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The Spotlight

Issue 4

Editorial. Dear delegates, finally you got this very last issue of The Spotlight. Almost a month has passed since the Session was over. By now all of us have been through the notorious PED and now are getting back to normal life: school, home, work... Routine, in one word. Despite school being more overwhelming than what it used to be, teachers being stricter than ever and you feel-

ing everyone is just talking non sense, here come good memories to help you deal with all the parts of your life that used to be normal, but are just disappointing now.

Wanting to leave for unknown places, to visit friends or just to travel back in time (and space). Time-traveling machines are not on sale yet, unfortunately. But hopefully

someone invented newspapers, computers and internet: that’s how we manage to get back to you with this last PED-fighting option. Last suggestion: keep all the newspapers from your sessions in a drawer, you’ll see in a few months/ years how amazingly back in time you can go just by flipping those pages... Enjoy and... See you soon! With love, SS&B

Summary Page 3 - A pile of problems. Page 4 - Everything great has to come to an end... The Last Supper. Page 5 - Spell checking the GA! Party, party, party, let’s all get crazy! Page 6 - The End. The next step. Page 7 - A Nerd’s summer. Page 8 & 9 - Last memories...


A pile of problems.

By Oscar Duse


Whilst politicians across Europe suffer from a lack of creativity, the delegates tackle the challenges of today’s world with all their imagination .

The XXVI National Selection Conference of the EYP Italy has been outstanding in many aspects, and the General Assembly did not fail to deliver the goods either. During two days of almost no sleep, the delegates got engaged in intense discussions on the tricky topics that lie on the desk of EUpoliticians. Much unlike any other GA, the frequent use of the direct response

came as an unexpected and extremely positive surprise. Italians are known to be very passionate, and proof of that was given during the majority of the defense speeches. The activeness of the debate and the interventions was made definitely clear during the last resolution that was debated, written by the international chairpersons. They based their resolution on the dis-

cussions and notes of the Committee Work. Their resolution was completely contradicting the delegates’ arguments and opinions, as they wanted all of them to feel encouraged to express their opinion. It turned out to be nothing less! Still, if a resolution did not pass, no need to feel disappointed: the purpose of a General Assembly is to have a nice debate where new crea-

tive ideas can be presented and discussed, resulting in solutions to the world’s issues. During this GA, ideas of this kind were numerous, just as so many evidences of the delegates’ efficiency!



Everything great has to come to an end‌ come back and to continue their involvement in EYP.

Dear Delegates, what you have felt during the two days of GA was really unique: you had the chance to express yourselves and to act as a team. You should be satisfied by your great achievements, because these few hours made you different. Be sure to remember always what you learnt and use it during your everyday life!

On Tuesday, March 22nd you attended one of the most touching experiences of an EYP sessions: the Closing Ceremony. The emotion of seeing all those people involved, really trusting what they did and what YOU all did, congratulating with you (being you the “winners� or not, it does not matter, because each of you is a champion here) is, maybe, the reason why people choose to

Many of you may have felt quite bad or disappointed, a few of you may have never been so happy before; but what really matters is your emotions. Everything became clear on your faces and for an external viewer this is a source of great excitement. Not to mention all the officials that went on the stage: from the Editors to the President, from the Board to the Chairs, from the Jury to the Journalists. Everyone was so proud of the intense debate you had, of such strong delegates you proved to be. Anastasiia Ianovyt-

The Last Supper.

By Edoardo Mestieri

ska told us about her satisfaction; Federico Fasol (President of EYP Italy) showed his excitement and remembered his experience as a delegate; but they all shared one, fundamental element: you. Unluckily, this seems to be gone; but do not worry, you will have plenty of other chances to feel like that! You just need to want it and every session will be as your first, whether you are a debater or an official. Take care of yourselves, guys, and do not make other people overwhelm you, because this is your life and you deserve to live it completely!

By Erke Can Tellal

Just as a masterpiece painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, Gala Dinner was extravagant... ing and impressing our fellow human beings.

Eating is an essential need for every and each human being. We all know what to do when we hear strange noises coming from our belly it is a primitive behaviour. Actually the evolution of food culture is quite long: initially we gathered fruits and other vegetables, then we attempted to

hunt animals. Hunting was kind of a revolutionary progress since humanity began to act in groups for getting the food as well as for eating afterwards. Therefore eating mutually turned into a daily ritual. Occasionally we dress in our most stylish clothes and go to fancy places. This is not just about eating but also about socialis-

The General Assembly is quite challenging compared to Committee Work and Teambuilding, even sometimes boring. We all know that G.A. is not the proper way to end this tremendous session. Delegates need to have fun, excitement and most importantly they need glamour to fell like a celebrity: suits, tuxedos and garments. That was what the Gala Dinner of the XXVI National Selection Conference of EYP Italy was all about! The grand buffet

was amazing and everyone was provided with a glass of splendid and fresh Italian red wine. Delegates were sitting by their delegations accompanied with their chair couples and lovely journos or editors. Nice chats and games all around, people joking and people laughing. It could have lasted forever but the end of night was inevitably reached, just as the dawn arises after an unreal dream, and all the participants got back to reality, all set for GA.


Spell checking the GA!

By Nives Kaprocki & Andrea Montanari


Although the General Assembly was surprisingly dynamic and professional for a National Selection, there were some moments that cut off the formal atmosphere inside the Sala Ademollo. The best mistakes are certainly worth remembering! Most of the delegates made mistakes when addressing the board and other delegates, and somehow managed to clone our President, or turn her into their own mother in just a few hours! Other participants got their new roles as well: “Dear mother president, members of the bird, follow geledates…” “Dear Mister president, members of the jary” “Dear members of the president... ” “Dear madame president, members of the Iuri…“ Very nice opening del-

By Andrea Montanari

egates! The speeches didn’t lack in originality either, both those in English and in French. Having a funny GA was the main reward for the careful listeners, and these are the highlights for those who paid a bit less attention: “Good morning and good afternoon!“ “I would like to respond to the female question...” “In order to shit the economic borders...“ “Like states are…“ (Laic states) “Don’t aren’t you…“ “Salus and Libèrtas“ “The problem of the analployment is…“ “We have zero absnut/

abstun/abstenute.“ “We are all in flavor!“ “Board: This is not a direct response. - Deli: No, but still.” “Board: The proponing committee...” “Board: Rice the placards!“ “Nous pensons qu’on ne voit pas bien la difference entre les figures des travailleurs” - (“We think we cannot really make a differences between the faces of the workers.”) Some delegates were even more creative and thought of their own words:

unemployment, Unjobless for unemployed, Digitating instead of dictating, Estabilescion probably beeing a new form of establishment, and Caltur for which our best linguists are still trying to find a decent definition... Apart from all the moments that are written down, those most precious ones cannot be printed. However, memory fades, and this will always be around to put a smile on your face. The spelling check is complete!

Joblessness standing for

Party, party, party, let’s all get crazy!


Eventually, when everything seems to be over, it comes at full speed the Farewell Party: the happy ending Another epic National Selection got to its end: cries, laughs and screams were the main background sounds of Lucca... But, there still is something gorgeous that you still had to find out: The Farewell Party! Can you imagine the biggest party ever in Lucca? Yes, it was truly that one: music, good

food, great people and an exclusive theme were the basic elements of this event but, the essential ingredient was you! After the long day of debate, everyone dived into the 20s, all wearing fashionable dresses and old style clothes. The long-awaited event was hosted in one of the

rooms of the Real Collegio, the one where the Committe Dinner took place, properly decorated for this party with nice old-style posters. There was a DJ mixing the last musical hits and a disco atmosphere that surprised us all. This night will be wellremembered by all delegates as a special one

because, after the previous nominees collected during the last day of General Assembly, the winner of every category was called to collect his own (chocolate) oscar! Now, that even the farewell party is gone, the only thing left to enjoy is the PED.


The End?

By Nives Kaprocki

Crying or smiling? Both! petition and the General Assembly, as it may seem at the beginning. More important is to gain as much as possible from every session, and one day in the future pass on the knowledge and enthusiasm to new delegates.

The National Selection in Lucca has ended and PED is starting to reach all of you. However, everybody should bear in mind that this session does not need to be the last one, and that many are yet to come.

Most of the experienced EYPers describe EYP as friendship, love, a magical feeling which is part of who they are. As well as this, there isn’t a better way to develop as a person and to meet a lot of wonderful people. It is not all about the com-

Even if someone chooses not to be part of it in the future, it is certain that this is a life changing experience. One should never forget what he learnt in EYP, and its main goals. Although its approach might be too direct for some people, it is this that spreads the right spirit among the participants.

The next step.

In spite of being over, the memories of every EYP experience are always there, unforgettable! All the social networks and hundreds of sessions every year have made keeping in touch with EYPers quite simple. And as the lyrics of “Imagine” suggest: we “hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one!“

By Gianmarco Battistini

PED is killing you? All you can think of is the fabulous days you had in Lucca? You can’t help but spend your precious time going through the pictures the journos and your friends took?

The best way to reduce this awful depression, a must for any EYPer, is indeed to improve your involvement in the organisation. First suggestion: keep in touch with friends you have met for the first time in Lucca, and

yet you feel you have known forever. Secondly: become an active member of EYP Italy. Knowing that someday you will experience all this all over again will make you feel slightly better, promise! “How can I join EYP?”

you are probably wondering. The answer is easy. Send an email to asking to join the mailing list of the “collaboratory PEG”. This way you will receive all you need to know: you will be informed of future sessions all over Europe (remember to check as well), you will be given application forms for Italian and foreign sessions, you will get the necessary informations on the PEG-annualmeeting, which usually takes place in October

and you will receive abstracts of the periodic meetings of the National Board (aka Consiglio Direttivo or, for friends, CD). Recovering from PED is not easy but with some tricks you can help it fade faster and you can have the chance to experience it some more times. Just Join EYP!


By Gianmarco Battistini

A Nerds’ summer.


We have talked (actually, I had monologues) in the past issues about movies of the past year, such as The King’s Speech and The Black Swan. Now I guess it is time to introduce you briefly to some of the movies that will air in 2011. For all those of you who are nerd or, at least, love comic books: this summer is going to rock! Four are the movies that will make this summer unforgettable, first of all the last part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows”. Most of us read the books some years ago wishing to receive the Letter. Personally, even now that I am 19, I still wish I received that Letknown as Thor or the other ones are; yet he’s quite famous among the Marvel heroes. Plus, if you have ever watched The Big Bang Theory, you will know that Sheldon Cooper is a huge fan.

ter, as being a Muggle is not as exciting as being a wizard would be.

Last, but definitely not least, July the 22nd: ”Captain America”! Can you imagine it? The hero par excellence will be on the screens and we will get the chance to be there and watch it first hand! How awesome is that?

This was at the bottom of the list, now comes the really nerd stuff! April the 4th: “Thor”: The Viking God will soon invade the screens of the best theatres worldwide. Will you be among the lucky who will witness the descent of the god on earth? June the 17th: “The Green Lantern” This superhero is not as well






The Spotlight Issue 4  
The Spotlight Issue 4  

Newspaper of the XXIV NSC of EYP Italy, Lucca 2011