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Mr. Bentley 2010 April 1st 9:30pm EDR

Meet the Contestants

Rob Monticchio What’s up, I’m Big Rob. I’m a CIS major with a Management and Law Minor. I work on campus at the Bentley Help Desk, I’m a Resident Assistant in Boylston A, a proud member of the MBAs—Bentley’s only a cappella group, and a past Orientation Leader. I LOVE Bentley, and you can always see me around campus with a smile on my face. My hobbies include music, working with computers, cars, and having a good time!

Chad Arrendell

I am lanky and sleek which makes me unique. Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me.

Phil Marquis Phil Marquis not only represents the proud New England roots of Bentley as he resides in Connecticut, but also embodies the globalization and international prowess of the school, as he hails from the exotic land of Canada. This handsome import doesn’t solely rely on his prominent jaw line or entrancing eyes for success, but rather chooses to indulge in all life has to offer. Whether it be cooking a gourmet meal, or creating an evocative original piece of music, Phil has the skills, the kills and Mr. Bentley written all over him.

Corey Goodermote

Corey is a junior, originally from Long Island, New York. He is a CIS major, and a closet nerd; additionally, he understands the proper usage of semicolons. George is his favorite Beatle and his favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. He enjoys rooting for the killer in horror movies, old school Adam Sandler, giving and receiving massages, and baking.

Nick Aquino

Nick Aquino is the President and co-founder of Bentley TV as well as the co-host of Bentley’s own sketch comedy show, BSTV. Nick was given the gift of stunning good looks that would make Zoolander want to be a hand model, but is plagued by his horrible personality.

Joe Frantel

You’ve probably seen Joe Frantel sticking out in crowds all around campus. If you’ve talked to him during the weekends or seen him at a swim meet…he’s sorry. He’s a 6 foot 5 bundle of love who will make you laugh, cry and want to be friends.

Mike Cunningham Mike is your classic boy next door. With his mother’s eyes and stunning features this Tom Cruise look alike has made more hole in one’s than Tiger Woods. His physical abilities are un-matched as he has out run Usain Bolt and bear knuckle boxed Mike Tyson. His style is impetuous and his pick up lines are impregnable. His gardening skills are so good, just give him a hoe and he’ll plow the any field. When he’s not helping the elderly cross the street or pulling kittens out of trees, he enjoys lifting large amounts of weights and reading dictionaries. He has once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt. Mr. Bentley does not define Mike Cunningham, Mike Cunningham defines Mr. Bentley.

Josh Ranger Josh Ranger is a second semester junior who recently returned from Madrid where he took semester long hiatus to depreciate the value of his liver and reconstruct his selfimage after socially disgracing himself in Waltham for two years. He enjoys long walks through Collins, sunning himself on the green space, and cooking at obscene hours of the morning.

Sam Streeter

My name is Sam Streeter, and I am a Junior at Bentley. I enjoy surfing, romantic movies, and PB&J sandwiches. My personal hero and fellow duck hunter is Chad Arrendell.

Rob Wedinger Born in Gastonia, North Carolina, Rob Wedinger has lived in 6 states and never knew where his true home was until he found Bentley University. He gives tours with the Bentley Ambassadors, tutors in the Economics Finance and Statistics lab, and studied abroad in Denmark. He did skydiving club until his mom found out and he learned what a real fear of death is. He likes sunsets, the wind in his hair (which is always spiked like he just got electrocuted), and giggling.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall is witty, humorous, and strongly dislikes fellow contestant Nick Aquino. He may or may not be a little overweight, but don’t let that fool you, he’s got it where it counts. Personality for the win!

Alex Hodge A Senior Culinary Arts Major… at heart… who is pursuing a career in Actuarial Sciences… Alex Hodge thoroughly enjoy playing volleyball, eating, sleeping, and repeating some combination thereof. As a recent habitat alum Hodge has a renewed fervor for helping those in need. Post graduation he will be returning home to New Jersey to spend time with his ten siblings, four dogs, three cats, and if need be his parents. He sends his love to the Bentley Community!

Mr. Bentley 2010  

Meet the twelve candidates for this year's Mr. Bentley competition.

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