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Football game cancelled; soccer to play instead

THUrSDAY, OCTOBEr 21, 2010


Students take a stand

P.R.I.D.E. & RHA host rally on the Greenspace to combat campus bullying

Football opponent withdraws in light of student death; planned activities still on for Homecoming

By Brenna O’Connell

By Jon McColgan



The Bentley Homecoming Football game against Pace University scheduled for this coming Saturday has been cancelled and replaced by a home Men’s Soccer game against Merrimack, according to richard Lipe, director of Sports Information for Bentley Athletics. The Pace Football Program withdrew from the game due to the death of one of its defensive players. Danroy “DJ” Henry, a junior at Pace University, whose campus is located just north of New York City in Westchester County, NY, was shot and killed by Pleasantville police in a 1:19 a.m. incident outside Finnegan’s grill in Mount Pleasant, NY on Sunday, October 18. While there are conflicting stories concerning the incident, in which witnesses say that the deadly police action was unjustified and the police claim it was


WBTY shut down by FCC hoax calls that threaten action On September 26, Bentley’s very own radio station, WBTY, was forced by Bentley University Police to go off the airwaves. This was after disturbing

Student leaders and Dean Shepardson address the glowstick wielding crowd.

By Melissa Hector VANgUArD STAFF

With the support of Dean Andrew Shepardson and John Piga, director of residence Life, Bentley students came together to rally against bullying. The residence Hall Association (rHA) and P.r.I.D.E. collaborated with senior Sarah Benson, promoting her AntiBullying initiative through

the voices of Bentley leaders. Benson began this community outreach during her Education Abroad program in Australia. The greenspace rally, held on October 13 at 7:00 p.m., was put together in light of recent campus incidents around the country, and featured students using glowsticks rather than banned candlesticks to show their support. About 300 students


attended and signed the pledge to stand against bullying. According to Benson, Australia is known for the highest rate of bullying crimes. Many suicides occur every year via cyber, mental and physical bullying. The National Center for Education Statistics states that nearly a third of all students aged 12 - 18 reported See BULLYING, Page 3


voicemails were received from a man who was believed by WBTY to be an impersonator of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) official. WBTY received calls from University Police late Sunday night delivering the news that they had to shut down. “You need to power down immediately or the Federal See WBTY, Page 5

Homecoming band announced; potentially annual event By Kunaal Lachmandas VANgUArD STAFF

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is proud to present local up-and-coming artists The Dean’s List and Loud Neighbors as this year’s Homecoming and Fall Parents Weekend band. The

concert takes place this Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. It will be the first time CAB has featured musical artists at the annual event. With Bentley alumni and parents coming to visit, CAB has decided to add to this atmosphere of excitement by putting on a concert prior to

NEWS: Family BUSINESS: Weekend moved to fall replaces instead of winter, Page 3 Harry’s List, Page 6

Saturday’s big football game. By inviting these two artists to Homecoming, CAB hopes to provide Bentley with a music alternative on campus, similar to the popular annual concert event, Spring Day.

This Week FEATURES: Review of Never Let Me Go, Page 9

Taylor Murphy, CAB CoChair for Concerts, revealed that this weekend’s festivities have a focus on local music and therefore all performers are New England based. “We wanted to get students interested in the Boston music scene,” Murphy stated.

The Dean’s List is a hiphop group based in Boston, Massachusetts. The musical group has performed with acclaim at many colleges and universities across the Northeast, most recently Boston University. See CAB, Page 3

COLUMNS: April’s SPORTS: Football wins Advice takes a look at two straight conference healthy cosmetics, Page 11 games, Page 16

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OCTOBeR 21, 2010


Police log By katie Cavanaugh, Raymer maguire, Andrew vanderploeg & Leah Liebler

has been dismissed.

Joint Smokers


moon Landing Officer was dispatched to lot behind Collins Hall for a report of a motor vehicle accident. The officer was met by a student operating a black Honda and a student driving a black Chrysler. Neither was injured as a result of the accident. Both were backing up from their parking spaces when their rear bumpers hit each other. Driver of white car was parked on bookstore side, black on falcone side. There was minor damage on the Chrysler, moderate on Honda. The parties exchanged info and were told there would be a report on file for insurance.

glass Houses Saturday, October 9, at 4:24 p.m., a student reported that the window in the common room of his suite had been vandalized. Officers arrived and observed that only one pane had been splintered, while the other was mysteriously still intact. Student did not know how the damage ensued, though when he left friday night he received a call from a friend at around 10 p.m. that the vandalism occurred in his absence. Grounds were searched but officers could not gather a clear picture of how the damage ensued. Cameras in the area were also of no use and had been fixed upon a particular problem area of lower campus, without scanning. Due to lack of suspects, this case

On Monday, October 11, at 12:25 a.m., officers on patrol at Lower Campus were notified of a suspicious smell outside of Copley North. Someone called in this skunky aroma because they believed someone may have been abusing the campus drug policy. As the police arrived, they saw two males walking by the cruiser where the officers were. The students stated they had not been smoking, but that they had seen others doing it earlier. Later, the Police saw two more students leaving Copley North heading toward the side of the building. As the Police approached, they watched a male unzip his pants as if to urinate. Officers asked him why he was urinating on the wall, and he said he was sorry and identified another male as his friend who was bringing him home. The Bentley student hosting the friends was then called down by the officers. He was told that he was responsible for these two males under the guest policy. When questioned as to whether they were the two marijuana smokers, they quickly stated they were in fact not said smokers. Their IDs were checked for warrants and came back negative. The Bentley student will be charged judicially for guest policy violation, and the guests were allowed to return to student’s room.

Trans-Hit and Run On the afternoon of Sunday, October 10, there was an accident on the field road behind the track. Officers were met by a distressed, non-Bentley stu-

dent who stated that her Jeep was parked along this road when a transit bus had hit it. Not surprisingly, the bus caused damage to her rear bumper, tail light and quarter panel with numerous scrapes and scratches. The pissed off owner of the Jeep said there were multiple witnesses. When she spoke with the driver of the bus, he stated that he drove close to the curb to avoid all the cars parked to the right of him. He vehemently denied striking the Jeep, saying that he did not feel the impact. Officers found small, red remnants of tail light on the front right corner of the bus.

Cobra Attack At 11:10 p.m. on October 11, on the fourth floor of Maple Hall, a student was being uncooperative with a staff member. The staff member stated the resident was unsteady on his feet while in the hallway. When staff requested to see the resident’s ID, the student handed staff a cell phone case, and then admitted to drinking alcohol on Lower Campus. An officer arrived and spoke with the student in the doorway of his room. The student’s speech was slurred and his eyes were very glossy. The student admitted to drinking two 40 oz beers, King Cobras to be specific, without vomiting. Unable to care for himself, the student was placed in protective custody and transferred to the Waltham Police Station. Upon arriving at the police station, the student began to vomit violently, and an ambulance was dispatched to the police station. The student will be judicially charged with an underage alcohol violation. The poor kid didn’t even make it into his jail cell... He vom-

ited in the police garage.

viva La Revolución On Monday, October 11, on the fourth floor of Spruce Hall there was a report of vandalism. Written messages adorned white boards up and down the hall, as well as on the doors and windows in the bathroom. Upon investigation, the vandal’s message appeared to be in Spanish. “Vamos a la playa. Me gusta la fiesta, Spruce 3” was the vandal’s message, which translates to “We go to the beach. I like the party, Spruce 3.” Luckily, the vandal was not too malicious and used dry erase markers to convey their message. This made it easy for facilities to clean up the mess. The case is closed due to a lack of suspects.

Painful Needles The afternoon of Wednesday, October 13, officers were dispatched to LaCava after a report that a female student had suffered a tumble. After leaning precariously while seated in a high counter chair, she tried to catch herself, but was found sitting on the floor, clearly in a large amount of pain. She had been victim of the chronic “numb leg” syndrome; her leg had dangerously fallen asleep, and could not support her when she tried to use it to anchor her during the leaning, resulting in an ankle injury. Noticed swelling was beginning to occur, and ice was applied. When officers asked if she wanted to be transported to the hospital, she stated she certainly would. A fire truck arrived, as part of protocol, and the student was transferred to a local hospital.

Judicial action Summary EDiToR iN CHiEf Jon McColgan mANAgiNg EDiToR gENERAL mANAgER Rebecca Langweber John Karakelle CoPy EDiToR NEWS EDiToR SPoRTS EDiToR CAmPUS LifE EDiToR fEATURES EDiToR BUSiNESS EDiToR PHoTogRAPHy EDiToR oNLiNE EDiToR DiRECToR of PRoDUCTioN DiRECToR of ADvERTiSiNg DiRECToR of mARkETiNg STUDENT LifE ADviSoR JoURNALiSm ADviSoR

Alyson Bisceglia Andy Zhong Robbie LaBrie Sindhu Palaniappan Ian Markowitz Phillip St. Pierre Tomer Gat Nicholas Smits Leslie Dias Greg Kokino Brandon Schug Maria DiLorenzo Judy Rakowsky



Total number of cases: Total number of individuals involved (violators): Number of individuals admitting responsibility: Number of individuals referred to Judicial Board: Number of educational sanctions given: (includes referrals to Alcohol Education) Cash total of fines given for the week: Number of Work Sanctions assigned: Number of students placed on warning Number of Parental Notifications: Number of individuals put on Residential Probation: (Loss of 15 Housing Credits) Number of individuals put on Disciplinary Probation: (Loss of 30 Housing Credits) Number of individuals put on Suspension (Housing): Number of individuals put on Suspension (University): Number of individuals expelled from University: Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

16 26 0 0 11 $775 1 12 1 2 0 0 0 0



OCTOBER 21, 2010


Area Greeks gather to discuss history and ideas Brothers and sisters from Boston schools join together on Bentley campus for the first event of its kind By Sindhu Palaniappan CAMPuS LIFE EDITOR

This past Thursday, the Koumantzelis Auditorium was filled with multicultural fraternities and sororities from both on and off campus. Ten different organizations were present to meet Bentley students, recruit and present both themselves and the historical backgrounds of their fraternities and sororities. A large part of the evening was devoted to groups talking about their founding fathers and mothers, how their fraternities and sororities have grown since the beginning, and some included step and stroll presentations, as well. “A little bit of entertainment and history,” said Christina Witkowicki, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Director of Greek Life. Each organization had a table set up in the back of Koumantzalis with posters and information pamphlets, along with brothers and sisters to talk about their fraternity or sorority and their experience with it so far. Sigma Iota Alpha is the Latina sorority based

Many multicultural fraternities and sororities introduced the Bentley community to their organizations and showcased their step and stroll presentations.

here in Bentley, and some of the sisters were able to present as well. Some of these chapters are looking to get approved here on Bentley’s campus since they “haven’t been repped here at Bentley yet,” as Witkowicki said. Desiree Daniels is a sophomore here at Bentley and helped organize the event. She was interested and she knew other people on campus

were as well, so she approached Witkowicki about the idea of having these organizations present on campus. Witkowicki helped open the event, from one fraternal organization to the ten that were invited to come perform and speak. “It was just a dream I had, and it’s coming true,” Daniels said, while laughing to herself, watching the auditorium fill up. The

Emily Silver/ THE VANGUARD

room was filled when the event started, with brothers and sisters from different chapters greeting and hugging each other. The interesting thing about most of these organizations is that they aren’t based in one school, but instead in many in the area, so students have the chance to come together from all over Boston. Meshawn Cisero from the

class of 2012 and Jewel Cash from the class of 2011 hosted the event, keeping the energy up and the crowd engaged. Some of Bentley’s FIRE squad opened the event, leading into other step and stroll pieces by fraternities and sororities. Some of the organizations are international, and many are historically significant. The Sigma Gamma Rho sorority talked about how their founding mothers formed the organization as a way of protesting the KKK uprising in the 1920’s. Two students from Harvard and Tufts came to present and represent their sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, which recruits from Bentley and Babson and other schools in the area. The auditorium was packed by the time the organizations began presenting, with more and more brothers, sisters and interested students showing up. Daniels and Witkowicki, along with other members of the fraternities and sororities that presented are looking to get the Bentley campus more involved in Greek Life.

CAB Continued from Page 1

The Dean’s List will be performing at this year’s Homecoming.

Courtesy of

BULLYING Continued from Page 1 having been bullied at school in 2007, some almost daily. However, this does not account for bullying happening after school, in the workforce or in public areas. While in Australia, Benson, with the help of peers, reached out to local schools, community facilities and locals campaigning against the causes and tragic affects of bullying. Benson’s team successfully obtained 10,000 signatures in recognition of people pledging to take action against bullying. Her focus is now to bring this initiative back to the Bentley campus. “I want to change the direction of which we, the commu-

nity, deals with bullying,” stated Benson at the rally. RHA President Marc Santilli worked very closely with Benson and P.R.I.D.E President Dan Weidel. “The promotion of this campaign speaks volumes as to who comprises our community. We are all individuals but together, we are more powerful than what any one person can accomplish,” said Santilli. “RHA is committed to the residents, but also the community as a whole and will be a strong presence for many years to come. We will always watch out for all Bentley’s members.” Dan Weidel gathered representatives of Bentley’s different communities to open-

ly pledge against bullying including athletes, ALANA students, Greek Life members and international students, all rallied to take action. “PRIDE’s dedication to raising awareness about political and social concerns, such as bullying, extends beyond those that the LGBTQ community face,” stated Weidel. “Our hope is that by continuing to promote acceptance of diversity, Bentley will begin to have a forming community that will not tolerate any one member to drag our unity down.” With a goal of 10,000 pledges by December 20, Benson will continue to push for awareness against bullying.

The band has been described as “an innovative group, especially for their unique infusion of hip-hop and pop.” raves that The Dean’s List offers “a different style of music we simply aren’t used to hearing from New England, and that’s what makes them so intriguing.” Loud Neighbors is a hiphop rap duo from Wareham, Massachusetts. The band consists of two emcees known by the aliases of Early Adopted and Defiance, and has been getting a lot of attention these past few months. According to the duo’s MySpace page, they have opened for a number of

other bands and their music has been featured on ESPN Monday Night Football during the 2009 season. The duo is also working on their debut album The Move In, which will be released later on in the year. Murphy emphasized that both hip-hop groups are college-friendly and that their music is sure to appeal to the Bentley community. “Not only will there be some great and unique music to get everyone pumped for the big game, there will also be lots of free food and giveaways,” said Murphy. CAB has hinted that if this weekend’s fall concert goes well, an annual fall concert could become a permanent fixture for the Bentley community.

Courtesy of

PAgE 4

OCTOBER 21, 2010




of the

Week “You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking offstage.” -Barbara Walters, editorial Fall Parents Weekend a risky move co-host of The View, after Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, infuriated, left the stage during Bill O'Reilly's appearance *The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

Traditionally, Family Weekend at Bentley has been held during the frigid month of February after students have settled in from winter break, student organizations have accomplished enough to showcase and our Basketball season is in full swing. This year, the administration has coupled Parents Weekend with Homecoming Weekend, putting The Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends in control of the event. Understanding the motivation for this switch is not easy. The idea of “killing two birds with one stone” should not apply to Parents Weekend and Homecoming. As history has shown, Homecoming weekend tends to attract large crowds of mostly younger but also older alums back to Bentley’s campus to reminisce boisterously on their college years. Raucous partying is a Homecoming staple, and this shouldn’t be showcased on Parents Weekend. This setting certainly does not provide the best display for Bentley students’ parents who are paying very graciously for their children’s educations. Parents expect to come to Bentley to see their children learning and evaluate how well Bentley’s environment suits their children’s educa-

tional needs. Instead, they will find thousands of rambunctious alums and students. This crowd coupled with parents and family members present a mismatched, oversized crowd that the Bentley campus could struggle to contain. Furthermore, the fall semester is already filled with mini breaks, Thanksgiving break, then finals come, and all of a sudden, winter break is here. There really doesn’t need to be another weekend dedicated to the already crowded fall weekend events. Throwing Parents Weekend into the mix can just add stress to all of our lives in the midst of midterms, when the last thing we need is nagging from our families. Furthermore, Parents Weekend deserves its own recognition and appreciation for Bentley’s parents. When the weekend was designated to the spring semester, it provided somewhat of a break between the end of winter break and spring break, especially for students who do not go home frequently. There is only one day off in February, so Parents Weekend at least gave students some event to look forward to. Having parents come in the middle of February gives them the

chance to bring warm food for our cold and starving selves when we need to get over that cold weather slump. Additionally, it gives the freshmen the benefit of having their bearings on campus. With an entire semester under their belts, they are more familiar and confident with the Bentley campus and able to provide a better opinion as to how they feel adjusted to college life. At most colleges and universities, fall semester is the time for the traditional Parents Weekend, but Bentley is not a traditional school in most regards and why start now? The Winter Family Weekend was one more unique piece of our culture that was finally gaining ground and helped warm our winter spirits. It made the most sense to give students time to adjust back into their daily routines at school and also give parents a break from us students after a long summer together. But now we have Parents Weekend this weekend, and it will be interesting to see the herds of parents, families, alums and students on campus this weekend, all with mixed expectations as to how their weekend at Bentley will be.

Publication information The Vanguard is the student newspaper of Bentley University. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration; Bentley University is not responsible for statements herein. The Vanguard is published every Thursday of the academic year, excluding examination periods and holiday breaks. It is distributed free to all students, faculty, and staff of Bentley University. The Vanguard is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee, but relies on advertising revenue to cover the majority of its costs. Advertising rates are available upon request at (781) 891-3497. Circulation is 4,000 copies. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement; only publication of an ad constitutes final acceptance of the offer to advertise. We reserve the right to edit all copy for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, libel and length. The Vanguard Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center, inside the Bentley Bubble office complex. Mailing address: The Vanguard, Bentley University, 310M1 Student Center, 385 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Phone: (781) 891-2912. E-mail:

“I know the difference between a movie action hero who is make-believe and the true action heroes” -Arnold Schwarzeneger, California governor, praising British troops at Wellington CorreCtions & ClarifiCations In the October 7 edition of The Vanguard, the story “CAB selects Finnegan: Comedians Christian Finnegan (and Chris Hardwick) in fall show” located on the front page, both the headline and subheadline imply that Christian Finnegan served as the primary headliner for the CAB fall comedy show. This is inaccurate as both Finnegan and comedian Chris Hardwick were considered by CAB to be headlining the event. Any implication of Hardwick as simply an opening act was incorrect. The Vanguard regrets these errors. disclaimer: The opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.

Campus Life


OCTOBeR 21, 2010

PAGe 5

Parents Weekend combined with Homecoming weekend Family events to be featured alongside Homecoming weekend in new Homecoming/Fall Parents Weekend By Cameron Furlong

The concept of a single massive event centered on this family appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Gamer has insisted that ideas for “something like a Winter Festival or maybe a family month” have been tossed around. Though these ideas at the moment are not even close to having the same tangible effects that the movement of Parents Weekend has, this first step

towards change proves that even campus events as longstanding as Homecoming and Parents Weekend can be revolutionized. Along with the newfound involvement that will surpass that provided by the old Parents Weekend, the timing of Homecoming is, according to Gamer, a better fit. “The earlier we get parents engaged , the possibilities are limitless. We’re exposing them

to the ways they can get further involved and further support the institution and their sons and daughters,” said Gamer. The push to bring parents into the Bentley experience has always been a prevalent force, and this seems to be an attempt to bolster it. Whether this will affect the look and feel of the Homecoming events remains to be seen. Some students have raised other pressing concerns about the move. When asked whether the event coincided with Homecoming in order to cut down on the imbibing of intoxicating substances by students, Gamer responded, “We’re not looking to rain on your parade; we’re looking to enhance your experience.” She also addressed the more long-term effects of the move. “What’s going to happen in two to three years is that the students’ won’t even remember that the parents weren’t invited to Homecoming. It’s just going to be part of our culture and tradition.”

call from University Police, where he listened to the message. Following the first voicemail, the mystery caller issued a “cease and desist.” “This is the FCC. Please cease broadcasting immediately on 103.9 MHz. We will be showing up shortly,” said the second voicemail. While the caller accuses the station of broadcasting on the “wrong frequency,” Repsch said that he was pretty sure WBTY doesn’t even broadcast on a frequency at all. Following the call, WBTY was under the scrutiny of the

FCC while the validity of the phone call was investigated. “Someone did research. [The caller] was a Boston DJ who got kicked off the air last year,” said Repsch. “That’s why we think it’s a hoax right now.” Since then, more evidence supports this theory. “We still think it’s a hoax right now because we haven’t heard anything back [regarding the accusation and investigation from the FCC],” said Repsch. During the week following the call, the station did not broadcast over the radio or their live Internet feed. Last Monday, the station was

cleared to resume broadcasting online only, which went into effect on Wednesday. WBTY is working to get back in business, playing music 24/7 and even revamping its image right down to a new logo. The station plans on becoming more accessible to the student body. Students can sign up for their very own radio show or even simply stop by when they see someone in the booth. WBTY will continue to play current hits as well as local independent bands just as they had in the past, but expect more improvements to come in the very near future.


This year, The Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends is excited to announce that Bentley has merged Parents Weekend event with Homecoming weekend. Parents Weekend has been traditionally held in the winter, but this year, things are being done a little bit differently. According to nicole Gamer, the Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Services, the new Homecoming/Fall Parents Weekend will be “a day where we all come together as a community and celebrate all things Bentley.” She also said that almost 2,200 people are registered to attend this weekend’s event. The amount of family involvement planned for this weekend is staggering, with high expectations for the various programs offered. Homecoming’s new place as a “weekend for everyone” is solidified by the sheer number of things to do.

Parents enjoy visiting their sons and daughters during Parents Weekend. This year, they will watch Bentley’s Homecoming soccer game.

no matter whom the audience is, or how old, they’ve been accommodated. “We truly have something for everyone, from ecology at the Bentley pond where students and alumni can bring their families to check out the pH and the organisms. You can go and check out the Trading Room, or even the Library, or take them to the hypnotist on Saturday night,” continued Gamer.

Courtesy of snapshots

ATHLETICS Continued from Page 1 necessary after Henry’s driving allegedly endangered the lives of officers. Henry’s parents have expressed concern regarding the deadly use of force by the officers in question; meanwhile those with Henry have noted that he was the “designated driver” who had merely come to pick up friends at the bar. Due in large part to Henry being a member of the Pace Football team and his funeral services being held on Saturday, Pace has decided to suspend its Football program for the week and not send their team to Bentley, which in turn leaves the Falcons’ Homecoming game without an opponent to play. Pace University athletics declined any comment regarding the status of their Football team and Saturday’s game, while putting out a statement reading “The Pace community is deeply saddened by the news that a Pace University student Danroy Henry was shot and killed by a Pleasantville police officer during an incident outside a Thornwood bar early Sunday morning.” The Men’s Soccer game against Merrimack was originally scheduled to be played on the Soccer field on South Campus at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday but has been rescheduled to 2:00 p.m. in the same location to better suit the purpose of a Homecoming athletic contest. All of Bentley’s planned Homecoming and Parents Weekend activities are still taking placed as scheduled. “All of the CAB activities are still going to go on as planned,”

said CAB President Ryan O’Keeffe. “Musical entertainment will begin at 11:00 a.m. where students will receive a ticket for a t-shirt or travel mug giveaway. After the musical entertainment ends at 1:45 p.m. students can walk over to the soccer field where they will be able to redeem their ticket for a giveaway.” Further explaining the changes CAB needed to make due to the athletic rescheduling, O”Keefe noted, “Students will place their giveaway ticket into a bucket which CAB will use to announce the winners of the third, fourth and fifth course registration picks. We will announce the winners of the picks after we announce the Bentley Homecoming King and Queen during halftime of the Bentley soccer game which starts at 2:00 p.m.”

WBTY Continued from Page 1 Guard will [come] to dismantle your station. I repeat: You must go off the air immediately, you’re causing interference,“ said the male voice on a voicemail. When the caller apparently could not reach someone at the vacant station, he notified University Police. University Police would not comment on this, nor would the University, but based on the timestamp of the voicemail, the male called University Police two hours after dialing the station. Mike Repsch, President of WBTY, reported to the station following the


OCTOBER 21, 2010

News & Campus Life


Blackout Challenge: Dorms compete to save the most energy By Kristin Tomasi VAnGuARD STAFF

October is the month of the Blackout Challenge at Bentley, where dorms compete to conserve the most energy. The project compares each dorm’s energy usage for the week to its average energy usage from September. The focus is on reduction rather than total energy use in order to make the competition fair. no building has an advantage over another because in order to win, a dorm simply needs to decrease its energy usage by the greatest percentage. Each week, students are emailed an update to see where their building stands. The winning building’s prize will be a custom t-shirt that will include the dorm’s name. Also, a celebratory banner will be hung in the dorm’s entrance. The Blackout Challenge was originally called the Battle of the Bulbs. Its name changed last year when, as explained by Amanda navarroli King, Bentley’s Manager of Sustainability, there was “more of a concerted effort

toward communication” with the student body about the project. Rikki Lee Larson, a junior at Bentley and president of the Green Society, explained that the emphasis placed on creating “more of a buzz” for the Blackout Challenge is largely due to the collaboration of all of the green initiatives on campus. These green initiatives include the sustainability group of SGA, the Green Society, and RHA’s Eco Reps. King credits the “amazing cross-collaboration” between these three groups with allowing them to accomplish more together than each could have done individually. This collaboration has also resulted in increased marketing efforts for the Blackout Challenge this year. For example, a banner was recently signed by many students pledging to do their part to conserve energy. Larson explained that while the project was “not as well known in previous years,” there is more awareness this year and students have been receptive of the project’s message. Jacky Yen, a sophomore, explained that she has “definitely

heard a lot more about the Blackout Challenge this year” and that she feels it has been “advertised a lot better.” Amanda Benoit, a freshman, said “the flyers around the school really help… I participate by shutting off electronics when they’re not in use, especially in the rooms we share as a floor, like the bathroom, common room, and laundry room.” King also stressed how the project is cultivating a “community feeling” because each dorm needs to work together in order to be successful. This competition provides an incentive that gives the project “staying power.” This sentiment was echoed by Larson, who explained that if people participate in the challenge “for one month, they may change their habits” for the rest of the year. Larson explained her desire to “eventually make the Blackout Challenge a year-long initiative” with larger scale prizes. King would like to expand the challenge to include faculty and academic buildings by collaborating with the new Faculty-Staff Eco Rep

The Blackout Challenge promotes a community feeling in the dorms.

Nathan Marchand/THE VANGUARD

program. In an effort to further increase awareness, she trained this year’s Orientation Leaders on recy-

cling this past summer to show new students that going green is “part of the Bentley culture.”

By Cameron Furlong

Club Profile: BMA

bine creating your own business and marketing for your own business. That’s the one club we’ve gotten together with so far and it was a very successful event. (There has been interest in having such an event again, so that might be coming up in the future.) We partner with Career Services all the time by helping with their events.

Besides steering Marketing majors toward possible career ideas for the future, BMA also partners with Career Services to hold campus-wide events.

The Vanguard recently sat down with Persa Konomi, a senior and the president of the Bentley Marketing Association. What is BMA? BMA is the Bentley Marketing Association. It has been around for a couple of years, but ever since last year when I took it on a lot of things have changed. We run events through career services, we have field trips to companies, and we have speakers, so it involves

everything that has to do with marketing. What are these field trips like? The field trips are a really good way to meet employers. We go to a company in the Boston area or around here. For example, we just went to TJX and we’ve got the Boston Celtics coming up. Members go on site, meet new players, ask some questions, tour the facilities and network with these employers to get their names and

faces out there. So when you’re applying for a job or if you see people from TJX on campus again, they can remember you from the field trip. It’s a great way to meet people.

How does BMA work with Career Services? We help people understand what options are available and what career paths you can take. A lot of our members are freshmen and sophomores and they know they want to do marketing, but they don’t know exactly what they want to do because marketing is so broad. We help them figure out what they’re best at, what they like and what they don’t like. They get to see what’s out there before they have internships.

What kind of marketing do you do for organizations on campus? We worked with the Bentley Entrepreneurship Society last year, and we did an event called DART Boston. It was a great way to com-

Tell us about some of the other organizations you market for? We actually have two clients: We’ve been working with the Department of Sustainability ever since last semester and we love them. We’ve helped create

Courtesy of The Bentley Marketing Association

awareness - a lot of people didn’t know that the department existed, so we had a lunch party last semester, and we did the Go Green or Go Home event. We are also working with an outside client from Apple, and we’re doing a project with Apple next semester. This is really good for us because it is our first outside client, which makes us more of a serious club rather than just another student organization. It takes us up to the next level. What kind of events does BMA have in the works right now? As far as upcoming events, we’re going to have a speaker coming from Apple, we have more field trips coming up, we’re going to be marketing sports events and we will be working with Career Services and marketing for other clubs on campus. Persa also mentioned “a cool little project that’s coming out at the end of the year,” adding, “I’m not sure if I can talk to you about it yet.” Only time will tell whether this was just hype from the folks who do it best or a taste of big things to come. In the meantime, BMA is certainly a club to watch out for!

tHe VAnGuArd


oCtoBer 21, 2010

PAGe 7

A colossal conflict of interest & you, the investor By Justin Daniel Lawlor VAnGuArd stAFF

Conflict of interest (noun): A conflict between the private interests and the official or professional responsibilities of a person in a position. i am not referring to Goldman’s role as Cdo market makers, but rather to the recurring dilemma that many of us face as business students and future financial professionals. the dilemma is whether to actively invest in stocks or simply buy an index fund. of course, the motive for picking stocks or investing in an actively managed mutual fund is to outperform the market’s return. As has been empirically proven time and time again, this is something much easier said than done. While a stock picker strives for outperformance, the index investor is quite content with a “par” performance. An index fund is a simplistic and lowcost mutual fund that tracks the return of the market by holding a large and thoroughly diversified portfolio. indexes match the market’s return year after year, capitalizing on equities’ long-term upward trend. An index fund is boring and unglamorous, but

deserves to be every investor’s best friend. the investment world, otherwise known as Wall street, is one giant selling machine. Banks, financial institutions, brokers and advisors generate profits by charging fees and commissions. Fees are earned when client investors place trades or invest in actively managed mutual funds, and financial professionals earn profits when a product is sold to their client, such as an etF, stock or mutual fund. therefore, investment professionals often encourage clients to be active in managing their funds. they do this by frequently buying and selling stocks and constantly seeking out the best performing mutual funds, which often come with the highest fees. Jumping in and out of investments may fatten the financial professional’s wallet, but is it the best strategy for the investor? if the stock market returns 10 percent in a given year, investors collectively realize such a return, but this is before financial intermediaries have taken their cut. the actual investor’s return is that of the market after any and all fees and taxes. the index investor pays an average annual fee of

.20 percent, while the mutual fund investor pays an average annual fee of 1.25 percent and is liable for a much heavier tax burden due to the high turnovers. this gives index investors an immediate advantage, and it is also important to note the damage that a mutual fund’s seemingly small fee of 1.25 percent can inflict over the course of the investor’s lifetime. Furthermore, mutual funds, hedge funds and individual stock pickers often underperform the market in the long run. For every fund that delivers an above-average return, there is another struggling fund which has lagged the general market. Hence it is extremely difficult for a mutual fund to deliver above-average returns year after year. Come January 1, the slate is cleared and managers must outperform all over again. now from an individual investor’s perspective, remember that the actual return is equal to the fund’s return minus all fees, loads, commissions and taxes. so why settle for mutual funds when the vast majority of funds will underperform over a 5+ year time frame, entail huge expense costs and constantly

spew off taxable gains? Why try to beat the market when you can cheaply and easily join it with an index fund? it has become increasingly easy to think of stocks as electronic entities that tick in value second by second, but stock ownership is also partial ownership in the underlying business. if investors were to “invest in businesses,” as opposed to “buying stocks,” perhaps the average holding period would lengthen and the underlying business’ development would have time to materialize. this point is especially relevant for college investors, as most of their investing careers lie before them. Holding a diversified index fund with a long-term mindset is one way of capitalizing on businesses’ dividends and capital gains growth. take note of Warren Buffett’s confidence in the index fund if you still need some substance. in January of 2009, Buffett entered into a $1million bet with Protégé Partners LLC, a Manhattanbased hedge fund of funds. Buffett believes that a simple s&P 500 index fund will outperform the hedge fund of funds over a 10-year period,

simply due to the index’s extremely low cost of ownership. While the hedge fund of funds may demonstrate periods of outperformance, Buffett believes that its massive fees will cause for a brutal reversion to the mean. this means that Buffett can sit back with his low-cost basket of 500 stocks, while the hedge fund of funds must monitor the performance of their stock selections on a minute-by-minute basis. it’s time consuming, stressful and not worth the fuss. then again, these managers at Protégé need to bring home a paycheck just like everyone else, alongside the thousands of other investment and financial professionals who rely on the markets for their livelihood. Herein lays the conflict of interest. While it may be in your best interest as an investor to sit tight and hold a low-cost, diversified portfolio over the long term, the financial professional makes more money the more that you trade around and watch the ticker pass. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the most profitable strategy is often to take a step back and do nothing at all. replaces antiquated Harry’s List Bentley graduate Jeff Weis developed his own website geared to connect and enhance student life By Phillip St.Pierre Business editor

only months after graduating from Bentley, Jeff Weiss has already created a website that is more unique in nature than any other platform in the area. Weiss is the Ceo of Fulldorm, and he is making a big splash in the business world. don’t know what Fulldorm is about? You soon will, as the site took only five months to develop and its popularity is only increasing. the platform was launched on August 16, with 75 percent of the Bentley campus signing up in the first two weeks of the school year. the platform not only is user friendly, but it also has several programs and qualities that will compliment students’ communication on campus. According to Weiss, “Fulldorm is an online platform for college campuses. the site is fully accessible only by students, faculty and staff members affiliated with our endorsed universities. We offer features that include Classifieds, a ride share program, off-campus housing and a Campus Forum, and we are working on developing additional features set to launch in the coming months.” Fulldorm was started on Bentley’s campus, and since its launch, a lot of other universities in the area have created a significant amount of buzz with their

FullDorm offers college students and staff one location to post and find features such as Classifieds, off-campus housing and even sports tickets.

interest in joining the Fulldorm network. When students log onto their MyBentley accounts, Fulldorm’s logo is shown right on the homepage, with its classified section following. this section facilitates the buying and selling of goods and services between Bentley students and faculty. Almost anything can be posted (aside from textbooks), so if you are searching for game tickets to a Celtics or red sox game, Fulldorm could be the place to find them. Fulldorm guarantees that all posts have been created by students, faculty or staff. According to Weiss, “there is a much better sense of security and credibility that our users experience on our site solely from knowing that the users who created the posts on our site are not only part of the same community, but are also probably located in a neighboring dorm room.” Preceding Fulldorm, Bentley used an internally developed

application known as Harry’s List which acted as the school’s classifieds, but that was the extent of the program’s offerings. Fulldorm has essentially replaced Harry’s List with a significantly better offering of services, along with a more robust platform. What sets Fulldorm apart is the many new features that Harry’s List did not have. there are two new features to Fulldorm that Weiss believes will put his platform on a higher level than any other site currently on college campuses. the first is a business plan submission feature. this feature allows the user to upload a business plan onto the site, guaranteeing that the plan will be viewed by investors and creditors. the feature is free for students, and the user’s plan is also protected on the site from copying or misrepresentation, making it easier for students to find funding for their ideas. When talking with Weiss

Courtesy of Jeff Weiss

about this new feature, he explained, “students are always making business plans for their classes, but that is as far as they go. We are in the process of creating a database where you can upload your personal plan, which we guarantee will be viewed by venture capitalists and investors who are interested in student ideas.” the second feature, which does not yet have a name, involves group buying for local businesses and restaurants, and is similar to a program known as Groupon. For those who don’t know what Groupon is, it involves giving daily deals and coupons from restaurants around the area to customers in the hopes that they will return to the restaurant or business frequently. the feature Weiss created is similar to this, except it attracts students to restaurants in the local market by offering irresistible deals. on top of all that, Fulldorm has a ride share program that is

proving to be fairly popular in setting up carpools to and from the campus, as well as a real estate service which will be up and going in the spring semester. Looking for a place to live near Bentley or in the city? it seems like the real estate feature will be extremely helpful to students looking to find an apartment or place to live in during the summer or school year. Weiss explained that he is currently marketing to local real estate agents in the Waltham, Belmont and Boston areas for summer apartments. since Fulldorm’s launch, Weiss has already redesigned the entire website, making it more appealing and user friendly. Weiss is also looking to expand the workforce of Fulldorm that currently consists of about a half dozen employees. once the platform expands to other schools, Weiss plans to connect them with each other so registered users can search posted opportunities by students, faculty and staff on other campuses. “We’re looking for motivated interns who will add positive personalities to the workforce and plan on adding a sales team to the company in the near future,” said Weiss. so, if you are looking to join a relatively new company at the ground level, check out their site at and apply.

PAgE 8

OCTOBER 21, 2010


Features The Beat

How did you celebrate Columbus Day?

alyssa BlooMqUist Marketing class of 2014 “I went pumpkin picking with my family and friends.”

Diana Martinez UnDeciDeD class of 2014 “I don’t typically celebrate Columbus Day, but I slept for most of the weekend.”

rUsU lenni corporate finance anD accoUnting class of 2013 “I was lazy and sat around and watched TV all day.”

Lindsay Beauregard: To understand who you are as an artist, it’s very important for people to know about your background. How did you begin making music? Dimitry Marcelin: Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed music. I’d watch Michael Jackson all the time. I started writing R&B in fourth grade. I even had my own boy band [laughs], but when I got to middle school that wasn’t cool anymore so I started rapping. I had a lot of friends who would just go outside the gym and start free-styling. Huge crowds would gather and I thought that was cool. I always did music here and there throughout middle school, but I became serious when I got a new microphone my sophomore year in college . LB: So music’s really been with you your whole life. DM: Yeah, it has. Ever since others started taking it seriously I was like, “Alright, maybe I can make this work.” LB: You mentioned MJ. Who else has been a big inspiration to you?

LB: What do you listen to that is more up to date? DM: It’s funny because I don’t spend a lot of time listening to music. I don’t want it to influence what I’m writing - I want my stuff to be me. But I do listen to R&B, hip-hop, a little country, tech-

kristen sloan accoUntancy class of 2014 “I went apple picking just like every year.”

Bentley student Dimitry Marcelin is an up-and-coming rap/hip hop star.

no here and there and alternative hip-hop like Kid Cudi and Kanye. LB: When you do shows, do you play in Boston or do you stick to our Bentley Bubble? DM: I’ve played in Boston where I’ve done a few charity events and such, and last summer I was on the Toyota Scion tour where I did a couple shows. LB: Tell me about your favorite performance. DM: I did a frat party last February. It was the first performance where I was on the same level as the crowd. Everyone was surrounding me and fist pumping and I did my whole performance in the middle of the audience. It was one of those performances where you really connect with the crowd. LB: Is that the main way you promote your music, through performances? DM: I would say online distribution is number one. I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and my own websites. LB: Do you sell your music or give free downloads? DM: It’s pretty much free downloads. I’ll be working with the clothing company Zamforia to give out free download cards every time a t-shirt is purchased. Although my music is free now, there are plans to change that. Currently I’m working on an album, but I need to continue talking to labels about distribution and marketing. LB: Are you signed to a record label or are you still independent?

By emily silver PHOTOgRAPHY STAFF

By Lindsay Beauregard

Dimitry Marcelin, also known as Dimi Marc, is Bentley’s own rapper/hip hop superstar. He already has a large local fan base, but with upcoming events and charity work, he’s promoting his music throughout the greater Boston area. He hopes his passion for music will permeate through the world and touch many people’s lives.

DM: From an R&B perspective, MJ, [laughs] as funny as it is - the Backstreet Boys, Joe and definitely Usher. I draw a lot of influence from R&B and I like to do a lot of love songs, too.

Marvin gerMain Marketing class of 2012 “ I wo rke d a nd m a d e some extra money.”


Courtesy of Monica Behler

DM: I’m still independent but I work with labels and differ-

Courtesy of Monica Behler

ent producers around the world. Right now I work closely with Same Time Entertainment, and I also work with Live Nation to book shows. LB: Did you come to Bentley to learn more about the business of music or are you keeping your academic and music careers separate? DM: Nah, I’m not keeping them separate. I’ve always been interested in business and the stock market and I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit. Here I have the ability to co-align the two interests into one if that’s what I choose to do. LB: Are you going to continue music after you graduate? DM: Oh yeah, definitely. It’s something I love and have fun doing. It started out as something I did for myself, but now other people like my stuff so I want to share it with the world. Even if my music career doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll still make music and sit back and listen to myself. LB: If things do take off, what are your long-term goals? DM: The way things are looking now I might actually have the ability to live off of making music. I’m a registered song writer and I’m doing a project for a company in South Korea. That’s a lot of fun. Hopefully I’ll be touring more, too. I’m looking at doing an international tour after graduation, which would mean taking the summer off and traveling around the world. LB: It looks like you have a promising future. DM: Yes, I do and I’m looking forward to it.



It’s Kind of a Funny Story puts a comedic twist on a serious issue By rachael fischer VANgUARD STAFF

It’s Kind of a Funny Story captures the teenage experience far better than any predictable teen film with pom poms, jocks, nerds, dorky teachers, and a Pg-13 rating. Maybe we relate to the insane a lot more than we realize. It’s Kind of a Funny Story, adapted by Ned Vizzini’s novel of the same title, follows Craig, a 16-year-old New Yorker. After a night of suicidal thoughts, Craig checks himself into the mental ward in hopes of a quick fix to his depression. The film follows his five-day odyssey and the events that led him there. The film is being hailed as a teenage One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but the movie’s writer and director duo, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, prefer to see it as a modern John Hughes film. The story does boast a blend of comedy and drama reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, but unlike most films that attempt to balance the two genres, the equilibrium is far more seamless. The audience finds itself laughing at the wit and comedic timing while simultaneously reliving a painful truth about the seemingly impossible obstacles of high school and adolescence. It’s Kind of a Funny Story boldly stands out against any recent teen movie. Unlike movies - like last week’s Easy A - that rely on forced sarcasm and cynicism to pry a laugh, It’s Kind of a Funny Story’s laughs come more often and effortlessly. Zach galifianakis of The

OCTOBER 21, 2010

PAgE 9

Voices What is your favorite pickup line?

connor Deneen UnDeciDeD class of 2014 “Are you a parking ticket? Cause you got fine written all over you.”

It’s Kind of a Funny Story stars The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis.

Hangover carries the impeccable comedic timing and essence of the film even when he is not on screen. His deadpan delivery of each line and expression acts as a comedic multiplier for the rest of the cast’s performances. A scene in which he charades as Emma Robert’s character, Noelle, was particularly memorable, as well as the performance of his beard glitter – that’s right folks, beard glitter - in an imagined mid-film musical rendition of an 80’s hit. As an adaptation, the film completely encapsulates the sentiments and humor of Vizzini’s book. Though the changes and deletions necessary for any adaptation were made, fans of the original novel will not feel a void of any missing pieces, but rather rediscover the story with an equal, if not greater,

Courtesy of

delight. Most importantly, the film speaks volumes about Americans’ attitudes about the realities of teenage depression, especially adults’ tendency to either brush it off as routine and unimportant or push foolishly objective mental health labels that teens accept all too willingly. It’s Kind of a Funny Story opens nationwide on October 8th.

kyle Dinkjian econoMics finance class of 2013 “Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.”

aManDa zaniewski UnDeciDeD class of 2014 “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.”

rating: 4/5 falcons I had the opportunity to meet Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck for an exclusive oneon-one interview. The collaborating couple both wrote and directed the film as well as other indie hits, such as Half Nelson. For the complete transcript of the interview, visit

ethan MachUrat corporate finance & accoUnting class of 2013 “The word of the day is legs. Let’s go back to your room and spread the word.”

laUren Davis Marketing class of 2013 “If I created the alphabet, I would’ve put U and I together.”

The movie follows 16- year-old Craig throughout his time at a mental ward.

Courtesy of

By nathan Marchand PHOTOgRAPHY STAFF

PagE 10

OCtOBEr 21, 2010


tHE Vanguard

Bus Stop brings American past to the big stage By Meghan Ryan Vanguard Staff

William Inge’s play Bus Stop couldn’t be more of a blatant american classic if Inge had included apple pie and baseball. themes of idealism and love, the stereotypical mid-Western characters and the setting of 1950s Kansas all contribute to the play’s overall old-timey, american feel. the play portrays the drama that ensues in a tiny Kansan café when a bus with four very different passengers becomes stranded for the night. the Huntington theater embraced this work of americana and presented it in its fall 2010 season. In this rendition of the play, the presence of innocence and idealism are played up in an attempt to please audiences and to create a stark difference between the context of the play and the world today. the Huntington theater Company thus created a show that emphasizes the positivity in a play about american disillusionment. Bus Stop opens onto a beautiful and ornate setting of an oldtimey café (later introduced as grace’s Café) with a rooftop covered in gently falling snow. the play begins with a dialogue between the middle-aged owner of grace’s Café, grace Hoylard, and her young assistant, high school student Elma duckworth.

grace and Elma discuss everything from their profound thoughts of love to small talk about the weather. the two characters comment that the buses probably won’t be able to run in the night’s snowstorm, and soon enough, along comes the town’s Sheriff, announcing that the buses are stopped for the night and the passengers will have to wait there until they start running again. along comes bus driver Carl with his passengers - a lounge singer named Cherie, a drunkard called dr. Lyman and cowboys Bo and Virgil. the play proceeds to examine each of these snow-bound strangers as they are forced to spend the night together. the themes of idealism and disillusionment play out very interestingly on the Huntington’s modern stage. the Kansas of the 1950s is quite a different place than the Massachusetts of 2010, a difference that does not go unnoticed by audiences. the program for Bus Stop is filled with quotes about Kansas being filled with feelings of “contentment” and “americanism, pure and undefiled.” Likewise, the 1950s were historically an era of hopefulness for the american people, with WWII over and industrialism on the rise. It is unlikely that this audience would have enjoyed the

images Bus Stop conjures up. though the Huntington downplays these harsh emotions, Inge’s script questions the existence of long-term love and foreshadows unhappiness in the future. In contrast, the people of 2010 have far less hope for the economic future, if not the future in general. With the economic downturn in 2008, it appeared that the nation lost its financial wealth as well as its mental wellbeing. today’s general attitude is that life can only get better, a concept mirrored by the Huntington’s rendition of Bus Stop. the characters have hit rock bottom, similar to the economy and certain characters of the present. Many are looking for love and happiness in quite undesirable locations and are willing to take what they can get. though many of the characters remain unhappy by the end of the play, it is quite relevant to the times - life is generally improving, but little by little, leaving many discontented. Personally, I enjoyed going to the show, although I was mildly disappointed by the lack of emotion I felt towards it. although the cast was very talented, it is obviously a challenge to take on a dated play. nevertheless, I credit ronete Levenson (who played Elma) with the most memorable per-

Bus Stop is the tale of four bus riders who get stuck at a café for a night.

formance, because the girl I read about in the program seemed so wildly different than the girl she portrayed onstage. Levenson appeared to be a young woman of great self-confidence and achievement, whereas her character had so many self-doubts and insecurities. Elma came alive as the squeaky, hopeful, curious and naïve young girl who harbors so many insecurities yet remains one of the most emotionally strong characters in the play. the most lasting image in my head is of Elma standing on her makeshift stage announcing that she will take the role of master of ceremonies

Courtesy of

for a variety show - that she will in effect run the entire show. Elma’s leadership in the showwithin-a-show mirrors her leading role in Bus Stop and highlights the idealistic tone the play takes on. the Huntington theater Company’s performance of Bus Stop is not a provocative piece so much as an observational one. this Bus Stop was entertaining and enlightening, though not particularly profound. as an advertisement for the show so truthfully declares, the Huntington theater Company’s Bus Stop portrays “heartache, over easy.”

Despite dull segments, Never Let Me Go a good read By Rachael Fischer Vanguard Staff

Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go has received high praise since its 2005 release. the story is set at a British boarding school during the late 1990s. at the school, human beings are cloned for their organs, which are used as transplants. Time Magazine has hailed Never Let Me Go as one of the 100 best novels since 1923, and it received the 2006 aLa alex award, among other honors. It is now being revitalized with the release of a film version starring Carey Mulligan, andrew garfield and Keira Knightly. Never Let Me Go follows the narration of Kathy H. as she speaks nostalgically of her childhood with her two best friends, ruth and tommy, at their boarding school, Hailsham. there, the children remain fairly oblivious of their origins or fate besides the hushed whispers and hints from their guardians. as the novel progresses, the trio comes to terms with their sole purpose as organ donors. the promise of a critically acclaimed novel about a Britain touched by dystopia did not only entice me, but it also toppled my usual reluctance to hold positive expectations. I just can’t dissuade my literary weaknesses

for boarding schools, British characters or any kind of dystopia. I involuntarily found myself picturing Keira Knightly in a Hogwarts uniform fighting an evil robot, which I really did not expect within the novel’s pages, but would have enjoyed immensely nonetheless. after I eagerly began to read, I soon found myself looking forward to the end of the boardingschool portion of the novel. Ishiguro makes it clear that the children lead sheltered lives they are not even allowed to leave the school’s premises until graduation. unfortunately for the reader, this means that a third of the novel is dedicated to diurnal, school-child incidents, such as tommy’s fits over being chosen last for the football team. the events would not be so dull if it weren’t for Kathy’s excruciating dissection of every memory. Her analysis ranges from her emotional reaction, a hypothesis of her friends’ emotional reactions, her regrets concerning the incident and her feelings regarding the event in the present. this routine does not deviate much once the group moves to transitional cottages before they begin their organ donations. the reader is literally deftly squeezed by Ishiguro into the narrowness of Kathy’s perspective. I quickly supposed that a nostalgic look into my own past might yield more com-

pelling results. fortunately, the novel does not end without a payoff. It subtly arrives in the form of a discussion in a drawing room, a discussion that twists the hopes of the characters into cold uselessness and barely impacts the routine of the opposite party. as I finished the novel’s last few pages, I realized that the habitual normality of the story was where the art lies. the story is not about the oppressed rebelling against the injustices that plague their dystopian lives in the vein of The Handmaid’s Tale. there is no shocking revelation or climax. the horrifying facts, which are sprinkled throughout the novel, are disguised as accepted truths. the characters face limited lives cut short by a cruel science-fiction intervention, which they are oblivious to. But what makes the story so well-received is that the reader can actually relate to the trials the characters face and their worries of growing up. the title of the book originates from a fictional song Kathy listens to in the middle of the novel, but I also found a secondary meaning. When you read this novel, don’t let it go stick with it to the end of the journey and you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 3/5 Falcons

Never Let Me Go was selected as one of the 100 best novels since 1923 by Time Magazine.

Courtesy of


Notes from AbroAd

Question: Describe a pro-

fessor or project that has taught you about history, politics or business from an international perspective. By Alysha Frank DUBLIn, IRELAnD

As one of my business electives, I opted to take a class entitled Cross Cultural Management with Professor Elena Sannikova. Well-traveled herself, she is international in Ireland. on our first day of class, she compared and contrasted the meeting styles of people from Ireland, Singapore and Italy. When she asked the class (which is mostly Irish) if Irish people are prompt, they eagerly responded, “yes.” As my Bentley classmates and I are the only Americans in the classroom, Professor Sannikova frequently likes to ask our opinions. My roommate Katie Donnellan responded that in a business setting in America, if you are not early, you’re late. one of my professor’s most recent examples of differing management styles was brought to our attention last week. She commented on the fact that if you visit Intel in Ireland, it looks very much like Intel in America. Their story is a very good example of how many companies cannot survive in an unfamiliar country because they cannot adapt to the culture. Intel contracted handpicked employees to bring their families with them to America for three years. In


I guess I didn’t realize how little I actually knew about Australia and Australian history before I came here. Australia wasn’t exactly on the agenda in World History class in high school. When you go abroad, unless you can somehow fit a history class into your course load, you’re pretty much on your own to learn about the place you’re living in for five months. originally, this was my plan, but after a week of attending class here I realized I wanted a class that would teach me something about Aussie culture. Since there was no class I could take that would focus on teaching all things Australian, I figured there was no better way to learn about their culture and history than through their cinema. It turns out that there were about 10 other Americans in my Australian Cinema class. After a couple weeks, my professor realized that we didn’t understand half the cultural themes in the films which Australians normally would, so he really took time in explaining all the themes, terms and history that were completely foreign to us. Around mid-semester, we

that time, they were trained in the style in which the factory would run in Ireland, and following that time they returned to Ireland. This method seemed to be extremely successful for them. Many Irish students had qualms about “turning them into Americans,” but it proves that even in an English-speaking country where differences seem to be minor, major disputes may live under the surface. In one of my favorite class sessions, Professor Sannikova played an American video which clearly depicted some exaggerated, yet real-life, situations of our ability to seem ignorant to other cultures. This was likened to all of us wearing sunglasses; we all see through different shades. Katie and I found ourselves laughing at particular points of the film because they were so true. our core project for this class will truly test my ability to manage a team of students from different cultures. Each of the students I’m working with are fulltime UCD students, but two boys are Irish and one boy is Chinese. As our meetings progress, it will be interesting to pick up on my group mates’ methods of presenting material. It will be a challenge, but the outcome will hopefully be rewarding. were assigned a research project on any Australian film of our choice. We had to explain how it contributed to the “Australian national cinema” in a national, social and cultural sense. I chose to do a recent horror film called Wolf Creek, which was based loosely around a couple true stories that took place in Australia. In short, the film is about the abduction and murders of a few people, a little older than me, road tripping across the outback. The film plays on the viewer’s fears of the vastness of the Australian outback and the mysterious bushmen that occupy it, beginning the film with the fact, “over 30,000 people go missing in Australia every year.” Both the professor and the research for the project taught me a lot about Australia and its history, giving me knowledge and fears of road tripping across the outback - I would never have gained if not for switching into the class.

Check out all of your study abroad options at the Cronin Office of International Education in Adamian 161

oCToBER 21, 2010


By Christina Menchini RoME, ITALy

From my time spent so far in Italy, I have noticed that many small businesses are owned and run by families. If you go to a restaurant here, it is very common that the cook, server and other workers are all related. We recently discussed this in my European Law and Policies class that I am taking here in Rome. My professor explained that businesses in Italy are all run by families because they need to make sure that they can trust everyone working for them. In Italy, if someone working for you does something to hurt the business, there is little that the government will do to help you. By working exclusively with their family members, Italians can ensure that no one will do any wrong to them or to their business, and that they can deal with any issues on a more personal level. The idea of the family business is also true for the big international businesses in Italy. Companies such as Prada, Versace, Armani, D & G, Gucci, Valentino and Benetton are all run by families. The owners and presidents of each of these companies have the same last name as the company they run. It is very important to these companies that they keep the business within the family. The owners all plan to pass down the business to their children or close family members. By having people close to them working in the business, owners can have some peace of

Most high-end retail stores in Italy, like Prada, Gucci and Armani, are family owned.

mind and also the chance to do other things besides working in the business. For example, Luciano Benetton, the owner of Benetton, worked in politics for some time while his family members ran his company. While in politics, he worked as the Senator of the Italian Republic and he was able to help his business through his job. Until recently, stores such as H & M and Zara (direct competitors of Benetton) did not have any branches in Italy. This is because when Luciano Benetton was Senator he made sure that these stores

Courtesy of

would not have the ability to come to Italy. Since the most important aspect of Italian society is family getting a good job here is all about the connections you have. This is why social mobility here is not as easy in America. Many young Italians are discovering this as they enter the job market. Many of them end up leaving the country to find work in other places for this reason. So while keeping business within a family is good for the family, it is not beneficial for those outside of the family business looking for work.

By Kelly Galligan BARCELonA, SPAIn

My favorite class here in Barcelona is International Journalism. My professor started the first day of class by demonstrating to us how he is a “real” journalist, not just a professor talking about what journalists do. He proved this by sharing information about a basketball event he was covering while the Lakers were here in Barcelona. He told us how we could get into a small event to see Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, which I actually got to do! But besides this “perk” of my journalism class, I feel that I am learning a lot and find myself looking forward to this class every week because of that. In class, we have been learning the history of international journalism and how technology and journalism have progressed worldwide. We have listened to radio broadcasts and seen movies of what it was and is now like for journalists, and how ways of mass communication have changed over time. I have also learned about politics because many of the top international stories are naturally about war. We listen to stories about war correspondents and how many politicians have used

Journalism and media classes abroad can really broaden your understanding of international events.

the media to their benefit. So far, everything we have discussed in class has interested me because the majority of the information is presented through our professor’s intriguing stories. I am very happy that I got to take this class as one of my electives because it’s a great way to learn about the world, which is exactly why I chose to come abroad. We also have plans to have foreign correspondents speak to our class and we will be taking field trips. This is my favorite part about classes here in Barcelona; a lot of them have

Courtesy of

planned activities outside of the classroom, such as tours and visits to important places, so that we can actually see the things we are learning about and experience the culture firsthand. This class doesn’t really cover business like most classes at Bentley, but I feel that I am still learning very valuable things that can only help my business career internationally. I feel like I am gaining a broader perspective on the world by being exposed to things I never would have if I wasn’t traveling abroad and taking an international course.


OCTOBEr 21, 2010

Horoscopes Vanguard Staff

Aries (March 21-April 19) Don’t spend all of your newfound wealth entertaining your friends. That would be fun but rather foolish. Pay off old debts instead. Taurus (April 20-May 20) You love color, and you’re good at it. You have a natural talent. You’ll be even better at mixing and matching over the next few weeks. Gemini (May 21-June 21) There’s too much to do in too little time. But perhaps you’re not doomed to miss the deadline you’ve set. Just do your best. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Fixing up your living space moves up on your list of priorities. In the next few weeks, it’ll be easier to see what matches and what doesn’t. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Invest in your own education so you can be qualified to answer the questions an important person might ask. Do the homework and the extra credit so you’ll be well prepared. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You’ll find it easier to make a profit during the next couple of weeks. You’ll be up for more responsibilities, too. Meanwhile, take a wide look at your options. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You’ll be getting softer in the next few weeks, but you’ll still be quite assertive. They say Libra has a fist of steel inside a velvet glove. You’re qualified to play that part. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Don’t turn away in frustration; a compromise is possible. Get all the objections out in the open. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) You’re pretty independent, but when someone’s in need, you’ll do what you can to help. A friend needs your assistance now, so pitch in. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Tomorrow could be a busy day. Others may have already called you, requesting help with one kind of chore or another. It’ll be fun. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) It’s getting easier to see your goals. You may even fall in love with somebody who shares them. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) It’s another good day for devising plans to become fabulously wealthy. You should be a rich person; you’d do so much good with the money.

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April’s Advice Your Questions Answered! Question: One of the first things I do in the morning after I shower is put on my makeup. I usually use eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and foundation. I’m starting to worry that I’m going to ruin my skin by using all of these products. However, I don’t think I can just stop wearing makeup, so do you have any suggestions? Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that the chemicals in the majority of makeup products can damage your skin. A study carried out by the British Skin Foundation discovered that the average female applies 175 various chemicals to her skin each day. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals have also been associated with cancer and hormonal conditions. But there is good news! There are many natural or organic makeup brands on the market that are a lot better for your skin. A few that are good to look into are Boots, Bare Escentuals and Physician’s Formula. Unlike other brands, the great thing about these brands is that the makeup comes off

easily and does not clog your pores. The foundation and concealer will cover any blemishes you may want to hide. Another nice thing about using these products is that they build a sunscreen into the foundation and concealers so you can also protecting your skin against sun damage. I know that many people stay away from sunscreen because they want to tan, but tanning is the number-one culprit when it comes to aging and wrinkles! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want wrinkles any sooner than normal, or sunspots or cancer for that matter. I’ve tried each of these products and I like Boots and Bare Escentuals the best. The end result is definitely a more natural look. The mascara will certainly enhance your eyelashes but not look as though you have raccoon eyes. If you do want a more dramatic look, especially if you are going out, then all you’ll need to do is apply more layers. I’d definitely recommend trying these brands if you tend to use makeup on a daily basis. Each brand offers starter kits, which I recom-

By April Gammal mend you get. Bare Escentuals has some of their products in the makeup store Sephora, and there are usually people there who will be happy to help you. Physicians Formula can be found in CVS, Target and sometimes Walmart. Of course, any of these products can be found online. A good website to look at is This website allows you to do a search on any ingredient in your product and it will rank it from 0-10 on a hazard scale. You can also search a brand and it will do the same for their various products. If you type in Bare Escentuals, you’ll notice that most of their product ratings typically fall between 1 and 5. However, if you type in CoverGirl, you’ll notice that the ratings fall between 5 and 8. If you click on a specific product, you will be shown the ingredient list and which products are not so good for your skin and why. I hope this helps! You may be saving your skin from damage by not using certain products. Try giving the healthier products a chance and see how you like them.



OCTOBER 21, 2010


Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee

Alumni Experience

Alumna Lauren Westling, Class of 2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in Boston. I will be working in the assurance sector auditing investment management companies. What did you needlessly worry about in your final undergraduate year? During my senior year, I was very concerned that my life would end once I graduated and the fun would be over. Once you graduate, your life is really just beginning. Life as a Bentley alumna is still really fun!

Courtesy of Lauren Westling

Lauren Westling Major: Accountancy

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your senior year? The most valuable lesson that I learned during senior year was simply to enjoy the college experience and not rush jumping into the “real world.” I took advantage of spending every night with my friends and attending a lot of

Where has your Bentley degree landed you today? I decided to stay at Bentley for another year and enroll in the Five-Year Program. Right now, I am pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Accountancy. After graduating with my Masters degree in May, I will be starting my career at

Greek Speak Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada is a Latinaoriented, multicultural sorority founded on September 29, 1990 by 13 lovely ladies from schools in upstate New York. In the spring of 2010, Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada was founded at Bentley University by Fanelly Perez, Rocio Funez and Felicita Peña. It became the first multicultural sorority founded at Bentley University. Our motto is “Semper Unum Et Inseparabilis,” which means Always One and Inseparable. Red, gold and blue are our colors and our mascot is a Unicorn and a Pegasus. The red rose is our flower and a white pearl is our gem. The sorority was created to enhance women’s awareness of their own culture, as well as to promote an awareness of the Latino culture to others. We endeavor to foster a sense of pride for our heritage, and in doing so hope to abolish ignorance, prejudice and racism. We believe that all cultures and origins need to be explored to foster a true understanding of the word “diversity.” Our goals incorporate these values into three different aspects. We aim to expand the awareness of the Latino and diverse cultures to our community at large by providing workshops, forums and conferences to promote sisterhood and lead-

By Felicita Peña

ership through summer leadership conferences and executive positions. We also aim to stand for excellence and education amongst women by having GPA requirements and awarding achievements in excellence. Our philanthropies promote service on an international, a national and a local level. Children International allows our chapters to sponsor underprivileged children in Latin America and in other undeveloped countries. One Heartland is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and their families impacted by HIV/AIDS and other significant, worldwide challenges. Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada organizes fundraisers and volunteering for One Heartland. We also participate in the Walk for Diabetes, the Walk for Hunger, Cradles for Crayons and the Special Olympics.

Bentley events on campus. What is your favorite senior year memory? My favorite senior year memories were the class trip to the Bahamas, Greek Week and Graduation Day. How do you stay connected to Bentley today? Most of my friends from college stayed in the Boston area, so it is easy to keep in touch and we see each other frequently. In college, I was very involved in Alpha Phi, one of Bentley’s sororities, and we have a great alumni relations program. I have been back on campus for a few Greek events this year, and I will continue to stay very connected to the chapter as an alumna. Any “words of wisdom” for the Class of 2011? Go on the class trip to the Bahamas! It was the best time of my life and is worth the money!

Have an opinion or expertise in a particular subject? Want to share your views and knowledge with your peers and your community? Ever want to have your own column in a newspaper? Now’s your chance! E-mail GA_Vanguard today with your column idea and you may see your name and work in print next week!!

SGA Speaks 2010-2011 Senators

By Sucheta Desai

Andrew Cullivan is a sophomore from Plymouth, MA majoring in Finance and minoring in Entrepreneurship. He is also involved in ALPFA and BES. Buddy Gormley is a sophomore from Wilmington, MA with an undecided major. He is also a Service Learning Project Manager and is part of Complex Problems/Creative Solutions. Hey Falcons – Read on to find out who your 2010-2011 SGA Senators are and who YOU can go to with questions and concerns! Senators Helia Azarakhsh is a freshman from Nashua, NH with an undecided major and an LSM in Global Perspectives. She is also a member of Service Learning. Brian Bovino is a senior from Upper Saddle River, NJ majoring in Marketing with an LSM in Media Arts and Society. He is also in Kappa Sig, plays intramurals and has an internship with Boston Consulting. Steven Correia is a sophomore from Bedford, NH with an undecided major and an LSM in American Perspectives. He is also part of the Racquetball Club, Bentley Republicans and Bentley Poker Club.

Olivia Jemsten is a sophomore from Sweden majoring in Managerial Economics and minoring in IDCC, with an LSM in Global Perspectives. She is also on the Forest Hall Council, in Delta Phi Epsilon and does Service Learning with the Creative Start Program. Nolan Kartholl is a junior from Fishkill, NY majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology. He is also involved in the Mmofra Trom Bead Project. Zachary Musso is a freshman from Lancaster, PA majoring in Economics-Finance. He is also in WBTY and BIG. Austin Parker is a sophomore from Skaneateles, NY majoring in Economics-Finance with an LSM in Global Perspectives. He is also in BIG and Beta Alpha Psi.

Stephen Perkins is a sophomore from Topsfield, MA majoring in Corporate Finance and Accounting with minors in Management and CIS. He also works in Admissions and is part of BUS. Jon Shih is a senior from Lexington, MA majoring in Accountancy and minoring in Law and Management. He is also part of DSP. Mike Simoneau is a sophomore from Wheaton, IL majoring in Finance with an LSM in Health and Industry. He is also part of Lacrosse, Swimming, SAAC and the Judicial Board. Spencer Tirella is a sophomore from Holmdel, NJ majoring in Finance with an LSM in Global Perspectives. He is also part of BIG, La Societa Italiana di Bentley, the Jazz Band and the Honors Advisory Council. Coral Trivedi is a junior from Marshfield, MA majoring in Corporate Finance and Accounting and minoring in CIS. She is also in the Bentley Microfinance Group. Kerrin Welch is a sophomore from Easton, MA majoring in Managerial Economics with an LSM in Global Perspectives. She is also part of Service Learning and is on the Honors Advisory Council.


OCTOBER 21, 2010



Bentley picks up two straight Conference wins Both the offense and defense come together with big plays for wins over Merrimack & Southern CT By Robbie LaBrie SPORTS EDITOR

After a rough start, Coach Thom Boerman’s Bentley Football team has ripped off two straight wins against Conference opponents and seems to finally be finding some magic, beating Merrimack 31-28 and Southern Connecticut State 36-26. Bryant Johnson orchestrated the effort beautifully for the Falcons, throwing for 497 yards, four touchdowns, zero interceptions and two rushing scores in the two games combined against Merrimack at home and at Southern Connecticut State. The game against Merrimack was only Bentley’s second home game of the season in six games overall, and the 31-28 win brought the Falcons to 2-2 in Conference and 2-4 overall. Bentley controlled the entire first quarter with two long-scoring drives that took up about 13 minutes combined to jump out to a 14-0 lead by the end of the quarter. The opening drive was highlighted by a pair of nice runs by junior tailback Bobby Tarr and a 25-yard pass from Johnson to senior John Malone. Johnson then capitalized with a four-yard touchdown scramble to draw first blood for the Falcons.

After Merrimack made a valiant effort on their first drive that came up short of a score, Bentley responded with a 13play drive, capped off by a Johnson to senior Kyle Tuthill connection for a 16-yard touchdown pass. Merrimack was able to respond to make it a one score game again at 14-7 in the second quarter, but the Falcons struck again on a three-yard touchdown run by sophomore Jack Pizzotti. They would end up taking that lead into halftime, as senior linebacker Greg O’Brien came away with a key interception in the Bentley end zone as time expired. Merrimack opened up the second stanza with a touchdown drive, but Bentley followed that up with a quick field goal and a Johnson to Malone touchdown to give the Falcons a 31-14 lead by the end of the third quarter. The Warriors did not just pack it in though, they connected on a deep 60-yard touchdown pass, making it a 10-point game. Then, after a Bentley punt, Merrimack drove the ball 94 yards in just seven plays to score again and get the contest within three, but the Falcons recovered the onside kick and managed to run out most of the clock.

Bentley punted and made one stop before the clock ran out on Merrimack’s comeback hopes. This was a big win for the Falcons, marking their first victory in front of the home crowd before Columbus Day weekend. It also built up some nice momentum heading into their next matchup last Saturday against Southern Connecticut. Despite the larger margin of victory, this was a much closer game, with the score knotted up at 26-26 with just over three minutes left to play before the Falcons kicked it into over drive with a Paul Branco field goal and a 17 yard touchdown run by Johnson to bury the Owls. The game was tight through the entire first half with the Falcons heading into the break with a 14-13 lead, although it was Southern Connecticut who struck first early with a 52-yard touchdown pass on the very first play of the game from scrimmage. The two Falcons’ touchdowns in the first half came on endzone strikes by Bryant Johnson of 13 and 33 yards to sophomore Mike Sumrell and senior Wade Critides, respectively. With only 11 minutes left in the game, the Falcons found themselves down 19-14 with the Owls attempting an extra point,

Junior RB Bobby Tarr runs for a big gain as the Falcons take out Merrimack, 31-28.

but they made a big play happen when junior safety Don Hopkins picked off the pass and returned it all 100 yards to give the Falcons their first defensive twopoint conversion in program history. The Falcons then tied up the contest on a field goal before Southern Connecticut would take back their lead on another touchdown, making the score 2619. Bobby Tarr punched through a two-yard touchdown run shortly after to tie it up for the Falcons at 26 apiece before the heroics of Branco and Johnson put the Falcons on top for good to lock up the Bentley victory. Johnson had an outstanding game, completing 29 of 38 pass


attempts, two touchdowns and rushing for one score. He completed passes to eight different receivers and even set a Northeast-10 record by completing 15 consecutive passes at one point. Johnson was named Northeast-10 Offensive Player of the Week of the effort, while Branco earned Northeast-10 Special Teams Player of the Week honors and freshman Lorenzo Warren won Northeast10 Rookie of the Week. Bentley currently sits in fourth in the Conference standings, but the top spot is not out of reach. If the Falcons put together a solid run to finish the year, they could do big things in the NE-10.



Women’s Volleyball picks up pair of wins Bentley gains momentum for the remainder of the season

pAGE 15

Recent ReSUltS Results from 10/12-10/18

By Robbie LaBrie SportS Editor

it has been a fairly up and down season for the Lady Falcons’ Volleyball team. they are currently sitting in seventh in the Northeast10 Conference, which holds 16 teams in Women’s Volleyball. Ever since September 7, the second game of the season, the Falcons have remained either at .500 or one game above or below .500. this is a quality team that is capable of winning every time they take the floor, but they have yet to put a run of consistent wins together. Senior Alaura Berry has been the team’s leader so far, leading the team in kills and sitting in third in the NE-10 in individual hitting percentage. She has also gotten plenty of help from fellow senior Kelly Mee who leads the NE10 in assists. Bentley kicked off the season back on September 4 with the New Haven invitational in New Haven, Connecticut, where they dropped a quick two games. Bentley quickly rebounded, however, beating Assumption in their first Conference game of the season and then going 2-1 in the Bentley invitational. Following a win against American international, the Falcons went 1-2 in the NE10/ECC Challenge, which took place in Waltham. Bentley would then win one more game and lose two more to close out the month of September. the Falcons opened up october by travelling to East Stroudsburg, pA for the East Stroudsburg invitational, where they won games against Alderson-Broaddus and Molloy and lost one to King (tenn.). the Falcons came back to New England for one game against Southern New

oCtoBEr 21, 2010

Field Hockey (5-7, 2-3 NE-10) Saint Anselm (10/12)* UMass-Lowell (10/14)* Football (3-4, 3-2 NE-10) at Southern Connecticut (10/16)* Hockey (0-2) at Quinnipiac (10/15) at rensselaer (10/16) Men’s Soccer (8-2-3, 5-1-3 NE-10) at Franklin pierce (10/12)* Assumption (10/16)*

Bridget Lawson led the team against Adelphi with a career high of 14 kills and five blocks

Hampshire, which they lost, 3-1, before heading back on the road to West palm Beach, Florida for the palm Beach Atlantic pepsi Bash at the Beach. the Falcons swept their first two games, 3-0 each, against ohio Valley and Ave Maria before dropping their second two when they had to take on palm Beach Atlantic and Flagler. this marked the Falcons last tournament of the year, outside of the NE-10 tournament which will take place after the regular season. the Falcons have since gotten three games into the meat and potatoes of their Conference schedule and have managed to pull off two victories against St. Anselm and Adelphi respectively, and they suffered a loss at the hands of pace. on october 13, the Falcons took down Saint Anselm, 3-0. Freshman Ashley Ahearn led the effort in this one for the Falcons. She recorded a team-high 11 kills, while Berry had a nice game as well with a .364 hit percentage, eight kills, zero errors and six blocks. While the Falcons won in

Senior Alaura Berry has led Bentley in the middle this season with kills.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

straight sets, they were given a scare in the first set when they found themselves staring at a 24-22 deficit. the Lady Falcons showed their resiliency, however, and pulled off a 30-28 win in the set. Bentley then travelled to Garden City, NY to take on Adelphi and they pulled off only their second 3-2 victory of the season. it was a heated match with Bridget Lawson putting up a career-high 14 kills to lead the team, along with posting five blocks. Mee had a great game as well, putting up an astonishing 51 assists, her season best. Unfortunately, the next game did not go the Falcons’ way, as they dropped the match, 3-1, against pace who is coached by a former Bentley assistant and perhaps had some in-depth knowledge of Bentley strategies. Berry’s .333 hitting percentage and 13 kills led the Falcons in the losing effort. Senior Maitlyn Kraft also had a nice game, posting 17 digs in the contest. the Falcons are now looking at six Conference games left on the schedule to try to improve their standing in the league. they are only a game away from sliding into fourth and jumping past American international, Stonehill and Southern New Hampshire. As long as the Falcons win about half of their remaining games, they should be able to stay in tournament range and anything can happen from there. Bentley will now have three home games in a row against Merrimack, Franklin pierce and Southern Connecticut. if they can pull off some wins in front of the home crowd, they can take some momentum into the rest of the schedule and hopefully into the NE-10 tournament.

Men’s Tennis (4-0, 4-0 NE-10) at Franklin pierce (10/12)* at Saint Michael’s (1-/16)* Women’s Soccer (0-12-2, 0-10-2 NE-10) Saint Anselm (10/13)* at pace (10/16)*

RESULT W 3-1 L 2-0

W 36-26

L 3-2 L 3-0

t 1-1 (2ot) W 1-0

W 9-0 W 8-1

L 4-0 L 2-1

Women’s Tennis (5-0, 5-0 NE-10) at Franklin pierce (10/12)* New Haven (10/14)*

W 9-0 W 9-0

Volleyball (12-12, 5-4 NE-10) Saint Anselm (10/13)* at Adelphi (10/15)* at pace (10/16)*

W 3-0 W 3-2 L 3-1

*Northeast-10 Game

Upcoming SchedUle Oct. 22 Volleyball vs. Franklin pierce* Oct. 23 Men’s Soccer vs.Merrimack* Football vs. pace*#

7:30 p.m.

11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 24 Women’s Soccer vs. AiC*

1:00 p.m.

Oct. 30 Volleyball vs. Southern Connecticut*

1:00 p.m.

*Northeast-10 Game #opponent subject to change

Page 16

OCtOBer 21, 2010


tHe Vanguard

Bentley Tennis silently dominates NE-10 competition Falcons continue the fall seasons with unmatched records, will look to continue winning in spring By Louis Sherman Vanguard Staff

Bentley university has quietly been the most dominant team in Men’s and Women’s tennis in the northeast-10 Conference. Both teams have gone through their fall season with unblemished records, and the results haven’t even been close. Bentley Women have only lost three games in five matches, while the Men’s squad has only conceded one game in four matches. there may have been some worry on the Men’s tennis team going into this fall season. their star player Lorenzo Cava had graduated last spring and it was uncertain as to how that would affect the team this year. the falcons quickly put the questions to rest as they defeated assumption College with ease, 9-0, in the first match of the season. Led by the Brazilian sophomore duo of rodrigo ribeiro and Lucas Wever, Bentley began their fall with little trouble at assumption. the duo won first doubles 8-5, as well as winning their own individual singles matches. Junior alec Spycher and freshman andrew Waddington teamed up for an 82 victory in second doubles. as for third doubles, freshman Jimmy rindo and sophomore Julian albert won 8-5. Wever won his first singles match, 6-2, 6-0. Spycher won second singles 4-6, 6-3 (10-7 in the tiebreaker). ribeiro didn’t lose a game in his third singles match, 6-0, 6-0. Waddington had a good start to his career with a 6-0, 61 victory in fourth singles. rindo added to the dominant day without allowing his opponent a game in fifth singles. In sixth singles, Junior Jason Lipsett completed the singles sweep, 60, 6-1. Bentley’s second match came with as much ease as the first, as the falcons took down Pace university, 9-0, on October 1. three of the nine games were

The Bentley Women’s Tennis team has seen strong performances from their doubles teams this season.

won through forfeit for Bentley. Wever and ribeiro won first doubles, 8-2, and Spycher and Waddington won the second flight, 8-0. the third flight of doubles was not played and Bentley grabbed the point. as for singles, Wever won the first flight, 6-3, 6-2, and Spycher won the second singles, 6-2, 6-1. ribeiro didn’t lose a game in third singles, and Waddington finished play with a victory in fourth singles, 6-1, 6-0. the fifth and sixth flights were forfeited by Pace, giving Bentley the clean sweep. Bentley’s third victory came as another sweep, this time over common Conference foe franklin Pierce on October 12. In the five singles matches played, the falcons dropped just 11 games total. they dropped just two games in doubles play. Wever/ribeiro and

Spycher/Waddington each won their matches 8-1. rindo and junior Jigar gada won the third flight of doubles, 8-0. five of the six singles matches were plays, including a modified 8-0 victory in fifth singles by Lipsett. Wever had some trouble at first singles, but still was able to win 6-4, 6-1 in straight sets. Spycher took down second singles, 6-2, 6-2. ribeiro didn’t lose a game in third singles, and Waddington took fourth singles at 6-0, 6-2. Bentley brought their Conference winning streak to 18 games, and completed the perfect fall season, as they beat St. Michael’s in their fourth match. Bentley did, however, lose their first game of the year in first singles, but still came out with an 8-1 victory. the match went three sets, with Wever falling 106 in the tiebreak.


ribeiro was also challenged to three sets, but he came out triumphant with a 9-7 win in the tiebreaker set. Wever/ribeiro won 8-1 in the first doubles flight, Spycher/Waddington (84, second flight), and rindo teamed up with junior Matthew Chase for an 8-3 win in third doubles. Spycher, Waddington, rindo and Lipsett were other singles winners for Bentley. On the ladies’ side, Bentley has fared just as well in the victory column, going undefeated in the fall season. In the first match of the season, Bentley defeated assumption 9-0. the falcons’ double teams only allowed four games to the opponents. Sophomores rachel Litton and Paulina Sotomayor won the first doubles match 8-1. Junior Kara Murphy and senior aimee tetu took the second flight 8-1, as well. In third dou-

bles, senior Cheryl Martin and junior Brittany Harbert teamed up for an 8-2 victory. In singles play, Sotomayor lead the falcons with a 6-0, 6-3 score in first singles. Murphy took second singles 6-3, 6-0. Litton won the third flight, 6-1, 6-0. Martin played brilliantly in fourth singles, 6-0, 6-1. Harbert and tetu didn’t allow their opponent to win a game in fifth and sixth singles, respectively. the third match of the season brought the Lady falcons to their biggest and only challenge of the season. Pace took two points from Bentley, but two of Bentley’s points came in close matches. the first flight doubles team of Sotomayor and Litton were taken to a tiebreak, in which they lost, 9-8 (7-3). Murphy and sophomore Katie Van gilst were also wellmatched in their 9-7, third doubles victory. the only other matchup that was considerably close was Murphy’s number-one singles victory. Murphy took the point in two sets, 6-3, 7-5. Litton, Martin, Van gilst and Harbert all won their singles matches with ease. Other victories for the Lady falcons included an 8-1 win over St. rose, and 9-0 sweeps of franklin Pierce and the university of new Haven. St. Michael’s is a team to watch for in the spring, as they have a 50 record as well. Last week, Paulina Sotomayor was named the northeast-10 Player of the Week. Sotomayor didn’t lose a set all week in singles or doubles, as she competed in the top spot in singles. Sotomayor and Litton are a solid combination for the falcons going forward. the strong fall season will spark high spirits for the return to the court in the spring. Competition will increase when they come back and it is good to see that both the Men’s and Women’s teams are deep in talent and chemistry.

Falcon oF the Week Johnson Named Falcon of the Week Senior quarterback Bryant Johnson of the football team has been named the falcon of the Week for the second straight week.


the Bentley golf team finished in 13th place in the 76th annual new england Intercollegiate golf association Championships, led by juniors nick Clarke and richie Powers. did you know this is only the second time in the last 12 years the falcons have finished this high at the new englands? It was an especially strong showing considering the falcons finished fourth among dII teams at the tournament.

Johnson had his second consecutive big game in leading Bentley to a 36-26 road win at Southern Connecticut last Saturday. He went 29-38 (76.3 percent) through the air for 277 yards and two touchdowns. He also gained 25 yards on the ground, including a game-clinching 17-yard scramble late in the fourth quarter. Johnson spread the ball around, hitting eight different receivers, and also completed a northeast10 record 15 straight passes at one point.

The Vanguard - 10/21/2010  

The Vanguard is the official student newspaper of Bentley University.

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