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THURSDAy, MARCH 24, 2011


Students discuss global crises Bentley’s ranking slips Bentley community weighs in on natural & political events Marketing Department blames drop By Lacey Nemergut from 21 to 32 on “low recruiter scores” NEwS EDIToR

From uprisings in the Middle East to the cascading disasters in Japan, world events have sparked conversation and enlightening discussion within global studies classes, as well as in social interactions among friends. “It’s very interesting… I’m talking to my parents all the time about what’s going on. In the other countries, it’s kind of nice to see changes happening, although it’s very scary,” said an international student from Abu Dhabi who wished to remain anonymous. Sean McDonald, a professor in the GLS Department as well as a professional consultant, said, “I think it’s great that people under the age of 25 are using the technology…but they’re also not afraid of being killed, shot [or] beaten. All of a sudden, they all agree that they’re going to make their stand now.” The international student agreed with McDonald’s enthusiasm, recognizing the desire for change behind these current conflicts. “I think it’s going to succeed. The effects might not show up right now…but eventually in 50 years it’s going to be in the his-

Bloomberg BusinessWeek accumulates statistics from student and recruiter surveys.

By Lacey Nemergut NEwS EDIToR

From riots to devastating natural events, countries struggle to recover.

tory books. Everybody is going to feel very proud and happy about what has happened,” said the student. McDonald continued to introduce an American perspective on the issues abroad, focusing on our general foreign

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policy and hopes for foreign nations. “I think it is great for our American foreign policy because it finally aligns what we hope to see happen with people we can now support.

See GLOBAL, Page 7

In the recent release of Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Best Undergraduate Business Schools of 2011, Bentley University dropped from 21 to 32 in the overall ranking. However, the overall student satisfaction went up from 25 to 18, and key grades based on student surveys were also positive: A+ in teaching quality, A+ in facilities and services and A in job placement. The primary criteria for


these rankings include student and recruiter surveys, median starting salaries for graduates in 2010 and academic data provided by Bentley. Based on information they received from Bloomberg, Bentley’s Public Relations Department attributes the decline in rankings primarily to a drop in the recruiter score. Bloomberg has been ranking graduate schools for employers and prospective students to view for many years, See RANKINGS, Page 14

Bentley President defends Blue Cross vice chair role

Larson says outside board services do not interfere with college presidency By Jon McColgan VANGUARD STAFF

President Gloria Larson said she only devotes her free time to outside board service, defending her vice chairmanship on the board of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, which has recently been a center of controversy over its public charity classification. In her first public comments regarding the Blue Cross situation, Larson defended her involvement with Blue Cross, as well as the idea of the company compensating its directors in an interview with The Vanguard. According to public filings, President Larson receives

3 HOUSING SGA & RHA propose gender neutral housing for the future.

$560,325 in compensation for serving as Bentley’s president, while being paid $76,400 for her work with Blue Cross annually. USA Today recently noted that the average compensation for a director of a Fortune 500 company is $180,000 per year. Acknowledging the controversy that has engulfed Blue Cross over the $11 million severance package for its outgoing CEo, Larson said she nonetheless plans to stay on the board, which is within the two-board limit set by her Bentley contract. “I have no intention of leaving the Blue Cross board over this situation, and no one has asked me to resign as vice

chair,” said Larson. “I see an opportunity now to be a part of the solution for this company.” President Larson also serves as the Regulatory Compliance chair for the board of Fortune 100 company Unum, which like Blue Cross, meets six times a year. Larson herself noted that her agreement with the Bentley Board of Trustees permits her to serve on only two corporate boards at a given time. In addition, Larson has board positions on a number of charitable organizations throughout Massachusetts, including the Boston Center for the Arts and Rosie’s Place, among others. See PRESIDENT, Page 7

Larson serves on two corporate boards, as well as Bentley’s Board of Trustees.


Rebecca Black takes YouTube by storm.


Both teams fall short during playoffs.


Find out which majors are paying the most after college.

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MarCH 24, 2011

When Hunger Strikes On Sunday, March 20, at 7:55 p.m., officers received a call of reported vandalism in the study room of Cedar Hall. the vending machine had been dangerously busted into, with glass shards all over the floor. all of the desirable contents of the machine had been taken, without even a mere granola bar left for scavengers. the only thing the hungry hoarders left behind was the old gum and mints in the bottom compartments. a wooden chair was mysteriously situated very close to the scene, potentially identified as a tool in this crime. due to the lack of suspects, this case has been closed. Coffee Break On Saturday, March 19, at 9:44 p.m., facilities reported that a coffee maker was mistakenly left on in their kitchen area and requested that the door be unlocked so the problem could be alleviated. an officer swiped into the area, turned off the machine and removed the pot from the burner. no damage was reported. Sneakin’ On Through On friday, March 18, at 6:16 p.m., a member of the library staff reported that while she was leaving the library, she observed a student still inside even though the library had been closed since 4:30 p.m. She reported that the student said he was able to gain access through the Einstein’s entrance. at this time, she and the studious student left

tHE Vanguard

Police log

the library and closed the door. a sergeant responded to the library entrance at Einstein’s to make sure the doors were secure. the sergeant and an officer reported that they checked the entire library and found one door to Computer Services that was unsecured, at which point they secured it.

Back It Up On friday, March 18, at 11:10 p.m., officers received a report of a motor vehicle accident in the baseball field lot. a female student reported that she struck a black Volkswagen while backing up and caused damage to the other car’s left rear bumper, as well as to the front bumper of her Subaru. It was later found out that the black vehicle was owned by another Bentley student. Fresh Scents during regularly scheduled health and safety inspections in rhodes Hall on thursday, March 17, a call came in at 3:19 p.m. reporting that drug paraphernalia was found by staff members. after entering the room, which was dirtied with what appeared to be marijuana residue, a glass pipe was confiscated. a plastic drink bottle was also found crammed with a number of fragrant dryer sheets, a common remedy for the recognizable scent. One room resident will be charged with possession and use of drug paraphernalia. Stunt Double On thursday, March 17, at 5:07

p.m., an officer responded to a call from a student who reported that her father received a mysterious call from the rhode Island State Police claiming that her vehicle was involved in a hit and run accident in Providence, rI. after investigating, the officer reported that the vehicle in question was in fact parked on the Miller deck and had no damage to it, besides a missing license plate in the front, which had previously fallen off in an unrelated incident. the student was able to sleep easy that night knowing her vehicle was safe, though some other poor soul in Providence, rI certainly did not.

Falling Apart Last thursday, March 17, at 8:15 p.m., a sergeant called in to report that the second-level stairs leading to Jennison Hall were rapidly deteriorating. facilities were notified of this degenerative problem. the Sergeant and a security officer met with facilities and taped off the area. A Powerful Hit On friday, March 18, there was a motor vehicle collision with a telephone pole on forest Street. Waltham Police on scene determined that this was the cause of a power surge which caused multiple buildings to go into a troubled state. fortunately, all power was restored quickly. Bag of Salad Shockingly, one student was so for-

getful before break that they left two baggies of green leaves on their desk. On March 16, a staff member found these baggies while doing room inspections. the bags were put through a number of analytical tests, and it was determined that the contents was in fact marijuana. the owner of the desk on which the marijuana was found is now being charged with possession and use of a controlled substance. Blue Man Group On Wednesday, March 16, at 3:43 p.m., officers responded to a vandalism report regarding painted signs in front of Miller. two stop signs and one street sign had been tagged with blue spray paint. Similar paint was used in other vandalism earlier this week. this is not believed to be the workings of local gangs, but the investigation is still open. Drunk Dial a caller reported that he was in fear for the safety of his friend, who was intoxicated in Copley north. upon arrival, officers searched the building as well as Copley South, but they were unable to locate the party. the reporting party did not answer several callback attempts. the officers cleared without further incident.

By Chad Arrendell, Katie Cavanaugh & Raymer Maguire Vanguard Staff


alyson Bisceglia Lacey nemergut robbie LaBrie Sindhu Palaniappan Lindsay Beauregard Phillip St. Pierre Emily Silver Brian fuerst Ian Markowitz Jeff Breault greg Kokino Brandon Schug Maria diLorenzo Judy rakowsky

fOr gEnEraL & COntaCt InfOrMatIOn aBOut The VAnguARd, PLEaSE SEE PagE 4.


Total number of cases: Total number of individuals involved (violators): Number of individuals dismissed from responsibility: Number of individuals referred to Judicial Board: Number of educational sanctions given: (includes referrals to Alcohol Education) Cash total of fines given for the week: Number of Work Sanctions assigned: Number of students placed on warning Number of Parental Notifications: Number of individuals put on Residential Probation: (Loss of 15 Housing Credits) Number of individuals put on Disciplinary Probation: (Loss of 30 Housing Credits) Number of individuals put on Suspension (Housing): Number of individuals put on Suspension (University): Number of individuals expelled from University: Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

21 26 4 2 18 $850 2 7 3 5 0 0 0 0



MARCH 24, 2011


Bentley’s water and sewer rates increase by 40 percent By Lacey Nemergut NEWS EDIToR

Bentley University, along with other establishments throughout Waltham, has experienced a shocking 40percent increase in the combination of its water and sewer rates from 2009 to 2011. The most dramatic increase was recorded recently in January 2011. This significant change in rates can be attributed to the raise of the prices set by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Though Bentley will certainly feel the increase, Traci Logan, Bentley’s chief operating officer, said, “This isn’t specific to Bentley. It impacts many organizations and households. It isn’t a consumption issue, it’s a rate issue.” As Logan expressed, this rate increase affects the entire Waltham area, which gets its water supply from the MWRA. “Waltham does not have a water plant,” said Steve Pittorino, the Waltham business manager for the Engineering Department. “We don’t have wells [and] we don’t pump our own water.”

The increase in prices are mainly due to the price increase by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

“As we’ve been informed by the city of Waltham, the rate structure reflects a continuing trend of even higher MWRA assessments, which will continue to rise sharply, reflecting the cost of the new Metro Web Water Supply Tunnel, as well as the state budget reduction in the MWRA Debt Assistance,” said Logan. Essentially, this means

that Waltham’s water rate is directly affected by the price set by MWRA. “We’ve done what we could to hold down our own rates,” said Pittorino. He, along with auditors and other officials, carefully examined the cost of the combination of water and sewer flow from the MWRA and proceeded to determine the price to charge in order

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to break even. “We did not go up at all last year. We tried to maintain it the same…and obviously this year we couldn’t do it two years in a row,” said Pittorino. In addition, Pittorino outlined a troubling issue for water companies. “[We’re] not selling as much as we were selling before. People are conserving and that

causes prices to go up,” he said. Such an issue proves difficult to address since water conservation is an action frequently rewarded by the rising sustainability movement. When asked to speculate reasons for MWRA’s increase, Pittorino said, “[The] MWRA supplies water to the whole greater Boston area. [That’s] hundreds of miles of pipeline that they have to maintain.” Pittorino also referenced the alarming incident in May 2010 during which, according to the government issued notice, “Water service to all MWRA customer communities east of Weston [had] been interrupted by a major water pipe break in Weston.” Citizens were immediately informed that, “Due to this break, a boil water order [was] being issued for drinking water for all MWRA communities east of Weston until further notice.” Due to the sensitivity of water supply and the Waltham area’s reliance on the MWRA, Bentley officials and local authorities will continue to monitor the rates and their causing factors.

Bentley considers the option of gender neutral housing By Kristin Tommasi VANGUARD STAFF

RHA has been looking into the idea of implementing gender neutral housing at Bentley, which would allow males and females to live together. The idea for a gender neutral housing program was discussed at RHA’s recent town hall meeting. The concept came about due to the success of similar programs implemented on other college campuses,

including Brandeis, UMass Amherst and Roger Williams University. “This is the first time…that a strong effort has been made to pursue this concept,” said Patrick Rielly, vice president of External Affairs for RHA. Rielly is a part of the committee looking into the program, which meets weekly and consists of RHA and SGA members who are “devoted to analyzing feedback from the Bentley com-

A committee will be looking into how gender neutral housing works at other schools.


munity and working with Housing and Residence Life to create a proposal for this effort.” The effort is in its initial stages. “At this point, there have been no discussions that are relevant on our end on how this would be implemented or when,” said Tony Martin, assistant director of apartments. “We are waiting to hear from the students on what their thoughts are on this housing option.” “The number-one thing that is needed for this effort is support,” said Rielly. First, the committee will look at the results of a survey that was sent to the student body via email before Spring Break. Support from parents and other organizations on campus is also important. If there is a strong interest, the committee will then draft a proposal. Next, the committee will conduct research regarding how gender neutral housing programs work at other schools. Also, the members will consider the logistics of the program, including, “Would GNH apply to a building or just a floor? What happens if someone decides to move out of a

Gender neutral housing is not likely to begin until Fall 2012 or Spring 2013.

GNH room? What happens to the empty bed? Does the housing selection process change?” said Rielly. This proposal will then be sent to Housing and Dean Shepardson, and if accepted, a trial program will be implemented. “Gender neutral housing at Bentley would comprise no more than one building at maximum – it would


never apply to the whole campus at first,” said Rielly. “If the trial period of GNH works well, then GNH may be changed to include more than one building or floor.” Because discussions regarding the matter have just begun, such a program would likely not begin until Fall 2012 or Spring 2013.


MARCH 24, 2011




of the

Week “You can’t simultaneously fire teachers and Tomahawk missiles!” -Jon Stewart, on America’s budget deficit and the onset of a military operation in Libya. *The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

editoriaL Spring Day artist selection in need of diversification Spring Day. Every Bentley student looks forward to it, and few colleges can compete on the level that Bentley’s Spring Day turns out to be. It has become such a popular event that last year’s Spring Day with Ludacris and Jay Sean was closed off to any non-Bentley students. But that certainly didn’t stop students from overnighting in wristbands which they thought were identical ones, but turned out to be colored slightly differently, leading to guests being turned away at the door. Spring Day is always CAB’s all-out blitz, where they spend the last bits of their AIA allocation in one last hurrah for the year. Although the concert isn’t the only part of Spring Day, it’s certainly the main attraction. In years past, the Spring Day artists have always been major headliners which have drawn major crowds. Last year it was Ludacris and Jay Sean, in 2009 it was Third Eye

Blind and Sugarhill Gang, 2008 brought Common and Pepper and 2007 brought T.I. to campus. This year, the school was anxiously awaiting word about who Spring Day would bring to Bentley. When word popped up on a Pitbull fansite that he would be performing at our Spring Day, the rumor spread like wildfire… At least until The Vanguard posted confirmation from CAB that Pitbull wouldn’t actually be performing at Bentley this year. When CAB revealed that the Spring Day artists this year would be Lupe Fiasco and Far East Movement, many Bentley students were a little less than thrilled with the Spring Day artist selection. Maybe it had something to do with the high caliber of the Spring Day artists from the last two years, but this year’s Spring Day artists just don’t seem to attain the level of awesomeness that we’ve become accustomed to for our Spring Day performance.

It would have been nice for CAB to mix up the genres of music for Spring Day this year. It doesn’t matter much to us what genre they would have gone with, but two years in a row with Hip Hop music is starting to get boring. Third Eye Blind in 2009 was an awesome Spring Day because everyone was brought back to the music of their elementary school days. With Ludacris and Jay Sean in 2010, we were given a nice mix of older hits and newer releases from both artists. Now that we’re in 2011, we’re left with Lupe Fiasco and Far East Movement, a combination of artists that were seemingly invited because most of the other contenders were already booked or too expensive for CAB to sign. Next year, CAB should look at signing artists from a different genre. We’ll even make some suggestions: Sugar Ray, Girl Talk, Slightly Stoopid, OneRepublic, Lonely Island or David Guetta, to name a few.

PubLication information The Vanguard is the student newspaper of Bentley University. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration; Bentley University is not responsible for statements herein. The Vanguard is published every Thursday of the academic year, excluding examination periods and holiday breaks. It is distributed free to all students, faculty, and staff of Bentley University. The Vanguard is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee, but relies on advertising revenue to cover the majority of its costs. Advertising rates are available upon request at (781) 891-3497. Circulation is 4,000 copies. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement; only publication of an ad constitutes final acceptance of the offer to advertise. We reserve the right to edit all copy for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, libel and length. The Vanguard Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center, inside the Bentley Bubble office complex. Mailing address: The Vanguard, Bentley University, 310M1 Student Center, 385 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Phone: (781) 891-2912. E-mail:

“This by a bunch of fascists who will end up in the dustbin of history” -Muammar Gaddafi Libyan leader, refusing to surrender in a speech marking his first public appearance since the coalition air strikes began.

Letter to the editor To the Editor, SGA acknowledges the misrepresentations in the recent Vanguard article about our proposed reorganization. Two Executive Sessions were called during our General Board Meetings in past weeks so our members could internally discuss the draft elements of a Reorganization Proposal that was presented to students for discussion at our General Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 8th. That meeting was open to all students, and, as always, we welcomed their input. Further, the Reorganization Proposal being considered will be posted on SGA’s website ( by Jon Rockett, SGA’s Vice President for Information Technology, in advance of our final vote on the issue, which is scheduled for March 22nd. Input is welcome from all students. To address a separate point, the minutes from our February 22nd General Board Meeting have been amended to reflect the Executive Session held that day, and the minutes from our March 1st General Board Meeting do note that an Executive Session was called. These Executive Sessions were

called to allow SGA members to streamline their draft ideas so we could present a clear proposal to the student body. Most importantly, this reorganization is meant to help SGA better respond to student needs and concerns. We intend to achieve that goal by ensuring that future elections are contested and that students continue have a voice in the election process. Following the lead of other elected bodies on campus, specifically the Class Cabinets, we continue to believe that an internal placement model with a commitment to openness and engagement with the student body best suits the needs of both our organization and the wider campus community. This information was provided to The Vanguard upon request, but did not appear in the article published on the topic. Furthermore, we find the nature of this article to be disappointing and ask only that The Vanguard’s coverage of all organizations be presented in context and in a constructive way. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship with this publication going forward. Sincerely, The SGA Executive Board

Disclaimer: The opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.


Campus Life

MArCH 24, 2011

PAGE 5 providing students with a common study resource By Sindhu Palaniappan CAMPuS LIFE EdITOr

When asked why he wasn’t at Babson, Paul Cheek, a freshman entrepreneur here at Bentley, said, “It’s too close to home.” A Management major and CIS minor, Cheek started a website called Class Collaboration, which is available to all students here. The idea for the website came from “the simple fact that we’re all being taught the same thing; it seems repetitive that we all take the same set of notes.” Over 130 students are already using the interactive website, and Cheek has just gotten it on its feet this year. Here’s how it works: Students register with their Facebook logins. Students sign in, and choose which course and section they would like to take notes in (every course and section at Bentley is offered). It’s similar to a Google doc, where the same page of notes is being worked on by anyone in the class that is signed in. Each student’s name and contributed notes appear in the same highlighted color in order to keep students honest. “Course documents” offers a shared web page where all students of a class can take notes; “private documents” offers a

Freshman Paul Cheek recently started Class Collaboration, which already has over 130 users here at Bentley.

web page that groups within a class can share. Professors can use Class Collaboration to view plain text copies of the shared note documents for their courses. This allows professors to see whether or not their classes understand the material as a whole, without seeing individual students’ names. Professors who have

acknowledged use of Class Collaboration in their classrooms have had nothing but positive feedback. Students enjoy it because they don’t have to take all of the notes, but at the same time everyone has the same set of notes, so each student is on the same page in class. Since so many students are able to check over the note doc, they


can be fairly confident that the notes are accurate. Another feature of Class Collaboration is that students who are enrolled in a specific course can replay the notes taken during a period in sequence, almost as if they are sitting through class again in terms of text notes. This is really helpful for students who want to go over material again

on their own, and for students who have missed class and want to see the material presented step by step. Another great feature is user ratings. Each student can be rated by their peers based on the size of their contribution to notes and quality of the contribution. This way, students can gage how reliable something is when they are going over it; it helps students understand each others’ skills. There are a few problems Cheek has encountered so far, the biggest being getting the word out about the site. Since it’s a collaborative effort, the more students who use it, the better the site will be. Cheek said, “Some professors are really open to it. One of my professors gave me time in class to present it to the other students, and she loves using it,” while other professors won’t consider allowing lap top use in class at all. And when asked about turning a profit, Cheek admits that there hasn’t been any yet, showing that he’s been working on the website purely to help other students and professors. He believes it’s truly a better and more efficient way to take notes, and he wants to spread the word. If you’re interested in Class Collaboration, feel free to check it out at

Life Changing Apparel: A socially responsible clothing company By Angela Diaco & Tom O’Loughlin VANGuArd STAFF

Life Changing Apparel (LCA) is more than a hip new college fashion label; it is a street wear brand that is at its core synonymous with leading a socially responsible lifestyle. using a one-for-one distribution method, with every purchase made, LCA distributes a LifeStraw, a personal water purification device ranked #6 on CNN’s Top 10 Ideas to Change the World, to a child in a developing nation in need of clean water. To distribute the LifeStraws, LCA works with the creator of the LifeStraw, VestergaardFrandsen, a Switzerlandbased NGO that “specializes in complex emergency response and disease control products.” LCA was originally founded by Peter Cortle when he saw an endless number of street wear brands telling the same story and presenting similar lifestyles, but none representing his interest in creating social change. Not satisfied with status quo and what had become the norm, Cortle set out with a group of friends to bring to the market what he calls the first “social street wear” brand.

Effectively, LCA strives to become the bridge for the big divide between street wear fashion and social responsibility. LCA was brought to Bentley’s campus last fall by Tom O’Loughlin, a Bentley senior who was told about the company over the summer by a high school friend, Zach Bucheister, one of the founding LCA Crew members at Cornell. O’Loughlin had already caught the entrepreneurial bug last year by becoming heavily involved in an Internet startup called, a company that has developed the technology for PGA golf professionals to give live golf lessons over the Internet via GCd’s patent-pending video conference lesson platform. “I was immediately interested in helping to promote LCA upon hearing about the positive social impact it was poised to create in the developing world,” said O’Loughlin. “Clean drinking water is the most basic and essential need of life. By just writing a check to a charity, you do not know where your dollars are directly going as opposed to buying one shirt from LCA that sends one LifeStraw directly to a child in need.” “during my semester abroad at the university of

Hong Kong, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel through a number of poorer South East Asian countries such as C a m b od ia , V iet na m , t he Philippines and Indonesia, where I got to see firsthand what real poverty was like,” he continued. In his fervor to get the word out about LCA, O’Loughlin recruited fellow senior Katie Cavanaugh who, after a semester abroad at the university of Cape Town in South Africa, he knew shared the same sentiment towards poverty in the developing world. “The experience of being able to apply my studies of business and marketing to such an impassioned company and cause has been an amazing opportunity, and I am excited to be part of LCA’s future success,” Cavanaugh said. They held their first oncampus event last december to begin the active promotion of LCA at Bentley, where they set up a table outside of Seasons to display a few of the t-shirt designs and O’Loughlin showed his faith in the LifeStraw, demonstrating its effectiveness by drinking out of a murky container of Bentley Stream Water. Also, they handed out some

stickers featuring the LCA’s unique Cortle logo, which is a colorful turtle listening to headphones. The Cortle logo is now featured on the back of some Bentley students’ laptops, which is how they found the Bentley LCA Crew’s newest active member, junior Julie Fischer. “There’s just a general sense of excitement surrounding the idea; we’re all volunteering because the company can really help to better people’s lives,” said Fischer. The company’s current mission is to provide LifeStraws to Haitian communities affected by the Cholera epidemic. According to a 2008 WHO and uNICEF report, 884 million people worldwide are deprived of improved sources of drinking water. People in most underdeveloped countries only have access to water through local lakes, rivers or streams, which can be filled with harmful bacteria. There are 1.8 million deaths each year related to diarrheal diseases caused by drinking unclean water. The founders of LCA were driven to social entrepreneurship knowing they could make an impact on the world and perhaps help extend the lives of others, hence the company slogan: “Live Longer™.”

Since its original founding, LCA has recruited “Crews” of committed and enthusiastic collaborators to contribute their time and energy to multiple facets of the brand. To spread LCA’s name and message, the company has supported the creation of LCA Crews at other schools around the country, such as the one started at Bentley last semester. Other LCA Crews have been started at the university of Washington, Syracuse university, university of Michigan, duke university and rutgers university, with three more to follow in the upcoming year. You can find out more on LCA’s website, which emphasizes community building around the LCA “Life Changing” lifestyle through blogging, music, Twitter and Facebook. using this site, the LCA Crew hopes to foster a special relationship with customers and fellow humanitarians. Be sure to look out for the further promotional efforts of Bentley’s LCA Crew on campus this semester. LCA just had its line featured in the annual BuB Fashion Show held in February, and there is going to be a pub night cohosted with BSTV later this spring.

PAgE 6


MARCH 24, 2011


Business majors that are earning Bentley grads big bucks By Phillip St. Pierre BuSINESS EdITOR

When considering what major will best suit you for the future, Bentley students are in the right place as there is always a need for business professionals in today’s rapidly growing workforce. Considering what students take into account when choosing a major as well as a career after college, salary is probably one of the most important aspects. Bentley graduates will feel reassured knowing that although business degrees do not give the highest starting salary, they do in fact leave the opportunity for the highest growth. According to CNBC, graduates with a main focus of study in mathematics will have the best paying job following graduation. On its list of the top 10 Bachelor’s degrees for the highest starting salary, eight out of the ten careers involved engineering. Business degrees are not far behind those with a major in Engineering in terms of average salary. Although the salaries may vary more with a career in business, there is a better opportunity to increase your pay and hit that six-figure mark than if

With businesses starting to rebound, Bentley graduates should feel confident finding a job upon graduating.

you were to have an engineering job, which is usually more stable. A person with a business degree will also have a greater chance of finding a job immediately after graduation. While an English or Art major may have to do some heavy searching to find

Not Your Usual Business It’s getting down to the wire for job and internship applications and selections, and for those of us who are still looking, it is getting to be a bit stressful. The good news is that the job market seems to be improving, so more opportunities will arise for jobs and paid internships. For those of you who have been jaded by interactions with Career Services, or do not find your career prospects thriving by using BentleyLink or NACElink Network, there is still hope. Here are a few more ways to be looking for jobs that do not involve schlepping to a Career Fair, wasting money on printing resumes or wearing uncomfortable clothing. First, if you are not involved in LinkedIn or another professional networking site, now would be a good time to consider it, especially for juniors and seniors. It’s a free, efficient way to become involved with fellow students on campus, potential employers, companies you are interested in and Bentley alumni with connections. Second,, among other job search engines, is a great independent-from-Bentley resource. You can post your resume, the types of jobs you are looking for, what fields you have interest and experience in and even list personal interests to attract companies based on their culture. Third, if you are still having

By Kat Webber

trouble, you may want to consider the possibility of involving yourself with a staffing or recruiting agency. There are plenty of listed ones in the Waltham and Boston areas that would be willing to help you find a job. It’s usually free and they can often connect you, better than you could do it on your own, with potential jobs that would be best suited to your needs and skills. Finally, on a side note, be aware of everything that is being posted online. It may sound cliché or overdone, but employers really are looking into applicants’ Internet lives. So take down those party pics that show you holding a can of Naddy Light, or seriously vamp up your privacy measures to block all unwanted parties from searching you or viewing your profile. Be wary of tweets which have swears and blogs which are vicious; today’s corporate society is more involved with those Web aspects so you should be just as vigilant about what you are posting as they are with stalking you. And if you’ve done all of the above and nothing has been successful, do not give up hope. You will not be a failure with a Bachelor’s degree from a highranking business school. Keep networking, applying and interviewing. Remember to try and be patient; it takes more than one try to catch a fish.

a suited and well paying career, there is always the need for business professionals, and if you are graduating from an exceptional standing school such as Bentley, the chances are even greater. Accounting majors will have the easiest time finding a job straight out of college,

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as even during years of recession or slow economic growth citizens will still have to file for taxes. According to CBS’s “Money Watch,” a graduate with a degree in Accounting will see a median starting salary of $44,600, and a midcareer median pay of $77,500.

A person with a Finance degree should also be able to find a job quickly; there is always the need for financial consultants and analysts, both in businesses and on a personal level. Finance majors have a higher starting salary than their Accounting counterparts at $47,500, as well as a better chance for salary growth with a mid-career median pay of $91,500. But out of all the business degrees available, an Economics major will have the greatest opportunity for salary growth, with a midcareer median pay of just under six figures, at $97,800. A degree in businesses administration or management would be a safe choice as well, as there will never cease to be a need for individuals to run a business or manage professionals. With the job market improving, businesses are starting to get back on track and are less hesitant to hire new individuals to work for their company. Taking into consideration that a major in business leads to one of the best careers in terms of average salary, salary growth and stability, a Bentley graduate should feel confident in finding a job quickly out of school.



MARCH 24, 2011


GLOBAL Continued from Page 1 We want these countries to become free and democratic, but we always supported people who weren’t free and democratic because we were afraid of what would come after them,” said McDonald. Rashid N. AlHamer, an international student from Bahrain, strongly feels that the demonstrations in his home country differ in practice and level of intensity. AlHamer described bloody practices of the protestors in his country responsible for the violent deaths of many peaceful police officers. “Everybody thinks that every country’s revolution is going to be exactly the same. Three weeks, speeches from the president and then [he] run[s] away,” said AlHamer. In response to protestors blocking highways and hijacking hospitals, forcing major conferences of foreign investors to be cancelled, AlHamer said, “Our country lives on foreign direct investments. Once the for-

eign investor leaves, I don’t think he’s going to come back.” In addition to these unsettling movements of revolution, the globe has also experienced recent natural disasters. The 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisi that devastated Japan affected not only the lives of those in the area, but also the economies of countries around the world. “They say when the U.S. sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. The same can be applied to Japan,” said Stefan Winata, an international student from Indonesia, referencing the fact that Japan has the third largest economy in the world. “There was [the] Boxing Day tsunami, and it hit [Indonesia] and 250,000 died. I’ve experienced two earthquakes personally. [Japan’s tsunami] is definitely something that strikes a nerve very close to my heart,” said Winata. Other international students weighed in, saying that although they are relieved not

to have been directly affected by the chain of shocking events in Japan, the economies of their home countries have been greatly impacted. “I can tell you that a lot of the Philippines’ industry depends on Japan in terms of tourism and capital. They have a lot of capital-inducing equipment,” said Jose Francisco, a student from the Philippines. “It’s slowing down the rate of industry. Some of the IT services have roots that go through Japan. Connections are slower,” said Francisco. “You have the human disasters but also natural disasters… [It] may be global warming or something else is playing its role, but we need some change for things to work out,” said Charles Tiu, an international student from Hong Kong and co-chair of the Bentley Cultural Council. Tiu referenced President Obama’s campaign slogan and continued to introduce his own idea of hope and change. “The BCC hopes to work with all cul-

tural organizations, service [and] community organizations,” he said, explaining his hope for an organized relief effort. On April 11, the one month anniversary of the Japan earthquake, Tiu plans to hold an origami-fold-athon. He hopes to

have students come together and make cranes, fulfilling the belief that for every 1,000 cranes that are made, somebody’s wish will come true. The organization,, hopes to raise 100,000 cranes so that 100 people might have their wishes come true.

“To be honest, the company should have gone through a reclassification 10 years ago, to become a non-profit business organization,” said Larson. “It’s a necessary conversation that we now must have, especially in light of both this situation and healthcare reform.” “Many non-profit organizations still compensate their direc-

tors, which requires being vigilant along with a good deal of hard work and research,” Larson said. It was also mentioned by Larson that despite its “public charity” status, Blue Cross has still paid substantial federal and state taxes appropriate for its revenue. Regarding the “golden parachute” payment the former CEO

received, Larson said, “That contract was negotiated with Cleve [Killingsworth] in 2005, before I joined the board, and despite being a hard pill to swallow by every member of the current board, his contract required we pay what we paid. Severance has become a common point of negotiating for top executives today.”

The tsunami also affected countries that have economic relations with Japan.

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PRESIDENT Continued from Page 1 “Serving on boards allows me to share Bentley’s story with audiences far and wide, expanding the horizon for Bentley students in terms of employers,” said Larson. However, Larson noted that her outside activities do not interfere with her duties as president of Bentley. “Serving as Bentley’s president is a full-time, 24/7 job I love, and these outside involvements are handled only in my free time on weekends or nights not taken by Bentley functions,” she said. “I was asked to join the Board in 2006 as a regulatory lawyer, and for my extensive experience in both the private and public sector,” said Larson. “It was an opportunity to join a visionary healthcare firm that was ratcheting down costs while developing new metrics for controlling the cost of care, not to mention being considered one of the best employers in the state.” “It is very common today for non-profits such as Blue Cross Blue Shield to compensate its directors,” Larson said. “Given the liability of serving on the board of a major insurance company, such compensation is a necessity to get the best possible directors.” Larson, who has served as Bentley’s chief executive since August 2007, was on the Blue Cross board at the time of her hiring, and noted that her various associations in the business and charitable communities were valued by the Bentley selection committee. When asked if there is any potential damage from the Blue Cross storm to her reputation or the reputation of Bentley, given

recent efforts to promote business ethics by the university, Larson said, “I’m not concerned at all, given that I’ve faced both good times and difficult times before, and firestorms are common, especially when I chaired the Boston Convention Center project. But over time, the real story is flushed out.” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has faced public criticism regarding the $11-million-dollar severance package for fired CEO Cleve Killingsworth, as well as compensating its directors with five-figure payments. Given the company’s status as a “public charity,” Attorney General Martha Coakley has launched an inquiry into the company. “The compensation of board members as public charities is extraordinarily rare in Massachusetts, and for good reason. As part of our ongoing investigation into director compensation, we had asked the boards of the non-profit health insurers to justify the basis by which they are compensated, and have not been satisfied by those responses,” Coakley said in a statement. Blue Cross suspended pay for its directors in light of the criticism, a move Coakley praised and Larson explained by saying, “Blue Cross voluntarily took the Attorney General’s advice to suspend director pay for the time being while we address the classification of the company.” According to Larson, Blue Cross was founded as a charity in the 1930s, but despite a significant shift from providing medical charity work to becoming a large health insurance company, the company never changed its filing status.

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MARCH 24, 2011


Between the Lines

What team is going to win March Madness?

Brian KronenWetter Class of 2014 finanCe “Duke.”

Kristina Wilson Class of 2014 UndeCided “Duke.”

tony PhilliPs Class of 2014 CorPorate finanCe and aCCoUnting “VCU.”

emily roy Class of 2013 marKeting “Duke.”

If you’ve ever read a Christopher Moore novel, you know there are a few things you can count on: A constant use of humor, immature dirty jokes and somehow, an actual plot. His latest novel Bite Me is no exception to these rules. As you can probably guess from the title, this novel is all about vampires, but not your Twilight or True Blood vampires. Not even the traditional idea of bloodsucking vampires. Abby Normal is your typical, not-so-typical teenager. She has a boyfriend, Foo Dog, whom she never calls by his real name (Steve), and who she slaps after kissing (so he doesn’t think she’s a slut, obviously). She pretends that she’s sleeping over at friends’ houses so she can live in an apartment with Foo, who is a scientific genius. Oh, and she also considers herself the guardian of the vampires of San Francisco (no big deal). She specifically obeys two vampires in particular, Jody and Tommy, who have really only been vampires for a few weeks themselves. There is nothing Abby wants more than to be a vampire. However, something dark is lurking over the city of San Francisco. Vampire cats have somehow formed and are wreaking havoc on the city and its mortal residents. Abby and her crew, along with a team of young men led by a crazy homeless man (known as the Emperor of San Francisco, go figure), are trying to defeat these felines. The police are also involved, but only two of them, Rivera and Cavuto, know all of the details of the vampiric dirty deeds. As if an army of vampire cats wasn’t bad enough, three ancient vampires have also arrived in the city to calm down the ruckus. Unfortunately for Abby and Co., they are counted as part of the ruckus, and the vampires are after them as well.

Bite Me is not your usual vampirebased novel.

Through misadventures involving experiments with vampiric rats, UV-ray jackets and being burned by the sun, Abby spends most of the novel fighting against the cats, vampires and her mother, who wants her to come home. As with any Moore novel, the point is not so much the happy ending, but the slapstick humor used to get there. I must admit, at first this novel was more difficult to get into for me than Moore’s other novels. The dialect he writes in doesn’t make for a clear experience, and I found myself overly concentrating on the first few chapters. Moore refers to many of the characters by multiple names, without alerting the reader of who they are. Once I figured it out, however, this novel was a fun and entertaining read. I found myself stifling laughter as I read late at night few authors can match


By Olivia Leclair

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Moore in the hilarity department. His frequent use of one-liners and outrageous plot twists never left me bored. One of my favorite aspects of the novel was Moore’s impeccable character descriptions. Once you know that Abby wears platform “Frankenzilla” boots, you can pretty much picture her in your head! Overall, despite my initial confusion and disappointment, I would recommend Bite Me as an entertaining novel with absolutely no literary worth (as are the best novels sometimes). Stick with it if you’re confused in the beginning - I promise it’s all explained eventually. Enjoy the humor and don’t be offended by its R-rated nature. It’s certainly not all in good taste, but let loose and feel free to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

rating: 4 out of 5

edith JoaChimPillai Class of 2012 eConomiCs-finanCe “Kansas.”

By tim avrutik PHOTOgRAPHy STAFF

Christopher Moore has written other novels, such as Lamb and Fluke.

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Lady GaGa concert sheds light on the singer’s true character By Brian shea VANgUARD STAFF

As much of the world already knows, pop star Lady gaga may be a little, let’s say, out there. Her bizarre antics (being escorted to the grammys in an egg), odd fashions (wearing a dress made of meat) and her undeniably unique music videos give us all an odd perspective of the pop queen. However, after going to her concert a few weeks ago, I have developed a newfound respect for the singer once known as Stefani germanotta. My preconceived notions regarding the concert were shattered when Lady gaga stepped on stage. She didn’t just sing her plethora of popular, Top-40 hits; she told a story. Acting, singing and dancing were all molded into one captivating performance. Through all of the movement and singing on stage, there was one thing Lady gaga did that made me incandescently happy – she never lip synced. During the concert, she stated that she never lip syncs, and she is defiantly opposed to the practice. I find this admirable, especially when I consider her nearly flawless performance of every song, from Just Dance to Alejandro, from LoveGame to You and I. Out of all of her amazing performances, her two best songs came at the end, when she performed Bad Romance and Born This Way. Bad Romance, my favorite song ever, featured spirited synchronized dancing and aweinspiring lighting. Born This Way was undoubtedly the most popular song of the night, as its pro-gay sentiments appealed to the seemingly disproportionate contingent of homosexual “little monsters” in the crowd. I’ll admit I had a bit of a culture shock at the concert. By my count, I mistook 19 people for the wrong gender,

MARCH 24, 2011

PAgE 9

Voices What is your ideal Spring Day lineup?

sCott raU Class of 2014 CorPorate finanCe and aCCoUnting “Maybe, umm, some dj’s, like some house music.”

Lady GaGa’s performance was more than just a concert, it told a story.

and this number probably would have been greater if I really paid attention to the people instead of Lady gaga and her interactions with the crowd. Her communication with the audience struck me as something completely novel and entertaining. Although she was on a stage performing for us, she was still incredibly personable. When audience members threw hand-written notes to her on stage, she read them and responded with her own personal stories. gaga even called a member of the audience and invited him out for a drink after the show. This concert deepened my appreciation for Lady gaga as a person and the talent she possesses. First, I was thoroughly impressed by the connection she made with the crowd. Second, she is a much better singer than I ever thought. At concerts, singers often disappoint fans when their live songs don’t live up to the quality of the album versions. But Lady gaga’s songs sounded even better in person, although she exerted an unfathomable amount of energy during the perform-

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ance. I felt the need to gasp for air just from watching the exhausting performance. Her ability to maintain her voice quality while dancing and running unceasingly was nothing short of amazing. And lastly, she played the piano with her feet. I don’t think anybody would ever deem this an easy task. Overall, the special effects, dancing, lighting, acting and singing at the concert were all incredibly entertaining and unbelievably well done. These aspects served as more than just pure entertainment; they provided me with a window into Lady gaga’s personality. Surprisingly, the view from this window was not marred by three-headed pigs and gun bras; rather, Lady gaga is a fun person who appreciates her loyal fans. She enjoys performing, and does not feel the need to conform to societal norms in order to be accepted by a majority. Attending this concert opened my eyes to the positive qualities of Lady gaga’s character. Sure, she may be weird. But when you think about it, what’s so wrong with being weird?

omer ellahi Class of 2014 CorPorate finanCe and aCCoUnting “Coldplay, U2 and then uhhh Pitbull.”

amy shin Class of 2014 UndeCided “Foo Fighters and then I don’t know!!! Wait, wait, and then Lil Wayne!!!”

Katrina defranCesCo Class of 2013 marKeting “Maroon 5 would be the main people and Joshua Radin as the opener.”

ryan deChanCe Class of 2012 eConomiCs finanCe “Jason Mraz as the opener and definitely The Script as the main performer.”

By dina durutlic Lady GaGa’s concert was filled with entertaining singing, dancing and lighting.

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PAgE 10


MArCH 24, 2011


Paul: Interview with two of the stars, Frost & Pegg By Jim Ferguson & David Entin VAngUArd STAff

To their fans, nick frost and Simon Pegg epitomize nerd humor. They’re the Star Wars referencing, zombie bashing, British comics that defined a whole generation of film nerds. They’ve been making us laugh with Spaced and Shawn of the Dead, as well as their latest movie Paul. After a press viewing of Paul, we had a chance to sit down and laugh with the hilarious duo. To sum up the experience of Paul in one word, it would

have to be bland. from the acting to the plot to the over abundance of fart jokes, the film reeks of routine Hollywood fluff stuffed into a lazy Cg alien. The film centers on graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive gollings (nick frost), two nerds from the UK who are road tripping across the States. Hitting up Comic-Con and many of the infamous UfO landmarks that sprinkle the American South West, they are determined to have a real “sci-fi” experience. They get this real experience when they stumble upon Paul

Paul proved to be a bit boring with its overuse of cliche jokes.

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(Seth rogan), a half-baked alien slacker who is the film’s title character. Although Paul is supposed to be the main source of humor, Paul ends up falling back on bodily humor jokes more often than not. Thrown in the mix are devout Christian ruth Buggs (Kristin Wigg) and the determined Agent Zoil (Jason Bateman) giving chase. With such great talent behind all of the characters, it is such a shame that each one comes off as half hearted, leaving little for the audience to attach to. ruth has a hard time dealing with the fact that Paul exists, and the film is bogged down by Atheist preaching, soiling any humor that may have come from the situation. not only that, but halfway through the film ruth develops a desire to curse as much as possible, which is such an old gag that it’s not funny at all. Agent Zoil, while captivating at first, eventually looses any real purpose in the overall story, being dwindled down to a mere plot device. The countless pop-culture and sci-fi references thrown at the viewer is astounding. What is even more upsetting is that most fall completely flat, leaving most of the humor feeling tacked on. The references and puns kept piling up, and every time Paul threatened someone with a “probing,” I found myself checking my watch.

Although the pairing up of Pegg and frost is usually comedic gold, Paul was an exception: There is nothing that makes this film stand out as anything special or even funny. Once the credits begin to roll, it’s clear that Paul is destined to be nothing more than just another filled time slot in late-night television. The Vanguard: How do you work as a team of writers? do you ever write to make yourselves laugh and not worry about the audience liking it? Nick Frost: (Laughs.) That’s what Paul is. Simon Pegg: I think everything we write is to make ourselves laugh. We learned very early on that what we find funny is shared by other people as well. I think some comedy writers try to guess what other people find funny, when you should always write what you find funny, and just hope to god someone else does too. TV: You’ve been travelling a lot and working in America. does it ever get to the point where the American accent just drives you up the wall? SP: nah, I love it. It’s something we don’t tire of. I’ve grown up; we’ve both grown up hearing it. If you look at all our references, the stuff that we allude to in our films is all almost exclusively American stuff. We grew up on a diet of American culture… You do if

you’re from the UK. We’ve got this amazing resource: A country that’s hundreds of times as big as ours that speaks our language to take stuff from. So I’m used to it. TV: As you were preparing for this film, you went on a road trip across a portion of America. What was that most exciting thing you found? SP: We found a six-headed baby. NF: Yeah. That was weird. SP: I think the sheer size and scope of the nation, physically. We live in a country that you can travel across in a day easily. And this is a country that you can travel in a day and not see a single human being, and that was awe inspiring. We’ve been to a lot of places in the U.S., but we’ve never gone over the land, which is quite amazing. We said “wow” more than we’ve ever said. NF: (Laughs.) Yeah. Coming from England, I think films like Deliverance and Southern Comfort give a pre-conceived notion of what people are gonna be like in the interior and then what you find is… SP: It’s true. NF: (Laughs.) You find it’s completely the opposite. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming, apart from the mother of the six-headed baby, who chased us off with a pitchfork.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Flirting on LikeALittle becomes a new hobby campus-wide By Jessica Hughes VAngUArd STAff

“At Seasons: female: Brunette: you had a blue jacket and a white north face…i’d like to get to know you ;).” Comments like this plague the pages of, a website which allows college students to flirt anonymously with others on campus. The website, which launched in October 2010, is becoming increasingly popular throughout college campuses around the nation as a safe way to communicate one’s emotions without having to face rejection. LikeALittle has pages for many colleges and universities across America and is very user friendly. Users can go to the website, find their school’s page and post a flirty message about other students without even having to create an account. A very appealing aspect about the site is complete anonymity, whether you have an account or not. The name shown for each post is “author,” and those who comment or respond on posts are given the names of random

fruits to maintain the website’s anonymity. Each post contains the location, gender and hair color of the person being addressed, as well as the time at which it was posted. These posts range from sweet to funny to just downright raunchy pickup lines. A combination of the posts and the “fruits” that comment (and usually attempt to guess who the post is aimed at) makes the website very entertaining. To add to the fun, a chat application has recently been added to the bottom right side of the screen. This chat box allows users to instantly communicate with others on their campus and start random, flirtatious conversations. The chat names are also anonymous, maintaining the overall theme of the site. Another nice feature on LikeALittle is the fact that students can monitor the posts to make sure they are appropriate. Anyone who visits the site may report comments that are offensive or abusive, allowing it to stay fun and friendly. Also, each school has a coordinator that maintains

their school’s page and keep the content clean by deleting posts that may be too harsh. The good nature of the website keeps users coming back for more. So, where did this genius idea come from? The website was launched by Evan reas, a Stanford MBA graduate, along with Prasanna Sankaranarayanan and Shubham Mittal. In an interview, reas indicated that the purpose of the site was for people to truly make meaningful connections, as opposed to it becoming a daily source of entertainment, such as websites like fML and MLIA. reas came up with the idea while studying abroad at Oxford University in England. He said the university was isolated, and that besides parties and the library, there was minimal social interaction among the students. reas believed he could create a communication tool that would make it easier to connect with others without awkwardness or embarrassment, and that’s when LikeALittle was born. reas and the other two cofounders still check on the

LikeALittle allows users to flirt anonymously.

website’s progress to make sure it stays clean and fitting to its purpose, and so far, it remains successful with little abuse. reas states that they “…don’t want it to turn into a creepy place where nonuniversity students leave negative comments.” They are pleased with its flexibil-

Courtesy of

ity, but they do not want it to become open to all of the public. So, if you happen to see a cutie walking by, you’ll know where to go. Who knows, maybe the website will land you your next date! But no matter what you use it for, it is definitely a fun procrastination site to check out.



Notes from Abroad Question: “Are there any holidays native to your host country that you have experienced? What are the customs of these holidays? Do people take vacations?” By Courtney Gallagher MELBOUrNE, AUSTrALIA

I’m always a huge fan of St. Patty’s Day, but I wasn’t sure what to expect here in Australia. I’ve heard that our celebrations in the U.S. are somewhat exaggerated compared to the actual Irish festivities, but I’m all for the extra excuses to dress up in green and have a few beers. I was pleased to find out that a lot of kids here in the village got really into it. Huge green jackets, green tights, stick-on ginger beards and high socks were among the dress code when I looked out from my balcony. I joined the parade on a pub crawl through Melbourne, starting and ending at the pub next

door. On the streets and in the pubs I didn’t see as many gung-ho St. Patty’s Day celebrations, but pretty much every college kid in the city looked forward to a day and night of drinking. At certain spots, huge lines of university students were forming in the mid-afternoon and evening, and I was definitely impressed with Melbourne’s St. Patty’s Day showing. As for upcoming holidays, there’s Easter, but I’m not really sure what else is coming up. I asked an Australian the other day if he likes Thanksgiving food because I was craving it… Turns out they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because the Mayflower didn’t hit Tasmania.

St. Patty’s Day in Australia is quite festive.

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Belgium has a few celebrations that are unique to its culture. Like a few other Catholic countries, Carnival is celebrated before Ash Wednesday. In Belgium, the Carnival of Binche is a particularly big and medieval festival. The Carnaval de Binche is celebrated for three days. There are parades and events with participants singing and dancing. People dress like clowns, known as Gilles, and walk on stilts. Basically everyone just dresses up in 14th century costumes to drink and eat with the community. It’s a nice holiday. Belgium recognizes the general Catholic holidays like in the United States and

MArCH 24, 2011 most of Europe. During the week of Carnival, most residents travel for holiday while school is out. Ommegang is celebrated on the first Thursday of July and the previous Tuesday in Brussels to honor the arrival of the emperor. The pageant procession has taken place in the famous Grand Place since the 16th century. An entire medieval village is set up downtown and there are jousting tournaments held there, as well as battles with knights. It’s a big event for folklore, music and performances. Armistice Day (Veterans’ Day) on November 11 is taken very seriously in Belgium. During World War I, Belgium was the battleground for much of the fighting. Instead of WWII, WWI is considered the Great War

I really could have written about anything this week, ranging from Charlie Sheen and the UCLA tart who hates Asians talking to the ongoing disasters plaguing Japan (I hear Ann Coulter has a solution!) or the ongoing joke that calls itself the Grand Old Party, but I’ve settled on something that I’m sure you’ve all heard about by now: The Friday experience as told by one rebecca Black. Now if you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the new single Friday by rebecca Black, stop reading, go to YouTube and watch the official video. If you have heard the song or watched the video, continue on. I’m sorry, but this may very well be the worst song I’ve ever heard, and like millions, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s just plain entertaining, and I cannot figure out why. It’s not rhythmically interesting (isn’t it just Baby by that toddler Bieber?) and her voice is so auto-tuned that even T-Pain is disgusted by it. It must be the brilliant, awe-inspiring lyrics. I mean, how could you not

appreciate a song that is describing the logistics of a 15-year-old American girl’s Friday, where she goes from eating cereal and waiting for the bus to the excruciating dilemma of deciding which seat to take in the car (apparently not the open one? Sigh) where she plans to get down? Put 12 monkeys in a room with a typewriter and you’ll eventually get Shakespeare, so how the hell do you explain a song where a major verse is simply stating the order of the weekend days while utilizing the phrase “We so excited”? Whoever wrote this song should either be imprisoned for their incompetence, or receive a national education award for successfully teaching our otherwise stupid, couch-ridden kids the actual order of the weekend days. But then again, the song is catchy, it sticks in your mind, and 30 million+ views later on YouTube, something went right here for Ms. Black. Her song is so bad that it’s now considered good, the same mysterious phenomenon that propels

in this country. Since this day in history marks the start of peace, Belgians respect the holiday in remembrance of the catastrophic destruction they experienced. Although it is not an official holiday, there was widespread celebration last month as Belgium passed Iraq for the country with the longest time without a government in the post-WWII era. In fact, Iraqi “representatives” awarded Belgium a trophy during a ceremony in Ghent. Belgians, especially the younger generation, are particularly proud of this accomplishment as the country still operates like usual without a governing body. Other notable holidays include Belgian Independence Day on July 21.

Courtesy of

In Belgium, Carnaval de Binche is a holiday filled with parades and other fun events.

A Fireside Chat: Just Choose a Damn Seat Rebecca Michael Bay films, Adam Sandler’s career and the Jersey Shore cast. Like all of the aforementioned imbeciles, Black is the latest joke who is laughing all the way to the bank, while people like my friend Keith are dumbfounded by the utter failure of capitalism, which as he put it should “reward talent, not crap.” Tell that to rebecca as Friday accelerates up the iTunes Top Selling List . Simply stunning. And don’t get me started on the other inexplicable piece of this song, that my friend rockett astutely pointed out to me: Why on earth is there a 30-year-old rapper cruising around and participating in a video otherwise populated by 13 year olds, who for the most part still have braces on their teeth? Apparently, the kids need a chaperone who neglected to tell them that sitting properly in their seats with their seatbelts on might be safer when your driver only has a learner’s permit. Look, I’m thrilled that this girl’s dreams are coming true


By Jon McColgan

and I know she does actually have some talent, but I find it beyond pathetic that CNN, despite a fresh war with Libya and Japan sinking into a nuclear crisis rivaling Chernobyl, is already asking if she’s the next Bieber. I’m ashamed that this fascinated me enough to write 700 words on it. At this rate, she will be a guest judge on American Idol next week, a show on which she would be voted off

before even reaching Sanjaya status. I myself can’t wait for this coming Friday, knowing that every room, suite and apartment on this campus will probably be blasting this snappy garbage. But can we wait for her to actually display some of that rumored talent on the national stage before we glorify her for this turd of a song that makes Ke$ha look like a genius? Thanks.

Good Morning America may have gotten this one right; this video is simply awful.

Courtesy of ABC News



MARCH 24, 2011


By Franziska & Johanna Griecci

Aries (March 21-April 19)

If Irish eyes are smiling, you can be assured they’re up to no good.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Don’t believe anyone wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt today.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

You will see green people today… They have probably had too much corned beef and cabbage.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Don’t resist the urge to frolic in a field of shamrocks.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Just because you don’t believe in fairies doesn’t mean they’re not watching your every move.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The vertically challenged don’t appreciate you grabbing them and screaming, “Give me gold!!!”

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Chase after rainbows, but don’t trip over the people who’ve had too much green beer.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Singing an Irish drinking song during a boring class will not win you any points with the teacher.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Unfortunately, you’ll need several pots of gold to pay off your college debt.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Watch out for rogue-flying shillelaghs.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

University Police will not accept “The leprechauns made me do it” as an excuse.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

It’s time to break out your Michael Flatley impersonation and recreate Riverdance in the cafeteria.

April’s Advice Your Questions Answered! Question: Word on the street is that Ballroom Dancing is now an official club on campus. Is that true, and if so how can I get in on that? Also, do I need a partner or prior dancing experience to come to lessons? Yes! Ballroom Dancing is now an official club on campus. While the club has been operating for the past three semesters, it was only formally recognized by the school last month. The club currently has a good amount of participation and involvement. This semester, the team has joined the Tufts Ballroom Dance Team and has practices twice a week on Mondays from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 to 11 p.m. Not only is it great to take lessons at another school, but it is also great to dance with students from another school as well as other Bentley students. However, next semester the group will be having lessons on campus and will be hiring a professional instructor to teach lessons, so look out for that! You do not need any prior experience to come to lessons. There are different levels of dance. If you are a beginner, then you attend those lessons, and if you are advanced, then

there are separate lessons for those students as well. You do not need a partner, either. Individuals are paired up during lessons and rotated during the lesson. Anyone can learn how to ballroom dance, even if you have two left feet. There is such a variety of dances that can be learned, such as waltz, tango, cha cha, swing, rumba, samba, bolero and others. You can choose to compete with other schools, or you can simply dance for fun. There are so many Latin dance clubs, not only in Boston but in many other areas as well, and knowing how to actually dance is helpful. It’s always a lot more fun to be the person on the floor dancing than the person watching everyone else and wishing they could dance. There are also so many other occasions when you can use your skills, such as at weddings or business social events. On another level, ballroom dancing is a great source of exercise and it can also improve your coordination, balance and posture. Ballroom Dance is actually having an event on April 1 at Fire & Ice in Harvard Square. It is a dinner and salsa dancing event, so if you are inter-


By April Gammal

Ballroom Dancing is another fun club anyone can join.

Courtesy of

ested in the club it would be a great event to attend! Girls, we all know that there is nothing more attractive than a guy who can dance. And guys, one of the easiest ways to impress a girl is with your moves on the dance floor. So, with all of that said, if you want to join or know someone who is interested in joining then you can e-mail The club is always welcoming new members! So

what are you waiting for? Get up and dance!

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MARCH 24, 2011

By Dan Binder-Brantley

Internet Celebrities I came back from Spring Break unprepared to start writing again. Initially, I was worried that I would have to stretch my amazing talents to find any sort of new video worthy of my time, let alone your time. Thankfully, Rebecca Black exists. Her music video Friday is so bad; I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it solely for the purpose of providing me with material to write about it. Since I don’t even know where to start with this one, I’ll just do a little lyrical analysis to kick things off. Her voice sounding like a cat whining to go outside shouldn’t mean the lyrics have to be complete garbage as well, right? “Fun, fun, think about fun. You know what it is. I got this, you got this. My friend is by my right. I got this, you got this. Now you know it,” Black sings. Wrong. First of all, don’t tell me to think about fun. The only thing I’m going to think about is why God didn’t just do us all a favor and “forget” to provide this girl with a set of vocal chords.

During the car journey, Black sings about her dilemma over whether to sit in the front or back of the car.

Second, I don’t care that your friend is by your right. Since when is it ok to just throw in random lines like that in songs? Does the chorus of Piano Man go, “Sing us a song, you’re the piano man, sing us a song tonight, my friend is by my right”? While this would actually rhyme, Elton John recognized that it didn’t make any sense. Black, not so much.

At this point, I decided some research was in order. I set out hoping to discover that the song was actually the result of a Make-A-Wish Foundation project, but found just the opposite. Wikipedia says that Black’s mom actually paid two grand for the opportunity to make the song. I didn’t want to believe it, but we all know Wikipedia is never wrong. If I was Black’s mom right

Elephant in the Room

The debate between abolitionists and retentionists continues.

A conservative and a liberal, who happen to be roommates, weigh in on current affairs. Is capital punishment a just form of punishment? Sean Harrington Before I begin the explanation of my personal rationale in support of capital punishment, let me first assert that I intend on examining this issue in a logical and rational way. Those in opposition to this issue tend to attack the emotions of those people they wish to persuade (for obvious reasons), so it is my prerogative to explain my position as logically as possible and avoid cheap, maudlin tactics.

Courtesy of

Justice, in the United States, is predicated on the notion that the punishment inflicted by the jury fit the crime committed by the defendant. In other words, we live by this standard: The punishment should fit the crime, fair and simple. There is no doubt that capital punishment, or the “death penalty”, is the ultimate price. One’s life is the single most valuable possession. Given this logic, it is also true that murder is the most serious offense that one can commit. Of course, there are different distinctions of murder itself, but it is safe to say that a premeditated murder is the single worst crime there is.

Although there is little disagreement regarding murder and capital punishment as the poles of crime and punishment, there still exists a coalition that refuses to connect the two. This seems simply absurd to me. The elimination of the capital punishment harshly diminishes the value of our justice system. Take this example: Kenny and Orenthal are both criminals. Kenny steals thousands of dollars from his corporation without conforming to GAAP. Orenthal brutally murders his ex-wife and her friend and refuses to admit to it. Without the existence of the death penalty, our legal system would award these two criminals the EXACT SAME PUNISHMENT: lifetime in prison. How can anyone honestly say that we are a just society if we award these two criminals the same punishment? Brutal murder is not the same as hiding expenses and setting strict revenue goals. Yet, we would recognize it with the same punishment… This makes no sense at all. They say that if we put murderers to death, we are just as bad as them. I pose this question: Are we then also just as bad as bank robbers if we demand that money be returned? How about car thieves? Are we all thieves for asking that the car be given to the rightful owner? This


Courtesy of

now, I’d be putting her up for adoption. If this is what $2,000 gets her, she should just smarten up and realize her kid isn’t worth the investment. If you think I’m being harsh here, maybe I should mention the fact that the entire song was autotuned. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the goal of autotune to make a song sound better? I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m the next

Enrique Iglesias after a little autotuning. Words surely cannot describe the horrors that come about when this girl tries to sing without the help of autotune. As much as I’d like to continue offering advice to her obviously stricken mother, I want to be sure to point out one more set of lyrics: “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today is Friday, Friday… Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes after…wards.” I know some of you might think I should stop roasting Black, but this is just insulting. Who the hell does she think she is, trying to tell me the days of the week? Maybe the song was originally intended to help educate elementary school students, but it had to be used elsewhere after it resulted in temper tantrums and violence on the jungle gym. Regardless of your feelings after reading this column, check the video out and join the millions of us who will soon band together to have all evidence of this song’s existence destroyed ceremonially.

By Sean Harrington & Brian Shea logic if truly flawed. Let the punishment fit the crime. Only then are we truly morally just. Brian Shea The 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution outlaws all “cruel and unusual punishments.” Knowing this, it seems relatively foolish to think that the death penalty is at all valid. After all, premeditated murder is a capital offense. Why, then, should it double as capital punishment? You may be surprised to know that death is pretty irreversible. I don’t know how Jesus came back, but usually people don’t reincarnate on demand. Therefore, when an innocent person is sentenced to death, the justice system doesn’t really act justly. This atrocity actually happens a lot, too – since 1973, 138 death row inmates have been found innocent. That means that for every 10 people executed, approximately one previously convicted person is found innocent. Proponents of the death penalty will argue that it acts as a deterrent of heinous crimes. Although this may sound incandescently awesome in theoretical conversation, it is not true. In fact, it’s the opposite. States with the death penalty have noticeably higher murder rates than non-death penalty states. So,

in reality, it’s more of an incentive than a deterrent. Morally, I cannot justify the act of killing another human being. Sure, a person may have murdered people, or committed treason, or raped someone. But does that mean that our government has the right to prematurely end this person’s life? Does a retributive motive qualify the death penalty as righteous killing? My answer, overwhelmingly, is no. Obviously, we can’t just let convicted felons back into mainstream society. I am not naïve enough to believe that people who commit capital offenses will become saints just by doing a little soul searching. However, I do believe in the value of reflection. Criminals sentenced to death have little chance to think about the repercussions of their actions. Conversely, those sentenced to life imprisonment have plenty of time to ponder the morality of their actions. Surely, the punishment should always fit the crime. However, the punishment does not have to mirror the crime. Life imprisonment is a just punishment, and does not carry the moral cost of bringing about death (or the financial cost of bringing about a death penalty trial). As Gandhi wisely declared, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”


SportS & NewS

MARCh 24, 2011


Women’s Lacrosse gearing up for NE-10 play By Robbie LaBrie SPORTS EDITOR

When the snow melts, spring games start and Bentley lacrosse is trying to get into mid-season form in a hurry. They continue their pursuit of a 2011 title as they start NE-10 games on Wednesday. The Falcons have been playing for a few weeks now, going 1-3 over their first four games. With the rust shaken off, Bentley will look toward their second conference game against Franklin Pierce on March 23, an NE-10 matchup against Stonehill on March 29 and a third conference game in a row against American International on April 1. Bentley opened up their season on March 6 in an early conference game against Le Moyne. It was a cold Sunday afternoon and the Le Moyne squad just seemed to be a little sharper, earning a 15-6 victory. Junior Megan Wiggins paced the offensive attack for Bentley, scoring 2 goals and dishing out an assist, but it would not be enough for the Falcons to get off to a winning start. Alex Carney, Cori Geiger, Chelsea Larivee and Kelsie

Tidman also recorded their first goals of the season for the Falcons. Bentley’s next matchup went much better as the Falcons put up a hard fight against Bloomsburg. Unfortunately, they came out on the wrong end of an 11-10 score. Geiger found herself with a free position shot with 5 seconds remaining to try to tie the score at 11 apiece, but the Bloomsburg goalie, Shelby Iezzi, came up big with a save to preserve the win in regulation time for Bloomsburg. Geiger certainly did her part in this one, however, leading the team with 5 goals. Dovlyn Curtis was the only other Falcon with multiple goals, as she buried 3 in the losing effort. Carolyn Kynoch and Margeaux Guercia each added a goal as well. Bentley outshot Bloomsburg 25-20, but, interestingly, they didn’t have an assist on any of those 10 goals. Bentley finally let out some frustration in the next game, putting a beat down on the girls from Shepherd in St. Petersburg, Florida in a Spring Break matchup. The Lady Falcons earned a 17-4 win in the contest. Curtis and Carney each

recorded hat tricks for Bentley, while Wiggins, Guercia and Lauren Canepa each scored a pair of goals in Bentley’s dominating win. Geiger had three assists to go along with a goal, while Larivee had a pair of assists as well as a goal of her own. Bentley was unable to carry that momentum over into their home game against Dowling on March 20, however. After scoring only 1 goal in the first half, Bentley put up 8 in the second, but it wasn’t enough to earn a victory over the Golden Lions, who took the win, 13-9.

Geiger and Wiggins did all the scoring for Bentley, scoring 5 and 4 goals, respectively. Early in the second half, Bentley was down 7-1, but they went on a surge, paced by Geiger and Wiggins, to eventually make it a 9-8 game. With six and a half minutes remaining, Dowling took over, scoring 4 goals in a row to hold off the Lady Falcons down the stretch. Bentley will need to tighten up their play a bit more to start picking up more wins, but if they can manage to keep getting big scoring runs they

Bentley went 1-3 through their first four games.

will have success in the Northeast-10 this season. The Falcons were ranked sixth in the preseason NE-10 Coaches Poll and it will be interesting to see if they can beat that ranking. They certainly have the pieces to make a big run this year. They currently sit with five other teams at 0-1 in NE-10 play, but this week will be big for the Lady Falcons. It will be a huge confidence boost if they can pick up a couple wins against conference foes and find their team name near the top of the standings.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

RANKINGS Continued from Page 1 but they only began ranking undergraduate business schools in 2006. Their student surveys are completed voluntarily by a participating percentage of senior business majors at each school between November and February. “Since Bloomberg BusinessWeek began ranking the undergraduate schools, Bentley has averaged 30, 31 and 32, so last year’s jump up to 21 was a dramatic change. When we asked Bloomberg what was the contributing factor [to this year’s decrease], they said the recruiter score was lower than last year,” said Michele Walsh, director of Public and Media Relations at Bentley. “We also noticed that all the schools in our area also dropped in their rankings from last year, so it is hard to understand how or why that happens.” “Our own data and surveys tell us a different story,” said Walsh. “In exploring the lower recruiter score, Bentley learned that although the publication requests a list of each school’s top recruiters, they choose which recruiters they will survey, so we don’t know if they surveyed the companies that work closely with and hire from Bentley.” “We understand that people can be disappointed when the rankings go down, but we try to remind everyone to keep them in perspective, whether we per-

form well or not. Although Bentley enjoys a strong position in many major rankings, we caution against placing too much emphasis on any one measurement’” Walsh continued. “They are not scientific instruments that can accurately measure all that a school offers. Since each of them choose different groups to survey and then weigh the information subjectively, it is often difficult to draw clear conclusions.” Another factor that affects Bloomberg’s rankings is the percentage of seniors who respond. “Generally speaking, there are 800-plus business majors in our senior class. The response rate for this and most rankings surveys is a small percentage of that number,” said Walsh. “Our own student surveys are done through Banner, so students often need to complete a survey before receiving their grades. Typically, many of the rankings publications don’t get response rate that high,” said Susan Brennan, managing director of University Career Services. In regards to reaching out to prospective students who may be concerned about lower rankings, Bentley prefers to focus on promoting the school’s unique qualities and community. “If prospective students and their families have questions or concerns about rankings, our admission counselors are very available…whether it is by visiting schools [or] taking phone

calls or meeting in person,” said Walsh. “We will take every opportunity to help educate them on the factors and information that are most important to them. Ideally, their search is about finding the school that is the best fit for them. If a rankings publication helps them find that information, then it can be a useful tool; but we hope that it is only one tool in their search.” “Most rankings can be fickle; they come and go, and many new ones are coming out all the time. Whether we’re 21 [or] 32, it’s essentially still recognition that Bentley is a top school. Most lists of the top schools are changeable; schools will go up and down,” said Brennan, who

points out that such slight changes in rankings help to sell magazines for the media organizations that publish them. The Public and Media Relations team would like to deliver an important message to current students concerning the power of their voice on the many surveys and social media sites that rank and review schools, including College Prowler and “We’ve heard from some students that it is frustrating to those who feel positive about Bentley to read negative comments online, but they should understand that many of these sites are not concerned with accuracy or fairness. They are interested in attracting users

and generating lists that will result in revenue,” said Walsh. “But students do have a powerful voice in this area…especially when their comments are thoughtful and productive.” The Public Relations Department, along with the entire Bentley administration, encourages students to have pride in their school and its unique qualities, regardless of any external organization’s ranking results. “We hear how special Bentley is from our students, faculty, staff, alumni and corporate partners on a regular basis,” said Walsh. “What Bentley does well – and how we do it –is not something that can be easily measured by outside organizations.”



Falcon Men fall just short of Elite Eight Bloomfield takes Bentley in a close Regional championship game By Robbie LaBrie

pAGE 15

Recent ReSUltS Results from 3/9-3/22

Baseball (6-9) vs. Bridgeport (3/15) vs. pace (3/16) vs. Bridgeport (3/17) vs. pace (3/18) vs. Stonehill (3/19)

SportS Editor

After getting knocked off in the NE-10 championship game by Adelphi, the Bentley Men’s Basketball team looked to turn things around with a trip to the Elite Eight for the second year in a row and the fourth time in five years. the East regional was held at the dana Center after the Falcons earned the top seed in the eight-team mini-tournament. Bentley won their first two games against C.W. post and Saint rose and took a lead into the regional Finals against Bloomfield, but were unable to hold on as Bloomfield knocked off Bentley, 75-71, last tuesday, March 15. interestingly, although Bloomfield is not in the Northeast-10 with the Falcons, the two teams had already faced off earlier in the year in Bentley’s first game of the regular season and the first game of the Bentley tip-off Classic on November 12. Bentley fell just short in that one, as well, 86-84. Both squads got a full season of maturity before squaring off again, but it was the same outcome for the Falcons, who bookended their season with losses to the same pesky team. After the teams traded buckets for a while to start the regional Final, Bentley was able to take a strong lead midway through the first half, going on a 10-2 run that made the score 25-13. Sam Leclerc scored 5 points during the run, including a three, while freshman Jasper Grassa drained a triple, as well, to give the Falcons a nice cushion. the Bloomfield deacons closed the gap later in the half, however, cutting the Bentley lead down to four as the two sides headed into the locker room with Bentley holding just a 39-35 lead. things got ugly right from the beginning in the second half. Bloomfield went on an 18-4 tear over the first five-and-a-half min-

MArCh 24, 2011

RESULTS W 7-2 L 8-4 L 4-3 W 15-4 L 3-2

Golf St. thomas Aquinas invitational (3/18-3/19) Men’s Basketball (24-8) Bloomfield (NCAA regional Final) (3/15)

Junior G Sam Leclerc will be the only returning starter next year.

utes, as the Falcons just could not get their shots to fall. Bentley was not ready to give up on the Elite Eight dream yet, though. With the Falcons down 59-49 midway through the second half, Brian tracey led his team on an 11-0 run to take back the lead. tracey dominated the defensive end during the run, grabbed two offensive boards and a steal, buried a three a twopoint jumper and hit three free throws to get the Falcons back on top. After trading baskets, Bloomfield tied up the game at 63-63 with about 5 minutes left. the deacons then pulled ahead with 2 more buckets to grab a 67-63 lead. Bloomfield would never give up the lead throughout the rest of the game. the teams went back and forth over the final few minutes of the game. A free throw by tracey and a pair by dowling made it a 1-point game at 67-66. then Bloomfield knocked down a couple free throws, followed by a dowling basket to make it 6968. the deacons scored another basket, but dowling followed it up with a pair of free throws to keep it a 1-point game, 71-70, with 53 seconds remaining.

Senior F Brian Tracey is one of three outgoing players to reach 1,000 career points.



tracey grabbed the rebound on a Bloomfield miss, giving Bentley the ball with 12 seconds left and a 1-point deficit. dowling looked like he would be the hero, but his layup attempt was blocked by Bloomfield’s athletic freshman Kevin Udo. Bloomfield was fouled and made both shots to make it a 3point game with 5.8 seconds left. the deacons fouled Greg Jacques on the inbound pass to avoid the Falcons taking a three pointer. Jacques made 1 of 2, and the Falcons were forced to foul again with the score at 73-71. Bentley needed a miss and a miracle basket, but it wasn’t in the cards. Bloomfield proved that it was their time, securing a 75-71 win with 2 made free throws to send them to the Elite Eight. it was a disappointing loss, especially for the quartet of seniors, Brian tracey, tom dowling, Mike Quinn and Joe Fremeau. All four have had outstanding careers at Bentley and have a lot to be proud of. tracey, dowling and Quinn have all scored over 1,000 points in their careers, and all the seniors have made significant contributions to this team that will surely be missed. the team will face a lot of turnover heading into next season, as they graduate four starters. Sam Leclerc, who is a junior this year, will be the only carry-over onto the 2011-12 roster. Guards Jacques and Jasper Grassa played great basketball this season off the bench, and one or both will certainly be asked to step up even more in the absence of dowling and Quinn next year. Sophomore dan o’Keefe and junior Kevin Kettl could also be potential starters in the future. it was another great season for the Falcons, even though it didn’t end the way they would have liked. Bentley basketball is still going strong, and now it’s a matter of getting primed to make an even deeper run next year.

4th of 11

L 75-71

Men’s Lacrosse (0-1) at C.W. post (3/12)

L 6-3

Men’s Tennis (5-6, 5-0) at Florida Southern (3/14) at Florida tech (3/16) at Saint Leo (3/17) at palm Beach Atlantic (3/18)

L 7-2 L 6-3 L 9-0 L 7-2

Men’s Track & Field NCAA division ii Championships (3/11) No team score Softball (7-3) vs. Wilmington (del.) (3/15) vs. Caldwell (3/17) vs. Nyack (3/17) vs. New York tech (3/18) vs. St. Michael’s (3/18)

L 3-0 W 1-0 W 8-0 W 8-0 W 5-1

Women’s Basketball (28-5) pace (NCAA regional Final) (3/15) vs. Clayton State (Quarterfinals) (3/22)

W 64-61 L 84-61

Women’s Lacrosse (1-3, 0-1 NE-10) vs. Shepherd (3/14) dowling (3/20)

W 17-4 L 13-9

Women’s Swimming NCAA division ii Championships (3/9-3/12) 21st place Women’s Tennis (5-7, 5-1 NE-10) at Florida tech (3/16) at Saint Leo (3/17) at tampa (3/19) Women’s Track & Field NCAA dii Championships (3/11-3/12)

L 9-0 L 8-1 L 7-2

33rd place

Upcoming SchedUle March 24 Baseball vs. UMass-Lowell* March 26 Men’s tennis vs. Saint Anselm* Women’s tennis vs. Saint Anselm* Men’s Lacrosse vs. Adelphi* March 27 Baseball vs. Franklin pierce*

3:30 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

March 29 Women’s tennis vs. AiC* 1:00 p.m. Softball vs. Southern New hampshire* 3, 5:00 p.m. Men’s tennis vs. AiC* 3:30 p.m. April 2 Baseball vs. Assumption* Softball vs. Franklin pierce* April 3 Women’s tennis vs. Southern Nh* Men’s tennis vs. Southern Nh*

12, 3:00 p.m. 12, 2:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.

PAgE 16


MArCH 24, 2011


Lady Falcons fly to Missouri & fall short in quarterfinals Second ranked Clayton State University stopped Bentley’s road to the National Championship early By Louis Sherman VANguArD STAFF

Bentley Women’s Basketball headed to St. Joseph in Missouri for Tuesday afternoon’s matchup against the #2 team in the country, Clayton State. Bentley came up short in an 84-61 loss in the national quarterfinal game. Bentley played their first game of the Elite Eight on Tuesday with heart, as it proved to be their final game of the season. Senior Kim Brennan was given an honorary 37 minutes of game play in her final game as a Lady Falcon. Brennan scored 14 points in the game, while adding 6 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal without committing a foul. Sophomore Courtney Finn led Bentley in scoring with 15 points of her own, while taking down 5 boards. The freshmen phenom duo of Battista and Brugliera were seemingly silenced in the game, as that was the key to Clayton State’s victory. Battista had 10 points and 7 rebounds in 30 minutes, while Brugliera had 12 points and 2 rebounds, but committed 4 fouls. The tandem had 7 turnovers, as part of the 26 turnovers for the game for Bentley, a key to the loss. The trip down to the Elite Eight marked the first time in 8 years in which the Bentley women won the East regional championship, which was hosted here in Waltham last week. Bentley walked through the first two games of the regional tournament, defeating #8 seed C.W. Post 75-67 and #4 Assumption College 77-64. Their final game of the tournament proved to be the hardest. Bentley took care of business on March 15,

After three strong playoff performances, Clayton State’s shooting and pressure was too much for Bentley to handle.

defeating Pace university with a score of 64-61. The win came after the Lady Falcons trailed by 4 with 38 seconds remaining. Bentley brought an early 28-22 lead to the locker room at the end of the first half. Pace came out firing in the second half, and took a 61-57 lead with 38.1 seconds left in the game. Senior leader and star guard Kim Brennan scored the final 7 points to seal the victory and the East regional championship. Brennan finished the game with 16 points, shooting 50 percent from the field while nailing all of her free throws. Freshman Jacqui Brugliera scored a team-high 21 points for the Falcons, as she did a fine job of hitting 10 of her 11 free throw attempts. Sophomore guard Courtney Finn scored 11 points while leading the





2003 Bentley Women’s Basketball made the Elite Eight in St. Joseph, Missouri, drawing the number two team in the nation, Clayton State. Did you know this was Bentley’s first trip to the Elite Eight since 2003, despite their huge run of success over the latter half of the decade? unfortunately, the Lady Falcons were unable to advance past Clayton State, but The Vanguard thinks you can already book your trip back to St. Joseph in 2012.

team with 6 rebounds. Bentley’s first tournament game brought C.W. Post to Waltham in the 1 vs. 8 matchup in the East. Bentley took a 7-point lead into the half, and they kept it constant in a 75-67 victory. In this game, Brugliera finished with 25 points and 13 rebounds to lead the charge. She completed 7 of her 10 free throw attempts. Junior forward Shatasia Kearse added 10 points, including a pair of free throws down the stretch. Battista added 12 points, while Brennan had a bit of a tough day from the field, scoring 5 points, all from free throws. Brennan added 6 assists on the day, and freshman guard Christiana Bakolas added 10 points of her own to round out the top 5. Bentley won their second

Falcon oF the


Courtesy of Sports Information Office

game of the tournament in a 77-64 rout over Assumption College. Bentley took an early lead and expanded on the 5-point half time lead, with 48 points in the second half. Finn led the Lady Falcons by scoring 17 points, which tied for her career-best total. Brugliera continued her streak of dominance by scoring 14 points while grabbing down 14 rebounds. goodwin, Battista, Brennan and Kearse all scored double digits, as well, to basically round out the scoring for Bentley. goodwin had 14 points while shooting 50 percent from the field. Battista, Brennan and Kearse each added 10 points. The loss in the Elite Eight was certainly disappointing, but the trip to Missouri caps off a great season for the Falcons, who will certainly be a power in Division II

Women’s Basketball for a long time to come. With freshmen forwards Battista and Brugliera anchoring the lineup for another three years, this is a team that will be the favorites in the Northeast-10 for a while. The Falcons’ run this season was even more surprising considering that they lost their senior forward Elise Caira early in the year with a knee injury. The loss of Caira thrust Battista and Brugliera into starting roles earlier than expected, and they did not disappoint. The loss of Kim Brennan will certainly hurt next year, but the Falcons will carry over plenty of experience and talent to carry them to more winning records. Brennan ends her collegiate career with an impressive resume. She ranks first in Bentley history in minutes, tied for first in games started, second in field goals attempted, third in field goals attempted and made, fifth in points and tenth in assists. She is certainly one of the best to ever put on the Bentley uniform, and she will certainly be missed. To go along with the big two forwards Battista and Brugliera, Bentley will return a core including veterans Katherine goodwin, Courtney Finn, Shatasia Kearse and Meghann Thomann. It will be exciting to see just how far this team can make it next year and into the future. Although the season did not end with the championship the Falcons were looking for, they can sit back and celebrate how far they made it and how well they played this season before getting ready to make another run next year.

Sophomore Swimmers Jessica Hodson, Senior Swimmer Anne Kaduboksi and Sophomore Runner Amy Varsell Sophomore Jessica Hodsdon and senior Anne Kaduboksi of the Women’s Swimming team and sophomore Amy Varsell of the Women’s Track and Field team share Falcon of the Week honors this week. Hodsdon and Kaduboski became the first AllAmericans in program history at the NCAA Division II Championships in San Antonio. Hodsdon finished sixth in the 100 yard breaststroke with a time of 1:03.65, and Kaduboski finished fifth in the 200 butterfly with a time of 2:02.47. Kaduboski earned All-America honors again with an eighth place finish in the 200 backstroke, breaking her own school record with a time of 2:01.79. Varsell became Bentley’s first Women’s Track and Field All-American when she finished fourth in the 800 meters with a time of 2:12.26 at the NCAA Division II Indoor Track Championships in Albuquerque.

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