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Orrell Lamberhead Green

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WELCOME To Lamberhead Green Community Primary School we believe that, School should be for our least fortunate child what home is for our most fortunate child. With this in mind we aim to: • Provide the nurture, support, guidance and adaptation to enable each child to thrive. • Promote childrens well-being both physically and emotionally. • Be consistent in our policies and practice. • Make each child feel important and valued. • Provide stimulation and challenge within an environment where it is acceptable to learn from mistakes. • Enable children to make a positive contribution to their community through developing a sense of pride and respect for themselves and others. • Develop confident individuals who can achieve their high aspirations!

Believe - Endeavour - Succeed - Together “The teachers are firm, fair and excellent role models.” Parent

At Cumberhead Green we promote a positive learning culture underpinned by:

“Children get one chance in life to be at school and it is our job to make sure they get the best out of this chance...”

Supportive Relationships

Stimulating Environment Excellent Provision

Constant Dialogue As a result we will ensure every child’s physical, social, emotional, academic and creative development is the BEST it can be. “The teachers are very supportive with the pupils.” Parent

“Regular target setting my daughter knows what she has to do to improve.” Parent

Every Child Matters We believe that every child has the right to feel safe, secure and happy in the school community. Through our Well-Being Curriculum we aim to : • Encourage all children to improve their lifestyles through healthy eating and healthy activities. • Help the children to feel safe and protected . to

• •

Provide children with opportunities achieve their full potential through challenging, stimulating and enjoyable learning experiences and developing independence, co-operation and value of their own and others work . Provide opportunities to make a positive and valued contribution to the school both individually and through the School Council and Eco-School committee that they elect to represent them.

Help all children, regardless of background, religion, ethnicity or ability, to develop skills to achieve economic well-being through learning life skills and being encouraged to value their education and develop a desire to learn .

Celebrate Success

Foundation Stage Our Reception class teachers are committed to enabling your child to get the BEST start to school. We provide : • An induction period of two weeks. • The INSPIRE (Involving School Parents In Raisin Expectations) Project.

• Flying Start offers parents the opportunity to borrow high quality resources.

• Family Literacy Sessions.

• Strong Links with preschool providers.

• Weekly Drop In Sessions for parents.

Key Stage 1 and 2 Children move on from the Reception Classes into Key stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and then into Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6). Throughout both key stages, children develop their knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum.

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

The Curriculum Our aim is to ensure pupils leave our school with the essential reading , writing and numerical skills to equip them for the future. Children in school today will work in jobs that don’t exist and use technology that has not yet been invented. Through our Key Skills Curriculum we endeavour to provide a broad and relevant curriculum for our pupils. We aim to develop every child to…have self belief, be able to meet the demands of the future, hold transferable skills and positive attitudes, become effective and empathetic communicators, hold literate, numerate and ICT competencies to achieve economic well-being.…Which will prepare them for an ever changing world.

Successful Futures “We are committed to making sure all our children get the BEST out of their time at Lamberhead Green and that they are enabled to achieve their full potential. When your child leaves school, the world will be a very different place than it is today. There will be jobs that don’t exist at present and technology that is yet to be invented. It’s our job to equip your child with the skills and attitudes that will provide them with a successful future! I firmly believe that, together, we can provide your child with the future they deserve!” Jane Chambers Headteacher





Orrell Lamberhead Green

Community Primary School Kershaw Street, Orrell, Wigan, WN5 OAW Tel: 01942 768 760 Fax: 01942 768 761

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