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ThursdAy, AprIl 18, 2013



Event helps local girls’ prom dreams come true



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Campus leadership positions had few candidates

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aPril 18, 2013

Off to a Hot Start Do you remember your Accepted Students Day? Of course you do. There was a chocolate fountain in the student center, there were trolleys that you hoped were a permanent feature and there was a massive barbecue on lower. There was nothing that could go wrong…well…almost nothing. There’s this one little thing that seems to happen at the least convenient times at Bentley and it happened this year. Yup, you guessed it – there was a mistimed fire alarm. The LaCava building was doused in fake flames, and all those attending the academic reception in the EDR were forced to evacuate the building. This may have been an inconvenience for accepted students and their families, however, I’ve talked with numerous conspiracy theorists, and they believe that Bentley staged the alarm in order to show off just how “#prepared” our campus is. That accusation is still being investigated. Lost in Lots A flustered female stormed into the University Police station this past Monday afternoon, informing officers that she had “lost her car”. University Police laughed hysterically for several minutes. Then there was an awkward pause, as they realized the girl was completely serious. After a few deep breaths to regain composure, University Police began the “search” for the supposed “lost car”. The girl thought she had parked in Lot 34 (in other news: there are 34 parking lots

the Vanguard

Police log

on campus and I’m stuck in the Miller Deck half the time? That’s garbage…) and had no idea why the car was not there any longer. After about an hour of searching, the lost locomotive was located in Lot 17, untouched. Interestingly, this is one half of the lot she thought the car was in…does that mean she has one half the brains she thought she had as well?

Water You Doing? It was a calm afternoon on Tuesday, April 9, when the Falcon Symbol appeared in the sky and Bentley PD leapt into duty. Officers quickly responded to a complaint of students jumping in the stream beside the Green Space. As it turns out, the students were just retrieving a Frisbee that was in the water. With that being said, these reporters don’t see a reason that our fellow students can’t cool off in our beloved waterfall. If it’s a hot day out, why not go in for a quick dip? If such an action is really that egregious, maybe there should be some “Keep Out of Stream” signs put up…right next to the “Student Parking Only” and “No Smoking Within 25 Feet of a Building” signs (you know…the signs that should actually exist…). Bloody Sock University Police officers responded to Birch Hall last Saturday evening for a medical-related evaluation. Drunk freshman, you say? Wrong, sir. Well, they were probably in the vicinity so you’re actually a little right…but we

digress. Turns out a student had been involved in a minor incident and had suffered a laceration on her foot. The foot was bleeding profusely, but the responding officer was able to help the individual treat the wound. You know, at first, these reporters thought that this HAD to be Curt Schilling, the former Boston Red Sox pitcher who fought injury—as evidenced by the famous “bloody sock”—to defeat the New York Yankees in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. But, we thought about it some more and we came to the conclusion that it was not for this reason: after examining Curt’s miserable business record, no one would let him within a country mile of this school! He can stay in Rhode Island, take advice from those lousy Bryant kids, and keep failing start-ups. Still love ya though, Curt! ’04 made our childhoods! License to Steal A vehicular villain ransacked the Bentley community in the past couple of weeks, committing license plate larceny on April 6, 7, 8, and 12. On a couple of those days, our automotive assailant even stole multiple plates. This was not cool with the Bentley University Police Department, which sent out a campus-wide e-mail urging people to be on the lookout for our beguiling bandit. Through hard work, determination, and the magic of 21stcentury cameras, Bentley PD and Waltham PD were able to track down this cunning criminal. The plates were returned to their rightful owners, and

all Massachusetts folk were given the opportunity to resume their routine, life-threatening car rides. Freshman Puke Count We would now like to take the opportunity to disappoint our loyal readers by saying that next week will be The Vanguard’’s last issue of the semester. Therefore, we will never know what the FPC is during Spring Day weekend. Rest assured that it will be no higher than this week’s total of 6. Our freshmen are responsible creatures. They would never put themselves in a position to miss out on one of the best days of the year just because they want to consume copious quantities of alcohol while the sun is out. That would just be a shame. *Note from the Authors In the wake of Monday’s awful tragedy at the Boston Marathon, we would like to take this space to remind you to thank a police officer. These men and women—in Boston, Waltham, and on this very campus— are truly heroic and are deserving of our undying gratitude. Without their commitment and courage, we would all be worse off. Moreover, we can tell you from personal experience that they are genuinely great people. So, thank you officers everywhere. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Sean Harrington and Brian Shea Vanguard Staff

Judicial action Summary Editor-in-ChiEf Jeff Breault Managing Editor gEnEral ManagEr Lindsay Beauregard Brian Fuerst Copy Editor nEws Editor sports Editor CaMpus lifE Editor fEaturEs Editor BusinEss Editor photography Editor onlinE Editor dirECtor of produCtion dirECtor of advErtising JournalisM advisor studEnt lifE advisor

Ben Klein Lacey Nemergut Matt Gustus Zack O’Malley Kelsey Miller Jasper Huang Melisa Kocarslan Victoria Lin Meagan Kalpokis Kevin Laryea George Donnelly Nicole Chabot-Wieferich

FOr GeNeraL & CONtaCt INFOrMatION aBOut The Vanguard, PLease see PaGe 4.


total number of cases: total number of individuals involved (violators): number of individuals dismissed from responsibility: number of individuals admitting responsibility: number of individuals referred to Judicial Board: number of educational sanctions given: (includes referrals to alcohol Education) Cash total of fines given for the week: number of work sanctions assigned: number of students placed on warning: number of parental notifications: number of individuals put on residential probation: (Loss of 15 Housing Credits) number of individuals put on disciplinary probation: (Loss of 30 Housing Credits) number of individuals put on suspension (housing): number of individuals put on suspension (university): number of individuals expelled from university: Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

6 8 0 8 0 11 $100 0 2 3 2 0 0 0 0



ApRiL 18, 2013

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Falcon Awards honors community achievements By Brenna O’Connell FoRmER CAmpUs LiFE EDiToR

The Falcon Awards last Friday was a night filled with well-dressed Falcons celebrating all nominees of distinction and awarding the top students of excellence. With 16 awards given out and two slideshows–one honoring faculty, staff and advisors and another honoring all students–the night showcased the talents and service of Bentley University. After mingling and stepping into the photo booth, attendants were invited to sit for the start of the presentation of awards. The opening remarks echoed the theme of the night: we are all essential pieces for making Bentley the success that it is. The first award for Outstanding Program went to Residence Hall Association (RHA) for Breakfast by Moonlight (BBM). Brent Plough, residence director and presenter of the award, describe RHA as “continuing to be a driving force behind institutional change” with BBM being a “truly rewarding event bringing students together before finals.” The Rising Star Award, presented by Paul Stanish, honors a freshman. Emmanuel Adediran has made quite the name for himself in his first year at Bentley. Adediran serves

on the freshman class cabinet, performs as a varsity track athlete and will be a 2013 Orientation Leader. Bobbi-Lynn Anderson presented two Unsung Hero Awards to sophomore Mikaela Gillick, whose activities alone will stress you out. As a participant in the Women’s Leadership floor, Colleges against Cancer and U n d e r g r a d u a t e Ambassador, an RA and volunteer off campus in the community, Gillick still maintains a 3.75 GPA. The junior Unsung Hero award, presented by Lynne Johanson of the Service Learning Center, went to Molly Godfrey. Johanson describes Godfrey as a humble student that “does not look for any attention while leading by example.” Godfrey has dedicated two spring breaks to Habitat for Humanity and an entire year to City Year. On campus, she is an RA and active member of professional fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. The Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key is awarded every year to the student at the top of the graduating class. Presented by associate dean Dorothy Feldmann, with assistance from vice president of scholarship and awards for DSP, Alex Tamarro, Michael Hughes was honored. An accountancy

major, he will enroll in the MSIT program and work at Ernst & Young upon graduation. The Male Athlete of the Year was given to senior soccer player Weston Zeiner and presented by his coach, Gary Crompton, who literally could not say enough great things about this young man. Crompton described Zeiner as “one of the best college soccer players [he has] ever coached” in his twenty-five years in the sport. Zeiner is the most decorated player in the history of the Bentley University soccer program with athletic gifts and commitment to improvement. “It is every coach’s dream to have the best player also be the hardest working,” said Crompton. Barbara Stevens awarded the Female Athlete of the Year to senior basketball player Courtney Finn. Finn is “quiet by nature [and] led by example,” and Stevens describes the young lady as humble, selfless, team-oriented, highly skilled, competitive and self-motivated. Lai-Monte Hunter presented the Order of Omega Trailblazer Award to Carla Borrelli of Phi Sigma Sigma. Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for Greek organizations. Borrelli has maintained at least the minimum 3.5

Hughes, left, received the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. Kathryn Burgner, right, accepted the Organization of the Year Award on behalf of Her Campus.


Deneen, Shea and Sok proudly display the Falcon Awards they received Friday.

GPA and been instrumental in the revival of Bentley’s Beta Nu chapter. A tribute to the faculty, staff and advisors reminded us that they too are essential pieces of our success as students and as an institution. The Diversity, Education, Advocacy and Respect Award (D.E.A.R.), presented by Ron Ardizzone, was given to Tammie Vicente, who has made “tectonic shifts on this campus” particularly in the LGBTQ and Ally community, working hard to “help free some minds on campus.” Additionally, Vicente has worked tirelessly to bring fourth credit options to courses. The David A. Fedo Award recognizes contributions to the arts and sciences. Juliet Gainsborough describes the recipient, Allison Kane, as a “leader, budding entrepreneur, and one of the most fascinating people to work with.” The Breaking the Mold Award is a new award and was given by Adam Payne to Brian Shea. Shea has “creative ideas, innovative actions and out-of-the-box thinking” and is described simply by the word “epic.” Although not knowing Chuck Norris personally, Shea is a social media genius, initiating #BChat which highlighted the positive things on campus. The Edward J. Powers Scholar Athlete Award was presented to varsity golfer Matt Michel by his coach, Michael Herron. Describing the team as “operating in the shadows,” Herron shed some light on the successes of the team and of Michel himself. Because of the individual nature of the


sport, Herron tells his players to “win the tournament for yourself and the team will take care of itself,” and with the improvements that Michel made in three years, this award was well-deserved. The Organization of the Year Award was given to Her Campus, which promotes a sense of community. Recently established at Bentley, the organization has worked hard and gained footing in the top seven Her Campus spots in the country. The Outstanding Involvement Award went to Patrick Rielly, for whom his peers have so much respect and in whom they place so much trust. President of RHA and Falcon Society inductee as a junior, Rielly has also done a lot of work with Class Cabinet and was a key player in bringing GrooveBoston to campus with CAB. The Dean’s Award was presented by Dean Shepardson himself to the “insightful, dynamic, and dependable” Desiree Daniels. A member of Delta Sigma Theta, Daniels is “all about making a difference.” Finally, the Dr. Kathleen Yorkis Significant Contribution to the Community Award was given to Kim Sok. Everyone knows him as the humble, kindest, friendliest student that puts others first. Presenter Gerri Taylor described his ability to lift anyone’s spirits just by smiling and saying hi to everyone. With a serious work ethic, Taylor hit the nail on the head that Sok will be “remembered by all that meet him.”

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aPriL 18, 2013


the Vanguard

Quotes of the Week

*The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

Letter from the editor What is essential is invisible to the eye When tragedy strikes it is expected that many will be sad, angry and confused. What is not always expected is the immense sense of pride, unity and strength that a community can convey in the aftermath of tragedy. It has been humbling to watch the Boston community come together in the aftermath of the events at the Marathon on Monday. While some people may be quick to continue to lose faith in humanity, there are plenty of examples of heroes to remind us that there is still hope. I consider Boston my second home—growing up in New Hampshire, Boston was the only city I knew until I was a teen. I am proud to attend college near such a great city and know that I will always consider Boston home. President Obama correctly identified the shining characteristics of Bostonians in his speech on Monday. “Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people. I’m supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other, and move forward as one proud city.” I could not think of a better way to phrase the way Bostonians

think. We have pride in our city—a sort of pride that can only be strengthened by horrific and unimaginable events. The Bentley community has also proven to be such a supportive network as we try to make sense of the events. Students and staff alike have been checking in, making sure that people are safe and emotionally stable. Bentley quickly rallied to assure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff. RA’s checked in with residents, organization presidents were tracking down their members, the Residential Center opened its doors to students and staff to offer a place to talk and a brief service was held in the Sacred Space on Tuesday to remember the victims. But one thing that we cannot forget is that this sense of community is always present. One of my friends that was at the Marathon so eloquently described this, “…for people who say that tragedy shouldn’t be the only thing that brings people together, if you were in Boston today you know that isn’t true. People in this city truly have a sense of community which was shown by the fact that everyone I

was standing with was talking and laughing together, even though no one knew each other. Even though today was unreal and absolutely horrible, I am proud of my city and the way everyone sticks together.” Although it may not always be identifiable in our day to day lives, Bentley always has this sense of support and unity. We have many resources on campus that are always concerned for our best interests. It is undeniable that it will take a while to make sense of this tragedy and get the answers to all the questions that remain unanswered. If you continue to have trouble dealing with this, know that Bentley and the surrounding community is right there with you seeking the same answers. On behalf of The Vanguard, I offer my condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of those who lost their lives and those who were injured in the attack on Monday. Be tough. Be resilient. Be strong. Be Boston. Bentley ♥. Jeff Breault Editor In Chief

PubLication information The Vanguard is the student newspaper of Bentley University. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration; Bentley University is not responsible for statements herein. The Vanguard is published every Thursday of the academic year, excluding examination periods and holiday breaks. It is distributed free to all students, faculty, and staff of Bentley University. The Vanguard is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee, but relies on advertising revenue to cover the majority of its costs. Advertising rates are available upon request at (781) 891-3497. Circulation is 3,000 copies. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement; only publication of an ad constitutes final acceptance of the offer to advertise. We reserve the right to edit all copy for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, libel and length. The Vanguard Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center, inside the Bentley Bubble office complex. Mailing address: The Vanguard, Bentley University, 310M1 Student Center, 385 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Phone: (781) 891-2912. E-mail:

“People are much more forgiving of errors relating to sex than those relating to money.” -Mitchell Moss, a political analyst and professor at NYU discussing Anthony Weiner’s political comeback. “As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not the president.” -Francine Wheeler, mother of 6-year-old Ben Wheeler, who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Wheeler delivered the White House’s weekly address this week.

Letter to the editor Bentley’s most important asset is its academic reputation. A strong academic reputation is difficult to achieve. It is created over a long period of time by a distinguished faculty, high academic standards, and excellent facilities. It cannot be created by brand advertising. The decision to establish a Bentley brand campaign is disappointing. The “brand positioning statement” that was developed, after comprehensive research, is embarrassingly inept. Brand advertising, in an academic environment, will be superficial and ineffective. It will also be expensive. According to the Bentley web site, there will be a “phased rollout in stages” of

the Bentley brand campaign that “builds over a three year period”. Unfortunately, it will use financial resources that could otherwise be used for academic purposes—financial aid, graduate fellowships and academic support for the faculty. The brand campaign will actually be counterproductive. It is based on the idea that perception (created by brand advertising) is more important than reality (high academic standards). In the long run, it will diminish the reputation of Bentley University in the academic world. Sincerely yours, Lennart A. Johnson, ‘72

Disclaimer: The opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.

the VaNguard

CaMpus Life

aPriL 18, 2013

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Dresses to Dreams helps community prepare for prom By Lacey Nemergut News editor

On Saturday, April 13, Bentley University’s Dresses to Dreams, formerly known as the Enchanted Closet, continued its two-year legacy, donating prom dresses to those who can’t afford them. Twenty junior and senior high school girls attended the event, thrilled by the opportunity to try on and take home a dress. “With the cost of prom constantly increasing, Dresses to Dreams aims to provide local junior and senior high school girls with prom gowns and accessories for their special formal,” said junior Lindsey Murphy. “In addition to this, these girls also attend several workshops during the event on inner beauty, success after high school and prom tips.” “There is a certain joy that comes from helping someone,” said co-chair junior

Dresses to Dreams, now in its second year, provides local girls with prom dresses. Workshops are also given to teach the girls about career success and inner beauty.

Jennifer Cyprien. “There was a two-tone dress that I immediately fell in love with and when I saw it on this one girl, it was an amazing moment as if the dress was made for her.” The primary goal, in addi-

tion to the physical dress, is to help provide young women with a memorable and positive prom experience at a pivotal time in their lives. “I believe that every girl should be beautiful for their

Courtesy of Lindsey murphy

prom,” said Cyprien. HerCampus led a panel focused on what to expect in life after high school. Delta Sigma Pi conducted another workshop on basic tips for achieving a successful career.

Efforts prior to the event included extensive outreach to local high schools about the event. Though previous years saw attendance of nearly 70 young girls, the Dresses to Dreams team is currently working to accomplish an attendance of nearly 100 girls. “Watching the girls try on the dresses and find one they love is my favorite part of the event,” said Murphy. “It is the reason I have been involved with it for the past years. You get to see how much it means to them to have an opportunity like this and no matter the size, I know we’ve made an impact somehow.” “Seeing their faces light up when they find a dress and hearing how grateful they are is such a good feeling, and we hope that Dresses to Dreams will continue to be an important program at Bentley,” said cochair senior Victoria Newell.

BMA helps make Bentley brand “strongr with pongr” By Zack O’Malley CamPus Life editor

On March 19, the Bentley Marketing Association launched a campus-wide marketing campaign, partnering with a local photo-marketing startup, Pongr, to bring awareness to the new Bentley brand. Following the Bentley marketing department’s recent rebranding efforts, the BMA’s goal was to get students excited about the new image and to hopefully add strength to the brand. Though still in its infancy, the most recent re-branding effort has been met with confusion, criticism and disapproval by Bentley undergraduates and alumni alike. However, at the BMA launch event, many students actively expressed their approval, citing the ability to showcase their favorite parts of “the real Bentley” through their own photos. During the launch event in the Back Bay, the BMA eboard was busy giving away 400 t-shirts to interested students. A clever slogan was placed on the front of the dark

blue shirt reading, “Make it Strongr with Pongr” along with the image of a barbell. The back of the shirt read “#bspirit” along with the new Bentley logo. “We thought the t-shirts that were being given away at sporting events were all pretty similar and we wanted something that was catchy and would attract all Bentley students. We really put a lot of thought into them,” explained BMA president Karina Ripps. But you can only build so much brand awareness with free t-shirts, so with the help of Pongr, the BMA found a way to give all Bentley students more free stuff. For clarification, Pongr is a new photosharing service much like Instagram and Pinterest, but with one unique identifier: branding. As a “photo-marketing” company, Pongr attempts to connect photos of places and products with the brands that may be interested in or associated with the image represented. Always ahead of the curve, Bentley is the first college or university that Pongr has part-

nered with. Pretty darn nimble. Together with Bentley chief marketing officer David Perry and Mike Loftus, senior director of brand accounts at Pongr, the BMA team spent weeks developing and planning a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at Bentley students. Since March 19, the team has been running weekly photo competitions on Pongr each with their own unique hashtag theme. These are based upon each of the words found in the new Bentley brand as well as one developed by the BMA:

#bsmart, #bnimble, #bcompassionate, #bprepared and #bspirit. For example, during the first week, participants were asked to take provide a creative photo that most accurately represented the tag #bprepared. Students can then upload their photo using the iPhone or Android app and “tag” Bentley in each photo. Each entry is judged by its creativity as well as the number of “loves” it received from other participants on Pongr. The overall winner each week is awarded a gift basket of Bentley gear from the bookstore, full of items associated with the theme of

the week. Four other student winners are chosen each week to receive an item from the gift basket each week. This week’s competition, ending on Sunday, asks students to take a creative picture at any Bentley sporting event, with the hashtag #bspirit, to show their school pride. The final week of competition, April 22-28, is based upon the highest point total overall acquired during the four weeks of the competition. Points are determined by the number of photo uploads, photo “loves” received, as well as any shared updates on Facebook or Twitter.

The attorneys who taught our classes were extremely knowledgeable about their specific areas of law. I made some connections among the faculty, broadened my understanding of law, and gained a better footing in my field.” — SHANNON HOGAN, BU certificate awarded 2011

Program in


Intensive summer program starts June 3.

To reserve a seat, please scan the code, visit our website, or call. | 866-633-9370 Courtesy of Pongr

An equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.

Wednesday, May 1, 6 p.m. 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 222, Boston

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CaMpus Life

apriL 18, 2013

the Vanguard

Consent Day a resounding success; growing in popularity By Zack O’Malley Campus Life editor

As it turns out, walking around campus in a bright aqua colored t-shirt will get you a lot of attention. Having donned the official Consent Day shirt after participating, I noticed the murmurs around me asking, “What is Consent Day?” Basically, Consent Day is an event that makes a number of topics accessible that people otherwise might not be comfortable talking about. Based upon a partnership between the Residential Center and the Center for Health and Wellness, the event focuses on the importance of sexual consent and how to incorporate it into relationships today. Consent Day poses a number of important questions to Bentley students including: What does a healthy relationship look like? How do you talk to a partner when you’re in a relationship? How do you ask someone for consent? What does consent mean? Essentially the goal of the event is to help educate students on how to answer these questions for themselves. The event itself consists of a number of tables running games and activities with a subtle academic twist to promote the value of consent. In all, 23 student organizations were represented at the event manning the various tables and activities. If participating students successfully completed eight of the activities and received a completion

Consent Day makes a number of topics accessible that people otherwise might not be comfortable talking about.

stamp for each, they received the bright blue shirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Keep Calm and Talk First.” From the moment the doors opened at 2:30 p.m., until they closed around 6:00 p.m., the Back Bay was flooded with students taking part in the entertaining activities including Twister. And while everyone would have loved to have the event outside on the green space, the weather simply wouldn’t cooperate that day. Despite this, the event still managed to bring in approximately 400 Bentley students. The structure and planning process for the day has remained much the same over the five years with a continual increase of student involvement. The planning committee, co-chaired by Jessica Greertrow from the Health and Wellness Office and Justin Woodward of the Residence Life Office, was composed of a diverse group of 20 nominated students with varying class

Completion of eight games with an academic twist is rewarded with a t-shirt.

Courtesy of

levels and levels of involvement on campus. Unlike in previous years, a number of firstyear students were asked to sit on the committee this year. Mr. Woodward expressed how proud he was of the students saying, “I’d like to give tremendous props to the student committee that really challenged us to freshen up the day. We couldn’t even incorporate everything they came up with this year.” For this, the Fifth

Courtesy of

Annual Consent Day, the committee decided to freshen up the event with a series of new games and activities for participants to enjoy. In addition to improving the activities available at the event, the committee placed a renewed focus on the marketing of the event to Bentley students, increasing their utilization of Facebook and other social media. Especially well-timed following the Consent Day festivities, the Bentley

Women’s Center held their annual “Take Back the Night” event later that night, an empowering occasion where those impacted by sexual assault can reflect and discuss their experiences. The event culminated in a walk around campus where students lit glow sticks in support of sexual assault victims. Professor Traci Abbott, who attended Consent Day representing the Gender Studies minor program, offered insight into how the two events tie together and share a common goal: “Bentley students are unfortunately victimized every semester, yet most are not clear about what constitutes sexual assault, how drugs and alcohol may play a role, or how they can effectively combat it. Consent Day provides information which corrects common misperceptions about the topic along with practical skills about communication and relationships that are useful in many facets of their life.”


the Vanguard

aPril 18, 2013

Page 7

The Exit Planning Exchange Summit comes to Bentley on May 3rd

The Boston Summit, XPX’s largest event, will attract more than 150 attendees and 23 speakers.

By Jasper Huang Business editor

The Exit Planning Exchange annual Summit is to be held at Bentley on May 3. The Exit Planning Exchange, or XPX, is rooted in Boston “where a group of advisors began holding meetings in 2006,” according to their website. Similar to a “fraternity” of business professionals, XPX has chapters spread from coast to coast in the continental United States and seeks to “unlock the collaborative potential of the team of trusted advisors to a business owner” in order to “create sustainable and transferable value in [a business’]

Courtesy of XPX

enterprise and achieve a well-prepared and successful exit.” In order to achieve their goals, “XPX chapters create communities of trusted advisors to privately-held companies and their owners.” XPX members consist of accountants, attorneys, coaches, consultants, insurance, M&A, and wealth management professionals, creating “a collegial and collaborative environment.” The general setup of XPX programs is offered as breakfasts followed by presentations, and networking with drinks. The annual Boston Summit, XPX’s biggest event, is going to be held at Bentley this year and accord-

ing to XPX’s dedicated spokesperson Nettie Nitzberg from WOW! Transformations, this year’s Summit will draw more than 150 attendees with 23 speakers. Attendees will be flying in from XPX chapters in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Tampa and, of course, the locals in Boston to attend this event. Speakers and panelists will be coming from as far as California. This year, the topic of the XPX Summit is “the art and science of collaborative innovation.” This year, the XPX Summit will promptly begin at 7:15 a.m. with registration, networking and a continental breakfast. A completely packed schedule will see the event run all the way to 6:30 p.m. with a women’s panel, keynotes, breakout sessions and something of particular interest… the Genius Talks! The XPX Genius Talks are talks in which nine presenters were competitively selected to give 15-minute high-impact presentations to the audience and a panel of judges with format of the talks being similar to the popular TED Talks. The top three presenters will be chosen to repeat their talk to compete for the Genius Award given later in the day. The presenters will be rated on topic relevance, presentation creativity, topic passion and mastery of their materi-

al. According to the XPX Genius description page on their website, “our Genius presenters will challenge and inspire the audience to have a bigger impact on their clients and the professional teams they serve on. This creative and interactive platform will be fun, informative and loaded with great ideas.” On May 3, the XPX Summit will be held here at Bentley and although it is still a few weeks away, students can sign up to be a student ambassador to help facilitate the event, answer questions and to help create a professional and engaging experience for the 2013 XPX

Summit. Any students that would like to become an ambassador for the XPX Summit can get in touch with Larry Girouard at Aside from being a volunteer ambassador, any student that would like to participate in the XPX Summit as an attendee can register for a fee of $299. You can get in touch with Donna Powell, the executive assistant in charge of registration for the Summit at To find out more about the Summit and Exit Planning Exchange you can visit their website at www.ExitPlanningExchange .com.

XPX aims to help business enterprises achieve well-prepared and successful exits.

Courtesy of XPX

Super fast Wi-Fi to open new doors for business consumers New Wi-Fi standard expected to triple speeds and improve the consistency of the old standard

The new 802.11ac Wi-Fi will be standard later this year, allowing for significantly faster Wi-Fi speeds.

By Jasper Huang Business editor

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity is becoming more and more widespread and common by the day. It used to be that only key business hubs and areas of dense traffic had WiFi hotspots. Even then, many of these hotspots required consumers to sign onto a paid plan to get Wi-Fi use.

Nowadays, almost all public places from airports to your local Starbucks or McDonald’s offer Wi-Fi and more and more places are offering this service for free. To those unfamiliar with the technical jargon, Wi-Fi has gone through many revisions. As the universal standard for ‘wirelessly’ connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi is currently in its fourth

release, dubbed 802.11n. Later this year, however, a new standard called 802.11ac will come to market. It is claimed that the new standard will be able to triple the speeds of 802.11n Wi-Fi, allowing consumers to download entire TV show seasons in a minute. Despite the promising benefits of this increased speed, Internet service providers (ISPs) will be hard pressed to profit on this new technology in the near future. The problem isn’t with whether or not ISPs can provide the speeds of 802.11ac, but in the cabling running between ISPs and their customers. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the high cost of investing in new network equipment–which in most cases includes digging new routes for high-capacity fiberoptic cable–forces most Internet service providers to limit data speeds.” Even though speed limits may crop up because of old cable infrastructure to consumer homes, the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi may still prove beneficial to consumers

and businesses, especially to consumers that use the new standard in densely populated areas. The new wireless standard will operate on a band of the radio spectrum that is much less crowded than the frequencies that all other iterations of 802.11 releases use. This will allow 802.11ac to be a much more stable and consistent wireless standard, enabling it to cut through all types of interference from microwaves to smartphones and other wireless enabled devices. Because of 802.11ac’s ability to successfully dodge interference from most wireless devices, businesses operating in cities and large office buildings will likely be early adopters of 802.11ac. Even though the committee that puts together the official rules and standards of new Wi-Fi iterations has not published the official rules, plenty of hardware manufacturers are already rolling out products or are planning products that will already be 802.11ac compatible. Samsung’s new Galaxy

S4 smartphone and HTC’s One smartphone, as well as some routers and high-performance computers, are already sporting 802.11ac ready wireless chips. Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin said, “by the end of 2014, pretty much every tablet you can buy will have ac built into them.” In the consumer market, the new 802.11ac wireless standard will give product manufacturers another front to compete on as they try to best competitors with 802.11ac capability and advertised wireless speeds. Bruce Kraemer, Chief of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provided an interesting take on this new competitive “edge.” Although product manufacturers use tall numbers to grab the attention of non-tech-savvy consumers, consumers will rarely see those types of performance figures in everyday use. Kraemer likened wireless speeds to sports cars and said, “How often do you drive [a sports car] 175 miles per hour? Once, maybe.”

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aPril 18, 2013

the Vanguard

Student’s guide to procrastination


By Meghan Ryan Vanguard Staff

“if you could recommend any class to a freshman, what would it be?” stEPhaniE taRPEy Class oF 2016 aCCountanCy “GLS 100 - American Politics.”

ConnoR FRol Class oF 2016 EConoMiCs-FinanCE “HI 334 - History of the Soviet Union.”

Ryan KusChMan Class oF 2016 FinanCE “GLS 114 - Cross C u l t u r a l Understanding.”

PERRy Zang Class oF 2015 FinanCE “HI 349 - Cultural History.”

As Bentley gets closer to the end of the year, tests, projects and presentations are taking up more of students’ lives. Many students are pulling allnighters; spending endless time completing serious and important tasks. Sleep-deprivation, stress and irritability are rampant among students around this time of year, causing an epidemic on campus. To combat this mental drain, students can turn to the Internet to provide some much-needed distraction. One of the most notable places to begin one’s web surfing would be, the self-proclaimed, “front page of the Internet.” As rated and submitted by users, this site provides a compilation of news stories, memes and discussion boards that are organized by users. is also a good starting point, posting a few videos, pictures and news stories each day that sum up the day’s biggest stories. also offers many list-oriented articles on humorous topics. Social media is another popular place students turn to for their distractions. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, etc. are constantly being updated and have a virtually unlimited supply of posts, pictures and videos to help pass the time. They are also quite popular as students can find pages that are directly of interest to them. Bentley students in particular might find the Bentley Compliments and Bentley Crushes pages particularly amusing. For those students who wish to feel more productive with their social media habits, LinkedIn and WordPress might fit the bill. LinkedIn can help students network with professionals and experts in their favorite industries, upload their resumes and discuss major issues in their chosen fields. WordPress, on the other hand, is a blogging website on which users can follow professional and amateur writers as they discuss every topic from food to economic recessions. provides news stories, memes and discussion boards for your perusal.

Less productive internet surfing can be done on websites such as,, and, websites that provide compilations of the top memes and comics of the day. in particular is useful for Internet surfing purposes, as it is linked to many other popular meme websites including, a site specifically dedicated to memes and rage comics, ROFLrazzi, a site that features celebrities and media memes, and FAIL Blog, a website dedicated to pictures and GIF images of situations that turn out unfavorably for very unfortunate individuals. Like FAIL Blog, (F*&! My Life) also tells the stories of unlucky individuals, and is a very addictive website for procrastinators. is made up of brief user submitted statements of unhappy and sometimes funny situations of people from all over the world. For those not interested in stories of woe, and (My Life is Good) feature similar content, but with a more upbeat spin. Texts From Last Night is a site with user-submitted text messages. Students who are experiencing some frustrations with their classes can find solace in, a website where users submit their stories of funny and frustrating situations at schools and colleges. The creators of notal-

RaManviR saini Class oF 2016 EConoMiCs-FinanCE “GLS 105 Comparative Politics.”

By Corinne Kelly PhotograPhy Staff is an entertaining option for procrastination.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of are also responsible for similar stories on (which specializes in relationship stories), (which specializes in stories about families) and and (which both specialize in stories about retail and work scenarios). These sites have stories dating as far back as 2007, providing for hours of entertainment for eager procrastinators. Online games are also very useful in helping students to procrastinate. features multiple types of games, virtually every type from puzzles to racing games, to suit procrastinators’ needs. is also a very rewarding games site—though it requires students to sign up before playing, it features a number of brainteasers that are often geared towards college students. Another perk of signing up for DailyBreak is the fact that users can accumulate points from playing games, which can then be accumulated and transferred toward raffles and auctions that can result in many realworld prizes. is another fun games site— where players can quiz themselves in categories ranging from vocabulary to math and win grains of rice that are distributed through the World Food Programme. To many students, procrastination is paramount to disgrace. These students might find the above suggestions very unhelpful, and might be seeking to decrease their web surfing habits. To these diligent scholars, the new feature StayFocused may be helpful. This program is an add-on to the Google Chrome toolbar, and can be customized so students can limit how much time they spend on specific websites, before the program blocks them for the rest of the day. However, may provide a well-needed but educational break from studying. Best of luck with the final weeks of classes and finals; enjoy your time surfing the net!


the Vanguard

april 18, 2013

page 9

The Comedy Studio delivers laughs, food and fair prices By Kelsey Miller Features editor

The CAB Comedy Committee visited the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square on Sunday to celebrate another great year of comedy shows (which included Whose Line is it Anyway? and Jay Pharoah). The Comedy Studio immediately sets itself apart from other stand-up establishments with its unique location. The club is located in the attic of the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, which is situated right next door to the famous Mr. Bartley’s burger joint. The Comedy Studio shrewdly caters to its audience by offering a selection of food from the restaurant below that is delivered up to the audience members. The Comedy Studio was created 17 years ago when a group of comedians wanted to put a creative spin on a comedy club. They decided to create the Comedy Studio, which offers opportunities for up-and-coming comedians to hone their craft as well as a venue for wellknown comedians to step outside the box. With six shows a week, it provides more than enough opportunities for comedians to get in the practice time they need. The place got its start by

offering Sunday night shows, featuring little-known or completely new comics. Rick Jenkins, Thom Brown and Jim DeCroteau lent their considerable talents to find and cultivate new talent, and eventually the place was fully booked during the weekends. Part of their initial success was due to D.J. Hazard’s willingness to headline to small audiences in the early days. The Comedy Studio has seen the “graduation” of many performers to mainstream comedy, with comedians such as Louis C.K. and Mike Birbiglia. Of course, with many famous comedians such as Steve Carell, Jay Leno, Dane Cook, Amy Poehler and Conan O’Brien hailing from the Boston area, it is no surprise that such considerable comedians are linked to the Comedy Studio. Perhaps one of the greatest parts about the Comedy Studio is its reasonable prices. Audience members can expect to see a show on Tuesdays through Sundays. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, one can expect to be allowed in for a mere $10, while on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the price increases by only two dollars. Such prices are easily affordable for most people, perfect for an evening in Harvard Square.

Courtesy of

For just $10 to $12, the Comedy Studio offers a set of about a dozen five minute performances, each by a different comedian.

Each month, the Comedy Studio features a comedian it believes will make it big, and that person opens each show for that month. Additionally, they pick a local charity each month, and all donations made go entirely to the charity (donators also receive a calendar featuring each artist of the month). This month the artist in residence is Christine An, a woman who delivers her humor, often

about relationships, in a deadpan, sarcastic manner, a very sly and subtle sort of humor. The charity of the month is the Cambridge Community Center. Bentley’s CAB Comedy Committee had the opportunity to see five minute performances by around 12 comedians. The variety of the group was astounding; some of the comedians included over thirty year old males, an Arab boy who just

couldn’t understand his Japanese girlfriend, a halfJapanese, half-Irish middleaged woman who hates children and “a slightly slimmer Adele.” The inexpensive price, combined with delicious Chinese food and two hours of great comedy, made for the perfect combination for the committee, and a great way to end the year.

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- Starting May 20th and July 8th -

Visit and register for classes TODAY! MassBayCommunityCollege


Wellesley Hills Campus

Framingham Campus

Ashland Technology Center


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aPril 18, 2013

the VaNguard

Everyone’s a winner: No competition for student leader positions By Lacey Nemergut News editor

Student government organizations, a vital part of campus life at Bentley University, have had a shocking number of uncontested elections for leadership roles this semester. With all e-board positions uncontested in Student Government Association (SGA), the Allocation and Internal Audit Committee (AIA), all Class Cabinets, and Association of Bentley Activities (ABA), the university is seeing a significant lack of competition. “Since I got here in 2008, interest in student government positions has always been low,” said Jessica Kenerson, assistant director of student affairs. “The institution that I came from had students contesting every elected position, which infused great energy into the campus and demonstrated the commitment and investment students had in their community. I am surprised that the competitiveness of business school students wouldn’t have carried over into the election process and am unsure as to why it has-

n’t.” AIA requires a year of experience with the organization before a candidate is qualified to run for an elected position. “AIA is very much a technical board, governed by policy and precedented which the President should be fairly well versed in to be able to effectively lead the rest of AIA,” said Tim Dean, current president of AIA. “Within AIA, it is generally known prior to elections who plans to run for the President position, and for whatever reasons, the other eligible candidates have decided that that individual is best suited to run AIA as President.” SGA, in a similar situation with uncontested positions, suggests different student reasoning. “I have heard from a few students in SGA that its not that they were not interest but that the elections came up quickly and they could not add another thing to their plate right now,” said Doreen Floyd, associate dean of student affairs. “They have indicated that they plan on applying through committee apps next year.” With significant impact on

campus life, AIA and SGA and constantly involved in events and university operations. “I think that the low turnout affects organizations because on one hand students will complain or question policies and yet on the other hand they won’t be part of the process to change things,” said Kenerson. “It’s also difficult for organizations to function and hold votes when there are many empty positions.” For future efforts, both Kenerson and Floyd agree that increased student involvement could leave a positive impact on campus. “This is a great question for students to debate- how to encourage more civic engagement in the governing orgs- what would help? What gets in the way? Unless you understand if there is a problem and what that problem is, it is difficult to know how to address it,” said Floyd. “I hope there will be initiatives to raise interest in the future,” said Kenerson. “I know that the Elections Committee has tried various campaigns to increase interest, and hopefully, they will continue this effort.”

2013-2014 Student Leader eLeCtion reSuLtS Student Government association Morgan Kruegler, President Andrew Sartorelli, Executive Vice President Anish Joshi, Executive of Internal Affairs Bernadette Hopen, Senator Noah Kligerman, Senator Amos Page, Senator Corey Polom, Senator Taylor Spang, Senator association of Bentley activities Madhumita Narayan, President Sophia Sirage, Vice President of Organization Recognition Andrew Kusmi, Vice President of External Affairs allocation and internal audit Greg Zito, President Lauren Arbeiter, Liaison Thomas Baxter, Liaison Matthew Buck, Liaison Meagan Costello, Liaison Annelise Hansen, Liaison Thomas Hart, Liaison Isabella Sampaio, Liaison Sagar Shah, Liaison Junior Class Cabinet Justine Andrews Emily Jang Mary Meas Sophia Sirage

Senior Class Cabinet Jeff Breault Thomas Diorio Jessica Hughes Brian Shea Samantha St. George

We are looking for News writers, Campus Life writers, production staff, & event photographers. No experience needed!



the VanGuard

Notes from Abroad Question: “What will you miss most about being abroad?”

By Nate Marchand BarCelona, spain

I always have liked experiencing new things and I don’t mean a Seasons’ surprise or leaving out a different door of Jennison every day of the week. In the context of studying abroad, there are many new experiences,

april 18, 2013 but none as refreshing as traveling whether it be within Barcelona, Spain or Europe. The people I have met, the foods I have tried and the famous landmarks as well as the hidden gems that I have discovered have made my semester abroad complete. As I write this from my hos-

tel in Lisbon with three cities ahead of me, I can’t believe that I’ll be back in the Granite State in ten days. I’ll miss traveling with Stavan and Yasheel even though they relentlessly pick on me, but it’s a two-way street. I’ll also miss the chocolate filled croissants for one euro in the school cafeteria.

Courtesy of

(From left) Marchand with Rashil Bhansali, Stavan Mehta and Yasheel Parikh in the Canary Islands.

By Alyssa Landolt Gold Coast, australia

It’s very hard to just pick one thing that I’ll miss about being abroad, so I’ll pick a handful! First and foremost, definitely the people I have gotten to know here. I will miss them very much; even though I plan to see many of them again, I’m going to miss seeing everyone in one place and traveling with them. Tr a v e l i n g o f c o u r s e i s another biggie and I do hope this “travel bug” from being

Gold Coast, Australia.

abroad stays with me when I come home. The ease of traveling and the ability to get on a bus to the beach or hop on a plane and take a 34 day vacation has been pretty surreal. Australia is an amazing country and I wish I had another 4 months to explore more of the country. While I’m excited to get back into a routine and pick up where I left off (with a completely new perspective on life, of course), taking a step back from a majority of my responsibilities has been

The International Report: The Global Economy’s Meeting of Minds The semiannual Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group is to be held this weekend. The meeting will bring policymakers, development experts, journalists and a wide range of other stakeholders to Washington D.C. to discuss everything and anything that affects the world economy and global development. The millions of words that will be spoken at the meetings, workshops and press conferences will address issues from the possible creation of a BRICS bank to the costs and effects of global warming to the economies of the world. Some issues will garner more article inches than others due to either their flashiness, relevance to current news stories or the volume levels of their spokespersons. The ‘imperialist’ nature of the West and the fundamentally flawed nature of operations of the headlining acts of the Spring Meetings are two issues that will be vigorously spoken about at the event. The recent agreement in principle of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South

Africa (BRICS) to create and develop infrastructure bank to provide funds for ‘developing’ countries means that these long held aforementioned beliefs are now being addressed with actions. This also means that pressure to reform the leadership structure and operations of the IMF and World Bank by many experts and world leaders will only increase. This means they will have to be taken more seriously by the powers that be in these institutions. Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, recently stated that there is currently a ‘three speed’ global economy. This refers to her belief that some countries are experiencing strong to significant economic growth, others are moving along slowly but steadily whilst others are still finding it difficult to escape the black hole that was the global financial crisis. Some Latin American countries, most of East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are in the driver’s seat of this economic hierarchy. Next we find the USA and some small population OECD countries

like Switzerland. The back seat is taken up by mostly European countries but also the world’s third largest economy, Japan. Ensuring that this disparity amongst regions does not jeopardize global economic growth due to different economic situations is a key issue which the IMF and World Bank can effectively address. Fundamental, strong and effective reforms of the financial sector which one would have naively expected to have commenced and achieved are also on the

agenda. The Spring Meeting will also serve as a setting in which individual countries can discuss the deals they want or have done with the IMF and other international institutions or countries. The situations that immediately come to mind are Egypt’s difficult talks with the IMF over a $4.8 billion loan and Jamaica’s recent loan agreement with the IMF worth nearly $1billion over the course of four years. Inequality and global poverty are the issues which

paGe 11

refreshing. It has allowed for much more time to focus on myself, to find other things that are really important to me and to realize that I have enough control over my life to make my own decisions. Finally, a few more things I’ll miss are the yogurt parfaits, the Hub, free washer and dryer, free housecleaning, the overall relaxed nature of Australia, people saying “no worries” instead of “you’re welcome” and the fact that it is socially acceptable not to wear shoes to class.

By Kevin D. Laryea many hope the meeting can make substantial material progress on. The 2030 target set by World Bank head, Jim Yong Kim, of ending extreme poverty is all well and good but the history of target setting and target failure in these grand statements by leaders should make observers quite skeptical unless significant change is seen soon. Significant efforts and changes must begin in the American capital, history tells us crossed fingers and toes probably won’t be enough.

World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C. will host the semiannual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group this weekend.

Courtesy of

page 12


april 18, 2013

HoroSCopeS By Vanguard Staff

Internet Celebrities

THe Vanguard

By Dan Binder-Brantley

Aries (March 21-April 19)

See if you can top your previous record for productivity or miles run or some other big thing -- it won't be as hard as you think.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

All this week you’ll encounter chances to impress your friends. Be careful.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Discussion, long conversations and brainstorming are all perfect activities for your mental state this week.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

People will try to get you down this week, but remember why you’re special and you can overcome their negative thoughts.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Anyone who tries to confront you this week will do so under the worst possible circumstances. Try to see it from their perspective in order to resolve the issue peacefully.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

No one likes a sad panda, so cheer up and have a good time. Before you know it, you’ll be back in school.


In an attempt to move away from my one true love–dog related videos–I deliberately searched for videos not relating to the furry angels. The first good find I had was a video titled “How Animals Eat Their Food” by user MisterEpicMann. In one week it has amassed 33 million views and is showing no signs of stopping – I’m sure by the time you read this it will be well over 50 million. S o w h a t ’s a l l t h e f u s s about? Well, really it’s just one college student making a fool of himself by replicating the silly eating habits of animals in an exaggerated manner. Whether it be slamming his head into a plate of g r a s s b e c a u s e h i s T- R e x arms are too short to reach the food or outright annihilating the entire table as a rhinoceros plowing into his meal, this gentleman is likely to leave you chuckling. The video will almost certainly result in some TV time on the Ellen show in two months when she discovers the “newly trending sensation” that is this wonderful video. But here’s my issue with the video: There are two guys in this video, but one doesn’t do anything at all. He just sits there eating calmly with absolutely zero emotion on his face. His role could be filled by absolutely

The antics in “How Animals Eat Their Food” are sure to make you chuckle.

anyone, anywhere and yet he’s already on his way to fame and fortune. Things like this make me wonder why I don’t know cooler people. I deserve to be famous without doing anything special just like this kid. I now want to make a public service announcement in an attempt to help my readers avoid falling out of the loop. Psy has a new single. It’s called “Gentleman M/V” and it has 63 million views after two days. I bet by Thursday’s Vanguard release it will be well over 100 million. Do you really

want to be THAT guy that hasn’t seen his video almost a week after its release? You might as well throw in the towel now and give up technology in favor of a life of hermitage in Maine. At least you’ll find company there. Regarding the video, it’s good and it will be popular. Scenes to note include Psy objectifying women, stealing from children and thrusting with oversized pants on. Couple these antics with his track record of America-hating K-pop lyrics and we have ourselves a true global celebrity folks. I can’t think

Courtesy of

of a better role model for all the young ones out there. It is also worth noting that I’ve already watched the video twice and after writing that last paragraph I instantly find myself wanting to watch it again. But I won’t, and if you find yourself feeling the same way as I do, you shouldn’t either. You and I both know you’re going to hear this song at least 464 more times this semester and you may as well delay your inevitable hatred of the song as long as possible. Shouts to @DanBBrantley on Twitter.

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Daring someone to do a foolish stunt is not a very responsible act – however, be mindful of the power of laughter.

Senior Spotlight What are you involved in at Bentley? Senior Class Cabinet, Falcon Society, First Year Resident Assistant, FYS Facilitator, Undergraduate Admissions Student Worker, GB112/212 Tutor, Relay for Life, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

A person you’ll meet will be a tough nut to crack. Keep with it, as the reward will be delicious.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Money is not the root of all evil. If you see a chance to make some dough, don’t be afraid to take it.

What are you looking forward to this year? “Sok”ing it up in the Bahamas with the rest of the Senior Class. I am also looking forward to trying a Bahama Mama which I’ve heard so much about. I have never been to a tropical place for vacation, so I cannot wait to be down there with my friends and classmates!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Artistic juices will run through your veins this week as you come up with some really creative work. Don’t stop now!

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Never say never, and try out that great idea you have. You can’t count out a silly idea just because you think no one will like it.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Great things are on the horizon this week. Just stick with it, and you’ll be rewarded with happiness and joy.

Courtesy of Kim Sok

Interview for Senior Spotlight Name: Kim Sok Major: Accounting Hometown: Mendon, MA

What are your plans for the future? I will be here at Bentley for a 5th year to obtain a Master of Science in Accounting. After that, I will be working in Boston at PwC while living at home. I also hope to try to find a girlfriend so I can make my mom happy. What is your favorite event

Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee

on campus? My single most favorite event, as most students’ at Bentley is Spring Day. The community really comes together for a day packed with fun, socializing and bonding. What are your goals for this year? My goal is to finish writing on the Commencement Speech and not to trip while on stage at graduation. Of course I will try to enjoy the rest of the senior year as much as possible! How are you feeling about graduation? I am definitely feeling bittersweet because I am excited about the future but sad that my undergraduate portion of college will be ending. Net year, I will be here for my 5th year, but it definitely will not be the same as being an Undergraduate student. Advice to seniors/ words of wisdom: Like the Life is Good Company’s slogan: “Do what you like and like what you do.” Find passion in life and

happiness will not be too far away. What can Bentley do to help you with this year? Bentley’s Student Activities and Commencement Week Committee have been instrumental to the Senior Class by making Commencement Week as fun and as smooth as possible. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that they undertake to organize a 600 person trip to Bahamas and the Commencement ceremonies. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Bentley? This is tough, because there are so many!

The columns found in this newspaper are written by individual authors and do not reflect the opinion of The Vanguard, its Editorial Board members, or Bentley University. Comments resulting from the columns may be directed to the author and/or The Vanguard.


THe VAnguArd

April 18, 2013

Scratching the Surface: For Boston

Courtesy of Moussa Hassoun

What needed to be said has already been spoken, written, tweeted and shared. As we are still finding out information about the attack in Boston organizers are already planning remembrance events in defiance of the violence that occurred last Monday. It appears that the only thing the attack has accomplished is bringing the city and country closer together as acts of kindness and solidarity are documented throughout the Boston area. Volunteers who helped at the

time of the bombing, families opening up their homes to those in need and the runners who kept running after the finish line to MGH are just a few of the acts of kindness. Meanwhile, events in Chicago, New York City and elsewhere are being organized in solidarity bringing rival cities closer together – even if only for a short period. While I can give no great speech that’s more profound than the commentary already heard, I think that we’ve learned a great deal about ourselves. In times of hardship we reflect on the true nature of people and the attack on Monday is officially a test in this post-9/11 world and so far, we’ve passed it well. I went in town on Tuesday and found Cambridge and Boston bustling with heartwarming efforts. Groups gave out flowers, free hugs and conversation while students chalked up parts of the city with “#<3 Boston” and street musicians paid tribute to the town. This good spirit and show of support will carry on, but let us

also seek to avoid negative characteristics that have resulted with more pain in the past. As the news rolled in of all the kindness and care, I almost broke into tears each time – not only because I connect with this town (as a non-native) but because it speaks to our ability to overcome. With that spirit, we must seek to overcome the inevitable empowerment that hate mongers will gain in the short term with greater understanding for our diversity and the communities affected by the attack as well as the patience to wait for the facts to come in before making judgments. There was a lot of misinformation being spread in social media sites and official news organizations. Reports of arrests of a Saudi put the Arab American community on edge. Indeed anyone who is perceived to look Arab crossed their fingers on Monday in the hopes that everyone was okay and that it wasn’t one of our own. We have yet to find the attacker, but looking back at

Courtesy of Angela Hart

The second semester is finally coming to a close and the late night study sessions

are about to begin. Those final papers, in class exams and group presentations are all going to be due within days of each other. Even though one’s stress level may rise, it’s important to think about your mental and physical wellbeing. Trying to make healthy decisions during this busy time may prove to be somewhat challenging so in order to make your life a little easier and decrease some stress, here are some ideas to think about: The Best Snacks for Natural Energy Apples Blackberries Strawberries Raspberries

Blueberries Pineapple Quinoa Cucumbers Oatmeal Celery and Peanut Butter Red Peppers Coconut Water Salad Carrots Dark Chocolate Bananas Hummus Pumpkin Seeds As the long study nights and intense essay writing sessions begin, please be aware of your coffee intake. It’s perfectly fine to use cream and brown or raw sugar in your coffee, as long

By Moussa Hassoun

2001, the wave of solidarity brought in by 9/11 was followed by a wave of hate that has restricted, discriminated against and hurt the Arab American community (among others). I don’t bring this up to divide the unison the attacks have created into ethnic segments among Bostonians, but I bring it up as one from that community that fears that love will soon turn into blind hate and misunderstanding; that this event bears the beauty of comradely overpower the stain of violence would turn the stain into a larger brush stroke of deep seeded discrimination. As I followed updates on twitter, my heart seemed to stop when I saw “Muslim” trend. Although I am not one, I clicked and thought I’d see accusations and attacks against the community. While there were some, the overwhelming majority of tweets were fighting the accusers and calling for acceptance, peace, and patience. Perhaps our fear of persecution post-attacks aren’t justified by what we see just yet, but history has

Healthy Hart: Snacks for Natural Energy

pAge 13

shown a dark side of reaction with traumatic events. Let’s work to maintain a unity that is inclusive of all communities, and not only in the short term. Let’s work to fight the hate mongers and let’s fight widespread accusations, discrimination and stereotyping for all communities. If our kindness will define our immediate reaction, let our acceptance and understanding define our long term plan to run even more miles.

Courtesy of Moussa Hassoun

By Angela Hart

as you use it moderately. If you are having three or more cups of coffee a day with cream and sugar, your calorie count is slowly rising. Coffee itself is full of antioxidants so drinking it black can yield some healthy benefits and the much needed caffeine a late night studier may crave. If you already drink one or two cups a coffee a day, switching to tea in the afternoon is always a good option. Tea contains caffeine so you will still get an energy boost. In addition if you buy it already flavored, such as peppermint, cinnamon, or mocha, then the cream and sugar are not needed.

As deadlines approach, students will be tempted to pull all-nighters. Although you may need the extra time to complete assignments, it’s important to take breaks every once in a while and get as much sleep as possible. If one has to stay up late, drink a lot of water and take fiveminute breaks as needed. Allnighters may be tempting, but they are not healthy. Trying to make good decisions during a stressful time may be difficult, but it’s important to take care of you. Staying healthy is key to one’s success during this time. Good luck with finals and best of luck staying healthy!

Courtesy of



APRIl 18, 2013


Ribeiro caps excellent tennis career By Ian Giancursio VANGUARD STAff

Senior tennis player Rodrigo Ribeiro is having an incredible senior season to cap his tennis career at Bentley University. In honor of his excellent four year run here, The Vanguard interviewed Ribeiro to find out his feelings towards graduating and what he views as his most memorable experiences from his final year. IG: How did you prepare for this season? RR: During the winter break, I tried to play as much as possible, but once

Ribeiro has had 115 wins during his Bentley career.

we got back we started having several practices as a team on indoor courts. I tried to hit as much as possible, so whenever I could get courts available I was practicing. IG: Describe your experience as doubles partner with Kamil Pilch. RR: Playing with Kamil has been great. He is an excellent doubles player and I believe he has helped me become a better doubles player as well. Being a freshman, I believe he really stepped up and I believe he is one of the main reasons why we have been so successful as a doubles team.


IG: What are some of your personal highlights from this season? RR: My biggest personal highlight this season was when I won my singles match against Adelphi. Beating the 2011-12 player of the year (Adelphi’s number one singles player) at our first conference match this semester really gave me confidence for my upcoming singles matches. I knew I had the potential to beat any player of the conference. IG: Do you think you’ve had a great career at Bentley? RR: I definitely think that my overall career at Bentley was really positive. I had 115 wins with both doubles and singles combined, and through my four years I was selected to the AllConference team. So, all in all I can say that I went beyond my expectations. IG: What do you think is the tennis team’s potential for the future? RR: I think the tennis team has a good potential for the future. I believe that they will continue being one of the top three teams in the conference. We have a lot of good players and hopefully our coach will come up with some good recruits for the next seasons.

Lady Falcons fall in first round of the NE-10 Championships By Emily Ellis VANGUARD STAff

The Bentley women’s tennis team was on a threematch win streak going in to their matchup against the Purple Knights of St. Michael’s on April 6. Despite the best efforts from the freshman class, St. Michael’s broke the streak and gave Bentley their second conference loss of the season. Freshmen duo Catherine Gianino and Brittani Hetyei came out victorious over the

No. 3 pair from St. Michael’s. The Purple Knights ended up winning 8-1, although freshman Ludmila Yamus pushed her senior opponent to a third set in the No. 1 singles match. The Lady Falcons faced another tough competitor in the Stonehill Skyhawks on April 9. Bentley won the No. 2 doubles match thanks to the pair of seniors, Rachael Litton and Paulina Sotomayor. Yamus also tallied a point for Bentley in her No. 1 victory. Despite

Rachael Litton (left) and Paulina Sotomayor (right) won a doubles matches against Stonehill and SNHU.

sophomore Stephania Adonakis forcing her No. 6 opponent to three sets, the Lady Falcons dropped to 7-3 in the Northeast-10. Bentley was at it again on April 11, winning 7-2 over St. Anselm. The Lady Falcons came out on top of all three double matches and won four of the six single matches. Now, Bentley advanced to 8-3 in the conference and secured a spot in the NE-10 Championships. On April 13, Bentley played its last regular sea-

son game against the Southern New Hampshire Penmen. SNHU completed their perfect regular season, giving the Lady Falcons their fourth loss of the season. Litton and Sotomayor were victorious over the Penmen’s No. 2 duo while Gianino and Hetyei came out on top against their No. 3 opponents. Even though the Lady Falcons lost all three of their singles matches, they were still prepared to come out strong in the NE-10 playoffs on April 15.

Unfortunately, a winning record for Bentley came to an end in the first round of the NE-10 Championships when the Lady Falcons fell to Adelphi, 5-0. Bentley, however, had a successful season and will learn from its experience this spring and come ready to win in the fall. With many of the freshmen being so successful this season, the returning team is hopeful that their experience going forward will be the winning ingredient for the Lady Falcons.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office and Olga Kosheva/THE VANGUARD


the VangUaRd

Lady Falcons eye NCAA playoff birth Great goaltending by Dorman is major factor in team success By Billy Fitzhenry

page 15

Recent ReSUltS Results from 4/9-4/16

Baseball (16-15, 5-3 NE-10) at Stonehill (4/10) Franklin Pierce (DH) (4/13) Franklin Pierce (4/14)

VangUaRd Staff

Expectations for this year’s edition of the Bentley women’s lacrosse team were high during the preseason as the team was ranked No. 9 in the Division II women’s lacrosse preseason poll. Behind the spectacular play of junior goaltender Ally Dorman, the team has lived up to the hype by currently holding a record of 8-4 while being ranked No. 12 in the national rankings. Dorman has been a stonewall in the net all season long, playing every minute of every game and making 96 saves up to this point. This save total is the fifth highest in the Northeast10 conference this year. Dorman is also ranked fifth in the conference in save percentage, having saved 45.7 percent of shots faced this season. Additionally, Dorman is third in the NE-10 in goals against average with a 9.29 average. Dorman’s dominance in net has been recognized as she was named the NE-10 goalkeeper of the week twice this season. She was most recently given this honor after her performances against American International and Southern Connecticut where she allowed only five goals combined in the two games. Dorman’s breakout season for the Lady Falcons comes as no surprise to people who have been following her career the last three years. As a freshman, Dorman was named the team’s Most Improved Player as she started eight games for the team and had a 5-4 record in net. During her sophomore season Dorman appeared in 17 games for the Falcons and compiled an 11-6 record. For her efforts in net, Dorman was named team MVP and was selected to the NE-10 AllTournament team. Dorman

apRil 18, 2013

Result W 7-2 W 6-0, L 8-2 W 5-1

Golf Mike Bello Invitational (4/14-4/15)

1st of 17

Men’s Lacrosse (2-7, 2-6 NE-10) at Merrimack (4/9) at Assumption (4/13)

L 14-3 L 7-6

Men’s Tennis (7-10, 7-2 NE-10) at Merrimack (4/10) Southern New Hampshire (4/13)

L 7-2 W 5-4

Men’s Track and Field UNH Wildcat Invitational (4/13)

Junior goaltender Ally Dorman has made 96 saves so far this season.

finished the year in second for most saves in the NE-10 with 170 and also was ranked sixth in save percentage and seventh in goals against average. Through Dorman’s three years at Bentley, she has seen the program experience unprecedented success. “The growth this program has seen since my freshman year is surreal,” said Dorman. “The greatest accomplishment [of] my career is seeing Bentley go from an unranked team in Division II to a competitive, top 10 team with NCAA potential.” It is not a coincidence that Dorman’s growth as a goalie directly correlates with the success experienced by the program. Having a strong goalie that a team can count on is one of the hallmarks of all winning squads. Dorman attributes the success she has been experiencing this year to the rest and relaxation she received this offseason. “To be honest, I used the offseason to give my brain and body a break. Not to say I didn’t train because I did;

Dorman was named NE-10 goalkeeper of the week twice this season.

courtesy of Sports information office

courtesy of Sports information office

but since season demands so much of you mentally and physically, the [offseason] allowed me to feel 100% before the fall and spring seasons,” said Dorman. By using the offseason as a way to give her body a rest, Dorman came back stronger than ever and was able to obtain a signature victory and an indelible memory. “[My] most memorable lacrosse experience at Bentley was beating Le Moyne this year [10-9] in overtime,” said Dorman. “It was the first time our program has ever beaten Le Moyne and it broke their 22-game NE-10 win streak.” Dorman and the rest of the team will look to continue their winning ways this week as they travel to play Southern New Hampshire and Franklin Pierce. When asked what the team needed to do to maintain their current success Dorman pointed out that they needed to continue to work together. “The keys to continuing our great start [are] to play for each other, cheer for each other and win for each other. As a unit we are unstoppable,” said Dorman. This team playm mentioned by Dorman, was put on full display this weekend as the Lady Falcons dominated Assumption College on their way to a 16-10 victory. Nine different players scored for Bentley over the course of the game. Senior attacker Cori Geiger led the Falcons in scoring with three goals while freshman attacker Toni Cerny, sophomore midfielder Amy Ernst, junior midfielder Jackie Brown, senior attacker Alex Carney and junior midfielder Carolyn Kynoch all chipped in two goals apiece. Meanwhile, junior midfielder Chelsea Larivee, freshman midfielder Kelsey Howard and senior attacker Taylor Bastien all scored once for the Falcons.

Softball (9-21, 2-8 NE-10) Saint Anselm (DH) (4/9) at Merrimack (DH) (4/10) Franklin Pierce (4/13)

4th of 7

L 9-8 (8 inn.), L 4-3 L 8-1, L 4-0 L 5-2, W 2-0

Women’s Lacrosse (8-4, 6-2 NE-10) at Stonehill (4/9) Saint Anselm (4/11) Assumption (4/13) Women’s Tennis (9-9, 8-4 NE-10) Stonehill (4/9) at Saint Anselm (4/11) Southern New Hampshire (4/13) Adelphi (NE-10 First Round) (4/16) Women’s Track and Field UNH Wildcat Invitational (4/13)

L 13-10 W 17-13 W 16-10

L 7-2 W 7-2 L 7-2 L 5-0

4th of 7

Upcoming SchedUle Apr. 19 Men’s Tennis vs. TBA

2:00 p.m.

Apr. 21 Softball vs. So. New Hampshire (DH) 12:00 p.m. Apr. 22 Softball vs. So. New Hampshire (DH)

3:00 p.m.

Apr. 23 Women’s Lacrosse vs. Merrimack

7:00 p.m.

Apr. 24 Softball vs. UMass-Lowell (DH) Baseball vs. Stonehill

3:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

The Lady Falcons got off to a great start to the game scoring the first four goals in the contest. Assumption scored once to decrease the lead to three goals, but was unable to come any closer for the rest of the game. At the end of the first half Bentley led 9-6. To open the second half, Bentley scored three consecutive goals to take the 12-6 lead. From there the Lady Falcons cruised on their way to the 16-10 win. Dorman made nine saves on the day en route to another solid game in goal. With this victory, the Lady Falcons pushed their conference record to 6-2 and moved into fourth place over-

all in the conference. With only five games left in the season, Bentley is looking to make a push to the top of the conference standings. The two most important games left on the schedule for the Lady Falcons are their last two. Bentley faces Adelphi, currently the team sitting atop the NE-10 standings, on April 26 and then two days later Bentley squares off against LIU Post. The two aforementioned opponents are ranked No. 4 and No. 1 respectively in Division II. Winning these two games would be a huge boost for the program as it looks to earn a bid to the NCAA tournament.

pAGE 16


ApRil 18, 2013


Falcons by the numbers: statistics explain success on the field By Matt Gustus SpoRTS EDiToR

In the Northeast Division of the Northeast-10, the Falcons currently are in a tie for second place. With a record of 6-3 in the division and 10-7 in the conference, the Falcons are in a good spot heading into the final three weeks of their season. In baseball, more than any other sport, statistics are scrutinized before, during and after games for different reasons. In preparing for an opponent, teams look at the opposing pitchers ERA and how the other team’s hitters bat against righties or lefties. During the game, teams analyze what types of pitches the opposing pitcher is throwing and whether certain opposing players tend to hit ground balls or fly balls. After the game, stats are used as a tool of improvement to determine what players can tweak in order to achieve higher results. For this year’s Falcon team, the stats have been great. From pitching to bat-

ting to fielding, the team has worked as a unit to find themselves in the thick of their divisional race. To find out more about the team, The Vanguard takes you inside the numbers: 24: The speedster junior outfielder Sean Keady has swiped 24 bags this season, which puts him third in the NE-10 this season. He has only been caught stealing six times. Southern New Hampshire, who sits a game ahead of the Falcons in the divisional standings, is clogging up the steals leaderboard with players holding the first, second and fourth spots. 7: Out of his 30 hits this season, junior outfielder Tom Nagy has gone yard seven times, which is more than any other player in the conference. Many of his big hits have often come with runners on the bases, which have helped him to accumulate 26 RBI (T-7th NE-10). However, while Nagy has provided some great power for the Falcons, he also leads the conference in strikeouts

Senior infielder Logan Gillis has a batting average of just over .300.

Melisa Kocarslan/THE VANGUARD

with 48. 5: Senior pitcher Jeff Croteau is tied for second in the NE-10 in wins this season. His record of 5-3 includes two complete games. This season, Croteau has been a work horse for the team as he has thrown 64 innings. Only one other NE-10 player has thrown more. 1.81: Senior pitcher Lamarre Rey has an ERA of 1.81, which is good for eighth on the NE-10 leaderboard. In Rey’s 11 appearances this season, he has started in five games while providing bullpen relief in the others. His personal stat line is impressive, as he leads the team in saves (2), strikeouts (42), strikeouts per game (6.91) and ERA (1.81). 2.89: As a team, the Falcons have posted an ERA of 2.89, which is second best out of any staff in the conference. Many of their outs have been via the strikeout, as they have recorded 171 of





Senior golf captain Matt Michel shot a 36-hole score of 141 to lead his Falcons to their second straight tournament win last weekend at the Mike Bello Invitational. Michel broke the team’s previous seasonbest score by four strokes, which was a score he broke in the team’s previous tournament. As a team, the Falcons posted a tournament score of 586, which included a 287 first round score. The first round score was the best by a Falcon team in over 10 years. The golf team will participate in the Worcester State Korzec Invitational before the NCAA DII East/Atlantic Super regional in May.

Melisa Kocarslan/THE VANGUARD

Bentley is currently in a tie for second place in the Northeast Division of the Northeast-10.


them (third-most NE-10) this season. 43: Senior infielder Logan Gillis has turned his 143 atbats (third-most NE-10) into 43 hits (eighth-most NE-10) on the season. His average currently sits right above the .300 mark. 158: As a team, Bentley is in the middle of the pack in the NE-10 in terms of runs scored. The team has scored 158 runs, which is good for ninth in the conference. 9: As a team, the Falcons have hit nine home runs this season, which is good for fourth in the conference. Surprisingly, however, while the team is near the tops in home runs, they are lower on the RBI list with just 136. .972: Fielding has been a strength for the Falcons this season, as they have only made 39 errors. The team is second in fielding percentage with their rate of .972. The Falcons have also turned the sixth-most double plays. 80: The Falcons have been

stellar at DeFelice Field, as they have gone 8-2 so far this season on their home field. Away from home, the team holds a 5-11 record, which further drives home the team’s comfort level at home. 8: In their last nine games, the Falcons have been victorious eight times. 6: Six Falcons have played in all 32 games this season, including Gillis, Keady, Nagy, senior catcher Kevin Korwek, junior shortstop Will Brennan and junior third baseman Nate Witkowski. The stats are current as of April 16. The Falcons upcoming schedule includes trips to Assumption and Southern New Hampshire before home tilts against Stonehill and St. Michael’s. Southern New Hampshire, as mentioned previously, currently holds the division’s top record, which makes that series one to definitely keep an eye out for. The two teams will square off starting April 19.

Ashline Named Falcon of the Week Senior pitcher JP Ashline of the baseball team is the Falcon of the Week. Ashline threw a three-hit shutout on Saturday to lead Bentley to a 6-0 victory over Franklin Pierce, ranked 19th nationally in Division II. Ashline threw just 89 pitches, struck out six and did not issue a walk for his first career shutout. He retired the first nine hitters in order and faced just one batter over the minimum. The win improved his record to 4-1 on the season. In nine starts so far he’s thrown 59.0 innings and has an ERA under 2 at 1.98.

Bentley Vanguard  

Bentley Newspaper April 17th 2013

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