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Mobilisation Information: ExxonMobil PNG LNG Project Providing Global Manpower Soultions for the Oil and Gas Industry

MOBILISATION INFORMATION The following information is specific to contractors assigned to the ExxonMobil PNG LNG Project. Please keep this information sheet in a prominent place for your quick reference.

Malaria Prevention & Survival Air Energi take your health and well being seriously and expect our professional consultants to do the same. It is important that you hold a sufficient stock of the required preventative & curative medicine, and you are in possession of an MSK (Malaria Survival Kit) at all times. By following the processes below you will be equipped for your PNG assignment. Anti Malarial You should already have your first supply of anti malarial medication and MSK. However, when this first batch starts to run low please follow the below process. 1.

If you are on rotational assignment and your PoO (Point of Origin) is Australia please visit your local travel doctor whilst on rotational leave.


If your PoO is outside of Australia please attempt to restock through your local medical service provider whist on rotational leave.


If you are on a residential assignment in PNG or the above is not possible please follow the below process:

Complete the attached “Air Energi Pacifica Medical Request Form” and email it to Stephanie Manas at Please attach your line manager approval for this expense.

Our Port Moresby Office will provide you a resupply of your original anti-malarial medication and you can collect this from our local Port Moresby office. AEPL can also arrange a drop off to your Port Moresby location or meet you from your flight should you be rotating further into PNG. If you are at a field location we can arrange for stock to be posted to your location or handed to a colleague that may be en route to your location – however, a receipt must be signed & returned to AEPL for our records under all circumstances.

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Points to note: •

We ask you to give as much notice as possible for your resupply. Limited outlets exist in Port Moresby so at times supply in the area can be stretched. Whilst we hold reserves we try to keep these for emergency resupply. E.G. 1 box of Malarone only lasts 12 days please do not leave your notice till you are down to your last box.

Please plan ahead. If you know you only have enough medication for half of your rotation it helps us if you let us know before you enter the country allowing us to meet you at the airport as opposed to waiting until you are in the field adding a risk that your resupply could be delayed due to Logistical problems.

The ideal situation would be to ensure you have enough supplies to last your full rotation prior to departure from PoO.

Our maximum Resupply is 3 months medication at one time.

You must adhere to the EHL “Show Me Policy” upon re entry to the country at all times

MSK (Malaria Survival Kit) Air Energi are unable to issue resupply of MSK. Instead this must be done via our supplier ISOS via the following process: 1.

Contact Stephanie Manus (as above) so she may arrange an appointment to coincide with your arrival schedule in PNG. Pre-departure allocation of MSK is preferable.


Stephanie will confirm your appointment with ISOS at 7 mile Hangers (see full address in contacts list)


At your appointment ISOS will issue you an MSK kit with a prescription for Riamet (or alternative curative) to include inside the kit


Take your prescription to a pharmacy (see contacts page for list of pharmacies)


AEPL Logistics &/or EHL Transport will be happy to assist in the arrangements to fill your prescription.

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Points to note: •

AEPL are not authorised to supply Riamet hence you must attend an appointment with ISOS to obtain a prescription. We cannot obtain this prescription on your behalf as it is a pharmaceutical product to be issued under strict guidelines.

We are not able to pick up your Riamet on your behalf – this can only be done by the person listed on the prescription.

Air Energi holds an MSK Register to track expiring Kits/Curatives; however, once issued to you please make a note of your expiry date and serial number. If you are aware you will be out of country for a long period or will be unable to attend an appointment please inform us.

Please note some countries are unable to issue MSK and Riamet – if your country falls within this bracket and you are unable to secure these items before mobilisation Air Energi will provide you an endorsed document verifying this for you to present upon arrival in PoM (see attached “Show Me Policy”)

Random Malarial Testing Esso Highlands Ltd has the right to conduct random malarial testing of all contractors at any given time. An AEPL representative will make contact with you to immediately (or within reasonable response time) attend a testing centre for this purpose. Ideally you must respond to this request within 2 hours of notification. Anti-malarial medication has been issued for your protection and the urine test conducted will ascertain the presence of this drug in your system. It is in your best interest to ensure you are taking your correct dosage, as the lack of presence in your system may result in disciplinary action or removal from the project.

Annual Drug and Alcohol Test As part of your continued employment with EHL it is a requirement of your employment contract that you complete a mandatory Annual Drug and Alcohol test. Air Energi will contact you and request your attendance for Annual D&A testing. For rotators you have the option of attending on your break at your local clinic or we can arrange for it to occur in Port Moresby. This test will be conducted by JTA International in Port Moresby (Able Computing Building, Waigani Drive, POM). Please note JTA International is not a medical centre for treatment or medical emergencies – this is a pre-employment medical agency only.

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Permetherin Clothing We understand that wear and tear, changes in assignment conditions and even size change of an individual will result in a requirement to a resupply of permetharin clothing. In order to obtain resupply please follow the process below: •

Send a list of required clothing and all applicable sizes along with an approval email (see below) to Stephanie Manas.

Stephanie will arrange purchase and delivery of clothing to your site location or for collection from our POM office

Should you require a quick resupply i.e. over a weekend – you have the option to purchase your required goods from BOC or Bishop Brothers local suppliers and expensing the items back at the end of the month.

Points to note: •

If you prefer to try on clothing or would like to view before making a purchase you can either attend BOC (Waigani Drv) or Bishop Brothers (Wards Rd) Port Moresby.

Approval emails from your line manager is required for invoicing purposes. This can be a simple response by email from your line manager saying “approved” to your below request.

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When you are in need of medical consultation Air Energi approved clinics in Port Moresby are Port Moresby Private Specialist (24 hours) located in Waigani, and POM Medical Clinic located in Boroko (7am-7pm daily). Both medical service providers have professional trained medical staff at hand. In the event you need to attend a medical clinic; please inform our local office and we can ensure the clinic is prepared for your arrival. Where possible a member of staff can also attend the clinic with you. All payments for consultation will need to be settled at the end of your appointment. If you are comfortable making a doctor’s appointment direct please feel free to do so at the suggested clinics (see contacts list) , however, AEPL are more than happy to assist you with any medical situation and a call to Stephanie, Annette or Tau at our AEPL office 320 3095 will take care of bookings and logistics for you. If your illness falls outside normal reasonable hours and you require immediate assistance please call Country Manager “Julian Counsel” on 7168 1723; or Rawa Mea on 7101 0191 (also see contacts list). Our team at AEPL will do all they can to assist in these situations. The same suggestions for Dental assistance applies to all contractors, we are happy to recommend a reputable dentist in PNG and assist you with appointments if you require this service. Contractors located in Lae can attend Lae International Hospital or the Magalohan Medical Clinic located in Lae these facilities operate 24/7 (see contacts list). Where possible appointments should be made prior to attendance to avoid long waiting periods. Contractors working on EHL site locations will have full access to the Project Site Clinics facilitated by EHL. Your personal Allianz medical insurance should be used to claim back any costs you incur (see separate “How to claim” guide). It is important that you the contractor can make payment for all services provided (either by cash or credit card) – the reimbursement claim for all medical costs can only be initiated between Allianz and the patient. It is difficult for AEPL to incur the cost and then make a claim on your behalf, however in medical emergency cases AEPL will step in and assist with payment requirements.

© Air Energi 2013


In Emergency situations you must contact Allianz as soon as reasonably possible to inform them of the situation quoting your policy number and full name call: +353 1630 1301 (see Allianz WorldWide Care document). AEPL must be informed as soon as possible of your medical situation, firstly so we are in a position to offer as much assistance as possible, including making contact with Allianz on your behalf if required, and secondly, to ensure your care is managed sufficiently. If you are incapacitated and cannot make direct contact with Air Energi regarding your medical situation please ask the attending specialist to make contact with our Country Manager to notify us as soon as they can. It is advisable to note & carry the relevant contact numbers on your person at all times. Air Energi will step in and offer as much assistance as possible to help in these situations.

Good to know: Allianz Medical Insurance You are covered under the Air Energi group Allianz policy which insures you for various situations including medical evacuation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We do experience some delays in receiving Allianz medical cards. In the instance that you may not receive your Allianz medical card before you have mobilised to the project we will provide you with 3 temporary cards in order for you to carry a record of your coverage and policy number in various places such as work wallet, passport holder and living quarters. Allianz Medical Insurance Contact:

Š Air Energi 2013

Allianz hotline number +353 1630 1301


Port Moresby Medical Service Providers: 1.

Port Moresby Private


Specialist Medical Centre (24/7) PH: 325 0709 / 323 8755 / 325 0717 Located at MVIL Priv Hosp Building, off Taurama Rd, 3 Mile (behind Maternity wing of PGH)


POM Medical Services (Dr Chelvanathan’s Clinic) 7am-7pm daily PH: 325 6633 Located Cnr Vaiva & Mavara St (next to St Josephs Int School) East Boroko (Dr Chelvanathan - recommended Expat doctor)

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Dental Assistance in Port Moresby Mills Dental Clinic – Lev 1, Deloitte Tower (Next door to Air Energi office) Contact: PH 320 0600 for appointment. Contractors based in Lae, Morobe Province: 1. 2.

Masalohan Medical Services ( AE have an account) 7am-7pm daily PH: 479 1222/ email: Located on Seventh St, LAE Lae International Hospital offers 24/7 services PH: 472 8131 Located at Marsina Street, 411 Morobe, LAE

Local Pharmacies a.

City Pharmacy – Stop and Shop Down Town, located inside Plaza House PH: 320 0827


Johnston’s Pharmacy – Spring Garden Road, Boroko PH: 325 3633 Email:


Chemcare Pharmacy - : Located at SVS Harbour City PH: 321 1982 Email:


Boroko Foodworld Pharmacy Located at the Boroko Foodworld store near Courts Round-about.

Johnston’s Pharmacy – Tabari Boroko PH: 325 5336 Email:

Please ensure your visit to any Pharmacy is assisted by Security Drivers or contact AEPL for more information

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Travel and Accommodation Arrangements After your initial mobilisation in country EHL Travel team will take over all travel and accommodation bookings until your demobilisation flight. The following process will apply: •

Each contractor will fill out a Travel Request Form (TRF) and have their line manager sign off as approved. This TRF must then be sent to EHL Travel team by email.

The EHL Travel team will make all your required bookings using Air Energi AMEX as security.

Once you receive your confirmed itinerary please send this along with the approved TRF to Stephanie Manas for AEPL records. IF you require AEPL to cover your accommodation you MUST send an email request with the approved EHL itinerary to Stephanie Manus or Tau Lahui.

Air Energi Pacifica will then raise the Purchase Order according to the itinerary and send to the hotel ensuring we confirm receipt

Air Energi Pacifica will then forward a copy of the purchase order reference number to yourself and the name of the individual at the hotel that has received it.

Please ALWAYS advise AEPL of any changes made to your itinerary, EHL Travel team does not liaise with AEPL on bookings and therefore we rely on the contactor to keep us informed.

Points to note: •

It is mandatory for EHL travel to facilitate all contractor flight & accommodation bookings, AEPL have no authority to book on your behalf. Accommodation will be booked (reserved) by EHL travel, if you need AEPL to cover the charges – you must follow the process above.

Where possible it is preferable for contractors to expense all charges including accommodation on their personal credit card, however we understand this is not a suitable request for all situations and therefore we are happy to assist if requested to do so.

Purchase Order will cover room and meals only. Stays in excess of three nights will have laundry covered (less than three nights hotel stay does not include laundry charges). All incidental charges such as phone, internet etc. are to be settled by the contractor upon check-out.

© Air Energi 2013


Please inform immediately upon your travel being confirmed allowing us to raise a purchase order for accommodation at the soonest possible time.

Hotel accommodation in some parts of PNG is in limited supply, it is advisable to submit your TRF to EHL Travel at the earliest opportunity in order to not cause delays to your schedule due to lack of accommodation.

EHL Travel team are very busy at all times and it is also advisable to follow up on your requirements. If you have not heard from them within a reasonable timeframe regarding a booking it may have been overlooked and its best that you check on progress giving yourself plenty of time.

Your Work Permit Card In order for you to be able to work within PNG Air Energi has obtained on your behalf a work permit. It is strongly advised that you keep on your person your work permit card. Upon mobilisation to PNG you will be given your work permit card and it is important you look after this document. Upon demobilisation you MUST surrender this card to Air Energi Pacifica so that we may cancel your work permit in line with PNG Law. IF upon arrival you have not been issued with your card, please send a request email to Loa Raka or to Stephanie Manus. They will arrange for the card to be in your possession.

Passport expiry/loss In the event that your passport is due to expire please contact Leanne Jones ( for advice. REMEMBER it is an entry requirement for PNG Immigration that you must have more than 6 months validity on your passport in order to enter the country at any time. Please inform us at least 3 months prior to your passport at pre-6 month expiry so that you may arrange renewal and we may organise the necessary visa transfers. In otherwords, you need to act when the passport is 9 months from actual expiry date. IF you lose your passport whilst in PNG it is very important that you report this to us IMMEDIATELY so we can assist you in steps to facilitate a replacement passport or travel document.

© Air Energi 2013


Demobilisation from the Project When the time comes to say goodbye to PNG LNG there are a few points we ask you to remember: •

Return of all company provided assets (laptops, access cards, keys etc…)

Work permit card return – MUST be handed to Air Energi Assignment Support team

© Air Energi 2013


Contacts List Air Energi Pacifica LTD (AEPL): Main office in PNG

+675 320 3095 (8am-5pm Mon-Sat) Lev 1, Deloitte Tower Douglas Street, Port Moresby

Air Energi (Aust) Ltd:

+61 7 3056 0900 Lev 4, Riverquarter Bld 46 Edward St, Brisbane 4000

Emergency Air Energi contacts for important afterhours assistance (in PNG): Julian Counsel - Country Manager PNG Tel: + 675 7168 1723 Email: Matthew Webster - Bus. Development Mgr Tel: +675 7376 3429 Email: Rawa Mea - Senior Recruitment Consultant Tel: +675 7101 0191 Email:

Š Air Energi 2013


Air Energi Assignment Support Team Contacts: If you require assistance with permetherin clothing, MSK’s and Malaria medications, logistics, accommodation Purchase Order confirmations, or general PNG knowledge assistance please don’t hesitate to call any of our Assignment Support team members at the AEPL office at any time. Ask for any of the following team members by calling 320 3095 (or a/h mobile phone where noted) Stephanie Manus - Assignment Support Senior Tel: 7327 8678 Email: Annette Arimata - Assignment Support Junior Tel: 7252 0757 Email: Tau Lahui - Logistics Coordinator Tel: 7287 0555 Email: Konilias Raka - Assignment Support Manager Tel: 7287 0533 Email: Loa Raka Visa & Immigration Lead Email: Contractors on PNG Payroll: Payroll for Air Energi Pacifica Contractors on PNG assignment are facilitated from our Port Moresby office. Payroll is administered monthly in arrears – for further information please refer to your starter packs issued at point of hire. •

Finance Manager: Darwins Beaiso 320 3095

Payroll Supervisor: Elsie Girisa 320 3095

(Note the team contacts may be subject to periodical change – current as at July 2011)

Discuss any issues, questions or queries with your Air Energi Representative before departure.

© Air Energi 2013


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