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The Ugly Truth About Penis Pills They Don't Want You to Know Almost all men experience issues about the size and appearance of their penis at some point in their life. For some men these feelings will fade away while for others they become deep-set questions and complexes that they carry on in their minds. Nowadays, more and more men are trying out penis pills at some point or the other to improve on their penis size and girth. However, we are all aware that many of the penile pills advertised through all media - and especially on the Internet - are mere scams. So the need for penis enhancement is an issue for almost all of us and may become a necessity, even an obsession. A man's concern about his penis size can actually lead to the avoidance of sexual relationships, anxiety, and even his reclining from a social status. Usually obesity and thick growth of pubic hair may make the penis look smaller. If you have already explored all alternatives and find yourself inclined towards having recourse to penis pills, you should be well-informed about the same in order to avoid falling prey to scam.

How penis pills work The working principle behind penis pills is that they have nutrients and artificial hormone components which help increase the blood flow to your blood sacs in the penis. This helps both improve the erect size and girth of the male sexual organ, as well as enhance erection. The nutrients in the penis pills that are fed to penis cells and muscles help the blood to be retained within the penis till ejaculation or till the effect of nutrients die down. Due to the increased blood flow, you can also experience intense orgasm and avoid premature ejaculation. This is why the penis pills have gained such popularity over the years. That was the good news. Now for the ugly truth... the bad news The bad news is that no penis pills can enlarge a man's penis permanently. It is just not possible for a mere pill to do that. Despite what the vendor might say, pills can only increase your penis size in an erect state - in other words, temporarily. This fact is confirmed once you lose the erection and see your penis revert back to its original size in a flaccid state. To get a permanently bigger penis, you must use either a penis enlargement device or do some enlarging exercises (commonly called Jelqing). That is not to say penis pills are totally useless. Actually, they are important in that they assist in the enlargement process by improving blood flow to the penile tissues and encouraging cell multiplication. But you just can't simply swallow these pills and expect your penis to grow like magic. Use them in conjunction with an enlargement devices and/or exercises if you want permanent gains in length and girth. It is also highly advisable that you do a good amount of research over the history of the vendor and read consumer reviews as well as medical literature regarding the different brands of penis pills before deciding which one of them to go for. Of course, seeking medical advice is even better. In fact, the consumption of even the most popular and trusted of penis pills can result in adverse effects to particular people, depending upon individual medical conditions. Hence, do your own due diligence (ie research) before buying any of the penis pills - even

the most popular ones like ProSolution, Vimax, or VigRx - would be the most intelligent thing to do. Don't have time to do your own research? Then check out the #1 rated penis pill in this special review ProSolution Pills .

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The Ugly Truth About Penis Pills They Don't Want You to Know