( AND OTHER VOICES ) difficult things to map

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diďŹƒcult things to map

b stott

1. Valley

2. River

3. Down

4. Wood

If a map is silent, what noise was there before? Who was speaking? Who was listening?

1. Valley

Feet 3000 1500 200 250 Dairy Buildings Tumuli Long Barrow Duck’s Nest Tumuli (Site Of ) Tumulus 200 225 Scotland Farm WH 336 IT Tumulus (Site Of ) Tumulus (Site Of ) SBURY BSs W Ditch B.S Breamore FP Down Tumulus Giant’s Grave Mizmaze Tumulus Long Barrow 350 321 256 orns W North Charford Down Farm 200 Chalk Pit 150 125 116 F.P 113 F.B F.B FB Ford 125 200 164 250 Lodge Farm FP Woodfalls 300 Farm 217 Morgan’s Vale Woodfalls Ridge Farm FP Inn Furlongs 4 3 2

18,000 27 350 300 Ebles Burna 250 Manor Farm G.P PH P Mintern’s Farm School Coombe Bridge 206 Homington House Coombe Bissett FB F.P FB Tottens Farm FB 325 Homington F.B F. B Homington Bridge Homington Down Pigeon Hill FP Barber’s Farm RIVER 279 275 EBBLE 250 250 F.P F.B 200 F.B Odstock Bridge 203 T Odstock F.B F.B W 153 F.B Longford Farm Upper Farm F.B F.Bs Nunton Nunton Bridge Lower Farm L O N 200 G FO R D P A R K 150 P Longford Castle F.P. Gravel Pit Bodenham F.Bs F.B F.B. F.B Alderbury Meadows 159 Alderbury House Alderbury Park 150 200 School Hightrees Wood Greenset Alderbury A L D Farm ER Rectory Farm 211 BU W R Matrons College Farm Spr Y GP W W W Whaddon Common P Whaddon 225 Inn 26 3

Whose silence was it then? When is ‘then’? And what ‘thens’ and ‘nows’ fall through the gaps, as it were, in this grid?

crows housemartins woodpigeons buzzards jagged smooth uttering circling

tyres have cut lines through wheat stubble intersecting foot-wornpaths

and a chained horse cuts a semi-circle into the grass at the rough edge of a bean eld

2. River

3000 22 367 Long Barrow Boundary Mounds Black Hill Tumulus W orn 378 Round Clump Long Barrow 312 Vanity (In Ruins) 375 350 Long 325 Barrow 350 300 N e w Grim’s Ditch (Course of ) Charlton Furze C o u r t 270 D o w n Wreakliz Plantation New Court Down Barn 250 225 200 192 150 e Giant’s Chair Tumulus e Giant’s Grave Long Barrow e Nut Row F.P Giant’s Grave Plantation 125 122 New Court Farm F.B F.B Ford F.B F.P F.B RIVER AVON F.B F.B F.B B a r f o r d P a r k Barford Park Farm Bardford New Lodge 142 Barford Down Farm 359 Barford Down

Who are you to you silence it? If there’s a ‘you’ here, is there a ‘them’? What rushes in when there is a silence? And what does that mean to you, as an inhabitant of this space?

weir murmuring spitting spinning, plastic bottles, polystyrene shapes edges worn o, white yellow scum, tangled pondweed

3. Down

0 21 R o c k b o u r n e HYPOCAUST Tumuli (Site Of ) Tenantry Farm ROMANO-BRITISH ENCLOSURE D o w n ROMAN BUILDING orn (Site Of ) Holly orn 232 250 W h i t s b 275 u r 284 y Northayes Farn 300 D o w n Tumulus (Site Of ) W BS Boundary Mounds W e l l B o t t o m 258 275 291 265 300 Grim’s 325 W Ditch 350 i 375 Gallows BS Hill c Tumuli k Wick D Down o Barn w Botley’s Farm 350 n 325 267 213 Lower Wick Farm Middle Wick Farm Wick Wick 117 House P Long Close FP Sch FB F.Bs F.B Parsonage Farm Mill Castle Mound Moot Farm P Sch Cemy ROMAN VILLA Chalk Pit F.P Sta Downton FP Paccombe Farm B3080 Down House Muddyford Farm 280 Sch 21 0 1

plantain dock oxeye daisies hemlock hogsbane poppies cleavers nettles barrows tumuli boundary ditches notice a small green ower on the edge of the trail I remember my grandmother rubbed it between her hands and it smelled of pineapple

4. Wood

If you remove something, it ostensibly does not belong there – what (or who) belongs here? What are you mapping now? What is left to chart?

Cycle out to the edge of the forest. e elds are deserted, and the air is thick – as you dismount your bike to take photographs, the clouds will burst. You will not have seen rain like it before. You are soaked to the skin, the steep road downhill to the common turns into a river, sweeping gravel silt sticks mud stones leaves from verges under your tyres. e bike has become a boat. under will start to roll as you steer it to shore near the concrete cattle bridge

you had planned to swim under, but seeing as you are saturated you will decide to jump in with your clothes on (no shoes, that would be unwise). e water is warm and green – you will not be able tell if what you can taste is river, rainwater or sweat.

Š b stott 2020