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National Monograph Strategy Project

Solution mapping workshop output 26.11.2013



Systemic Changes

New behaviours

Librarians New tech Publishers Librarian


Monograph challenges

Monograph Systemic Changes Group

As a librarian at a large research library I am concerned that new technologies and changing user behaviour are presenting challenges to the way we approach the creation, publication and use of monographs.

I was relieved to find out about the monograph systemic changes group which has representatives from a range of UK universities and from publishers and vendors who are keen to explore these changes and have a budget to address pressing issues.

Original idea titles

Challenge statement this solution addresses

> Rethinking the Book > New Assessments > Scholarly Comms

> What is the future and purpose of the ‘book’? > How to increase trust in digital alternatives to the monograph?



Shared Monograph Publishing

University Press

Open Access Publishing

Publishers or



Library at heart of research

Print on demand

Reducing costs

As a librarian at a large prestigious university I have been able to put the library at the heart of the research process by providing a new service for researchers who want to publish their research monograph as open access, using the Shared Monograph Publishing service.

By working with a well-known publisher we have been able to provide print on demand for hard copy monographs, while the e-version is free to access via our university press.

The service is helping reduce the burden on the library by bringing down the costs of scholarly monographs, and has prompted a number of our academics to publish work with our local press.

Original idea titles > Shared Book Publishing Service > Pub Simple > Limitless Funding

Problem statement this solution addresses > What will a sustainable business model for publishing monographs look like?


New Monograph Business Models

Libraries Funders


Opening access to high use monographs

Reduced cost, better access

As a librarian of a medium sized university I was keen to use a proportion of our book budget to enable the opening up of thousands of high use monographs.

It has enabled me to both reduce my book budget while, at the same time, providing better access to content for my students and researchers.

Original idea titles

Problem statement this solution addresses

> OA Distributed Subsidy > Open by Default

> What will a sustainable business model for publishing monographs look like?

Receive / Store


A National Monograph Knowledgebase








APIs University

MonoBase platform

Discovery & collaboration

As a librarian at a large research university the MonoBase platform has allowed me to rethink our cataloguing processes and workflows to a ‘good enough’ service level; the service holds data on library book holdings and contains standard cataloguing descriptions that can be downloaded straight to the LMS.

This has allowed us to make discoverable large amounts of our previously hidden special book collections. We have also been able to identify other institutions who have complimentary collections and cataloguing collections collaboratively.

Original idea titles

Problem statement this solution addresses

> Who’s Got What? > COPAC Plus > What Is In The Basement Of The Library

> How can we better involve specialist libraries? > How to better manage library collections and acquisitions?


Monograph Knowledgebase Apps API API




72 details



Preservation app

Monobase APIs

Innovative cataloguing

As a librarian at a large research university I have been able to work with developers to build a preservation app using the data stored in the Monobase website. This preservation app helps us identify where to allocate our preservation resources by giving as an at risk rating for every item we own.

The Monobase APIs allow the development of different applications for specific user needs. These could be developed by systems vendors, libraries, researchers, publishers, anyone...

As a library vendor we have been able to use the data from Monobase to develop an app that supports innovative and lightweight cataloguing methods. It analyses a libraries catalogue and uses Monobase data to automatically enrich and correct catalogue records.

Original idea titles

Problem statement this solution addresses

> Creative Cataloguing > Roles And Responsibilities In Publishing

> How to allocate preservation resources? > How to better manage library collections and acquisitions?


Digitisation Strategy

Digitise & make available

Identify future projects

As a librarian at a large research intensive university the national digitisation strategy has enabled us to work with a number of local institutions to digitise and make openly available online a previously hidden collection of unique books.

It has resulted in a new research group being established at my university, and we’re currently working with a number of institutions nationally to concentrate on a larger and more diverse collection of materials that has been identified by academics as of the highest research importance.

Original idea titles

Problem statement this solution addresses

> Digitisation On Demand > JSTOR / PORTICO For Books

> How to avoid duplication of effort in digitisation?



Measuring the Impact of Monographs

5.4 10





Trend Historian

Overview of impact

Aggregating data

As a historian I like that the new monographs impact service can provide me with an overview of the impact of my publications, and provides a department view for the research office; which means I no longer have the time consuming job of providing them with data myself.

I like the way it brings together stats from a range of different sources such as sales figures, library usage and citations into one attractive and easy to use interface.

Original idea titles

Problem statement this solution addresses

> Book Book > Indicator Suite

> How to measure the impact of a monograph?


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