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Falcon Society inducts twelve new members News Editor

On April 23, 2014, Bentley University inducted twelve new members to the prestigious Falcon Society. This year’s new members include, Aaron Pinet, Michael Mazmanian, Aradhana Kaul, Andrew Gosselin, Christiana Bakolas, Jeffrey Breault, Marcie Dineen, Olga Frech, Tammie Vicente, Olivia Leclair, Julie DeLongchamp and Ma-kirah Wilkerson. The twelve were honored at an induction ceremony on campus. Those in attendance included President Gloria Larson, Falcon society advisors Erin Kelley, Courtney Stephens, Doreen Floyd, faculty, staff and current Falcon Society members Lauren Battista, Jose Guitierrez, Joseph Hark III, Brian Shea and Daniel Guadagnoli. The society was founded in 1964 by its first advisor Professor William Dandies. The society is meant to recognize students who have meaningfully contributed to the Bentley campus. According to the Falcon Society website, the organization looks to “honor students who not only

excel in their fields of study, but make significant contributions to improving the Bentley experience for their fellow students and the entire campus community alike.” All students inducted are first nominated by faculty, staff and/ or peers through an online nomination form. Nominated students are then invited to fill out an application that details their involve-

ment on and off campus. They are asked to submit a personal statement and one or more letters of recommendation. The selection takes place in the spring semester, typically in March. New members are elected by a majority vote of the existing society members. There is no quota or cap on the number of new inductees; existing members are

Virginia Duffy/ THE VANGUARD

BY Michaela Stephenson

New members were honored at an induction ceremony on campus.

just looking to induct qualified students. All new members should have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 of higher, but members with a lower GPA may be inducted with a two-thirds vote among current members. Members must also be a current sophomore, junior, or senior. According to the website, the society also judges nominees based on leadership, contribution, diversity, continuity and character. Members must have demonstrated influence and guidance to organizations, teams and other groups. They must positively contribute to campus whether it is through student life, academics or athletics. The member must have broad involvement around campus, with different interests and activities. The member must consistently make contributions to the community and have exceptional character. Once inducted into the society, members continue to better the community through their own

News Editor

Last semester, Bentley university faculty approved two new majors that will be offered on campus starting next school year. The Management and Marketing departments are jointly offering a Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales and the Information Design and Corporate Communication and English and Media Studies departments are offering a Bachelor of Science in Creative Industries. These innovative majors will give Bentley students the opportunity to explore even more academic options. The new Professional Sales major was approved by the faculty in December of last year. The new major had been in the works for over a year, with the earliest conversation starting with Susan Brennan of Career Services, Andy Aylesworth in the marketing department and Duncan Spelman. Various research was implemented by those faculty involved to find if there was a place for the sales major at Bentley. They conducted informal focus groups and interviews

with both employers and other colleges that have a sales major. The team also researched the current market demands for professional sales careers. Professor Jim Pouliopoulos was responsible for creating the structure of the curriculum. Pouliopoulos is a marketing professor at Bentley. He had to walk through this proposed structure throughout all of the approval processes. Once this proposal was passed, he was asked to serve as the director of the program to launch the major. As a professor who sees the importance in sales, he will be perfect for the role. “The task of generating revenue, selling products and services and fund raising is a core function of for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations of all kinds,” said Pouliopoulos. “Professional salespeople are in great demand as the market shifts to a collaborative and problem solving sales approach. Qualified sales people are needed in every industry - especially in high tech, medical device sales, pharmaceuticals and professional services.” Currently, many Bentley graduates enter the sales field.

SASA hosts festival of colors on Greenspace BY Greeshma Rajeev Vanguard Staff writer

will prepare Bentley students to fill those roles. In March, Bentley held an information session with 25 different corporate recruiters and Vice Presidents of Sales. When presented the idea of a new sales majors, all those in attendance agreed it was a valuable decision. “They are anxious to help us make the major a success. They have great interest in recruiting Bentley graduates, in providing internships and also SEE Majors, PAGE 6

See HOLI, page 6


Starting Fall 2014, students can declare the Professional Sales major. Now, students will be able to declare this as their primary interest for a career path. According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, sales is considered the most common entry-level career for marketing graduates and the second most common for business, economics, international business and management graduates. Today, employers are having difficulty filling sales positions with qualified graduates. The hope is that this new major

Annual HOLI

If you looked out a window in Collins on the afternoon of Saturday, April 19, you couldn’t have missed the rainbow of colors that the Green Space had been transformed into. Students from all over campus and across all year groups congregated on the grass area between Falcone and Collins in their old clothes, eager to start the color fight. As the South Asian Student Association’s final event of the semester, Holi was a great wrap up to the chain of successful events that they have had this spring. Executive board members are extremely pleased with the way the semester has turned out for their organization. SASA Treasurer, Darshan Patel, had a few words to share, “Holi was my favorite event this year by far. It was great to see that everyone who came really enjoyed the sunny day and had a lot of fun with the colors.” Two tables were set up on either sides of the Green Space with boxes full of colored powder. Additional boxes were also placed on the ground throughout the grass. The benches near the barbeque grills were set up with the organization’s signature food giveaway: Samosas. These served as light refreshments while students waited for the Green Space to be set up. One of the main concerns that the board members had with the event, was the uncertainty of how the weather would turn out. SASA’s Public Relations Chair, Aakash Vedi, summed up these concerns, stating, “Holi is a major event for SASA and the idea of having to cancel due to the weather was scary, especially since it had snowed earlier in the week. However on the morning of the event, the weather cleared and there was a perfect breeze. All in all, it was a great day to play Holi!” South Asian Student Association’s webmaster, Tejas Shroff, was excited to have

Bentley offers two new innovative majors BY Michaela Stephenson





A recap of the show put on by Alpha Psi Omega.

In Olivia Pope’s world, it seems like everything is evil.

Ryan O’Connor had a successful weekend with a no-hitter.




THE vanguard

april 24, 2014

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Three events you don’t want to miss

1 2 3 Student Showcase

Food Festival

Day: Friday Time: 3:30 p.m. Location: Pub Host: Arts & Lecture Programs

The Friday Concert Series offers an opportunity for the Bentley community to come together before the start of the weekend and enjoy live music in the Student Center.

Day: Friday Time: 9:00 p.m. Location: LaCava 3rd floor Host: GSA

Diversity food festival is an event full of food, fun and networking. Gourmet food from China, India, Europe, and Latin America.

Spring Day Day: Sunday Time: 3:00 p.m. Location: Dana Center Host: CAB

CAB proudly presents a StarSpangled Spring Day. Activities leading up to concert include inflatables, a dunk tank, and a barbeque.

Editor’s pick Music 4 Boston Day: Thursday Time: 8:00 p.m. LocAtion: LaCava EDR Host: Alpha Epsilon Pi

Courtesy of email mail Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452 USA

This is a concert to tribute the victims and heroes of the Boston Bombing that occurred last year. All proceeds will be donated to the Boston One Fund.

phone +1 781.891.2912

...find more campus events at

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Praise to Accepted Students Day

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The majority of the past Vanguard editions this semester have had editorials consisting of rants and things we found annoying. This week though, we thought we’d be more positive. After all, it is our last edition till fall, and we were feeling happy! Accepted Students day was a day that the Bentley community can agree was phenomenal. It was a perfect day filled with bliss and happiness. The sun shone brightly and the winds were perfect. Students piled in by the hundreds “checking out” their potential home away from home. Even some of the organizations that we have ranted about in the past weeks deserve an applause. CAB did a brilliant job with Fenway Bentley and even Sodexo got their act together and performed amazingly on their end with the food. Fire put on a spectacular mini

performance for the new students as well. To top off this amazing day, Bentley celebrated the women’s basketball team on the Greenspace. Their win has been the talk of many articles and conversations for the past few weeks. The reception that Bentley put together for them is better than any other celebration ever. There’s a sense of pride a person feels when they win or their team or an entity they’re part is recognized for an achievement. The victory is sweeter when friends and family join. What’s even better is when other people join in the happiness too. Accepted Students Day not only saw hundreds of Bentley students, faculty and staff rally around the basketball team, but they were also joined by the hundreds of future students and their families. It was a time when Bentley

put on its best show. While some people think that we try too hard and act too fake, its proof that we can be amazing if we just put in a little effort and try just a little bit. We have the ability to work together and see eye to eye, we have the ability to set aside our differences for a single day, set aside our prejudices to become the family we are meant to be. This family of course is set to expand as the incoming freshmen join us next semester. The Vanguard is super excited to see all the new faces that will be an addition to our humble little home away from home. We wish them all nothing but the best, and for those who chose to go elsewhere, we still wish you luck and hope you have every success in life. For those who missed out on this amazing day, we guess you can have the experience again next year!


THE vanguard

april 24, 2014


Advice to seniors/ words of wisdom Remember to thank all of your friends, family,

How are you feeling about graduation? I’m excited to graduate, but I know I’ll be back on campus in a few months for graduate school. I’m sure I will feel different this time next year when it’s time to leave for good! What are you looking forward to this year? I’m looking forward to keep meeting new people on campus. Even in the final few weeks of school I find that I’m still meeting new and awesome people on campus all the time.

STUDENT CONDUCT SUMMARY April 16 -April 23 21 Total Number of Cases 33 Total Number of Individuals Involved 2 Individuals Dismissed from Responsibility 31 Individuals Admitting Responsibility 0 Number of individuals found responsible by Conduct Board 29 Number of educational sanctions given 0 Number of Work Sanctions 0 Number of Parental Notifications $650 Cash total of fines given 22 Number of students given a Verbal Warning 9 Number of students put on Written Warning 0 Number of individuals put on Probation 0 Number of individuals put on Disciplinary Probation 0 Number of individuals who lost 15 housing credits 0 Number of individuals who lost 30 housing credits 0 Number of individuals put on Suspension (Housing) 0 Number of individuals put on Suspension (University) 0 Number of individuals expelled Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs






Professors Gone Wild This Monday, a staff member reported finding a bag containing an unknown substance on campus. Although the staff member in question may be educated enough to teach us depreciation methods and sales forecasts, they clearly do not have the common sense to think of a passable excuse. I mean come on, the professor must have cracked under pressure and spit up this nonsense of “I don’t know what’s in the bag” and “I was just about to report finding this to the police”. Whatever happened, hopefully this partying professor is not reprimanded too hard. Young and Restless Last Saturday at 1:02 am, officers responded to Alder Hall after receiving reports of a loud party. You’ve got to hand it to these dedicated freshman who braved the dangers of throwing a rager in trees. While jamming crowds of drunken freshman into the smallest dorms on campus may not be that fun, it certainly shows commitment. Stay strong freshies, in just a few short months you’ll move out of that hell-hole and be able to fit more than 6 people in your room. Pants Tent Dispatch was called to help clear students from the student center tent before it could have be removed. The students were being unruly and could not be removed by normal faculty. The students were reportedly on stage shouting “Welcome, welcome, welcome!” and laying down talking about how big the tent would look

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Remember, it’s a marathon— not a sprint! Make sure to take care of yourself along the road to summer break. Take a minute to de-stress and clear your head by listening to calming music, practicing deep breathing, coloring or crafting, and/or getting some fresh air.



What are you involved in at Bentley? Most of my time outside the classroom has been spent managing the Bentley Microfinance Group. In December I turned the organization over to Mike Mazmanian’s leadership so I’ve had a lot more free time since then!

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Bentley? The importance of having a mentor and the importance of being a mentor. I remember during my freshman year there were several upper classmen that served as mentors for me in campus activities, academics, and career planning. I now find that I’m helping underclassmen in the same way I was helped several years ago. I think the importance of mentorship is a good lesson to take into the workforce and is something very prevalent at Bentley in the various fraternities, sororities, and other organizations.

What is your favorite event on campus? I have always enjoyed the breakfast by moonlight events that kick off finals week. It’s a good chance to hang out with friends before finals get started and people head home for break.



What are your goals for this year? One of the things I have wanted to do since I came to Bentley is to go to a Red Sox game. I’m hoping I can get to one before graduation.

What are your plans for the future? This summer I’ll be working for Deloitte’s audit practice in Parsippany, NJ. In September I’ll be back at Bentley to earn my MSA before starting a full time job.


MaJOR: corporate Finance & Accounting HOME TOWN: Sparta, New jersey

professors, and the staff members that have helped you along the way over the past few years. If you haven’t made a donation to the senior fund yet, consider making a $20.14 donation in honor of our graduation year. If you make an online donation of $20.14 or more, you can make it in honor of a staff or faculty member that has been particularly helpful to you.


Courtesy of Joe Hark

Joe Hark


as a pants tent. Officers slowly corralled the students out of the tent after watching a YouTube video on “How to Herd Cats”. Hotboxing the whole tent is impressive people but be careful when they are trying to take it down on your head. Hablo Ingles? Bentley police was called in to assist Waltham with an arrest. The man in question was a native Spanish speaker and Waltham could not understand him. Bentley got called up to the big leagues here. No more parking tickets behind Collins. No more pulling people over for running the pointless LaCava stop signs. No unnecessary room break ups at 10pm. This is what they dream for. All the training has come to this day. Go and spread your wings Bentley cops. Use your bi-lingual skills to help the locals out. Texting and Walking A student called the police and reported a tripping hazard outside of the student center. The student failed to note that they were texting while walking and hit a tree. Bentley trying to appease all of the students decided to remove every tree on campus so this doesn’t happen again. Expect to see some radical changes in the fall with no more foliage. Bentley is so Paratus on this one. No more trees will really decrease injury, leaves, and overall campus danger. This is a great play on their part. Really needed and actually a few years late but I guess better late than never right?

BY MattheW Buck & Owen Karl Rhodes Hall - Ground Floor

the vanguard stAFF



THE vanguard

april 24, 2014



THE vanguard

april 24, 2014


Sweatshop Awareness Week at Bentley University BY nicholas tosseli We learn all about it in GB courses: the Triple Bottom Line. It is an ideal circumstance where a business achieves the combination of corporate profits, as well as social and environmental responsibility for an extended period of time. Believe it or not, universities are not unlike a billion-dollar corporation for which satisfying the triple bottom line (TBL) is of the upmost importance. A group of students in Professor Shawn Hauserman’s “Human Trafficking and Global Slavery” class have looked into some ways Bentley can improve its own social responsibility. Learning from the example of a few successful TBL companies like Patagonia and Whole Foods, the students involved have organized Awareness Week to ensure Bentley is making socially responsible and wellinformed choices. The group tackles the issue

Break the chain tries to combat sweatshop labor. of modern day sweatshops both domestically and internationally. This Tuesday kicks off awareness week where the concerned students hope to “Break the Chain” of sweatshop produced clothing at Bentley and other campuses worldwide. The “Chain” refers to the university’s supply chain of t-shirts and other apparel handed out at events or sold in the university bookstore. Large corporations often undercut wages and sacrifice suitable working conditions for the maximization of corporate profit. In developing countries, an estimated 250

Courtesy of Nick Tosseli

vanguard staff writer

million children ages 5-14 are forced to work in unsuitable conditions. Our Bentley students hope to rally some support this week to combat the prominent situation of sweatshop employment. The students will stress the relativity of the problem to the Bentley community, that this is domestic problem with American corporations, future employers even. The United States Department of Labor estimates that 50% of the 22,000 sewing shops in America are in violation of at least two federal or state laws regarding working conditions.

This means that technically the United States plays host to sweat shops. These laws are commonly overtime compensation and minimum wage statutes and regulations. Additionally, 16,000 sewing shops have violated health and safety conditions by not meeting domestic or international standards. As part of the awareness campaign, the class will be posting flyers throughout campus containing the “Break the Chain” logo, along with some shocking facts in hopes to shed light of the perspective. In addition, members of the class will be available regularly to provide information and answer questions at a table located outside of Seasons. Thomas Hart, a student in Professor Hauserman’s class, believes that Bentley has a lot of opportunities to become more socially responsible. He comments on the issue saying, “I was pretty shocked to learn about some of the corners companies like Hanes

cut for lower costs. After sharing this information with Bentley students, as well as CAB, there will definitely be a lot of potential for change in the future, [potentially] as soon as next year.” The goal is for the Bentley campus to contract with a company that manufactures garments with absolutely no sweat shop labor in the supply chain, and not a goal that is difficult to achieve by any means. If you would like to get involved, here is how you can help: A petition will be available to sign Tuesday through Thursday. This is a great opportunity to voice your position regarding college campuses exploiting cheaper costs at the expense of social and environmental responsibility. Bentley remains a leader in business curriculum and environmentally efficient campuses nationwide, so why not help to promote some positive social change with just your signature?

APO presents Harvey sister realizes that she would rather have the brother that she had always had, regardless of Vanguard Staff writers his embarrassing acts. Senior Sean Harrington was a Alpha Psi Omega, Bentley’s chapter of a national theater or- member of the cast for this proganization, recently just put on duction and has been involved in another great show for the cam- other shows throughout his time pus to enjoy. Harvey was per- here at Bentley. “Bringing a play formed on Wednesday, April 16 to the Bentley campus is someFrom Package Complete times a Deal challenge, but$253 there is through Friday, April 18 and captured the attention of many of really a great core of people [in our students, whether they were Alpha Psi Omega] who make it involved in the production, or happen. It’s been a big part of just enjoying the show from the my experience here and I will reaudience. Harvey is a 1944 play member all of my shows forever. by Mary Chase, a playwright This one especially, it was really who received the Pulitzer Prize cool to see how much growth for Drama for her work the year the cast made. You could really after it was released. The plotline feel the hard work and determihas been used in various works nation pay off. There’s nothing for film and television and was more rewarding than that to me.” displayed beautifully Bentley’s bentleybyweb bannerThe show was put together cast. Dominic Richards, a mem- by a variety of students repreber of APO and part of the stage senting all grades. Many of them crew, commented, “After seeing were members of Alpha Psi the show being performed, you Omega and the cast. Students could tell everyone was having took on responsibilities such as fun, the parts were perfect and set-building, tech, stage manthe chemistry made it seem like agement, costuming and puteveryone had been practicing ting together hair and make-up styles. Real doors and chaises for ages.” It is a tale about a man named livened up the entire KoumantElwood P. Dowd who has a best zelis Auditorium as people rolled friend that also happens to be a with laughter. Additionally, here are some giant rabbit, though is only visible to Elwood. Harvey, the rab- closing words from Benjamin bit, is mischievous and causes Jon Gutwetter, the President of Elwood’s family members to Alpha Psi Omega National Thethink that he is crazy, to the point ater Honors Society on Bentley’s where he is placed into a sana- campus regarding the show: torium. Comedy ensues when “The show ran three very sucthe doctor at the sanitarium cessful nights, the cast and crew suspects that the person who worked incredibly hard for sevbrought Elwood out there to eral months and our events were be committed was the one that definitely worth it. While I would needed medical attention. Then, have preferred a larger audiElwood and Harvey go missing. ence, I am definitely happy with Need we say more? Elwood is how the show went. The audieventually freed and when his ence enjoyed it every night and family tracks him down, are that was our top priority.” bentley 1/4 they page Good job, APO! We can’t wait faced with the choice to give him medicine that would prevent him to see what you have in store for from seeing Harvey. Elwood’s us next year! BY jess hughes & Greeshma Rajeev

Complete Package Deal From $253 Reserve yours today!

Just 5 minutes from campus!

THE vanguard


april 24, 2014



personal efforts. As a society, however, the members are looking to develop a stronger alumni network of past members. The hope is that alumni will be able to come back and meet with current members to give advice and network. The Falcon Society is currently discussing new ways to engage in the community.



helping us by volunteering their time for career workshops, panel discussions and networking events,” said Pouliopoulos. Also, along with the new major, Bentley will be creating a Sales Team that will compete in both local and national Collegiate Sales Competitions. Students can sign up for the major by meeting with Professor Pouliopoulos and signing a Major Declaration form. Starting Fall 2014, students can declare the Professional Sales major. Like the Professional Sales major, the Creative Industries is a new major that will be offered to Bentley students next fall. Creative Industries deals with various creative industries in the entertainment sector like film and music, computer and video game, digital publishing, entertainment media, media production, performing arts venues and entertainment public relations, and their contribution to the economy. This major at Bentley will prepare students for careers in the entertainment sector, specifically the industries mentioned above. The governor of Massachusetts, the Federal Government and the United Nations have all agreed that the growth in this industry is rapid. This makes sense due to the rapid growth in technology. This major will work alongside a core business curriculum, with courses that encourage creative thinking. The courses will also involve different aspects of society and culture, communication strategy, and new media. “Creative Industries majors learn how historical and technological changes drive demand for new culture, and dissect how innovators build content, platforms, or services for market success.” said Simon Moore. Moore is a Information Design & Corporate Communication professor at Bentley. This major will be highly interactive, offering students the flexibility and customization that creative industries often require. This allows students to tailor the major to their specific interests in career. This interactive major will give students opportunities in the Media and Culture Labs and Studio, working with the different forms of media production and supporting software. Like the Professional Sales major, students will be able to declare this major online next Fall like all other majors after singing a Major Declaration form.



attended Holi for the first time as an executive board member, “As a new e-board member with only a semester’s worth of experience, it is different to see Holi from an executive perspective. When taking part in Holi as a freshman, I never even thought of how much planning and preparation goes into a simple event, including food, drinks, the logistics of how people are going to get the colored powder, as well as the intense marketing that goes into pushing for a great turnout. However, after experiencing firsthand the work involved, I felt really great about how all the e-board members worked together and made a big impact out of this small event.” Everyone on the Green Space may not have planned on it, but they did all become friends as they attacked each

other with colored powder and later on, with water. Participant Shiza Ahmed was ecstatic to share her experience attending the event. “I’ve never played Holi before, but after last weekend, any opportunity I have to play with colored powder, I will take it. It reminded me of my childhood, where the Greenspace was the playground and everyone was just running around everywhere and at times, even into each other. You don’t even need to know the person you are playing with, which [makes] it so much more fun. Everyone had a smile on their faces.” Another first-time participant, Shrishti Dhamani, said, “Holi was a great event and I had a lot of fun. It was my first Holi away from home and I did not even feel like it was any different. Everyone was cheerful and everywhere I looked, people were having fun with colors. No one felt strange [throwing] colors on

Greeshma Rajeev/ THE VANGUARD


Holi was a great wrap up to a chain of successful events. people they did not even know; thing about her experience all in all, it was an amazing with it. “This was the first time experience.” I had ever been to Holi, it was Although the South Asian a beautiful day and everyone Student Association’s events was so excited. I may be a are known to be cultural, strawberry blonde now, but I Holi is one of such events had an amazing time playing that manages to reach out to Holi!” everyone. Irrespective of race, The South Asian Student culture and age, everyone loves Association’s goal to bring to run around under the sun and people together through their watch as their friends’ faces events was a huge success get painted with bright shades through Holi. Congratulations of red and yellow. Sophomore, on yet another successful Kristina Schneider, attended event SASA and keep up the Holi and wouldn’t change a good work!






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THE vanguard

april 24, 2014

The Bentley Community is Standing with Adjunct Faculty Bentley University is a recognized leader in

business education, with a mission to create the next generation of ethical and socially responsible leaders. We count on our adjunct faculty. And we need to know they can count on the Bentley administration. That’s why more than 600 Bentley students, parents and alumni are standing up to support and encourage our adjunct faculty as they work to form a union. Their working conditions are students’ learning conditions. Elena Abascal Ryan Aberdale Raheem M. Abid Alison Abrams Maria Abuawad Mayfield Accilien Jose Acebal Nicole Adam Colin Adamson Arjun Agarwala Gerardo Aguirre Ashley Ahearn Jannath Ahmed Omar Akmendari Hamed Albassani Chloe Alexander Bashayer Alissa Dan Allen Leslie Allen Thomas Allen Tomas Allen Anurag Allena Irene Almeida Sana Alqadi Chukwudi Anagbogu Paulo V. Andrade Johanne Arnet Alex Aserraf Navera Asghar Walter Aspinwall Thomas Atanassov Katie Auger Gabriela Augspurg Liam Ayres Amanda Azzinnan Carlos Emilio Diaz B. Carolina Baez Christine Bahtiavian Courtney Bailey Greeshma Bajeev Jennifer Balacuit Radhika Bansil Danielle Bapes Vittoria Baracchi Emiel Barbosa Benjamin Barenboim Christopher Barke Alex Bartuccei Benjamin Becherer Erin Beckwith Jose Luis Bedoya Steven Benfante Oren O. Bentley Bruna Rossetti Campelo Bezerra Vidar Bhalla Mohit Bhatia Rachel Bienvenue Terri Binder Daniel Binder-Brantley Alyssa Bloomquist Lilian Bobea Sarayfah Bolling Mark Bonner Matthew Bono

Alejandra Borge Andrea Brenes Molly Brennan Michael Brooks Sam Brunelle Simone Burgard William Burke Paige Burns Paolo Bustamonte Alexandra Bustillo Samia Cabezas Adam Cai Enriave Calderas Alyssa Callanan Adolfo Calzadilla Adelaida Camilo Paula Campolieto Nora Canavan Nicholas Cannon Rick Catino Jr. Alexa Cavallo Marcos Cavassik Mark Cerulli Shannon Chambers Harrison Chan Deepak Chhugani Nicole Chininis Allen Chiu Woo Sik Choi Maria Clarice Chua Dani Chugani Amanda Chunon Remi Claire Aaron Clayton Thomas Cloutier Eliza Coan Jose Cofino Brendan Colford Margaret Collins Paulina Collins Vanessa Coloma David Connor Shannon Connor Brandon Cooley Jose Cordero Laura Cordero Maria Cordero Rebecca Cordero Jair Corea Maria Coronel James Costa Meagan Costello Anabela Crespo Rose Cross Zachary Crovetti Maureen Curatol Nelson DaGama Ian Daigle William Dailey Anastasia Damrau Gustavo Dassum Lauren Davis Sheldon Davis Allie Dawns Shaiga Dedakia

Deirdre Delaney Rachael Dempsey Alex Demuth Matthew Dente Ricky Depalma Srishti Dhamani Nishant Dharia Cristine Diaz Louis Diaz Qiaun Ding Thomas Diorio Katie Ditomaso Peter Doelson Mirtha Dominguez Daniel T.T. Donado Mika Donovan Kaleb Dubin Kath Ducharm Kelly Dudenhoeffer Olga Dudkin Matthew Duignan Ferg Duke Saundra Dunbar Kwasi Duodu Dina Durutlic Dhiandru Edwin Bryan Elbaz Fernando M. Eserski Brianna Espaillat Danielle Estrella Alexandra Faria Felipe Faria Geny Faria Maria Alice Faria Rene Faria Brynnan Farrington Adam Faust Justin Fein Guillermo Fernandes William Fernandes Kathryn Fisher Caroline Fitzgerald Casey Flanigan Elaine Florentino Marco Flores Veronica Flynn John Foley Ryan Fontaine Ryan Foohey Brandon Forde Sydney Fortin Emily Frederick Justin Galluzzo Neercy Ganglani Eduardo Garcia Taylor Gardner Nick Geader Laurie George Chiara Gerek Stephanie Germain John Giaquinto Stefano Giasbamko John Giery Ryan Glynn Dmytro Glynyanyy

Molly Godfrey Kelly Goldman Jonathan Goldstein Ignacio Gonzalez Vivian Gonzalez Charles Goodwin Derek Goodwin Chris Gormley Olivia P. Graham Rachel Graham Hugo Grassi Brittany Gregory Jennafer Grenier Alex Grieve Maren Gronli Joel Guevara Patricia Guiao Benjamin Gutwetter Emily Hamlin Kelsey Hannon David Hanonu Robert Harris Ashleigh Harvey Sarah Hasenauer Moussa Hassoun Amber Hawkins Ryan Hebert Nasreen Hejazi Danielle Hellstern Ashley Henderson Sebastian Hernandez Michael Higgins Alex Hill Lana Hindieh Alexandra Hitchcock Daniel T. Ho Emily Ho Julia Ho Katherine Ho Andrew Hoang Nicholas Hoffman Meenarah Hondoker Chhaysou Hong Rijul Hora Lisa Howard-Sorrell Stephanie Hubbard Melissa Huston Emil Ilieu Yuriy Ivanov Hasan Jafri Mik Janakiev Jay Janardhanan Rebecca Jean Susie Jeong Aileen Joa Edith Joachimpillai Justin Joel Kelsey Johns Paige Johnson Alexandra Johnston Colleen Jones Anish Joshi Chris Judge Sam Jung Andrea Kaffati

Alexandra Kane Alison Kane Michelle Karl Pooja Karnane Stephanie Kasson Claudia Katlan Jenna Keith Sarah Kelland Stephanie Keller Brianna Kelly Elizabeth Kelly Diane Kendig Ani Keshishyan Akber Khan Auon Khan Jessica Kigoglioso Ashley Kim Nicholas King Susan Kirby Megan Kirchoff Annette Klionsky Michelle Kong Elena Korepanova Zhamilya Korgasbekova Monil Kothari Viral Kothari Caitlin Kovacs Jennifer Kozar Alyson Kraft Elizabeth Kraiza Rachel Kramer Michael Krasner Andrew Kusmin Kim Kwok Valerie LaBrecque Maximiliano LaCava Dennis Lagace Deeksha Lal Eliza Lam Stephen Lamari Tessie Lammle Chelsea Larivee Paige Lauberte Emily Lawless William Ledley Dave Lee Taylor Leenden Rosemarie Legge Wayne Lei Corey Leiner Bridget Lemon Gabriela Leonardo Marc Letayf Scott Levy Jenny Lewis Aoran Li Jennie Li Jinwen Li Jerry Liang Faustine Liao Coral Liporetsky Kim Lo Kimberley Lo Luca Locatelli Faith Loewy

Fritz Loewy Skyler Logsdon Axel Lopez Hazel Lopez Morgan Lougee Felix Lu Daniela Lustgarten Matthew Lynch Fernanda Maciel Evan Macleod Ryan Madden Salma Madwar Reid Majka Preet Makker Michelle Mammen Niddal Manani Alexis Mandery Thomas Mangan Alessandro Maniscalco Kristen Manning William Manning Vishal Mansukhani Kayla Marandola Maria Marcano Jessica Marchioni Al Marco Lauren Marigna Ruan Marinho Greg Marino Corey Markus Phil Marquis Alyssa Martin Jessica Martin Diana Martinez Jason Martinez Nicholas Martinez Ricardo Martinez Lady Masucci Sharun Mayani Zach McCabe Eileen Mccarthy Andrew McCluskey Tucker McCreedy Justin Mcdonald William McGrane Jillian Mehr Rupak Mehta Jake Mekin Jalhe Mekin Gabriella Mercado Philip Meringolo Matthew Michel Glenn Michelman Luca Michelson Laurent Mikerson Daniel Milko John Milko Daniel Miller Joseph Miller Kibbee Miller Alexandra Missirian Sarthak Mittal Kimberly Mlodzinski Monica Mohan Alexia Moliha

Alexia Molina Jose A. Moreiras Allyson Morrissey Jack Earl Morrissey Daniel Moynihan Alyssa Mullinax Lorraine Mumby Claudia Munoz Daniel Nagler Madhumita Narayan Mohamed K. Nathani Mohamed Nathani Jessica Ngo Nguyen Ngoc Denny Nguyen Tien Nguyen Chrysanthos Nicholas Brianna Nichols Steve Nichols Caitlin Noel Amanda Chu Noriega Monica Nowak James O’Brien John O’Connell David O’Connor Kelsey O’Donnell Alex Odin John Odonnell Ellen O’Donnell Kelsey O’Donnell Meghan O’Donnell Jacqueline Odwyer Michael Ollaviano Chris Orihuela Amanda Osborn Jenna Osborn John Osborn Julia Osborn Kathleen Osborn Scarlett Osorio Florian Ott Johann Padilla Klaudia Pagace Pauleena Pal Trisha Pal Kristen Palumberi Victoria Panno Thnasi Pantazelos Lauren Papalia Natalia Pareja Crystal Park Jayme Parker Deborah Parras Rikhil Parsram Anjali Patel Rishi Patel Twinkle Patel Lilly Paulino Jordan Payson Conor Peal Anna Peart Ashley Pekrul Melissa Peña Allyson Penella Virginia Peralta

Olgaliz Perez-Abreu Christopher Perry Ashley Perssico Michael Perssico Paula Perssico Brian Peterson Travis Peterson Jeanete Pina Dan Pinchasi Nathalie Pinchasi Aja Piro Daniel Pirrello Ani Pkhakadze Ani Plahalcadze Alexander Polimeni Shane Polimeni Juan Carlos PortelaBlanco McDonald Porter Blair Potter Tyler Potter Isaac Potvin Halle Prentice Christian Procaccino Maria Pullin Paige Purdon Sarah Quinn Alexa Quirch Stacey Raap Michael Rabinovich Tejaswini Racherla Connor Raffety Sanjay Raha Greeshma Rajeev Sanjith Raju Rebecca Rakoczy Brianna Rakoski-Calvin Katherine Rama Robby Ramasaputra Alexandra Ramirez Juan Ramos Timothy Ramsey Michael Ratti Joe Rayne Kaila Reed Brian Regan Olivia Regan Logan Reich Kristin Reinwald Mitchell Reynolds Anna Ribas Gabriela Ribeiro Dominic Richards Patrick Rielly Brett Ripperger Brendan Riske Adam Robertson Aldana Roda Camila Rodas Michael Rogers Emily Rome Stephen Rondinone Laaven Rosenfeld Christine Rourke Fallon Rourke

Maria Ruiz Janice Russell Marina Russo Henry Ryan Meghan Ryan Caroline Ryng Alexa Rzasa Luulwa Al Saiad Ramanvir Saini Juan L. Salazar Usama Salim Catherine Samellas Isabella Sampaio Ricardo Sandor Evania Santiano Shauna Sarsfield Matthew Schick Douglas Schmid Kristina Schneider Andrew Scopes Melanie Scott Sonia Sedova Joshua Seiden Shivam Senjalia Emma Shagott Sagar Shak Andrew Shang Glen Shaw Jacquelyn Shaw Tony Shaw Kevin Shea Kathleen M. Sheehan Paul Sheehan Nishant Sheth Abraham Showaki Poloia Sierra An Anonymous Signer An Anonymous Signer Fernando Silva Squanto Simmons Neha Singh Sophia Sirage Liz Sisson Millena Skouriolis Maria Corina Smith Thomas Smith Andrea Snodgrass Andreas Soderberg Jill Solomon Andrea Somozat Jude Soub Chris Soule Benjamin Spence Alan Spindel Steve Spittler Alex Spitzer Dawn St. Angelo Dana Stacy James Stanton Haley Story Anthony R. Strong Abdulaziz Sulaiman Kyle Sullivan Maxwell Sullivan Sophia Swaye

Christine Taft Courtney Tambarella Courtney Tamborella Anna Tary Michael Tassinari Brendan Taylor Liz Taylor Lindsey Theriault Ian Thompson Ethan Thomson Charles Tiu Jessica Tong Lucas Traber Danielle Tringali Wayne Trinh Sigmund Ty Amanda Ubeda Ken Ukaigwe Daniel Uribe Graciela Uribe Ricardo Urruela Graciela Uviberamo Andres Valencia Yash Vazirani Aakash Vedi Lucile Van Veen Janine Velutini Tammie Vicente Beatriz Vigilanza Daniella Vilar Madeline Villanueva Guilherme Villar Laura Villegas Denise Volovitz Nicholas Voros Austin Waldsmith Nicole Walter Iris Wang Victoria Wang Joie Watalayashi Isabel Wegrzyn Garret Weigel Samuel Wihby Fred Williams Marybeth B. Williams Matthew Wilson Sam Winship Margarita Wong Nicole A. Wong Christina Wyckoff Cecilia Yabut Laura Yates Victoria Yee Kenneth Yeng Celine Yousefzadeh Thomas Yung Jeffrey Zhou Liwei Zhou Lauren Zinn Kevin Zizik Henry Zucker

Adjunct Faculty Working Conditions are Students’ Learning Conditions


THE vanguard

april 24, 2014


CAMPUS VOICES Falcons share their thoughts.

What are you doing over the summer? nishant sheth ‘14 MaJOR: economicsfinance minor : entreprenuerial studies

I will be graduating in May and am looking forward to backpacking through Europe with a few of my friends from high school before I start working full time.

jenna amari ‘16 MaJOR: management

AEPi to host Music for Boston BY SAI HE


You’ve no doubt noticed the numerous flyers around campus, not to mention the giant banner currently hanging atop the Student Center stairs. However, what exactly is the Music 4 Boston concert being held next Thursday, April 27, in the EDR? Here to tell us about the event is the ambitious man behind the project, Shawn Lefkowitz. Q: Tell us a little about yourself. A: I’m a junior, majoring in Finance, with a minor in Creative Writing. In addition, I am a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Q: What inspired you to undertake the Music 4 Boston project?

jake anastasiades ‘15 MaJOR: cfa MINOR: cis

A: Last April, Bentley was shut down for a day until the Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured. My fraternity wanted to do something that would really hit home with the Bentley community. We wanted to create an event that could bring the entire Bentley community together to celebrate the strength of Boston, Watertown, Waltham and the rest of Greater Boston, remember those who passed due to the bombing and help the victims and their families who need it most.

I am interning at State Street Bank in Quincy and hanging out with family and friends.

Q: What are your goals for the concert?

I will be spending my summer working at a shoe store and lounging by my pool.

ben gross ‘15 MaJOR: economicsfinance MINOR: math & cis

A: We have three primary goals. First, we want to pay tribute to the victims and heroes of the Boston Bombing. We want to mourn and remember those who passed due to the bombing, while celebrating and thanking law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs and any other civilians who risked their lives to help others.

Second, we want to raise as much money as possible for the victims and their families who require assistance to pay off medical bills and physical therapy, among other things. Lastly, we want to begin a tradition. Based on the success of Music 4 Boston, we would like to make this an annual event in order to continue raising money and to never let anyone forget the tragedy that happened. Eventually, we would like to move Music 4 Boston from the EDR to the Dana Center or football field to allow more people to attend the event. Q: What went into planning such a large-scale event? A: This concert has been in the making since last October. Fortunately, the three bands that we asked to perform immediately agreed, even forfeiting their usual fees; they were more than happy to perform for such an honorable cause. Once the bands agreed, everything else fell into place. We booked the EDR, took care of sound and lighting and made sure there will be food and a cash bar available for the show. The most time consuming aspect was going around the area asking local businesses if they would like to help in any capacity. Many were very receptive to the concert and did not hesitate to donate products to our raffle, which will occur between acts, as well as after the third band performs. We especially want to thank Sound Lion for providing us with the grand prize: a Nixon Blaster portable Bluetooth speaker. Of course, the planning of this concert was not a one-man job; it would not have happened without the help of my Fraternity brothers who all willingly contributed in any way they could to make Music 4 Boston a reality.

Q: What are the acts that will be playing in the show? A: The first act is The Sam Haiman Band. Sam Haiman was a buddy of mine growing up back home in New Jersey. He currently attends the Berklee School of Music. The group is very professional sounding; Sam, the lead singer, has a Pearl Jam-style voice. Be sure to check out their original song, “Ballad of Broken Hearts,” on YouTu b e . ( w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / watch?v=wtNz6Z4QAhQ) The second act is GNGR. This is my brother’s band coming up from New Jersey. Most of the members are still in high school, but do not let that fool you—if you never heard them before and closed your eyes and listened to them, you’d be absolutely shocked to find out how young they are. I would describe their sound as Pearl Jam meets the Foo Fighters. They have incredible guitar and keyboard parts. Listen to their original, “Just Like You,” on YouTube. ( watch?v=fwWgGRDCwTY) The third act is Grey Season, another Berklee-based band. They have gained a sizable following in the Boston area and deservedly so. Their sound is similar to Mumford & Sons, but Grey Season has a harder rock sound. They create awesome modern sounds using a variety of string instruments to complement excellent vocals. Find their original song, “Satellites,” on Band Camp.( Q: Any final thoughts? A: Music 4 Boston will be a great time for all, featuring fantastic live music, delicious food, a bar and raffle prizes. Come on out to support the victims and praise the heroes of the Boston Bombing!

I am working for Highland Healthcare in Woburn and going to California for a few weeks.

vanessa wegner ‘15 MaJOR: marketing MINOR: cis

I will be interning at Brighton House Associates, and preparing to study in France. Courtesy of


BY virginia duffy photography editor

Music for Boston hopes to raise money for the victims of the Boston Bombing.


Meet Olivia Pope & Associates BY stephanie seputra director of production & layout

april 24, 2014


Falcons share their thoughts.

What is your favorite part about Bentley? emily hunt ‘17 MaJOR: economicsfinance Courtesy of

We would like to believe that we live in a world where there is good and evil. But in Olivia Pope’s world, it seems like everything is evil. A seemingly endless parade of scandals has caused Pope to begin to reconsider her position at OPA (Olivia Pope and Associates). Pope believes that she is the center of all of these scandals. But is she? We will find out soon after Season 4 airs on ABC. What would you do if you have the power to make problems go away? If you were Pope, then you would head OPA. Basically, OPA is the place to go when you have a problem that needs fixing. What kind of problems, you may ask. It does not matter, because Pope can handle anything. Well, almost anything. There is one thing that Ms. Pope cannot handle, and that is the most powerful man in the free world, President Fitzgerald Grant III – but that’s a rant for another time. Legally, OPA is a law firm; in reality, OPA is actually a crisis management and communications firm. The firm handles public affairs and public relations problems. They refer to themselves as “ Suits,” not only because it sounds cool, but because they are. As of the most recent episode, OPA consists of Pope, Harrison Wright, Abby Whelan, Quinn Perkins and Huck. Each and every one of these associates have an interesting story to tell, which helps Scandal to continually entertain viewers of various demographics. For instance, Harrison Wright, the firm’s Senior Associate, had hit rock bottom before he was found by Pope. He was caught for insider trading and did not have anyone else to turn to. Enter Pope with her White Hat (a symbol that resonates throughout the series, refers to

THE vanguard

My favorite thing about Bentley is the people here!

Olivia Pope is always on her phone, fixing scandals after scandals. people who do questionable things but for the right reasons) to save Harrison. Ever since then, Harrison has always been loyal to Pope, no matter what she asks him to do. Next on the Associate’s pecking order is Abby Whelan. On the surface, Abby is the sassy and judgmental member of the consulting firm. She is always the one with the witty and often hurtful remarks. But Abby is actually the person who continuously reminds Pope of who she is and what she stands for. Unlike Harrison, Abby does not always follow Pope’s orders in a heartbeat. She questions Pope and demands explanation when the Gladiators in Suits are about to cross very, very dangerous lines. Her expertise is investigation and her relation with people in and out of the White House has often helped OPA in achieving its objective. Then there is Huck. As you might have guessed, the name is a pseudonym. According to public records, Huck is supposed to be resting in peace. But in OPA, Huck is the team’s technology specialist. Because Pope knows that he can hack through any roadblock if given enough time, he is the guy who she goes to whenever she encounters an obstacle.

Huck is awkward and intense. Truth be told, Pope is the only person he connects with in OPA. That is, before OPA recruit Quinn Perkins. Quinn is the newest member of OPA and she was recruited by Harrison. The reason for her recruitment is actually an integral part in Season 1 and 2, so if you are at all interested, open your Hulu and get watching! But anyways, after she was recruited, Quinn has seemed to develop an interest in technology and has been spending more and more time with Huck. That wraps an introduction to the main characters of the American political thriller. Meanwhile, a little bit more on the conception of the show itself – the series, created in 2012, is actually based on a real person and event. The figure is Judy A. Smith, an American attorney who after serving in the White House, goes on to found and manages Smith & Company, a consulting firm specializing in crisis management and media relations. Her company was responsible for advising Monica Lewinski and Michael Vick as well as governments and corporations at all levels. Her ability to “make a problem go away” ended up being intriguing enough for Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, to create Scandal.

amanda rose ‘17 MaJOR: undecided

The people I have met and the bonds I have made in such a short time.

Britanny cullen ‘16 MaJOR: CIS

I love being part of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theater Honor Society at Bentley and meeting people who love theater like me. It gave me a really great group of friends here.

conrad cid ‘15 MaJOR: cfa

I feel this school prepares people for the real world and that is what’s really important these days.

andrei antchoutine ‘16 MaJOR: cfa

Courtesy of

Organizing Spring activities at Bentley.

Huck (left) teaching the new associate Quinn Perkins (right) the art of hacking.

BY virginia duffy photography editor



THE vanguard


april 24, 2014

Father Bill’s & MainSpring provides meals for the homeless. BY Meghan ryan

Vanguard Staff Writer

Spotlight on Service is a series of articles in business section that seek to shine a light on nonprofit, NGOs, and similar businesses in that work towards the betterment of society as a whole. This week, we’re highlighting Father Bill’s & MainSpring, a local homeless coalition that works to prevent homelessness in southern Massachusetts. Manager Jacqueline Yen spoke to the Vanguard about her efforts and the organization’s efforts to put people into homes. Father Bill’s and MainSpring serves the south shore of

Massachusetts from the Quincy area to the Plymouth region, providing homeless systems, emergency and family shelters and working to prevent homelessness. Their two emergency shelters serve approximately one hundred and twenty people every night, and provides meals and clothing for individuals. Father Bill’s & MainSpring also offers a Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) to keep individuals in their homes. This way, Yen says, they stop homelessness in its tracks before it becomes an issue. This is because after an eviction goes on an individual’s record, it becomes more difficult to procure housing later on. This prevention

program serves roughly fifty clients a week. Homelessness prevention programs are especially important considering the sheer numbers of people Father Bill’s and MainSpring serves. In total, their subsidized housing units, family shelters, and prevention programs serve about one thousand people every month. At the time of the interview they were experiencing severe overflow issues, since no one is turned away from the organization In addition to its housing programs, Father Bill’s & MainSpring offers a workforce development program. Shelters offer WorkReady career services, helping people put together resumes, find job postings, and get a job. Their WorkExpress program provides approximately twenty-five people with maintenance work, as well as night courses. This program gives people the opportunity to create five-year plans and oftentimes helps them get into housing programs more easily. A third program, U.S. WorkForce provides specialized work-study programs for veterans. Since Father Bill’s & MainSpring were founded in the 1980s, Yen notes some gloomy trends for homelessness in the United States. She says that Section 8 and public housing went fast at that time, but now there are fewer resources and

more people who needed them. As more and more people come through the doors of Father Bill’s and MainSpring, the agencies expanded to serve them. However, without government funding, Yen sees a neverending downward spiral for homelessness. “Homelessness isn’t a stereotype anymore,” Yen says, noting the variety of clients she serves who are trying to get into housing. There are many different types of people in need of assistance and “they do need your help.” Father Bill’s & MainSpring has programs with the Bentley Service Learning Center, and are always looking

for donations of clothing, food, and toiletries. Bentley students should also keep in mind the potential for working for a nonprofit, Yen says. As a graduate of Bentley working for Father Bill’s & MainSpring, she says it is possible to work for a nonprofit, get business skills and earn a living. Yen’s own role at Father Bill’s & MainSpring is as “the other housing specialist”, meaning finding housing for clients besides Father Bill’s & MainSpring’s three hundred eight units. This involves negotiating with landlords, working on budgets, and helping clients find housing on their own. “It’s a very rewarding field,” she concludes.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Spotlight on Service: Father Bill’s & MainSpring

Gingerbread Houses made in honor of Father Bill’s & MainSpring.

TicketCorral: Your new ticket purchasing friend BY jasper huang business editor

others could enjoy their live performers at the lowest and most competitive prices. has partnered with TicketNetwork in order to bring its customers two heavy-hitting features in the ticketing exchange world. The first is a 125 percent money-back guarantee. This means that if your order is accepted but the seller does not deliver, or the order is shipped too late for the event, or if the ticket was denied for being fraudulent, will refund you 100 percent of what you paid, plus 25 percent more – for comparison’s sake, StubHub, a much bigger firm only offers 100 percent money-back. Perhaps what will be the most important to customers when

Courtesy of Evan Honeyman

Chances are you’ve heard of StubHub, TicketMaster, or other online ticket exchanges of the sort. You’ve also likely purchased a ticket or two from them for that famous artist or sports game you wanted to see. If you frequent these online ticketing exchanges to scour the net for the best price and the best seats for your live performances, look no further, there’s a new kid on the block. This newest entrant into the ever evolving online ticketing industry is The service is founded by brothers Evan and Steven Honeyman, with Evan currently pursuing his Master’s degree here at

Bentley’s McCallum Graduate School of Business, and Steven a junior at Endicott College. Is the Vanguard only covering because one of the founders is a Bentley alumni? Certainly not. has several interesting and unique features that will make you think twice before you visit a different ticketing exchange online. The inspiration for came when Evan and Steven were traveling in Australia in March of this year. They have always shared a love and passion for music, and while listening to live performers in Adelaide, waiting on a delayed flight, they suddenly had an inspiration to share their passion by providing a service in which

The service is founded by brothers Evan and Steven Honeyman.

they choose between places to purchase tickets, however, is the availability and quantity of tickets. By partnering with TicketNetwork and paying them on a commission basis, TicketCorral. com now has access to over $3 billion worth of tickets in TicketNetwork’s inventory, so you can be sure that pretty much any event you want to attend, you will be able to find a ticket. But that doesn’t mean you would buy from them unless the price was right, right? Don’t worry – when asked if the Honeyman’s had anything additional to add after a Q&A session with the Vanguard, they remarked, “we’d also like to add that we are constantly monitoring our competitors’ sites, and out prices almost always beat their prices.” For those interested, has also launched an affiliate program – “motivated individuals [can] help to market our site, and when they do generate sales, we are able to track those sales, and pay them a percentage of the net profit.” The Honeyman’s say that so far, 25 percent of TicketCorral. com’s sales have been generated by these affiliates! In order to further add to their presence in the industry, will be undergoing a site overhaul in the next few months, as well as looking into athlete and musician endorsements for a new commercial

series for the company. Because the ticketing industry is a rapid changing industry, with concerts, artists, and sporting games coming and going, staying on top of the competition will be difficult. Although Evan and Steven would not specifically name their full list of competitors, they had this to say, “We know who are our competitors are, and we have in them in our crosshairs. The secondary ticket market is very much so a commodity market – so it’s extremely difficult to become and remain differentiated. We’re continuously working to find that differentiating factor, and we’re going to hone in on it, and then build from there.” Though the company is but in its fledgling stages, the details here show that they have potential and are backed by two driven, passionate founders. Maybe next time you buy a ticket for your next Celtics or Bruins game, you’ll be typing in You can find more information on the company and check them out at their website, on Twitter (@ticketcorral), on Facebook (, or see their commercial on YouTube ( com/ticketcorral). If you would like to get involved in their affiliate program, or have general enquiries, please direct them to:


THE vanguard


Lorraine Mumby Milan, Italy

Roeun, France

After the first of many missteps living in France, I realized that things are rarely done quickly or easily, yet the French see no need to make their processes more efficient. For example, I didn’t receive a French bankcard for weeks, it took over a month to get Wi-Fi in our apartment and I was rebutted when I tried to go to the store during the employees’ daily 1.5-hour lunch break. While it might be frustrating at first, “It’s just a question of organization. Why would I want to go grocery shopping on Sunday?” my French culture professor explained to us complaining international students. Compared to America’s gotta-have-it-now, 24/7 mentality, life moves at a snail’s pace. After four months here, I can honestly say it’s what I’ll miss most—embracing the French way of life has slowed me down enough to appreciate everything around me. It was

the first time in a long while that I have lived without attachment to time and I no longer have an urge to multi-task to make the most of any spare moment. It’s not always about getting my errands done in record time; sometimes spending a few extra minutes practicing my French at the local boulangerie makes my day so much more memorable. Aside from slowing down, there is this feeling I get in every breathtaking city I’ve visited: this may be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, until tomorrow at least. Then the question is: what do I want to see tomorrow—flamenco dancing in Madrid, a beer hall in Berlin, or a cabaret in Paris? By tasting the local food, wandering the streets and understanding the complicated history, I’ve been swept up in everything unfamiliar. With the perfectly connected European train networks at your fingertips, the places of your dreams become

the places of your best memories. For this short time, the possibilities are endless and it is incredibly freeing to fill your time exactly as you please. My advice for anyone who studies abroad is to do plenty of research about the city and the university itself, but be prepared to be completely lost for the first few weeks when nothing is what you expected. Once you decide where you want to travel, consider renting an apartment from a local on instead of a hostel bunk—it feels more authentic and it can save money when you travel with a group of friends. Whenever you travel somewhere new, opt for walking around a city instead of taking public transportation, because you see so much more even when you get lost on an aimless wander. Moreover, of course, make every effort to converse in your host country’s language so that by the end of your time abroad, you are mistaken for a seasoned local instead of an oblivious tourist.

Neha suggests keeping an open mind while abroad. Neha Singh London, UK

Living and studying in London for a year has by far been the highlight of my university experience. Being in the heart of a wonderful city and attending an international school has allowed me to constantly encounter diverse and cosmopolitan students, many of whom are some of my closest friends. From classes to dinner conversations to predrinks at a pub, I have had many interesting conversations with those different from me. What I will miss most is the diverse range of friendships I have made with each friend having a unique background and story to share. I have learned so much from each of my friends from their special culture to their different lifestyles. Despite our differences, I realized I have more in common with my new friends than I originally thought. Our shared love of certain movies, music, and activities has helped bridge the cultural gap along with similar personalities and willingness to learn about the other. Being exposed to people from all over the

world has given me a better appreciation for the multifarious cultures that comprise our world. Interacting with a diverse group has helped me learn about the multiple perspectives people from various cultures have and their own approaches to business situations. I know that many of the friendships I have created are lifelong and I am excited to see how they will grow in the next few years. Anyone who is even considering going abroad- please go! You will not regret it. Being abroad has changed me for the better. Though I have travelled and lived abroad before my junior year abroad experience, living abroad for a semester (or two) is certainly quite different. One piece of advice I would offer is to keep an open mind- things will not always go your way and you will fail (be it at communicating in another language or using a map). The failure itself is not important- it is how you react and respond to that failure which builds you as a person. Remember that being in a new place is difficult but you will

much mind to my family and friends’ assumption that an Italian man would sweep me off my feet. When I return home to my dearest and misinformed loved ones, they will realize their notions were, well, incorrect. 4. Pack more clothes if you want versatility in a country where the dollar isn’t so strong. If you get tired of wearing the same combinations, I highly recommend packing a little more than what they suggest. Of course, pack your basics that can go with mostly anything, but remember your favorites including nightlife and business causal pieces. Knowing what I know now, a solid shoe list includes no more than two pairs of each of the following: spring/fall shoes, winter-ready boots, comfy shoes (sneakers) and shower flip flops especially for hostels. Disregard this suggestion if you don’t mind paying 30% or more from the exchange rate. 5. Try to step out of your comfort zone. Doing something out of the ordinary was eye opening and liberating. I tend to be reserved and observant rather than the social butterfly of the party, but I spent one my nights out in Paris alone. I ventured to a soul spot named BizzArt and met a few cool people. Normally I wouldn’t do that in Milan, nor in the US but I went for it and I’m happy I did. Couch surfing was also another great free experience. Our hosts were locals and spoke excellent English and decent Italian. Since hotels and hostels add up, I suggest you and one other friend to try couch surfing after screening your host. Although it’s free, we left them small gifts to show our appreciation. If you try stepping out of your comfort zone, please do so with caution. If you go out alone, avoid drinking alcohol so you will be more alert if something were to happen.

overcome difficulties with time. You will need to be flexible and adaptable. Living in a new place takes some getting used to so don’t be discouraged if things don’t always go your way. Also, keep an open mind regarding other cultures and people. Not everyone will be like you or share the same beliefs as you- be willing to hear about other cultures and see how their way of life differs from yours. If they’re open enough, don’t be afraid to discuss sensitive issues- find out what they think about certain ideas or issues today and why they think it. Just be careful the way you speak- most times, it is not what you say but how you say it. An open mind along with a keen interest in truly learning are two ingredients to success while abroad. Additionally, I recommend completing some research on your home city beforehand. It’s definitely important to know where you will be living- researching some basic things such as location of essential services, attractions, customs, and local culture/values will only help

Lorraine reccommends exploring in small groups. you. If you’re visiting a non-English speaking country, brushing up on your language skills is a plus. The locals will only appreciate that you took the time to learn about their country. Even some research on the places you hope to visit (be it either in your home country or some nearby countries you’re hoping to visit) puts you a step ahead. Your new friends will only be happy to travel with someone who knows where to go and what sites to visit. Overall, I highly recommend going abroad, be it for a few weeks or a semester or two. You will learn

more about yourself than you ever dreamed imaginable. You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, about other cultures and people, and about your wonderful new city that you will call home. You may also learn that friendships that cross borders are some of your most special friendships that you will come to cherish for your entire life. As my study abroad program draws to a close, I wish you the best of luck if you choose to go abroad. Lots of learning, opportunity, and sheer happiness await you- please enjoy every moment of it.

Courtesy of Lorraine Mumby

Julie Delongchamp

ersity Bentley Univ treet 175 Forest S A 02452 Waltham, M


Courtesy of Neha Singh

ost you miss m What will abroad? about being fer any Can you of o omeone wh s o t e ic v d a road? is going ab

The constant change of scenery and the old and beautiful architecture are two things I’ll miss most about being abroad. I will also have the urge to speak Italian with no reason to speak it when I return home. I have a lot of advice to give to those going abroad, but here are some of the main points: 1. Research a list of places you want to visit before leaving. Don’t feel obligated to travel to a bunch of places because everyone’s doing it. Go where you want first, then the extra trips can fall into place. My must-visit destinations were Paris, Rome and London. 2. Meet locals and explore in small groups. Of course, you will become friends with people in your program, but try to travel in small groups of two or three and make local connections. Go to mom and pop restaurants, discover where people hangout and go on casual coffee dates. 3. Try your best not to have too many expectations. As you may know, expectations can lead to disappointments. Therefore, I highly recommend having little to none. I came to Milan, Italy with four main ideas that didn’t happen as I imagined eating excellent food, seeing mind-blowing fashion, experiencing culture shock and finding an Italian beau. I was almost certain that people dress as if it were fashion week, every week. However, the reality is that people, especially 18-25, dress casually (and yes, Google, people wear white sneakers here). I also expected culture shock, but with Milan being such an industrial city, it doesn’t feel like an unfamiliar cultural environment. Yes, there are language barriers, but that’s what the Italian 101 intensive course is for. Finally, I should not have paid

april 24, 2014


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april 24, 2014


Algeria in Situ with guiding the country out of this period to relative peace. Relative stability does not make a utopia and the small but increasingly vocal and visible Barakat (Enough) movement has been protesting against Bouteflika’s rule. Along with opposition groups and marginalized ethnic groups like ethnic Amazighs, the country’s youth mainly stayed away from polling centres meaning election

turnout was just above fifty percent. With a youthful base and in light of the successes of similar movements in the region, the Barakat movement is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. With seventy percent of Algeria’s thirty seven million people under thirty, significant youth unemployment and high probability that this will be Bouteflika’s final term, Algeria’s sociopolitical future

Courtesy of

April is the global month of elections. Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Iraq and Hungary will have begun or finished parliamentary and/or presidential elections by the time May is upon us. In Algeria, one could argue an election was not even necessary. Last week, Abdelaziz Bouteflika won a fourth term in office with 81.5% of the vote. Ever since his stroke last year, which confined him to a wheelchair, the seventy seven year old Algerian president has made few public appearances and is known to be in ill health. Le pouvoir (‘the power’), a group of unelected civilians and military figures aligned with the ruling Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN), are widely believed to the country’s real decision makers. The stability of Bouteflika’s fifteen-year rule is particularly appealing in a country that went through a ‘Black Decade’ more than twenty years ago, in which more than two hundredthousand people died in a civil war between the government and various Islamist groups. Bouteflika is widely credited

Bouteflika won his fourth consecutive term in office.

will soon be at a crossroads. Economically, an undiversified economy, which obtains more than 97% of its export revenues and 40% of GDP from a sector, which employs only 3% of the active population, is troubling. As the hydrocarbon sector’s revenues fund the numerous social welfare projects, which appease the unemployed and poor, the IMF’s statement on the industry must worry Algeria’s leaders. “The economy’s vulnerability to developments in the hydrocarbon sector is worsening. Declining hydrocarbon production and surging domestic consumption are squeezing export volumes, compounding the longstanding risk of lower oil prices.” Additionally, many complain the preeminence of the hydrocarbon sector is holding back other industries from developing. At least fourteen Algerian soldiers were killed this past Saturday in an ambush by Islamist militants in Kabylie, a mountainous region believed to be a stronghold of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The deadliest attack on


A junior majoring in EconomicsFinance.

the military in recent years is a stark reminder of the security challenges facing Algeria. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited Algeria early this month to discuss security cooperation and counterterrorism across the Maghreb region. In a news conference during the visit, Kerry stated that improved security cooperation, commercial and investment ties were to be actively fostered. This meeting was one of Bouteflika’s longest public appearances since his stroke; it highlights the importance that Algeria places on security and intelligence cooperation with the United States. According to Algerian foreign minister Ramtane Lamarra, “What the U.S. can do, because nobody else can do it, is for instance, share electronic intelligence with the armed forces and security agencies in the region. This is a qualitative edge that only the US can provide.”


Cynical Infrastructure Spending It seems that if the government is ever going to spend money on something, it’s going to be expensive. It just seems that too often, rent seeking occurs rather than actually productivity. Currently a lot of American infrastructure is deteriorating. This includes roads, highways, waterways, bridges, etc. The public works of the nation are not in a good state. Since the government is the sole party responsible for this structure, it is necessary that elected officials complete the duty. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the United States infrastructure is rated as D+. This is an abysmal record, especially in comparison to trading partners. For instance, Canada—during the recession—attempted to fix infrastructure. The Canada Action Plan was the Canadian fiscal stimulus and although it is satirized as just billboards promising dramatic improvements, some bridges, which were in terrible condition, in Montreal were fixed. Fixing important transportation channels and energy infrastructure has an effect on the productivity of the economy. Letting it slack will result in inefficiency in many large American industries, such as energy, agriculture and mining. The government could aggressively attempt to fix the lowgrade infrastructure. According to the American Society of Civil

Engineers, infrastructure spending needs to be up to $3.6 trillion dollars by 2020. Now some people argue that this is a good thing, because the government is paying someone to work on the roads, giving them an income from which the recovery can follow. Such statements are inaccurate and the magnitude to which they claim the government’s infrastructure spending can spur short-term recovery is exaggerated. However, I have a better reason. Currently there is a slump, wages are down and infrastructure sucks. This is provides a great opportunity to invest in infrastructure spending, as wages will be low. It will comparatively cost less to higher workers.

I understand the cynical nature behind such a project. I am obviously supportive, because labor is so cheap and to some it doesn’t seem to be so egalitarian. However, the other choice is a deteriorating infrastructure that could effect overall production in the long term. As well, the effect of an increased deficit today will have less of crowding out effect as generally investment is down. The $3.6 trillion dollar price tag is very high, but there are ways around it that may be politically feasible. As the US winds down foreign wars and the defense budget is up for review there could be a cut in spending. Consider for example, a possible $50 billion cut in future increases in the pentagon bud-

get. More than one senator has proposed such a cut and in fact, this was proposed alongside the sequester cuts. Thus, there is room for infrastructure spending. As well, it is important to realize that states levy taxes as well and thus much of the infrastructure repairs may fall under their responsibilities. It’s important to realize that the $3.6 trillion figure by the American Society of Civil Engineers is an exaggeration. First, from a principled and reality based position you don’t need a government project or bill that promises to spend that much money. There are complications of what agency heads, what projects and what firm gets a government contract.

AL-MAHDI EBSIM A freshman majoring in Economics Finance.

This results in the common consequences of rent seeking and proliferation of market power and resources. Avoiding this is imperative. Sadly, this can only be avoided though rule based policy and restraint. The chance of this issue being addressed correctly and efficiently in the current political environment is near zero. There are some politicians, with localized interests, who cause inefficiency in such policy and there are others who oppose it based on shortsighted political beliefs.

American Society of Civil Engineers claims that infrastructure spending needs to be up by $3.6 trillion by 2020.


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april 24, 2014



The Folly of a First-Year This was my first year at Bentley University and I have been fortunate to learn more about myself and life than I ever could have imagined. Although I am officially a sophomore, I am a freshman in spirit and I am blessed to have shared the freshman experience with those students who will graduate as the centennial class, the end of the first century for our great university and a hallmark in its perpetual betterment. This freshman experience, this wholly enriching and enlightening collegiate trial, is what distinguishes my current self from the person I was in the beginning of first week. W ith pride, I announce through this public forum that when compared to my current self, at the onset of college I was a fool. The icebreakers during summer orientation and first week were a great source of insight. The vast majority of Bentley students and alumni will always remember what icebreakers are, but for the sake of others, icebreakers are group games and activities intended to make students feel more comfortable around each other. They help students meet, learn about and talk to each other, as well as help them familiarize themselves with the campus. Some of them are surprisingly hard, others are shockingly hilarious and still others are humiliating. Very few people, even amongst extreme extroverts, want to be the one person in the middle or the person who forgets someone’s name when the rules of the game dictate you must remember everyone’s name. Resultantly, icebreakers were the great equalizer for

us first-year falcons. They demonstrated one thing that we all had in common, that everyone can be shy or have reservations at times, even those whom you would least expect. By forcing people to conquer those feelings, our class was brought together and as a whole became bolder. Some other great lessons are the importance of self-reliance, as well as the importance of learning from one’s own mistakes and most especially, the learning from the mistakes of others. On the road of life, college is a large step away from the sheltered life of a child and towards the life of a working individual. Now that you’re in college, you are more accountable than ever for your actions or lack-thereof. Your grades, involvement in sports, clubs and other activities and all of the other things you accomplish in your four-or-so years at Bentley, will largely determine your first job, which will greatly influence the evolution and eventual destination of your career. Despite the fact that college counts more than ever, I have encountered numerous college students who have struggled to adapt to this new environment and who performed worse than they did in high school. I have met very intelligent students who have dropped out of multiple courses, among others who went from being close to the highest ranked at their school, to being in danger of losing their academic scholarships. Are the freshman college courses harder than those classes we took in high school? For most, not really and for many, they are easier. Students struggle because

they are not self-reliant. Disorganization, poor time management skills and even being unmotivated all fall under self-reliance. As a college student, though roommates and friends can help, it is primarily up to the individual in question to organize himself and plan his day and to decide if they want to study and do homework or watch Netflix all night. Our generation has so many distractions, aside from Netflix; we have all of the social media platforms and the rest of the internet. As an individual, you have to decide what goals you wish to accomplish and you have to have the willpower and diligence to make strides towards accomplishing those goals. Excuses are the easiest thing in the world to make, but the only purpose they serve is in convincing yourself. Unfortunately, I know this through personal experience. In my freshman year of high school, I almost dropped out because I didn’t care about my work and I didn’t know what I wanted—but of course I gave other excuses at the time. In college, a clean state, I vowed not to make the same mistakes and I finished my first semester with a GPA of 3.94. I held a job during this time, was active in several clubs, spent time with my friends every day and even had outings every weekend. I even got six to eight hours of sleep every night. All it took to balance this lifestyle with my academics was being organized, knowing what my goals were and consistently and earnestly working towards them. In this case, the first-year folly was actually me in my high school freshman year. As for this year, one thing

A rewarding path for your healthcare passion. Now get an accelerated BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. To tour our Worcester DMS clinic or attend an info session, visit

I learned is that others will make the same mistakes you yourself have made and you must be wary to avoid making the mistakes others have made. Additionally, being selfreliant and learning to find motivation internally and making yourself organized will not only make your life easy, it will allow you to accomplish far more. Here are some other things I’ve learned, in no particular order. The first, be down for adventure. Some of the best memories I had were the result of spontaneity. In December, amidst a snowstorm with perhaps a quarter mile visibility, some friends and I ventured into Boston to see the Hobbit. On the way back, we had to park on upper campus and we nearly perished from the cold walking back to Slade, but it was an incredibly fun time. Be yourself and know that you can’t please everyone. The essential parts of your personality are there to stay and the same things that will drive some people nuts are loved by other people. Another important thing is to build good relationships with professors. Participating in class, talking to professors after class and going to office hours is very important. As an individual, you should make an earnest effort to learn about and get closet to your professors. It is perhaps one of the best reasons to go to a small school like Bentley—we have average class sizes in the twenties, compared to auditorium-sized classes at huge schools. Having the opportunity to get close to professors is part of the premium price tag at Bentley, why squander it? Professors enjoy


A freshman with an undecided major.

building relationships with students and as a young professional, it is likely that at some point you will need to ask a professor for a recommendation. Having a relationship with a professor means not only that they’re more likely to say yes, but they will also have more to talk about and will have a much easier time writing your recommendation. Being at college offers limitless opportunities and teaches you many lessons. Aside from a better understanding of what you have in common with others, through things like clubs and icebreakers, you also learn to be yourself and find a group of friends you click with. At college, you have more freedom and fewer obligations than at previous times in life, as an individual you make the choices of how to use this freedom and ultimately you are the one who is accountable. Learning to be productive with this freedom and ultimately becoming the master of your own life and accomplishing your personal goals is one of the most important things in life and you really start this during college. Additionally, being with other college students presents you with many opportunities for adventure and aside from being a good student and developing yourself professionally, it is important to make memories that you can look back on with nostalgia. College is said to be the best time of your life. Make that true.


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april 24, 2014

Ryan O’Connor tosses first no-hitter in 42 years The Falcons have battled their way to a 17-12 record this regular season and are looking to continue their solid play heading into the playoffs. The trend of defense first continued this past weekend when junior Ryan O’Connor threw a no-hitter. O’Connor has started eight games on his way to a 5-2 record with a microscopic 1.50 ERA this season. He started off his day against Saint Anselm’s with two walks and was determined to settle in after the first. “I wanted to make sure I locked in for the rest of the game,” O’Connor said. The starter was near perfect the rest of the way. The junior may have been the last to realize he was on the verge of a no-no. “It wasn’t until before the 9th inning I was sitting in the dugout and I couldn’t really remember them getting a hit, but I had assumed it had happened at some point,” he said, perhaps making the final pitch even sweeter. On top of the personal recognition, this was the first nohitter to be thrown at Bentley in 42 years. “To be a part of something that rare is sweet,” reflected O’Connor. He then humbly added, “to throw a nohitter with only five k’s is really

tough, so it’s a great testament to the work of the other eight guys on the field.” A performance like this can go a long way for the team. Being in the presence of something so close to perfect is fun, and this is of course at the center of focus for the forward looking pitcher. “Overall I want this team to keep the role going because I think we’ve committed to what we’re trying

to do, and we get along way too well to have it ruined too soon.” This team clearly has something intangible going for them. It’s tough to manufacture team chemistry but when you’re winning 13 of 15 and no hitting opponents things can really start to come together; and it’s coming at the perfect time for the Falcons. “We haven’t clinched anything yet so my biggest fo-

cus is the next time I pitch up at a real tough place to play against Franklin Pierce. Being able to win the series against them would be huge for our regional rankings,” O’Connor mentioned. The mindset of this team is awesome. They are hot right now and want to build on all of their momentum, but they also recognize that there is much left to be done this season, and they still have their

eyes set on the ultimate prize of a championship. Bentley finds themselves in second place in the NE-10 only behind the 15-6 Franklin Pierce. This is a big weekend and the Falcons will definitely look to gain some ground on them. With eight games left in the regular season, it is important to keep up the high caliber of play they have maintained all season.

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BY austin miller

Vanguard Staff Writer

O’Connor’s no-hitter feat was achieved by walking three, and striking out five batters.

SAAC hosted its first Karaoke Night with MDSC. BY ellie dibenedetto Vanguard Staff Writer

The Student- Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of several studentathletes who provide information about their experiences as a student- athlete. The mission of the NCAA Division II SAAC is to enhance all of the studentathletes’ experiences by promoting opportunity for all, protecting student- athlete welfare and fostering a positive image. This committee also provides input into the rules, regulations and policies and how these affect student- athletes’ lives on NCAA campuses.

There are three different national committees for each sports division: I, II, and III. The NCAA requires all institutions have a SAAC committee present on their campuses. The Student- Athlete Advisory Committee works to improve and shape the intercollegiate athletics policy and enhance the overall experience. Some of the initiatives present on the Bentley campus include SuperFan Events, Community involvement, Athletes Supporting Athletes, Charity Committees and Make-a-Wish. The SuperFan Events enhance community support at the games, which are important

to each of the teams. The Community Involvement initiative allows athletes to make an impact on the local community of Waltham. They host events such as Jr. Falcon day where young athletes can meet the Bentley athletes and have a fun day of games and activities. The Athletes Supporting Athletes initiative encourages teams attend other games to show their support and expand their falcon spirit other than their own. The Charity Committee promotes activities that raise money for charities including Relay for Life and Up ‘til Dawn. Both of these events raise money and donate to organizations such as American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Make- a- Wish also raises money. This initiative works through special events and donation buckets at different sporting games. Currently, the SAAC committee of Bentley is made up of co- presidents, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, a communications director, two representatives, a WebMaster position, a CAB spirit position, and two advisors. Thanks to the members involved with this committee, we have a fabulous athletic community, with supportive athletes both on and off the field.

Courtesy of

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SAAC enchances the student-athlete experience

SAAC urges athletes to raise funds for good causes.


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Why students love intramurals BY Matt gustus


sports editor


School NE-10 Overall American Int’l 8 1 0 9 3 0 Stonehill 8 1 0 8 3 0 New Haven 7 2 0 8 3 0 Assumption 6 3 0 6 5 0 Merrimack 5 4 0 7 4 0 Bentley 4 5 0 6 5 0 LIU Post 3 6 0 5 6 0 Southern Conn. 3 6 0 3 8 0 Saint Anselm 1 8 0 1 10 0 Pace 0 9 0 0 11 0

FIELD HOCKEY Courtesy of


During the Fall semester, Bentley intramurals offers flag football. Whitney, a member of the Burlington High School varsity basketball team in his senior season, has loved basketball since he was a kid. He began playing when he was in elementary school and never misses an opportunity to lace up his shoes. In his three years of intramural basketball, Whitney has co-captained three playoff teams. In his sophomore season, his team was able to go undefeated in the regular season, earning the top seed in the playoff tournament. For athletes like Whitney who were varsity athletes in high school, intramurals provide a place to not only play basketball, but play in a competitive environment. Similarly, other ex-varsity athletes love to assert their dominance and show that they “still got it.” “Playing intramurals is a good way to relive the glory days of high school,” said junior Matt McCaffrey, who was a varsity baseball player in high school. To him, one of the main appeals is showcasing his athletic abilities on the intramural courts. In addition to the action

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

In the minds of most guys in college, they are unstoppable athletic machines. In most cases they were “recruited” by several colleges to play a sport, but did not either because “a coach hated them” or “a freak injury” occurred. While they may have not played a second for their varsity team at their small suburban school, each guy thinks they are one of the best athletes on campus. As a result, they turn to intramurals to prove their worth. Whether their goal is to prove their athleticism or simply to stay active, several thousands of students participate in intramurals every year. At Bentley, there are several sports in each season for students to play. In the fall, there is flag football, men’s soccer, coed soccer and ultimate Frisbee. In the winter, men’s and women’s basketball dominate the Dana center on weeknights, along with coed volleyball and coed dodgeball. Finally, as the weather gets nice in the spring there is a singleelimination coed softball tournament. By the numbers, the men’s basketball is the most popular sport. The popularity is so high that there was the need to create an A-League and a B-League. The main difference between the two leagues is talent level and athleticism, although many of the players in the A-League also play with their friends in the more relaxed B-League. In total, anywhere from 6575 teams enter into the BLeague each year in hopes of earning the coveted championship crown. “I play intramural basketball because I like being able to still play competitively,” said junior Dave Whitney, who has competed in intramurals each year since coming to Bentley.

april 24, 2014

High School Heroes won Men’s A League Basketball last year.

between teams, the action within one also adds to the appeal of intramurals. Many teams do more than just meet up once a week for their games. In most cases, when teams have Thursdays games, win or lose they celebrate post-game with a trip to Skellig. “Team dinners are a must,” said junior Ryan Aberdale, co-captain of The Eye Test in the men’s B-League basketball league. “Anything from meals to post-game celebrations to even making scouting reports for the big games is part of the intramural experience.” Another athlete, senior Isaac Potvin, echoed Aberdale’s thoughts on how teamwork makes intramurals fun. “I’ve participated in intramural dodgeball, basketball, and soccer,” explained Potvin. “I play intramurals because it’s a good way to have fun with your friends and do something that’s enjoyable!” In addition to being a fun experience, Potvin also mentioned how winter intramurals is a great way to stay in shape. “[Intramurals are] a convenient way to help keep in shape,” he added, “especially for the senior Bahama trip!” After competing on his high school’s basketball, track and cross country teams, Potvin came to Bentley and hoped to stay active. In his freshman year, he was a member of a B-league basketball team that made its way into the final four. Potvin was a huge factor on that team, using his speed and defensive tenacity to help his team win. Currently, the five winter sports are awaiting their championship games, which will all be held on Monday. Winners are hoping to earn tshirts, a picture on the athletics website and, best of all, bragging rights for a lifetime.

School NE-10 Overall LIU Post 10 0 0 21 1 0 Merrimack 9 1 0 14 6 0 Stonehill 8 2 0 18 4 0 Bentley 5 5 0 11 8 0 Adelphi 5 5 0 11 9 0 Saint Anselm 4 6 0 6 11 0 Southern Conn. 4 6 0 5 14 0 American Int’l 3 7 0 8 10 0 Assumption 3 7 0 7 11 0 St. Michael’s 3 7 0 6 12 0 Franklin Pierce 1 9 0 3 15 0

MEN’S BASKETBALL NE-10 STANDINGS - NORTHEAST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Franklin Pierce 11 3 0 16 3 0 Saint Anselm 11 4 0 13 6 0 St. Michels 9 5 0 14 5 0 Bentley 8 7 0 14 7 0 Southern N.H. 8 7 0 11 8 0 Merrimack 6 9 0 8 12 0 Assumption 3 11 0 6 13 0 Stonehill 3 11 0 5 14 0

NE-10 STANDINGS - SOUTHWEST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Southern Conn. 13 2 0 19 2 0 New Haven 10 5 0 15 6 0 Le Moyne 9 5 0 12 8 0 St. Rose 7 7 0 10 10 0 American Int’l 6 8 0 9 12 0 Adelphi 2 12 0 4 16 0 Pace 2 12 0 4 16 0

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL NE-10 STANDINGS - NORTHEAST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Bentley 15 0 0 20 0 0 Stonehill 10 4 0 13 5 0 Assumption 8 6 0 12 7 0 Franklin Pierce 8 6 0 11 8 0 Merrimack 6 8 0 10 9 0 Saint Anselm 6 9 0 10 10 0 Southern N.H. 5 9 0 7 12 0 St. Michael’s 2 12 0 3 15 0

NE-10 STANDINGS - SOUTHWEST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall New Haven 9 5 0 15 5 0 Adelphi 9 6 0 14 7 0 Le Moyne 8 7 0 12 9 0 Southern Conn. 7 7 0 13 7 0 St. Rose 7 7 0 11 9 0 American Int’l 4 10 0 9 11 0 Pace 3 11 0 4 16 0


School NE-10 Overall New Haven 14 0 0 28 5 0 St. Rose 11 3 0 19 5 0 Bentley 11 3 0 17 10 0 Adelphi 10 4 0 19 13 0 Franklin Pierce 9 5 0 14 9 0 Stonehill 9 5 0 18 14 0 Merrimack 9 5 0 17 15 0 American Int’l 8 6 0 14 16 0 Southern N.H. 7 7 0 12 12 0 Southern Conn. 5 9 0 17 13 0 St. Michael’s 4 10 0 12 12 0 Le Moyne 3 11 0 9 17 0 Assumption 3 11 0 6 17 0 Saint Anselm 2 12 0 7 20 0 Pace 0 14 0 4 26 0

HOCKEY NE-10 STANDINGS School NE-10 Mercyhurst 13 2 4 Bentley 11 4 4 Connecticut 11 5 3 Airforce 10 6 3 Robert Morris 10 6 3 Canisius 9 8 2 Niagara 8 8 3 Rochester Inst. 7 10 2 Holy Cross 6 10 3 American Int’l 6 12 1 Sacred Heart 6 13 0 Army 3 16 0

Overall 15 10 5 13 9 4 13 8 4 15 9 4 10 13 3 10 14 2 8 15 3 8 14 4 7 16 3 7 18 1 7 19 0 3 20 0



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april 24, 2014


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Lauren Battista sets sights on future after Bentley

During WBCA Awards Show, Barbara Stevens and Lauren Battista receives top Division II honors. BY Matt gustus sports editor

When the final buzzer sounded in Erie, Pennsylvania, senior forward, Lauren Battista, launched the ball in the air and threw her fists up in triumph as her and her 14 teammates had reached the pinnacle of the basketball world. She met her team and the several hundred students in attendance at midcourt in celebration of their national championship. Moments later, after the nets had been cut down, Battista made her way back up the ladder and sat perched on the rim, soaking in the moment that she described as the best of her life. “The best basketball moment of my life was without a doubt winning the national championship,” Battista explained. “I have been fortunate to have played for many successful teams in my life that competed for championships, but no feeling comes close to the feeling of ending your collegiate career with a national championship to cap off an undefeated season.” Over the last four years, Bat-

tista and the rest of the Falcons have brought memorable moments to the Falcon faithful. Over her four years, Battista led the Falcons to a record of 12311 while compiling the most points (2,112), field goals (821), games played (135) and games started (133) in program history. In addition, she was named the Northeast-10 tournament MVP each of her four years. However, as sad as it is, her time as a Falcon athlete has come to an end. As she moves on from her collegiate basketball career, there are many options facing the WBCA Division II Player of the Year. “I am still undecided as to what I am doing after I graduate, but one option I am pursuing is playing basketball professionally overseas,” said Battista. “There is a lot that goes into that such as hiring an agent, getting dual citizenship if possible and trying to market myself to teams in foreign countries. I would love to stay in the world of basketball if the right opportunity presents itself.” While playing professionally


47.8 Coming into the season, senior goalie Ally Dorman was selected as a Preseason All-America. So far, she has lived up to the hype, earning a 47.8 save percentage, which is good for fourth best in the Northeast-10 Conference. In addition, Dorman’s 130 saves puts her tied for fourth on the total saves list as well. The women’s lacrosse team is currently sixth in the conference and will conclude their regular season with a home game Saturday at 4:30.

may seem like a difficult task for a Division II athlete, there have been Falcons in the past who have found success overseas. Most recently, two members of the men’s basketball program left Bentley and found themselves playing professionally in Europe. 2010 graduate Jason Westrol and 2011 graduate Brian Tracey, the leaders of the men’s basketball team that went to the Final Four in 2010, are currently starters on teams in Belgium and the Czech Republic, respectively. Westrol, who scored a teamhigh 21.1 points per game his senior year as a Falcon, first started his career playing in Romania before spending some time in the NBA’s Developmental league. When he was cut from the Iowa Energy, he returned to Europe in hopes of continuing his basketball career and is currently the starting point guard for the Leuven Bears in Belgium. Tracey, who led the Falcons back to the Sweet 16 in his senior year, while averaging 17.4 points and 8.0 rebounds, is matching his college stats by

scoring 17.5 points and grabbing 8.1 rebounds per game this season while playing for the BK Lions J. Hradec basketball team in the Czech Republic. Battista is hoping to follow a similar path and continue playing the game she loves. Before coming to Bentley, Battista’s success on the high school court opened the door for basketball opportunities at some of the top schools in the area. In high school, Battista led her Oliver Ames High basketball team to a State Championship in her senior season. She was selected as the Massachusetts Gatorade Player of the Year in that season, which is one of the top accolades awarded to high school basketball players in Massachusetts. However, with some high level Division I teams recruiting her, a unique connection played a part in her selection of Bentley as the place she would spend her next four years. Other than Coach Barbara Stevens, “the other coach that has had the greatest impact on my basketball career was my high school coach Laney

Holbrook. Ironically, Laney and Coach Stevens were college roommates and still are very close friends so I have been very lucky to have two very extraordinary people in my life throughout high school and college. Laney taught me the importance of being humble and a good leader and helped me improve my game before joining Coach Stevens’ team. I am so glad that I could win a State Championship while playing for Coach Holbrook and then a National Championship while playing for Coach Stevens since they are both remarkable people that deserve so much for the amount that they do for their teams.” As she prepares to move forward, Battista noted that the one thing she will miss the most will be the bond she shared with her teammates. “I think what I will miss the most about being a part of the Bentley basketball team is the large family-like bond I have been able to form with the players, coaches, their families and fans,” reflected Battista. “It is the time we all spend together off the court that is special to me and where so many of our memories are made. I loved being able to come out of the locker room after a great team win and see our families waiting to congratulate all of us. Being able to share these past four years with them has made all of our accomplishments even more special because they are such an important part of our success.” With Battista and six other players from the National Championship squad graduating this spring, the future is uncertain for the Falcons. However, one thing will be certain come next November: the women who have taken us fans on this outstanding ride will be sorely missed.



As a result of his nohitter against Saint Anselm College Saturday, junior lefty Ryan O’Connor (Newburyport/Newburyport HS) has been named the Falcon of the Week. He was also recognized as the Northeast-10 Conference Pitcher of the Week and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Division II East Region Pitcher of the Week. O’Connor authored Bentley’s first no-hitter in 42 years with the 5-0 victory over his third shutout of the season and fifth victory in his last five starts. After starting the game with a pair of walks, he retired 26 of the final 27, with the only base runner during that span retired on a double play on the very next pitch. O’Connor walked three and struck out five in the 107-pitch masterpiece. For the season, O’Connor is 5-2 with a 1.50 ERA, a .196 opponents’ batting average and 48 strikeouts in 54 innings. In the latest NCAA Division II statistics, he’s 26th in ERA and also in the top 50 in hits per nine innings (6.3) and WHIP (0.98). In the Northeast-10, O’Connor is one of only two pitchers with five or more wins, at least seven strikeouts per nine and a sub-2.00 ERA.


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