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Enter the inventor’s workshop and make some mega discoveries about God. Hear about how God’s love is far wider and longer and higher and deeper than we can ever imagine. Find out what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Mega Makers! is suitable for children with little or no experience of church, as well as those who are already part of a church community. A flexible programme, it provides everything you need to run a holiday club: craft, games, Bible discovery, small-group discussion, creative prayer and more!

Mega Makers! DVD Complements the Mega Makers! programme, with five storytelling episodes (one per day). Includes additional resources and a team training feature.

Inventor’s Notebook A 48-page booklet containing the essential Bible text, plus information, puzzles and challenges – to use in the club and as a souvenir to take home.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY Go to to find downloads and extra material, logos and artwork. Join the discussions on the bulletin boards and get ideas of how to reach even more children!

eye level is the Scripture Union initiative that challenges churches to catch up with children and young people who have not yet caught sight of Jesus and responded to him, meeting him on their level. eye level provides resources, training and networks. ISBN 978 1 84427 786 5

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Use with the Mega Makers! DVD presented by children’s author and storyteller Bob Hartman and former CBBC presenter Gemma Hunt

Includes photocopiable resources + free extras online

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