here, it has become a staple in my diet; I eat it on my bread every morning. And, when I return home ten pounds heavier, it will most likely be because of Nutella. I also miss a good American cup of coffee. Goodbye satisfying “American” coffee; I don’t necessarily mean quality as much as I mean size. Coffee is delicious here but the biggest size I’ve ever seen it come in is about half the size of a Starbucks small. Believe me: it just doesn’t cut it in the mornings. While I’m missing certain American foods now, I know there are many French foods that I will miss when I

return home. I’ve grown very fond of the French baguette. I’ve definitely become spoiled eating fresh bread on a daily basis. I’ve also grown very fond of French cheese. I used to think Kraft was good quality, with Cracker Barrel being the really good stuff. I won’t miss the smell of French cheeses, but I will certainly miss the taste. I will also certainly miss the wine. French wine is famous worldwide and with good reason; it is absolutely delicious. Because the wine is produced semi-locally, it can also be enjoyed less expensively. A reasonably

Stacie Henry

ings. The patty is usually fried, as opposed to grilled, and is usually served with rice or potatoes and a side of vegetables. French food, for the most part, is similar to the hamburger example: same ingredients, different preparation. Although I occasionally get cravings for certain favorite foods that aren’t available here, it hasn’t been a terrible adjustment to make. I think I will have a harder time adjusting back to life without fresh bread, stinky cheese and cheap wine when I return home.

Studying Abroad in the Fall?


The biggest adjustment to life in Spain so far has had to do with the food. First of all, the time schedule for meals are very different from what I’m used to at home. There’s breakfast at 9, pinchos at 11, lunch at 2, and dinner at 9 or 10. And if you’re eating out, it is very hard to find a place that is open outside of these hours. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and sometimes you’ll be with friends for 2 hours, talking and relaxing. We were given a 3 hour lunch at orientation, and none of us knew what to do with all that time! The food here is delicious. I stayed at a hostel for the first several days of this semester, and I tried a lot of the different offerings that were available, often without knowing what exactly I was eating beforehand, beyond that it was “fish” or “beef.” If I remembered, I would later Google the name of the food to find out what exactly I was eating. There were plenty of times when I was probably better off not knowing, but that couldn’t diminish the fact that I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like.

good bottle of wine can be bought for four to five Euros. However, it is possible to find an okay bottle of wine for about two Euros. One surprising similarity between American and French foods is the hamburger; I certainly didn’t expect to be served hamburgers in France. French “hamburgers” aren’t called hamburgers but they have essentially the same taste, just served differently. Rather our familiar ground beef patties on a bun with all of the “fixings,” my host mother frequently serves a ground beef patty for dinner sans patty and fix-

Participating in a Spring Break or Summer program?

Photo by Stacie Henry

My favorite dish here so far is the ever-famous Spanish Paella. For those of you who may not know what that is, it’s a type of fried rice with seafood, such as shrimp, mussels, and even calamari mixed in. Many of the other dishes I’ve tried are very similar to what I might eat at home: steak, baked chicken, spaghetti, and fried fish. I have noticed, though, that for some reason, French fries seem to accompany many of these meals. One thing I will never forget was when I ordered some type of fish, and when I got it, it still had a face. And that face was looking at me. I ate it, and it was delicious anyways, but I made sure not to look at that face. In this part of Spain, there are only a few desserts, and there is little divergence from

what is traditional. There’s flan, ice cream, natilla, guajada (I Googled this: I t’s a thick-set yogurt made from goat cheese mixed with honey. I was better off not knowing,) arroz con leche (a type of rice pudding,) and fruit. I tried everything at least once, and all of it was very good. If I want something special, I can always stop by a panadería and pick up a nice pastry filled with chocolate. I never have to worry missing certain foods from home, because whenever I feel a little homesick, there’s always American fast food to fall back on. I’ve already scouted out the McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and KFC that are just a few minutes’ walk away. For sure, I don’t miss Seasons’.

Tell the Vanguard all about it! E-mail before you leave

Happy Traveling!


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BUSINESS The Career Fair is approaching fast; now is the time to prepare Chris Apuzzo BUSINESS EDITOR

It’s that time of year again, when the suit comes out and the ink hits the paper, you become your rÊsumÊ. On Wednesday, February 25 in the Dana Center for the Career Fair and don’t miss this great opportunity to get your name out to some future employers. Go down for a couple hours, maybe even twenty minutes, to get some experience in the career seeking field and just the working world in general. Before you go down though, there are a couple things you should remember when preparing for the Career Fair; just a couple ideas to keep in the back of your mind as you are getting ready. The first thing that you should definitely consider when prepping is to go to Career Services and pick up one of their books that lists all of the companies that will be attending the Fair. Under each of the company’s names, you will see what job openings they have and if what they have open interests you. The booklet will also tell you whether the company has internships available, since some might only be looking for full time workers. This is just something to think about that might help you narrow down what

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companies you are looking at. If you are only a freshman looking for an internship, it might be a waste of time to look into a company who is only hiring full time employees. Once you have a good grasp of the companies that are attending, it is a good idea to pick between five and fifteen that you are really interested in. It’s never a bad thing to do research on the companies you are looking forward to talking with so make an effort to write down some key points and have an understanding about what each company has to offer. Knowing some basics is good if you are asked a quick question about the company. Now that you have some background information on your desired companies, prepare and practice your “elevator pitch,� or a thirty second speech (about

100-150 words) that you would say to the CEO of a company if you were riding in an elevator with him and wanted a job, but only had the elevator ride to convince him. Another tactic to think about when preparing is the make-up of your rÊsumÊ. It is important to have an updated version of rÊsumÊ with you, one that has your current G.P.A and not the one from freshman year first semester. Don’t be afraid to go to career services to get your rÊsumÊ tweaked because your rÊsumÊ can never be too perfect and improving upon your rÊsumÊ is always important. When printing out your rÊsumÊ, it’s better to have too many than too few and it never hurts to put it on some higher quality rÊsumÊ paper, which you can pick up at most any station-

ary or office supply store. Also don’t forget a nice looking folder to carry along your rÊsumÊs and to put in business cards that you might accumulate throughout your fair going. You might want to lie out the clothes that you are going to wear the night before so you don’t have to put on something five minutes before the start of the fair in a panic. Don’t be shy to look good, to make a million bucks you have to look like a million bucks. These are all of the basics when preparing for the career fair, but there also some little hints that will help you out when you are actually at the fair. First off when you get there and are making your nametag remember write very legible and put the tag on the left side of your body at a reasonable height. You put it on the left so the person

you are meeting with can clearly read it when you are shaking their hand. And of course there is just the handshake in general. Everything you might have heard about it is true. The importance of a firm hand grasp with good eye contact can make or break and introduction between you and someone else. The “dead fishâ€? handshake could very well kill what could have been a great opportunity. Since time is an issue at an event like this, you want to keep in mind how much you are spending waiting around to talk to a certain company. For example it might not be a good idea to wait the whole time in line for one of the “Big Fourâ€? companies, then end up not talking to anyone else there. Keep your options open, if you have never had any work experience you might want to start out with a smaller company to build up your rĂŠsumĂŠ a little before venturing into deeper waters with one of the big four. Realizing this might help you in making a major career decision. The Career Fair is a great opportunity that everyone should try and take advantage of. It’s never too early to get your name out into the working world and with some preparation and practice the career fair can be an instant success for you.



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FEBRUARY 19, 2009


GAMES The Go-Go Eighties >


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Last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s answers

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1 1 D 2 @ 8 ? 2 E 8 : < -, 3 D > 7 ,*



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E $ ) D @ 9 ; ? B D C @ 8 ; ,+ ,, C @ B D 8 F @ 9 D > F 5 = ; 5 : C @ ,& B ; ? 3 2 ? @ B D E

C @ 0 2 E D A ? 9 D E B 4 C C = ,) 2 9 B / 3 -+ 9 < 2 9 < 2 9 @ @ > 2 9 @ ; B -5 A ? F 7 C 7 7 C ? 9 D E B 7 ; B B D = C C C

A . . > C ? @ 9 -* @ A 2

B -( C D F C / 9 D C -$ -) ? 7 ; B 8 : F D @ > C

9 9 A / E %& 9 A 2 E < @ @ 0

? @ : C 5

A 5


? C C @ C @ 1 D E %+ 4 =


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B A A B @ D = = F D 8 D 6 ; B 7 B




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;#"! B! #! ! ! !" 3 #! !# !   B!!  "! !  !# "  !" !"  @"   " =  "  #"!"  C "!!  "  !  !"!! "!! " 8!#! !""" # E   #!#!  "# B! ! !"" ! /!#!"!#  D "#  " ; !" # !  "!!#!" =""!"# ! "  ! #!#  <#! "#  !"# ## B"#"    :! # !  ! <" #!#!#!#! " #!! :" !"#  !"!# 

C 7 A 7 ? E F ; 3

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3% $ 2./'/4"3%/. 3'/2.+3.)#5).$43,%. 10/.#%2+$%+.-03+3.5$/4$. +0/.,%.$".+3.&/+.#+.

3/2.,-.$%.3%.+0/.2+$#42. 14#/.+3.$)/.+$4. $42.$.4/$ #+". 6.+3,&0.-, /.3.$+50#%&.2,$4/2. /5/%+ ".4/$/.34."3,4.034434'#/#%&. - /$2,4/. ,)/. 32/2.0#2.0$%.,+.&$#%2.$.$+0/4.

0/4/.'/4"3%/.%32.3,4.($/. $4+0.#4/. #%. $+/4!!!!$%./$4+. 1//%.$5+342.3.+0/.$".#%5, #%&.3. 3/. $%.3 ".#%&$ . *3%,%5+#3%.,%5+#3%.0$+2.3,4.,%5+#3%. 10/.3'#/.+0$+./#%/./#&0+#/2.5, +,4/.34.$. $4.#%.*. 3,4.$+/4.3%.+0/.$%.$+50.+0/.&43. #42+.-3-, $4.'#/3.&$/.2"2+/.

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654322 10/.-4/5,4234.+3.*43)2. (/'/4.&3%%$.&#'/."3,.,-!!!. * 3+0#%&.4$5/ /+2.2#&%2!!!!$ ./4/.+0#2. 14#/.+3.#-4/22.3#/.32+/4. 10/".53/.43.+0/.&43,%.%3+.+0/.2+34). 10/.>=;7.)"$4.- 32#3%. # #3.2+/'/.$)/2.+0/.#5/.4#%5#-$ . 54$5).2), 2. 3%&.43.6/432#+0..,%.*. 4!. 34$50/'.+/$4.3%.+0#2.$ ! . ,2#%/22.#%.+0/.43%+.-$4+".#%.+0/.$5).

0/4/.4/".+/443#/.+0/. 35). 10/.$%./0#%.#+//%.*$% /2.$%.10/. 4/$)$2+.* ,. 3'$ /.5, ".$%#$ 2.#+0.2-/5#$ .-3/42.

0/4/.+0/".$ .0,%&.3,+.34.23/.-#%$ .$%. 23$.



<!  8!!" @"#! ! !"!  B!"!E!""C"! ! !"    #!!!  7 #"#!#! !#  =!  #!#!#! ""  !!! 1#!#!# #!#! ==!"#"8""  1"" " ! # !!"

 D  !" "!  " #  @!  "!   "! "" B !"#!3"@ ! 5! ! 9 8!#!;!8!#! =! #!#!!  " E   " !!! "  ="!!#  8!#!8"8!! =A= B "!  9!"!!!"

By: Jon McColgan

Sudoku Level: Easy By: Nic Smits

Places to Study Abroad 0 (  ( , ) $ " ) & ( ' & % !

/ , '  0 . & ) , , " . ) ) , (

' $ 

.  )  *   #

.-,+ * # "&%% ' * , ! # & &+ * ( & #  ) " ' . $%- %". ' ! " )  ) / ' , /  ' * /& # , , # # ' "   ' ' + !  '  ,+. * / !  0 ) ' $  %  )    # !

, ) ( ' * ! ' ( " '& # &+ +" * ) ! * ! ,  , ' ! * +&'  ) , * ! ) ) # # ! , ' .& # .- * , '&&, )-/ ) +" ( '

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%' $ 0 ". ) &' , *  ' * ( &' ,  * ",) , ) $ ,+'% &. ) * ". #  # + ! )  ,", '+% # * -0 * &. ( ! ) % 0 ' . ) '   *  -  #

Last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s answers 0 ,  " % ' , , ' / ,  * ! * * '  & . * # * '," &  .  $  /. #   *  &  #  %  .  )'*% )

/ * ' & ! *   $  * $ , # 0 $  ( *  .

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0 - , # . "   # * 0 # 0$  , ! , ) * ) , (  " .  * ' -  ( ( * . % )  . $ $ ! + *  % ' 0 0 0  - & $ , # '  ' # , ) ( & + ( +  % ( &

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* #  , ' $ & & * + ! 0 .  # $ 0 . $ 0  0  

' & -  $  /  /,$ #  %    # #$ * . #  )$ (  

) .  0 ( . " ( + ' $  . + ! . $ * .  0 ' .  -

( $ * ) 0 0 ) , & , . + )  !  ) 0 ' * % * *

- + * . +  * .  - ! & $ * + ' " *  0 ) % + * -  % # # $ - , * + . + * $ 0 . 0 , " ) "  .

,  /  + ) . $ , % # , + (  , ( * ! '  * *  '

' /   ( ! " #   . # $ ' ) 0 % # * '  0

& / % 0 .  * * 0  .  ' ( % ) ' 0 , & &  # * .

, * ) ( . ' ( & , $ * ) !  ( 0  ) ( ) / " #

& &. $  / * " &  & +.  0 % * . + )  "   

)   ,  ) 0 & 0  ) *  0  $ * , . , . *  '

. 0 % # ' $ . . , - 0 / $  . . ' / ' * '  ) %  /  '  0 0 # 0 , '  0 # & - ' ( , & # . - % .  $  $ $ $ ' %  * ' * '  # &  & ( $ *

*  . & ' + ' 0 $  .    ) . *  . $ & ( . -

+  0 0 + ! ( , *  $ + . ( *  . * )  ,

&.  & $  * & .  " , , + &  %  .$ )'+ )

By: Jon McColgan


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


CAMPUS LIFE LendAround Review (continued from Page 9) to the site via email and they will immediately become your friend. However if you want to become friends with someone already on the site, you have to actually know their email address. I suppose this a push for users to be more selective about who they lend DVDs to rather than the “get as many friends as possible” thought process that seems to prevail on Facebook. We are, after all, talking about people lending their personal property out to others. Still, it’s slightly frustrating and cumbersome when trying to add users already on the site. Another thing the site is currently missing is a more robust review and feedback system for individual users. When you are done with a DVD and are ready to return

it, the site does ask you if the DVD was in good shape or if it actually was an illegal copy but that’s about it as far as review goes. I was hoping for a feedback system akin to what eBay uses, allowing me to not only rate the individual on their timeliness but also potentially report users that damage DVDs or outright refuse to return them. If and when the site becomes more populated, this will be critical to helping users be confident that their property won’t be lost or stolen. In using the site, it seems as if the creators are being pretty conservative in what the site actually does. It has the means for you to catalog your DVDs and make requests for borrowing, but aside from that really leaves the rest up to you and the other users. There isn’t any sort of extensive “contractlike” system that you need to

fill out about exactly when, where and how the DVD is going to be delivered or the terms of how long the person can have it, etc. It’s mostly the basics, which actually makes the whole system much easier. In the future, some other nice updates might be message boards and chat rooms where people could discuss films and talk about lists of their favorite DVDs in a particular genre. Overall, LendAround is a good site, with a great concept, but it still needs a little polish. As a movie lover and someone with an extensive DVD collection it’s really a treat to have a resource like this. While the cataloging feature is fantastic and easy to use, the rest of the site is pretty bare bones and at times a little unwieldy to navigate. I love the idea of

being able to rent and borrow movies, for basically pennies at a time, especially when you consider that LendAround will become a great place to find rare or outdated films that places like Blockbuster don’t carry. The site is still in a closed beta, with feedback on bugs and the overall structure

being collected regularly from users, so by the time the site officially opens and launches, some of the functionality and structure that I mentioned may have changed.

Photo from

Photo from

village, and every region. It’s always a better way of shopping and it’s about researching and finding the right place and making the sacrifice to spend more time to find the right ingredients and also the financial sacrifice of paying more money for the ingredients. But quality ingredients will ensure, ultimately, successful cooking. I always say, if you start with mediocre ingredients or uninspired ingredients, you will always have something uninspired or mediocre.

one way to show respect to a purveyor and he believes in turn that it pays off in the long run-because if a purveyor knows he’s going to be paid fairly he’s more apt to give you the best products.


amenable to.

Chef Ripert: First of all you pay them well, that’s very important. And then you make sure that they are going to be happy, where they are and express themselves the way they want to express themselves. There is a lot of trust; there is a lot of delegation here. I’m not saying to the pastry chef how to make his chocolate, he knows how to make it. And I support his vision and we work together as a team. The same [is true] for the sommelier.

Chef Ripert: Of course. They are very happy about the decision and are enjoying their extra days off. At the same time, they have a job and get to keep their benefits and everything else.

Score: 7.5 / 10

Food Dude (Continued from Page 6) Chef Ripert: I grew up in the mountains in the south of France, in the Pyrenees, I and love hiking, skinning and fishing, and being in contact with nature and I always thought that it would be a cool life. FD: I don’t think that I and most people would have guessed that to be your guess for another career. Chef Ripert: [laughs] FD: I guess if you can’t be in a kitchen cooking then getting to hang-out outside all day is not a bad second choice. Chef Ripert: If I wouldn’t have been in the kitchen and living my passion cooking, I definitely would be living very close to nature. FD: Obviously one of the prime things that you, your restaurant and all restaurants aspire to have is really fresh seasonal ingredients that can really help elevate dishes. What kind of advice would you give to people who cook at home, or at school, and only have access to large supermarket stores? How do you go about finding those really fresh ingredients? Chef Ripert: It’s true, that it is very convenient and its easy to go to big supermarket and get your supplies there. However I feel that in every city, every

FD: To that point regarding ingredients. With things the way they are economically what kinds of things do you do at the restaurant to mitigate the high cost and still do what’s best for the restaurant? Chef Ripert: First of all, we never compromise on the price. Whoever sells the ingredients, we don’t bargain the price with them, that’s a rule that we have. In this difficult time, I think whoever is spending money wants the maximum for their money therefore we are giving even more than we would usually, to counteract the economic challenge. FD: Why don’t you ever bargain the price of ingredients? Chef Ripert: My belief is that you should pay a fair price for the best products. And this is

FD: Do you ever alter the amount of an ingredient you might be buying. Instead of buying ten pounds of something, will you buy less? Chef Ripert: We always buy accordingly in good and bad economy. We are very careful with the buying. And the fact that we are a seafood restaurant, you know, we don’t buy too much food. We have to buy food for 24 hrs then the seafood gets spoiled. So we don’t keep food here to long, so we don’t buy too much. FD: Switching over to the business side of things. Aside from getting financing; what is the most difficult part of opening a restaurant? Chef Ripert: To build a team. To build a team that is going to be able to materialize your vision. And then to have consistency, you have to be good everyday not one day. FD: You have one of the best pastry chefs in the world and one of the best sommeliers (wine steward) in the world. How do you attract the kinds of top talent that you have at

FD: On Reuters a few days ago, you talked about your staff and because of economic times that you were looking for volunteers with scheduling? Chef Ripert: Yes, because it takes a long time to build a team, and our team is loyal for a long time to Le’ Bernardin. And I don’t want to shrink the team; I don’t want to have a smaller team. I want to keep the team we have. Therefore we have decided that instead of laying off people, we would ask for volunteers for extra days off or vacation, or take some long weekends. That way we lower the percentage of payroll and at the same time we keep everyone on board. FD: I assume that the team has taken to that idea very well and that would be something they would be

FD: So something that I know is very near and dear to you is the work you do with City Harvest. How did you get involved with the City Harvest program? Chef Ripert: A friend of mine who used to work for city harvest introduced me to them, and I love the mission of the organization which his to feed hungry people in New York City and basically what they do is that they deliver leftover food from food companies, supermarkets, restaurants and then redistribute the food immediately to shelters. FD: Le’Bernardin has promised to donate $1 for each person who dines there for the rest of 2009 to City Harvest. Has the recession impacted that commitment at all? Chef Ripert: Oh no, we made that commitment knowing very well that it was a recession out there. Next week: part two of the interview with Chef Ripert. Find out his favorite music to cook to and what super power he would like to have.


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


SPORTS Falcons lose heartbreaker in “Pink Zone” game Dan Ryaboy MANAGING EDITOR

As important as the conference match up against St. Rose was for the Falcons, the game took a backseat to the annual “Pink Zone” game, as the Dana Center usually decked out in blue and gold saw sprinkles of pink all around the stands. With over 1,250 schools and organizations participating, the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s (WBCA) Pink Zone initiative is a global, unified effort for the WBCA to assist in raising breast cancer awareness on the court, across campuses, in communities and beyond. The event was also coupled with Falcon Alumni Day, where players such as Lauren Moore, Vanessa Lux, Ashley Bruton, among others were spotted in the crowd, the day itself was a great success as the Lady Falcons rose close to $ 2,000 for the fund. With the Pink Zone initiative as the background, the Falcons battled Saint Rose in one of the most competitive games of the season. Unfortunately for the Falcons they could not pull out a victory falling 80-76 to the Golden Knights of Saint Rose. Both teams were extremely sharp offensively to start the game as the teams combined for 23 points in the first 3:30 of the game. At that point the score was 1211 with the Falcons in the lead. The Falcons would then ratchet up their intensity and go on a 12-3 run extending their lead to 24-14 about 8 minutes into the game. The

Knights would immediately get back into the game with a 9-0 run of their own closing down the Falcons lead to 1 point. The first half would end up being a game of runs as the Falcons twice had 10-0 runs, and Saint Rose would counteract each of those runs with a 9-0 run and an 18-7 run late in the first half, the score at the half would end up being tied at 41. The second half would be a nip and tuck affair the whole way through as the teams combined for 11 lead changes, and neither team would have a lead larger than four points. The lead for the Falcons would stand at two points with 59.3 seconds remaining in the game when Saint Rose’s forward Ashley Anderson went to the charity stripe. What would occur is by far the most controversial play of the game. Anderson, a 46% free throw shooter for the season, stepped up and rimmed out the first free throw, but as she was taking the shot Flex the Falcon flailed his arms under the hoop, a harmless offense in basically any basketball arena, but on this occasion, the ref deemed that Anderson was distracted by the mascot. Anderson was given another attempt at the shot and she made it, and just as calmly she sunk the second freebie and tied the game at 76. The Falcons would not be able to score another point the rest of the game with Kim Brennan missing two layups by literally centimeters. Saint Rose would put the dagger into the Falcons

for good with 16.3 seconds left when Dana Brown hit a mid range jumper to put the Knights up two. The Falcons Kristy McLean had a momentous basket in the game as with 14:15 left in the game she hit a mid range floater making her the 29th Lady Falcon to join the exclusive 1,000 point club. McLean was rewarded with a hearty standing ovation from the crowd. McLean had another sensational game for the Falcons as she poured in 22 points, gathered in 9 rebounds and dished out 3 assists. McLean buried four three pointers and was a major spark in the Falcons jumping out early on the Knights. Kim Brennan had another solid game for the Falcons as she poured in 19 points while dishing out 6 assists and coming up with two thefts. The only other Falcon in double figures was Angela Manfredi, who chipped in with 11 from the bench. The Golden Knights were carried on the broad shoulders of their senior center Lauren Revesz who finished with 26 points, 6 rebounds, and three assists. Anderson and Elizabeth Buckley also finished in double digits with 12 and 11 points respectively. The loss was a tough one to swallow, as the Falcons dropped from a tie for third to a tie for fifth in the tremendously competitive NE-10. The Falcons have bounced back from losses like this before and this case should be no different; look for the Falcons to regain their edge down the stretch.

RECENT RESULTS Baseball (0-3) at Rollins (2/14) at Rollins (2/15) at Rollins (2/16)

L 8-2 L 15-4 L 9-3

Hockey (16-13-1; 14-9-1 Atlantic Hockey) #20 Air Force (2/13 )# #20 Air Force (2/14 )#

L 3-2 W 4-1

Men’s Basketball (22-4; 16-3 NE-10) Southern New Hampshire (2/10)* Saint Rose (2/14)* Men’s Indoor Track Boston University Valentine’s Invitational (2/14)

W 72-65 W 93-61

No Team Score

Women’s Basketball (16-10; 12-7 NE-10) Southern New Hampshire (2/10)* Saint Rose (2/14)* Women’s Indoor Track Boston University Valentine’s Invitational (2/13)

W 72-61 L 80-76

No Team Score

* Northeast-10 Game # Atlantic Hockey Game

UPCOMING SCHEDULE Feb. 20 Hockey vs. Mercyhurst # Feb. 21 Women’s Basketball vs. Pace*


Men’s Basketball vs. Pace*


Hockey vs. Mercyhurst#


Feb. 28 Hockey vs. Connecticut#

* Northeast-10 Game #Atlantic Hockey Game

Sudoku Solutions

The Falcons dropped a tough physical matchup against St. Rose.

Photo by Kosha Divatia




FEBRUARY 19, 2009


SPORTS Falcons extend streak to 13 with 3 regular season games to play Robbie LaBrie SPORTS EDITOR

The Falcons have chosen a good time to go on a hot streak. Bentley men’s basketball has now recorded thirteen straight wins, all over thirteen conference opponents. Not only have the wins come at a clutch time, but they have also been convincing victories, establishing the Bentley men as the team to beat in the Northeast-10. Last week’s victories for Bentley included a 72-65 comeback win against Southern New Hampshire and an easy 93-61 win over Saint Rose, keeping the Falcons a game up on second place UMass-Lowell. Lowell pulled off two wins themselves, over Stonehill and Assumption, to keep the gap slim. The Falcons’ game against Southern New Hampshire looked like it would be an easy one on paper. SNHU has sat around the middle of the pack in the NE-10 all season, holding a record in the conference below .500 and an overall record only slightly higher. But the Penmen out of Manchester, NH were the team to snap Bentley’s 46gameNortheast-10 conference winning streak back in November and this time they came into Waltham firing, looking for their second straight win over the Falcons. The first half was close the whole way, with Southern New Hampshire holding a 3835 advantage at the break. After halftime, the Penmen still refused to back down. Midway through the second half they held an eight point lead over Bentley. With about 10 minutes left and the Falcons down 52-44, Coach Lawson’s squad dug deep and showed Southern New Hampshire who was boss. They went on a five minute 14-2 run, pulling ahead 58-54. Junior guard Jason Westrol started the run with the first five points, and then sophomore forward


Mike Sikonski poured in a season best 19 points against St. Rose.

Brian Tracey and senior forward Lew Finnegan kept it going with a few scores themselves. The game remained close as Bentley took a 64-60 lead after a Lew Finnegan threepointer with about a minute left. The Falcons then proceeded to suffocate Southern New Hampshire by hitting their free throws. They finished the game by sinking eight from the charity stripe; six by sophomore guard Mike Quinn and two by Westrol. That key trey by Finnegan made his total 25 points for the game, pacing the Falcons. Westrol put up 20 of his own while Tracey and Quinn also had nice games that included eight points each as well as six boards for Tracey. Junior guard John Brandt also had a nice game for Bentley as he contributed six points and six boards off the bench. The Falcons won this one only by a slim margin, but the next game would be rather different. In a fitting Valentine’s Day matchup against Saint Rose, the big man, senior forward Mike Sikonski, dominated the

action early and often. Sikonski’s 18 points was 13 better than his season average. He was one of four Falcons to score double digits, but shined brighter than the rest, especially early on, scoring 12 points in the game’s first ten minutes. He was leading the way and the rest of the Falcons were following. They got off to a quick start, scoring the first six points of the game. They then held a 13-4 lead after a John Brandt three five and a half minutes in. Saint Rose would eventually make it competitive again, at least for a little while, cutting the lead to just seven with about four minutes left until the break. Unfortunately for the Saint Rose Golden Knights, it was the Falcons getting all the Valentine’s Day glory, as they went on a 12-0 run to end the half, with Westrol and Sikonski combining for 8 themselves to make it a decisive 44-25 game at halftime. And it didn’t stop there for Bentley. The Falcons continued to dominate throughout the second half. They ripped off a 7-

This past Saturday against Saint Rose, Kristy McLean became the 29th Lady Falcon to tally 1,000 career points. Did you know Kelly Barker (19972001) is the Lady Falcon career leading scorer with 1,800 points?

Photo by Kosha Divatia

2 run to open the half and make it a 24 point game. Saint Rose got it to a 19-point game at one point but that would be as close as they could get. By the end it was a 32 point rout, 93-61 and Bentley sent the Golden Knights home rather tarnished. In addition to Sikonski’s 18 points, five boards and 7-for9 performance from the field, sophomore guard Tom Dowling poured in 16 points; Jason Westrol filled the stat sheet as usual with 15 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, and two steals; and Lew Finnegan added 14 points and nine boards himself. It was just a solid all-around performance by the Falcons, both offensively and defensively. It was just the kind of win you want to see late in the year, as it seemed to solidify

Bentley’s place atop the conference. This week’s Division II coaches poll has the Falcons continuing to climb the ladder, going from 23rd last week to 19th this week. The Falcons will certainly be a threat to any team nationally, but first their focus must first be looking toward the end of the regular season and into the conference tournament. Bentley finishes the regular season with three games against Southern Connecticut, Pace and Assumption. While nothing is taken for granted, Southern Connecticut and Pace should be wins. The former has only one win in the conference all year while Pace has been around the bottom of the pack this season. Assumption will be a bit more of a test, but they were recently beaten by UMassLowell 65-53. Come tournament time, it looks as though Bentley will be sitting at the top spot. Their conference record is currently 16-3, while UMassLowell is right behind at 15-4. UML will certainly be the biggest challenge to Bentley if they hope to claim the conference title, but Bentley got the better of both the teams’ earlier matchups this year. Stonehill, Merrimack and Assumption are sitting in the second tier of NE-10 teams, all tied at 13-6. Any of them could also make a run in the tournament and put up a good fight. Fortunately the Falcons control their own destiny for the top spot, which will absolutely be crucial. Win out and they have the onegame lead over UMassLowell. Then from there, anything can happen.

FALCON OF THE WEEK Nash Named Falcon of the Week Senior Melissa Nash of the women’s track team has been named the Falcon of the Week. Nash shattered her own school record in the 5,000 meters by 17 seconds with a time of 17:20.90 last Friday at the Boston University Valentine's Invitational. Nash finished sixth overall in a 61-runner field. Her time improved upon the record she set just three weeks ago on the same track, which before then had stood for seven years. Nash’s time will also improve her position in 5,000 meter rankings for the NCAA Division II Indoor Championships, which she provisionally qualified for on Dec. 13 at the Harvard Open. Bentley’s next event is the Northeast-10 Conference Championships on Feb. 21 in New Haven, Conn.

The Vanguard - 02/19/2009  
The Vanguard - 02/19/2009  

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