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21/10/2013 13:31

A Reet Good Night


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21/10/2013 13:31

We all know there’s nothing better than stubbeling across something great that you never excpected to find. In this case staggering down a dark allyway in Manchesters Nor then Quar ter and into the most unlikely of venue’s. When the upstairs storage room of a local coffee shop has been stripped out and filled with a hundred odd people, some big speakers and a pop up bar, you realise that tonight is going to be slightly different. This seems to be happening more and more in the city of Manchester, with venues such as Sankies shutting up shop and moving out to Ibiza and Wearhouse project only coming around for 6 months of the year, Its made way for an array of pop up par ties in odd and unlikely locations. Varrious local Dj’s can be seen playing the circuits, bringing some great unheard talent into the limelight. As these nights are not run by huge events companies with big promotional budgets, they often slip under the radar. Despite this, these pop up par ties are creating a scene that cant be ignored.

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21/10/2013 13:31

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