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BRANDED GIFT CARDS EasyKard: a card solution for every business


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Who are we & What do we do? EasyKard is an innovative and forward thinking company with the ability to offer new-to-market products and services to enhance the consumer offerings you currently provide. An outline proposition has been produced to position the opportunities of Branded Gift Cards within your business and marketplace. This proposal will highlight the concept, identify the synergy between your brand and EasyKard’s innovative features and benefits, outline the potential value to you and suggest that further discussions would be beneficial to further develop and define this solution.

You have created a trusted brand; a Champion Challenger and forward thinking company that has always confronted the norm and introduced customer centric products and services. Through this methodology, EasyKard has identified that the Branded Gift Card product marketplace would be a logical aquisition to your portfolio of products. EasyKard are best placed at designing and delivering the next-generation of Card Services and within this proposal we will demonstrate a product solution that marries seamlessly to your working methods, values and above all, focus on customer centricity.

The product: This is a new product that allows anybody to upload any image on to their card. We offer this now on all our products but see a big growth potential for the gift card market. Gift cards work the same way as a debit card, although most are specific to a store, our cards are MasterCard速 compliant so can be used anywhere world wide that MasterCard速 is accepted. It is a simple process to obtain a card and use it for any of its many uses.

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How it all works Create a custom MasterCard® Gift Card like no other by adding your corporate logo, trademark or other image to the card. It’s a great way to extend your brand, reward customers or employees and provide a memorable gift. Our team will work with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Ordering Cards

We have a unique process that will allow you to put your logo plus any image on a card with no set up fee, just the one time card cost of £4.50. The card is a one time load only card and has a minimum load of £20 and a maximum load of £500.

Step 1: follow the easy online application process and fill in the requested forms: * Upload image of your corporate logo or card design. * Statement releasing rights to the image for printing. * The number of cards you are planning to order and the total gift value (i.e. 20 cards @ £25 each + cost of card= £590). Step 2: When your request has been approved, they will be dispatched with a contact number for activation of card. Step 3: Once activated you can use your card anywhere that accepts MasterCard®.

EasyKard Branded Gift Cards has been designed to offer you a price point in line with comparable products, while offering attractive commission payments and encouraging further sales opportunities throughout your customers lifecycle. The use of the corporate card for gift purchases being the main one that jumps straight to mind. But with them being MasterCard速 Branded they can be used for any purpose in any location round the world that accepts MasterCard速.

Corporate Up-sell: There is also Up-sell Opportunities for Branded Business programs with both Prepay and Credit cards that would also yield a constant residual for you, although the Gift Card service seem the logical start and the fastest growing.

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Tel: 0870 879 4444 Fax: 0870 879 1790 Email:


Our Commitment EasyKard Commitment to partner delivery: As part of an integrated account team, EasyKard will work closely with you to develop and implement a product solution that provides excellent value across all operational and commercial disciplines. EasyKard’s success in delivering excellent Card Services, underpinned by their ability to build relationships with their customers. EasyKard recognise that customer service needs to be personal as well as professional, friendly and fulfiling, therefore all agents are put through a comprehensive training scheme, and within the next couple of months we will be able to offer 24 hour coverage in conjunction with our new office in New Zealand.accepts MasterCardŽ.


Potential Revenues There are a number of variables in calculating any potential revenues that could be earned through Branded Gift Cards. However, in order to gauge a view of the scale of the opportunity, EasyKard would need to engage further with you to fully understand and realise the full potential of this and other products. EasyKard are open to discussing all of our commercial models with you, from commission based deals to full profit-share joint venture entities. We would welcome the earliest opportunity to discuss with you, thus ensuring that you have the competitive edge and first mover advantage within the UK marketplace.

EasyKard are keen to open further dialogue with you on this exciting initiative product and welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss as soon as possible. Ben Quinton is EasyKards first point of contact and can be contacted on either: 0870 3121 418 or 0870 879 4444, or e-mailed on

Tel: 0870 879 4444 Fax: 0870 879 1790 Email:



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