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Architect and Designer






+90 5525381168


I have always been interested in design. And as of late, I have been interested in leveraging the power of technology to empower design to become a tool in solve problems. I am looking for an opportunity to be a part of a team that uses design to solve problems from sustainability to social restructuring.

School Education

Ozyegin University 2016 - 2020 Istanbul, TKY

A four year undergraduate training in Architecture and design.

Feza Boys High School 2010 - 2016 Dar, TZY

High school education in accordance with the NECTA syllabus in my home country, Tanzania.

St Benedict Primary school 2016 - 2020 Njombe, TZY

Boarding primary school. The school was christian based but teaching the NECTA syllabus



Envirolink Architects Intern June 2019 Dar, TZY

Worked as an intern in a small company in Tanzania that focused on introducing sustainable design in developing countries.

Mbeya Agency August 2019 Mbeya, TZY

A thirty day site internship where I represented an architectural company in a site environment and learned about site complexity.

Awards Workshops

Design Together with BIM Nov 2019 Istanbul, TKY

First place winners of a cultural center design in ITU campus. Worked in teams with civil and mechanical engineers

Data for BIM April 2019


A two day workshop in Poland where we learned about how data can be extracted and feed to a BIM model in archicad using tools like excel.

IAPS and Culture Dec 2018

Istanbul, TKY

Ozyegin university organized event where various facets of architecture are evaluated. Our team won first place in the overall competition results.





Revit (BIM) Dynamo Autocad InDesign Illustrator Photoshop After Effects Cinema 4d Rhinoceros Grasshopper Houdini Blender Unity

C# Python JavaScript Processing Html & CSS


Teamwork Computation thinking Generative Design Data Visualization Sustainable Design

Hobbies Personal Football






Alper Unlu

Demet Mutman

Design Professor

alper.unlu@ozyegin.edu.tr +90 (216) 564 90 00


demet.mutman@ozyegin.edu.tr +90 (216) 564 95 1

Social Instagram Benson.a.d


Benson Sanga

Behance BensonAD

Table of contents Architecture


Technocity Center

Rent-able office space in a Campus context

ITU Cultural Center

02 1


Place design together BIM Competition

Community Hub

03 A community activation project Urban Complex

04 A public building in Lodz Poland





Extras Art

05 From sketching, painting and water coloring 06

Graphic Design

UI, Graphic, render and motion



Writing Where we are

A recollection of where the design world is



Techno City Building Rental Office and research Spaces

0 1

Ozyegin University, Ist, TR

Ozyegin University ,the building was to be added to the campus but serve a rather different function as it was to be a technocenter for student and worker to rent. But non the less the building had to have some relation the existing building in the campus hence the resemblance in underlying geometry and use of straight element to Exaggerate the spaces and the place of mass form while still retaining usable space in the design and very well ventilated and lit space for workers to work in.


Some Project from some place

The site was sloped and the building tried to take advantage of this by first orientation and use of slope to organize the spaces inside. Also the approach to the build had to be carefully designed since the building was rather detached form the rest of the campus. The building was also aiming to be sustainable by the use of passive systems like ventilations and maintenance


f nature in the site environments. The design tries to have balconies where greenery and social spaces can be introduced flexibly and the building can be more green. The approach is also well crafted to prioritize the pedestrian approach to the building than the use of cars to the site.

Ozyegin University, Ist, TR



Some Project from some place



Some Project from some place


Facade The building featured a shade facade inorder to capitalize on sustainability and inteior comfort in terms of lighting and temperature in summer and winter times in accordance with the temperature of Istanbul Turkey.


Some Project from some place



ITU Cultural Center A competition for a campus building

0 2

Istanbul, ITU Ayagaza Campus

Design together is a yearly competition where students have to come together from different disciplines from architecture and engineering and try to design together using concepts like BIM and integrated design approaches. We design theis project and won first place in design together bim competition 2020 hosted by Istanbul Technical University


Sustainability Sustainability was a thing we considered since the beginning of the design. And we tried to save a lot on energy used in heating and cooling the building by orienting the building in such a way that it gets max heating during winter and Cool during summer according to the sun position.


Community Hub Sisli activation Project

0 3

Sisli Community Hub

Activation of a dying neighborhood in Sisli Istanbul. The community used to be place where a lot of textile trade was being done. The it turned into a place for retired people and now it is slowly dying and being taken over by corporation. The project aimed at giving the place back to the people



Sisli Community Hub



Urban Complex Vitalization of old Industrial Neighborhood

0 4



Lodz Poland Is a small post industrial town in Poland and it as many other town find themselves having nothing more when the factories are closed down. So the project tried to revitalize a certain part of the city to try to attract tourist back into the small town. This is a street very close to Piotkovska street and it was to be given a building that would attract people from the main streets to the urban complex The complex has functions from gallery spaces, working spaces, exhibition spaces, dancing area and eating areas. The project aimed to integrate seamlessly into the fabric of the community but still stand out as a major attraction to tourist. Hence the use of scale to integrate it and use of common walking and pedestrian areas to frame the project to the everyday user of the streets.




Sketches If I had show my process sketches, they could cover a museum. But i tend to carry a sketch book to try to catch ideas or communicate them to others I work with on the fly and some times these sketches tend to end up in the final presentation boards.

Ideas I use my sketchbook culture to capture ideas on the fly when i am out on a walk commute or even during the design process itself I find ideas flow more naturally in my sketch book and i think it because of the sort of privacy and safe space the sketchbook tend to have

Art What started as a hobby in primary school and matured into a pure passion for art and admiration for the process and hard work that goes into it. And in 2019 I was able to take an advance class in Poland Lodz. I did a couple experimental pieces and later went on to create my personal collection in my free time.

Art Sketching has always been a way for me to see and keep in record what i see. I have traveled the world and sketch those experiences of places I have been and what have experienced in those spaces. All the way from Tanzania to California.

UX & UI This is one of my projects as a self taught web-developer where I made portfolio website for myself. I used CSS and html on the front end. I used java-script to make the web app more interactive. Then I also coded the back-end of the project by using python Flask and SQL for data management. The website boosts broad use of colors dynamic typography and a reactive layout to fit any device (Mobile first approach)

PA R A M E T R I C Using parametric techniques and visual programing methods to generate geometry in ways that I would not be able to in normal modeling techniques.

PROCEDURAL Also extending the idea of parametric-ism to procedural rendering , material and UV mapping. This makes the whole process non-destructive.

SHADERS The idea of integrating and using pixel and rgb value information to drive geometry and other properties in visualizations.

FIELDS Use of fields to automate selection of verticies, plans or even meshes.

Thanks To see the Online version of this Portfolio and further works. Visit link below


Profile for Benson Sanga

Architecture Undergraduate Portfolio Benson Eusebio Sanga 2020  

Benson Eusebio Sanga Undergraduate architecture student from Ozeygin Unviversity 2016 to 2020 Architecture Portfolio. The portfolio feature...

Architecture Undergraduate Portfolio Benson Eusebio Sanga 2020  

Benson Eusebio Sanga Undergraduate architecture student from Ozeygin Unviversity 2016 to 2020 Architecture Portfolio. The portfolio feature...