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What kind of media institution would distribute your product and why? In my opinion big publishers such as Bauer and IPC wouldn’t market my product because they already have magazines in production that are similar to my own, such as kerrang! and NME. I think that Dennis publishers would be a good choice to put my magazine into production because they currently don’t have a magazine product in the market similar to mine and I feel that it could be a big rival for Kerrang! and NME. Dennis Publishers are a UK based publishing company founded in 1974. Dennis Publishers is one of the biggest independently owned media companies in the world, with a yearly turnover in excess of £95 million. It mainly caters to fitness, lifestyle and motoring magazines, but there is room in their portfolio for a product such as mine. Someone buys a magazine produced by Dennis industries from a news stand every 2 seconds, I think that this is perfect for my product because with such a huge readership my magazine cannot fail to be noticed. Dennis has a range of other magazines that my audience would be interested in, such as fitness and motoring and this could be very helpful to generate sales because my product would be advertised in those magazines, and vice versa, generating revenue easily. My product is mostly aimed at young males aged between 15 and 22 so advertising my magazine in fitness, technology and motoring magazines would be useful seeing as young people are into that sort of thing.

I wouldn’t want the product to be self-published, even though some self-published magazines do better than some industry produced ones, because the amount of work and effort that would go into such a task would be enormous. Statistics state that one in every 7 self-published magazines die off in the first four years. Whereas If the magazine was to be published by a leading company it would benefit hugely because the companies know their way around the industry and would be able to market the product in a much more professional way. On the other hand, using a publisher would give them some degree of control over the contents of said magazine, such as advertisements and contents, and this could be detrimental to the essence of the magazine. This could then affect the readership if the readers feel that the product had changed somewhat.

I also think that distributing the product on the internet would be a good idea, and since most people on the planet have a smartphone nowadays it would be wise in invest in an app. The Samsung Galaxy s4 has overtaken the iPhone as being the most purchased mobile devise of all time so an app on the google play store is a must. It wouldn’t be very costly, but could generate lots of revenue, especially because the target audience of my magazine are aged between 15 and 22, and these people almost always have a smart phone. What with modern technology it’s much easier to carry a magazine on your phone than an actually paper copy, and even if the digital version is a bit less costly than the paper version, it would still generate revenue because of the amount of people that would prefer to have a digital version.

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