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Welcome to Halifax!

Proud hosts of ICS Parliment, 2012

Prime Minister’s Message It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity on behalf of the executive board and membership of The Imperial Court of Atlantic Nova Society (ISCANS) to welcome all visiting Monarchs, their court members, visitors, and friends to Motown and Musicals, Coronation XII. It gives us great honour to have been the selected city to host Parliament this weekend and hope that you will enjoy your weekend in Halifax. I want to thank all those ISCANS Members, friends and supporters in the community and our sponsors without you. Your continued support helped us raise much needed funds for our charities, Manna for Health, Aids Emergency Health Fund, The YGLBT Youth Center, and The lodge for Cancer. I want to Congratulate Empress XI and Regent Emperor XI Mz Vicki and Josef along with their upper house on such a successful year. I also want to thank the board of directors, Nate N Bent, Jeff Mac Pherson, Ryan Stevens, Alex Dechenes, and Liz MacQuaid for their dedication and hard work this year. It was not always easy to make the decisions but the board did a great job. We have all worked really hard putting together a night to remember, so settle in and enjoy our hospitality, it’s time for Coronation XII, Motown and Musicals celebrating Reign XI and all their accomplishments. In Service to the Crown and Community BoomBoom Lubalicious Prime Minister Empress IV, VIII, IX Heir apparent to Nicole the Great, Queen Mother of the Americas

Premier’s Message Good evening – Your Majesties, dignitaries, fellow courtiers and guests. Again, welcome to Halifax, Canada’s ocean playground – a city rich in not only our down home hospitality but in over 250 years of history. Another year has passed (HOLY CROW!), and here we are once again celebrating an amazing year of fundraising for the Imperial Court of Atlantic Nova Society. Returning visitor? We are so happy that you have joined us again on such a happy occasion. First timer? If there is anything we can do or help you with to make your time with us better, please feel free to ask and we will do our best. To all candidates, best of luck in the journey as nerve wrecking as it can be. Remember to be there for one another, for in the end we are all friends with a common goal. Mz Vicki and Jozef, it has been quite the ride this year and I am so proud that you are both still standing, even if it is barely. Stand tall and be proud of all you have achieved this past year. Now get ready to rest…some. I am sure you need some. Once again, welcome to Halifax! May your time with us be all that and more! In Service to Court, Crown and Community Nathan Boudreau Society Premier

Emperor’s Message HALIFAX - Ed Savage, Nate Bent, Jeff MacPherson, Liz McQauid, Alex Deschenes, Ryan Stevens., My Executive Board, thank you for your support & helping Reign XI be a success. Lee Bent, you are an incredible man & your friendship treasured, Kristie Davidson, Elle Noir, Allan Dowding, Clo-Haaa, thank you, to agreeing to be my Imperial Crown Princesses & Princes, your support was greatly appreciated. Menz Bar & Reflections - Thank you for supporting our year, your generosity of your space & time has helped us raise more moneys for our charities, Elle Michaels, I have land & so I share it…. thank you. Angela Croft - you have always been there when we needed you to volunteer, thank you for being there for us, Mame St Claire - I am honoured to have you part of my year, your hard work & commitment is greatly acknowledged, BoomBoom, The Court brought us together & separated us. I miss our friendship, thank you for your support. Mz. Vicki, I promised only one thing & that was to get you to your step down, tonight you step down in a Ballroom, with your friends & Parliament Members of the ICS & a Emperor who was proud to stand beside you, VANCOUVER - Kevin Keleher, tattooed, strong & fiercely independent, all the qualities a of a great man & someone I truly call friend! Whatever comes your way, let nothing stop you! CALGARY - Mz Rhonda - your kind words were always welcome. Dyna Mite & Wolf Von Bearstien, you are both people that I look up too, thank you for being the finest role models! Nina Tron, it was a pleasure to meet you, Chris Tron - it has been a honour Reigning with you, I wish you all the best. Ruby Harte, you blew my mind away, simply beautiful & thank you for being Momma to that naughty Piggy Harte!!!, EDMONTON - Craig Stansfield, you have become a dear friend & have given me a great gift. Thank you!, LJ Steele, Motorcycles in Winnipeg!, thank you for being true to the eager pup that one day wanted to be Emperor & did so! Lloyd Blue, I have missed you & know that you are always in my heart!, SASKATOON - China White, “buffalo” - there I said it…! miss you much. REGINA - Avaughna & Bruce Sanior, you both have been an incredible influence over me, thank you!, TORONTO - Tiffany Lousie Charles, thank you for allowing me to be part of your Reign, I love you completely, for your strength & courage. Hunter & Morgan you both have always welcomed me, whenever I have appeared at Toronto’s Coronation, thank you, for your kindness & hospitality! Ron DaMae, the Court gave us the common ground, but Leather made us friends!! Thank you & enjoy your Reign as Emperor. HAMILTON - John Ribson, thank you for the advise & helping me make the right choices, Mz Drew, I was honoured to have met you & enjoyed Reigning with you, all the best to you!, CHICAGO - Pia Mess, through the years we have drifted in & out of each others lives, only to always reconnect, thank you for being there for me!, BUFFALO - Luis Roderiquez & Toy, you both are the reasons, why I get into trouble, from the very first Ball to this one! thank you! Malibu Breeze - your naughtiness, has reminded me why we are friends & Johnny Breeze, you still remain my one & only Imperial Son & to know we are Reigning together, has made me very happy, your Imperial Daddy!, NEW YORK - Jack McGregor, You are truly a per-

fect gentlemen & I have enjoyed our time on the circuit., CONNECTICUT - Bob Boudreau & Kevin Prior, meeting you guys in Hamilton was incredible, your Steampunk Characters were fun & your friendship welcomed. Spice Celestial, you gave me some of the greatest advise, thank you for your love!!!, WINNIPEG - Piccie & Gloria, our friendship runs almost 9 years, you were always there for me with laughter & photos. Thank you so much!! Cassandra, I only wish the best during your Reign, your unique style is a breathe of fresh air, in a clouded room of copycats! To the gang at GIO’S BAR!, it has become my second home, you guys are always fun & have always protected me & made sure I made it home… you are all truly loved., Door Closes…. another opens up EDMONTON - Sir Scott Bryen - you made me grow up & become someone better, I am honoured to call, friend, Sir. boy rene hebert - you are a brat, but in the best possible way, thank you for being my friend & torturing me in Calgary. SAN DIEGO - Sister Kali (Tommie Starchild), The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - your spiritual guidance has been a consent in my life, you are & will always remain my American Daddy. OTTAWA - Shawn F Carroll, you taught me, that 2 worlds can live as one. your courage, your compassion & your friendship I treasure, thank you, TORONTO - Spearhead, I have been a proud Member for 3 years now & the Brotherhood that I am part of has given the strength to be true to me & who & what beats inside me. Thank you for your love, friendship & the honour. Sir Marc & The Varja Family, you took me under your wing & even when i was a naughty boy you welcomed me into your Family, i am grateful to you, Sir. thank you. PEI - Jamie Gallant - Mr. Atlantic Leather 2010-2011, you remind me that it is alright to be different, but to be strong doing it! Thank you for your friendship, PICTOU, N.S. - Christopher Todd Sweet, Mr East Coast Leather 2005, you taught me some of the greatest lessons in my life, you ignited a part of me, you helped me find my Pagan side again & love & compassion & heart & leather & taught me what is was to be a boy & surrender that part, but you also taught me the greatest evils…. you are DTS. thank you. Whom lies behind the door… The Clan Arddhu Conrad Twist - Calgary, the last year has been one of doubts, but when ever we met up on the circuit, you were always there for me, my Brother, Kerry G Barrett - Regina, when we shared the room in Calgary, it reminded me why we have Half’s, thank you for your support & being my Brother, Mark Donovan - Texas, thank you for not listening to the others & trusting your heart, your friendship is truly welcome, during the dark years, my Brother, Debbie MacKinnon - Halifax, we started out as Landlord & tenant & soon became great friends, we have been through many battles, but the one constant, was always us. xo, thank you, my Sister, Neal Debreceni - Calgary, i had always wanted a big Brother & now i have you. You got me into trouble in Hamilton, but you were also the one that got me out of it… thank you for, my Brother, Ray Mangal - Winnipeg, Calgary… that moment with me at the door…. “BS #1”…. from that point we became true friends, you take gnome jokes & i pay for them later, but at the end of the day, i love you & thank you, my Brother, Dwayne Bryk - Toronto, the Spearhead Run, gave us common ground, but something more made us Brothers - “Jack Daniels” & being naughty!, love you my grizzly, my Brother, Perry Pearce - Winnipeg, you are my little brother, i love you & enjoy roaming the Winnipeg Zoo with you & being incredibly naughty!!!, Steve Laviolette - Moncton, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather 2001-02, over 10 years ago you rescued me, i had no idea where i was headed, but now i have finally found out who i am & where i am headed… thank you of being that Guardian Angel & my Sir!, Leith Chu - PEI, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather 2000-01, you helped rescue me 10 years ago, not knowing anything about me, but yet, you allowed me to be part of your life, thank you for being my Brother & someone to look up too!, DJ Wizzard - Winnipeg, You were & are my gift for stepping down, you designed my music for me & embrace me every time i come to Winnipeg, Thank you my Brother….. gonna beat you to it Varoom Varoom!, , Sushi Bar - Vancouver, i am a lucky man, you stood by me & never once hurt me. your conviction & determination to live & survive is what i try to do everyday. you are my “DearHeart”, as i am yours. Tonight, i call “SHOTGUN!” thank you for being the Grand Matriarch!, Mike Tattersall - Ottawa, Mr Leather Ottawa 2009, we met on line, then i found myself standing in front of my a man, in a kilt & that’s it, you send me the positive energy, i need, you have kept me going &

when i had my doubts, reminded me, “…we are all human.” thank you for being you, Sir!, Bull Dozr - Calgary, you are an incredible human being & a beautiful puppy! i am blessed to call you friend. thank you, my Brother, Tammi Yarn - Halifax, you are my ICP IV & agreed to be my In-Town Emperor XI… thank you for all the night of tears, of laughter, of ups of downs, in Halifax you are my besets & my rock, my strength & my drinking buddy… Glenn Brennan Whiskey, next shots on me, my twin, my Sister!, Makayla Quinn - Calgary, my Sister, my bestest not a day has gone by, that you & i have not kept in contact. we have cried & we have laughed & shared a hotel room in Hamilton & we have Reigned together. The most unlikely Empress & Emperor to succeed, but we have. You hold a great big beautiful place in my heart & i can not imagine life without you. i owe you so much! xoxo, boy joey - Las Vegas, you have made my year interesting & kept me on my toes & receiving my collar, boy jason - Edmonton, you had been my boy for only a short time & you are incredible eager & funny & filled with so much love & hope, your Husband is very lucky & so am i. boy reg Halifax, you are the reason why i met Bruce, you made the biggest sacrifice & now i am so happy to be your “Daddy”, that is one of the best 40th B-day gifts i got in 2010. boy reece - Winnipeg, when we met, you asked me to be “Daddy”, I never dreamed that 6 years later you would be one of my greatest accomplishments… “Dr.” you have made me so proud, Thank you to My boys… you complete me, Dr. Bruce N. A. Crooks - Halifax, you have stood by me for almost 10 years, through the dark years & feeling of all alone. You had your doubts about me doing this, but it only made me stronger to show you that I was ready & you stood by me. Tonight would not be what it is, without you, “thank you for your love, thank you for all you do, thank you for you, my bear! love your minkey! Daddy Alan W. Turner - Winnipeg, i am not sure why you have stayed & not sure why you even love me, but tonight would have not even happened if it were not for you. You are the Daddy that holds this boys heart, you enrich my life, encourage me & tonight is dedicated to you & you will take your rightful place in the Clan as Grand Patriarch & when i got low, you always reminded me “son, you’ll be alright...” Well tonight it is! My Family is here…. Hail, Clan Arddhu! I Remain H.M.I.S.M. Emperor IV & Regent Emperor XI of Halifax & All of Nova Scotia, Canada Strengthened by Ancient Oaks, Wiccan Mysticism, Keeper of Ursus Maritimus & Empress IV’s Amethyst Heart, Daddy’s boy Patriarch to the Imperial House of S.P.E.R.M. (Reign IV) Patriarch to the Imperial House of Ancient Oaks & Pagan Blessing (Reign XI) The Heart of Clan Arddhu! Jozef

Empress’ Message Oh Hi girl! So listen... I just want to thank everyone for coming out tonight to the biggest show of the year - what’s it called again? Oh yeah - Coronation. Oh girl... I’d like to start with a few announcements. First things first, let’s start with my friends from out of town so we can get them out of the way so they can have a nice fizzy. We don’t want to keep them waiting. They’ve travelled this far! Hahaha! Hamilton: Miss Drew, Girl, you’re some gorgeous and young! Keep up the good work my love! Thank you for being my 1/2. Nikki Davis, You make me laugh girl and you’re a very dear friend. Love you! Monro and Robin Derring, You’re both party girls and I LOVE party girls. Keep up the good work. Love you both! Kiena: You’re a tough girl I can tell you. I know we spoke to each other on my way back to Halifax. Don’t let anything get you down. You’re fabulous. Calgary: Dennis: You’re the best chef I’ve ever met. The food and fun were great! Thank you for your kind support and friendship. Mz. Rhonda: I appreciate your kindness and support so very much. Thank you for being my 1/2. April Showers: You’re great girl! Mary Poppers: Girl, what can I say? You’re getting better and better. Great talent! And such a great person. Love ya. Krystal: Girl, love you to death. Keep up the good work. Scotty: My dearest and oldest Emperor... ahahaha. What can I say? You’re my best friend, my Emperor and such a wonderful person. This is my good friend, what’s their name again? Ohhhh giiirl... Love ya. Toronto: Nina Diamonds: Since I came to the city of Halifax, we’ve had a lot of laughs of fun. Look at us both still going! God love ya! Candace: You are fabulous girl! Vancouver: Mz. Adrien: I know that we only knew each other when we were living in Halifax going to Rumours. We became friends and I haven’t gotten to see you since! Love you too and hope life is treating you well girl. Surrey: Paige Turner: My dearest and oldest friend, how are you? I wish we could see each other and talk more often as 2 old Empresses... ahaha. Edmonton: LJ Steele and Dee Luv: Thanks for all your kindness, love, respect and hospitality. Ottawa: Cerina Romanoff Blake: Oh, how i miss you girlie. Where are you girl? I wanna be eeeevil. ahahaha. Love ya and miss ya. Dixie Landers: You’re fabulous girl! Miss having you here. New York: Jack: You are amazing. You’re very kind, caring and supportive. That makes a great Emperor and a great person. Nicole The Great: You made me feel warm, welcome and honored to be in your presence. If you haven’t met Nicole yet, just wait until you meet her! She’s just really such a warm, kind person. We are all better for having you at the helm your Majesty. And now... “DON’T FORGET”... Halifax: Alrighty! To all members of our Court and community, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind support. To our executive this year: Thank you so much for all of the very hard work! Cameron: What can I say, right some woozie? Love you dearly. It’s been so nice see more of you lately! Thank you for the very special gift and your friendship. Ben Dover: Congrats on your decade! I hope you’ve had lots of fun. Hugs and kisses honey! Shayda Black: Love you long time... ahahaha. Miss you. Boom Boom: Oh girrrl. What can I say? You’ve been there for me, stuck by me when times got tough. I appreciate that cause not many people would. God love ya. Gary: Miss you a lot. It’s a lot quieter around here without ya. They might edit that part out... ahahaha. Love ya. Deva Station: You are the biggest diva of us all. You are just great girl! Lee Bent-Dover: You never stop doing so much for so many people! The posters, the stage sets, the laughs and the friendship - it’s all appreciated SO much by me! You’re a doll.

Natassha N!: Ohhh girllll, we need another cocktail. Do you remember when you were reigning and i tipped you in the shoe you were supposed to be wearing? Wear the right one this time ya chicken hawk.. ahahaha. Thank you for your support, friendship and all the talks girl. Thank you for being my 1/2. Congrats on your 5 year walk and so sad this is your last time in heels tonight! You will be very missed. Love ya. Nate N! Bent: Congrats to you! Thanks for your support. C. Leah Cruise: What can I say? 2 old girls - imagine! If only we had a third, we’d be the Golden Girls. Oh wait, there’s 4... ohhh girl. Thank you for your kind support and friendship. Thank you for being my 1/2. Lots of love to you and your family! Liz and Angela: Love you! Looking forward to seeing you and keeping up with ya’s. Congratulations on a hard job well done. Kimberly Diamondz: You have style, you have flair, you were there... like the Nanny! Oh, Mr. Sheffield! Oh look, it’s Amy Winhehouse coming back from the dead and never looking better! Love you as a dear friend from the city of Moncton. Always be friends and thank you for your support! Rouge Fatale: Where’s Mrs. Stewart girl? I expected her here tonight. I love her and you. Keep up the good work honey! There’s a lot of people out there that need your laughs. I’ll always be there. Tanks! (as Lulu would say) PS - “Don’t Even Get Me Started On That Rouge Fatale...” ahahaha.. Mame St. Claire: You have the biggest heart and the biggest mind! God bless you girl. You’ve been there I don’t know how many times - from year 1 until now. You’re awesome, fun to be around and love you dearly. Keep up the good work. Michel: Congrats on your engagement! Hope to get to play the organ... ahahaha. Thanks for your kind support! Love ya dearly. Linda and Gerry: Love the parties and the BBQs! We always have so much fun! I enjoy spending time with both of you and love ya dearly. Alex: You are gorgeous! Thank you for your support and all the hard work this year! You’re great. Ned MacInnis and all of the AIDS Coalition: Thanks for all the support and the posters, etc. Wishing you all the very best in the New Year! Stephen Filek: Aren’t we ancient girl? We’ve been part of Reflections from year 1 to now and I love that place and you more than ever! You’re such a kind soul. Love ya dearly. Dyna Might: You’re always smiling and that’s what’s important in life. You’re great girl! Hex: You’re hilarious girl! Thank you so much for helping me with my show. Love ya. Pounda Stool: More people have sat on your face than mine! I’m jealous. You give a whole new meaning to supporting thw community and you haven’t missed a single show! Thanks! Kent, Jenny, Bianca, Keri, Shayla, TyGer, Cherry Bomb, Shay, Owen Banks and so many others - thank you! You’re great! Clohay: Thanks so much for your support! Allan Dowding: We’re long time friends. What can I say? Good luck tonight and always. Keep up the good work. Lots of love! Kristi Davidson: You have such great potential and are such a fun performer to watch! You’re great girl! Thanks for being my ICP. Elle Noir: What can I say here I can’t say on National TV? Love you dearly. Thank you for putting up with me and my whining, snivelling and taking my teeth out every now again. Cheers! You’re great girl and keep following your dreams. Thanks for being my ICP. Jozef: My honey bunny! ahahaha. Where are they gonna take the energizer bunny batteries out of YOU? Love you dearly. I would like to thank you for the work you do, the love you bring and the spirit you show. You’ve done a marvellous job and you’ve made an old girl very happy. Yes you did! Thanks and love you always. Thank you ALL for coming so very much! I’ve been doing drag since I was 19 years old. I’ve been living in Halifax for 21 years and I love drag, charity and making a difference. I’ve had a hard life but all I’ve ever wanted was to help others have the life I didn’t always have. I needed and still need to help other people who are facing hard situations, whether it be needing food, shelter, clothing, medical help or just another chance at life. I managed to find through my life that I could give back and not just take things for granted. Reigning a second time was a challenge ten years after my first reign. It was a whole new ball game with new challenges for both me and our Court but we had fun, did our best and that’s all that matters! I truly do appreciate all of you being here tonight just so much girl. While so much may be make believe, there’s nothing make believe about the money we raise or the friendships we make. With lots of love, Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty The Double Crowned Energizer Bunny - She Just Keeps Going And Going And Going! Empress 2 And 11 Of Halifax And All Of Nova Scotia Mz. Vicki Starr-DeKnight

Imperial Crown Princess’ Message Another year over, a new one just begun… If I knew what I was getting myself into a year ago, I probably would have said no. But it has been a great year of shows, fundraisers and all around good times. To my Empress Mz. Vicki, you are such an inspiration to the entire drag community of Halifax, you are still kicking and raising more money than the rest of us put together. It has been a pleasure being your ICP over the past twelve months. To my Emperor Jozeph, you have been one of my biggest cheerleaders this year. It is always great to see your smiling face and know I have someone in my corner. Elle – my ICP partner in crime. Thanks for keeping me sane this year. We have grown a lot over the past twelve months, through the ups and the downs we stood tall. Allan & Clo-hay – Thanks for being there when you could and holding up the male side of ICP. Rouge, Farrah, Eureka, Hex, Kimberly, Owen and all my girls/boys – Thanks so much for all your support over the past year. I love having a drag family to go to whenever I need. Bunni – the other half of the Pelrhinestone Sisters. Even though you have moved and are now part of TICOT you have always been there for me. I am so proud of the queen you have become. Alright, that is enough of that. Now it’s time to put on makeup, it’s time to light the lights. Sit back and relax and enjoy an evening of Motown and Musicals. Good Night and Good Tuck, HMISH Imperial Crown Princess XI Kristi Davidson

Imperial Crown Princess’ Message Distiguished Guest and fellow ISCANS members.We have had another wonderful year of fundraising for our charities. Lead by the one and Only Mz Vivki who I was proud to serve under.Also her Regant husband Josef,thanks for keeping me in stitches all year.To the bois of the reign Clo-hay and Allan thanks for giving us gurls and arm to walk with,and a few words to keep us sane.To my wonderful Choert in crime The Dazzeling beauty Mz Krisi Davidson we have grown alot closer over this year and I am very proud to call you one of my close friends,even though sometimes the phrase “Don’t Even Get Me Started” was said too much lol. This has been my second time being ISCANS ICP and am proud to be part of an Organization that gives back to it’s community, meanwhile showing a little sequence and fringe and heck of alot of BLING BLING. Also as a transgender women in a society that is still new to the subject I have felt comfortable about my transition and accepted .In closing to all my fellow Past, Present and Future ICP make sure to have these three things- 1. Advil(for those trying days) 2.A Bitch Buddy(for times u need to yell and get no resopnse back) 3.Killer shoes(Why not). Good luck to the New Empress , Emperor and ISCANS 2012. LOVE LUST and LIQUOR ICP XI Elle Noir

Imperial Crown Prince’s Message To anyone reading this message:

I would first like to thank you for attending our 2012 Coronation Ball, and I hope you have a fantastic night with all of us. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given this year, and for all of the people who supported and encouraged me in all kinds of different ways throughout the reign. I’m extremely proud of my Emperor and Empress, Jozef and Vicki, for all the hard work they’ve done this year to raise money for our charities. These two never cease to amaze me! Jozef has been so very devoted and determined to representing our organization at every opportunity, even when I couldn’t be with him. He has stood tall with confidence all year long, and been a great inspiration to me. Now, where to begin with Vickie? Vickie has been such an instrumental piece of our organization for so long that it really is hard to know where to start. She is likely the most determined person I know, and when it comes to raising money for charities - well, there is just no stopping her girl! It really is true. I’ve seen this woman in heels in every imaginable weather condition, and at any range of events where there could be a possibility to raise funds. Vicki will be going, and going, and going and... well, you get the point; for years to come and we’re very lucky to have her on our side. I’ve also had the great privilege to share this year with my two Imperial Crown Princesses, Kristi and Elle. Both of these girls are just about as unstoppable as Vickie, especially when it comes to performing. I’d like to thank both of you for doing an incredible job this year, and always with class and charisma. Thank you also goes out to Allan for stepping up when he was needed this year and helping out. I would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank all of the out of town, as well as in town guests, who have graced us with their presence this evening. You are as important as any of us on stage, and without your support we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for everything from lending out clothes, accessories, time, guidance... to smiling politely while getting stuck in the elevator with multiple drag queens (if it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t be surprised when it does). All of those who have come before me hold a special place in my heart because I would not be here if it was not for those who fought to make it possible for me to be out and safe. This year has been a huge learning experience for me, I will admit. I have learned lots about myself, fund raising, community, and more. This year has certainly been one filled with combinations of struggle, and success, and it has all been a part of lessons learned. When I stop and think about why I am doing what I’m doing with I.S.C.A.N.S., it comes down to community. I know that I am very privileged to be able to share a ball room with some of the most inspirational, powerful people I know and I don’t take that for granted. We are so privileged to have each other, and to have a voice, a stage to be creative on, and a membership to an organization with incredible history to be proud of. It is our responsibility as queers, as queens, as kings, as whoever you identify as - to spread that seed of community and continue to connect with others who need support and guidance. Please don’t forget that, and do continue to strive to better all of our communities. I’d also like to take the time to make one last list of detrimental people who kept me sane, and feeling loved, all year long, in all kinds of different, beautiful ways. Patrick, C Leah, Shay, Brittany, Natasha, Kimberly, Rouge, Ty Grrr!, Ash, Peter, Janet, and of course, my bear Bruce. His Most Imperial Sovereigm Highness Imperial Crown Prince XI


Imperial Crown Prince’s Message

To Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties: Empress II and XI Miss Vicki Star DeKnight and Emprror IV and Regent XI Joseff Crooks, congratulations on a job well done. This is your night, so hold your heads high and be proud. I welcome all the dignitaries to our humble city of Halifax, to enjoy the celebration of our Empress and Emperor stepping down and watch the crowning of the new elected Empress and Emperor. Please enjoy the hospitality that our fair city will give you and the people that live here. First of all, I want to thank my Emperor for bestowing the title His Most Imperial Sovereign Crown Prince XI to me, I know it was a short Reign, but I really enjoyed myself and I hoped that I did served justice to you. Second of all I want to thank the Imperial Family for a job well done, keeping each other in the loop and helping each other when needed, this is the Imperial Crown Family. His Most Imperial Soverign Highness Imperial Crown Prince XI Allan Dowding.

Opening Ceremonies Set One Introduction of the Master of Ceremonies His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Introduction of the Imperial Court of Halifax Introduction of Guests to the Dias Command Performance I Presentation of Awards Command Performance II Court Walks Command Performance III Court Walks Excuse Guests from the Dias Excuse Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Candidate Performance

Set Two Introduction of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Introduction of Guests to the Dias Command performance IV

Court Walks Command performance V Presentation of Local Business and Organizations Command performance VI Court Walks Command Performance VII Court Walks Command Performance VIII Excuse Guests from the Dias Excuse Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Candidate Performance

Set Three Introduction of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties, His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Introduction of Guests to the Dias Proclamations from His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Presentation of Reign 11's Chosen Charities Final Walk of Dowager Emporer 10 Nate N Bent Final Walk of Dowager Empress 10 C. Leah Cruise 5 Year Anniversary Walk Empress 7 - Natassha N 10 Year Anniversary Walk Emperor 3 - Ben Dover Final Walk of Emperor 11's In Town Tygrr Final Walk of Empress 11's In Town C. Leah Cruise

Presentation of Awards Final Walk of Emperor 11's Out of Town Emperor Kerry Final Walk of Empress 11's Out of Town Empress Mz. Rhonda Final Walk of Emperor 11's Out Of Town Emperor Conrad Twist Final Walk of Empress 11's Out of Town Empress Mz. Drew Excuse Guests from the Dias Excuse Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Candidate Performance

Set Four Final Walk of Imperial Crown Prince 11 Allan Dowding Final Walk of Imperial Crown Princess 11 Elle Noir Final Walk of Imperial Crown Prince 11 Clohaaay! Final Walk of Imperial Crown Princess 11 Kristi Davidson Final Walk of His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Emperor, 4, and Regent Emperor 11 of Halifax Jozef Final Walk of Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 2 and 11 of Halifax Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight Introduction of College of Monarchs Presentation of Newest College Inductees Introduction of Heirs Apparent of Queen Mother of the Americas Empress Nicole the Great Introduction of Official Tabulator Crowning Ceremony

Royal Imperial Sovereign Court of London / Southwestern Ontario

Emperor Jozef Crooks Empress Mz Vicki Starr-DeKnight and the Imperial Sovereign Court of Atlantic Nova Society

Regent Emperor II Stan MacKenzie Storm

Ladies & Gentlemen !!! Come One, Come All !!!

Coronation 2012 “Circus Unleashed� Saturday August 25, 2012

Empress II Madison Hart

d e t a c u d E e r u s a e l P

1598 Barrington St, Halifax. 902-422-0004

Connect the Dots (AKA: The Halifax Sobiety Test)

Coronation Activity Page! Get your glasses girl, it’s a WORD SEARCH!!

Draw a Fabulous gown. Don’t forget the Festive Bow and matching handbag.

ISCANS Coronation 12 Ball Program  

ISCANS is a non-profit fundraising society consisting of members of the gay community, their friends and families who raise money for local...