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The Spotlight Issue 3

Volterra 2010: Some things never change...

Editorial. and win! This much said we wish you had an amazing time and will stay tuned for getting the last issue which will be sent to you by email.

Here we are again, dear delegates. We hope you enjoyed the two days of GA and that you are actually making the most out of it as we have suggested you at the very beginning of this session. We have seen your motivation and energy and it was a real booster for us all! After the efforts of the General Assembly

it is now time for you to have some fun. Just for you as we still have some work to do, for the next and, unfortunately, the last issue. Remember that tonight it is

the last and most glamorous night of this Session! You will have the chance to enjoy a fabulous twenties’ party and maybe you will have the opportunity to get a nomination

Looking forward to see you again, The Editors Sara, Sonia and Benoit

Summary Page 3 - Avada Kedavra! Controversial? Yes. Easy? No. Page 4 - Seba’s Angels: Heaven out of Hell. Swimming with the Jelly-Fish committee Page 5 - Our powerful team is back! When the things got serious... Page 6 - Life is much more than simply breathing... Salvation or Abandon? Page 7 - Seriously fun! Here comes the serious stuffs! Page 8 - Let’s get it started! Survive through the jungle of GA! Page 9 - Farewell, yes… but Farewell with style! Don’t call me Bertie! Page 10 - Japan nuclear progress as toll up Air strikes largely destroy Libyan defence forces. Page 11 - Tunisian migrants spark protests in Lampedusa. The End Is Near! Page 12 - Let me introduce you... The Delegates! Page 13 - Survey Area! Sudoku time! Page 14 - EYP’s Horoscopes!


Avada Kedavra!

By Oscar Duse & Gianmarco Battistini

Everything is possible with a bit of magic! The time for amusing games had unfortunately run out when the EYPotters led by the bewitching Kerstin and Andrea sat down to discuss the controversial topic of euthanasia. Whether it should be legislated to deliberately help a person to take his or hers life is a difficult question to answer, and there are many aspects you need to take into consideration. This group chose to focus on the two different types of euthanasia; the active and the passive. The discussion took off in great shape when a majority of the delegates

By Oscar Duse

shared their opinion on the matter. Due to the attentive supervision of their lovely chairpersons, they managed to find a smooth flow in the debate and also to successfully include everybody.

The delegates defined the current problems and delivered solutions to each and every one of them. Spending the afternoon with this group really proved that even the biggest issues can be

solved by creating the right atmosphere, sacrificing one’s ideas in order to reach a common opinion and understanding that every and each idea is never neither totally correct nor wrong.

Controversial? Yes. Easy? No.

The European Ninjas put their heads together and try to fight life and death. Euthanasia is an issue which keeps evolving day by day being a still controversial matter in modern society. High-profile cases get a lot of media attention, which constantly increases the amounts of reactions from people. Opinions on the topic tend to differ from each other. In the room where The European Ninjas operated, the discussion was lively and the commitment from all of the delegates was amazing. They recognized the difficulties of legislating euthanasia and realized that religion plays an


important part in societies worldwide where it usually, with the due exceptions, oppose all methods of euthanasia. The group also pointed a finger at the lack of information about eutha-

nasia among the mass, meaning that awareness must be raised and the level of general knowledge on the subject must increase. Throughout the afternoon, creative ideas were being presented

and your journalist was extremely impressed by your work!

Seba’s Angels: Heaven out of Hell.

By Andrea Montanari

As the second day of preparation began, the high-flying Angels of Lavrentia and Sebastiano were ready to travel to the next destination of their trip: the Committee Work. ideas and notions. The brainstorming provided the Angels with loads of materials and subjects for discussion, thus leading the committee to their first conflicts and disagreements. They finally focused and cooperated to reach their objective: getting everyone involved in the debate. To set the pace from the beginning, the 2 lively chairs welcomed their delegates with energizing games, including the always appreciated Banana Song.

As soon as their minds and bodies were at their highest level of preparation, the Committee Work could start. The Angels had to discuss the slippery topic

of euthanasia, in order to tackle this current problem. After reading the topic of the discussion together, the delegates highlighted the key words and found other closely connected

Swimming with the Jelly-Fish committee.

This Committee Work learnt to the delegates how to talk properly in English about an unusual topic with people from a different background.

By Andrea Montanari

After the first day of activities to construct a unite and well-working group, it’s time to dive further into the Committee Work! A delegate underlined that “being humans implies diversity, and consequently there are many pros and cons for any issue”, actually emphasizing the need of being unite for a good teamwork. They could then define a strategy that could keep everyone involved.

Energy, patience and strategy were the main keywords of the initial part of the Committee Work: Elena and Alex worked to turn on as soon as possible

the delegates’ mental approach to the discussion using the Magic Stick and Blind Square to lock their focus on cooperation and trust each. As a matter of

facts, the delegates realized soon the importance of strong communication skills not to have problems working as a team.

At the end of the day, the most impressive evolution was that generally the committee faced in a right way this challenge with a participation of every delegate in the debat, every opinion being heard and discussed.


Our powerful team is back!

By Edoardo Mestieri

Are you ready to be overwhelmed by their force? The second day of hard work started on the hub caps: as tradition hands down, best moments begin with the Teambuilding games. The two lovely Robin and Valeria made their guys play some like the Copycat or the unforgettable Snake Game, this last one getting the delegates quite mad, but they managed to properly end it! But everything comes to an end…now it’s time to work! Teambuilding finally began with some brainstorming, followed by the real and threatening topic they had to discuss: “Euthanasia and

legislations about it over EU”. Each of them wrote down their own thoughts then started to randomly explain them in order to reach the next step: trying to find a compromise between

all their opinions! This process needed quite a while, because some seemed intransigent on their ideas. Even at the end of the day, they have been

impressive by their interest and involvement in the debate, and their capability to finally go over their differences. Your energy is really unfailing, guys!

When the things got serious...

By Nives Kaprocki

From intensive shouting to lively debate. Here comes the Committee Work! Three, two, one: GO! From the initial brainstorming game ‘The Airplane crash’ to the discussion about the topic, the committee of Afrola and Laurens managed to come up with the solutions that suited everyone. The Teambuilding spirit was passed to the Committee Work, and the dynamic atmosphere led to a lively debate. Thinking about the past, delegates easily understood some of the reasons for the present reluctance towards the idea of euthana-


sia. However, nobody from the group believed there is anything important enough to prevent its legalization. Their confidence and strong opinions would make anybody think twice.

Although delegates agreed about almost all the solutions, the discussion was extensive and interesting. The shouting experienced during Teambuilding was, luckily, trans-

formed into normal talking. It might have just been the consequence of delegates ‘sore throats, though. When the day came to an end, the solutions were ready and the delegates smiling!

Life is much more than simply breathing...

By Gianmarco Battistini

Camille and Eugenio’s delegates get philosophical about the meaning of life... asked to discuss a quite controversial topic: euthanasia! Indeed it was not an easy task, yet they managed to deal with that in a very professional and efficient way.

The best way to cheer oneself up after a night spent studying, preparing for GA and having fun (which, in any case, always lead to a dreadful deprivation of sleep) is to start with some amazing EYP games.

They are often called Energisers, as their aim is exactly to provide sleepy delegates with energy in the most desperate moments of the session. Still, Teambuilding was just an introduction to

the essential part of the day: the Committee Work. Gathered in the same groups as yesterday, with the same amazing chairpersons (in this case the lovely Camille D. Comencini and Eugenio Di Agosta), the committee was

Salvation or Abandon?

A small sum-up of what was achieved through the Committee Work would have been nice, yet your chairs wanted to keep the secret and avoid spreading your incredible performance among other delegates! Still, it is easy to understand why this article is titled the way it is!

By Erke Can Tellal

The discussion on the decency of Euthanasia has been a real challenge. the doctors’ rights to refuse the Euthanasia application. Towards the end of committee work, they summed what they had discussed in sentences. “Euthanasia should be legalized and be applied but only in the extreme conditions (irreversible diseases or incurable coma). Euthanasia has been one of the most argued medical implementations since 21st century. “The Frogs” (the new nickname of Besard and Elisa’s Committee) made a quick start by brainstorming.

The proposals were flying around. In the one hand there were human rights and freedom but on the other hand the morality of the implementation was being discussed. Soon after, the group

realized they were lacking on planning their discussion. Elisa offered them to write down their ideas. Camilo clarified the point of view of the scientists. But the Frogs didn’t forget to mention

Also the execution of Euthanasia for children under 18 is prohibited. In case of incapability of taking a decision, the closest relative should have the right to determine on the patient’s life”.


Seriously fun!

By Nives Kaprocki

If you look at me the delegate you will see. If you stand by me your delegate I will be! The teambuilding is over and it is time for Committee Work! Although the main topic is considered to be one of the main dilemmas of our society, delegates seem to have pretty clear opinions. As the time passes, the discussions are getting more and more interesting and the excitement is in the air. What is life? This is the first problem Carolina and Tiago’s are facing. It is amazing how people with completely different opinions can cooperate, respecting and listening to each other.

Some questions, however, do not have only one answer or one solution. After expressing their general views of the euthanasia, it is obvious that there are many problems that have to

By Edoardo Mestieri and Erke Can Tellal

be dealt with. The topic, containing both human rights and legislation issues, gives committee a choice to debate numerous points.

points of view should be allowed to make decisions about one’s life. No second thoughts there!

In the end there was one thing they all agree about, that all the

Here comes the serious stuffs!

How did they manage such a tough topic? Giulia and Beatrice’s delegates started their second day in an excellent way: with energizing games! As the topic came out to be really hard, they helped them to humorously get rid of stress. Their task for today is to discuss about “Euthanasia and legislations about it over EU”. The first step was finding the main issues to talk about. They came out with a very interesting and lively discussion: someone states that freedom of choice makes euthanasia totally legal, while someone else reminds that cur-


rent legislation is not enough all over the different Member States. The main question does not change: how to manage the situation? According to them, the best solutions can be

found in investing in research and compulsory biological will after 18, to be confirmed every year and variable anytime. From their discussion not only comes out a

real care of relatives’ feelings but also a great respect of patient’s ones. It really seems it has been a productive day, full of enthusiasm and deduction.

Let’s get it started!

By Edoardo Mestieri

When the real, hard work began... ryone has real potential inside himself. Every idea is great and every word is useful, do not be shy and use this occasion as a significant way to improve yourself.

Dear Delegates, here we are: the moment you were waiting for finally arrived. As the pressure was filling the air, our lovely President Anastasiia Ianovytska and her fellow members of the Board introduced some guests and themselves to you. After an inspir-

ing speech by Stefano Baccelli (President of Province of Lucca) asserting how important are these experiences to make involved citizens, the microphone went to Federico Fasol, current President of EYP Italy. His discourse touched some fundamental points, like being active

residents of the EU and feeling able to make the difference. And, in conclusion, it was Anastasiia’s turn, who shared her memories about the stress she felt during her very first speech from the podium. Her words really helped delegates to get rid of the first-time stiffness and to understand that eve-

Survive through the jungle of GA!

The most moving moment of all the Ceremony was, with no doubt, the EU Anthem. It helps all of us to feel part of something unique and bigger than we expect. After a few teardrops, it was time to go: Madam Ianovytska declared the Session officially open. Be yourself and keep up your ideas, because you all deserve to win!

By Andrea Montanari

If you want to rule out the General Assembly like a real professional debator, this article will give you some tips and tricks to keep calm and efficient during the debates.

Have you ever dreamt of a guide that could help you to act as a real MEP? Would you like to know the gold standard tips to become a legendary pupil who brought its delegation to the International Session? Then, the Media Team made your dreams came true, and brought to you these essential

Does & Don’ts you’ll have to follow in order to talk and show off like a real Member of European Parliament. When a random delegate stands up during the General Assembly, pain, fear, aches of every kind, or either the strangest ideas will come to his . The first tip is thus to

release the emotions you are holding: scream in your room (hopefully and possibly not at night), bite something, throw some punches (do not break your hands while doing that on the wall) just before the Assembly. Unleashing the enormous power you have, you will feel relaxed as after a Yoga-lesson and you will be ready to start. Breathe in, breathe out, and go on! Another classic EYP tricks is the consumption of an almost indecent quantity of coffee: this is definitly the most useful drink at

these moments to become more efficient, smart and bright at the Assembly, and can be considered as you most trustworthy ally. Whatever happens, always remember that you have to eat a lot during a session, to gain more energy, as the brainstorming and focusing needed during the resolutions’ debate, will burn all the reserves you could have had.


By Nives Kaprocki

Farewell, yes… but Farewell with style!

G- L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! Get ready for the Hollywood night… As the session is coming to an end, the theme parties are just couple of hours away! If you are still not sure about what you will wear, it is high time for you to decide. One of the best ways to do this is to look through some showbiz photos. However, not all of the celebrities’ choices can be considered as great. So that you don’t make the same mistakes, here are the DOs and DON’Ts of the Hollywood red carpets!

A lot of celebrities do not know how to choose the dress without overdoing it. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Maxi dresses can be beautiful or awful. The shiny details make the simple design of the Olivia Wilde’s dress special, opposite of the Camila Alves’ black dress which doesn’t make any statement.

Black Swan inspired gowns were a very creative and interesting choice for the Red carpet dress. Hillary Swank’s Gucci Premiere looked magical, whereas Sharon Stone’s Dior dress made her look more like a crow than a swan.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not sure or don’t have time to think about current trends, just go for the classical look, you will not regret it!

Don’t call me Bertie!

By Gianmarco Battistini

Nothing better than a king to show that every issue can be solved with efforts and willpower. The movie you are going to be introduced to today is one of the most rewarded of the past year. Among the others we can list Best Leading Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay Academy Awards. Did you guess what movie we are going to discuss today (or, better, which movie I am going to have a monologue on)? If you haven’t, which I doubt, the movie is: The King’s Speech. A British historical drama directed by Tom Hooper. Colin Firth plays King George VI who, in or-


der to overcome his stammer, is introduced to Lionel Logue (aka Geoffrey Rush), an unorthodox Australian speech therapist. The Duke of York is at firstsceptical about the unusual approach of Lionel. In a second time, the King-to-be realises how Logue’s work is helping his stammer and ends up bonding and creating a life-lasting friendship. The success of this movie is due to several aspects: the magic guaranteed by the amazing interpretation of Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham

Carter (who plays the King’s wife Elizabeth), the impressive directing skills of Tom Hooker and, last but not least, the great impact of the plot. It is always touching and educational to see that even the greatest characters of history had common issues

such as stammer, and how they dealt and overcame their own problems. There is nothing such a movie when it comes to inculcate an idea in people’s mind, make everyone aware of society’s issues and difficult situations.

Japan nuclear progress as toll up.

By Nives Kaprocki

Since the earthquake has happened, the situation in Japan has not improved much and the effects of the radiation are yet to be seen. Japan’s nuclear safety agency has uprated its assessment of the Fukushima power station incident from a level four to a level five. These are categories on the International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES), which runs from zero (nothing happened) to seven (major accident). The Japanese authorities are trying to minimize the release of the radiation from the nuclear plant, and experts claim that swift action should minimize its effects on human health. Despite these encouraging words, new problems are detected each day. High levels of radiation are found in cer-

raise the lifetime risk of fatal cancer by 2-4%. The level of exposure for the general population, even those living close to the plant, was unlikely to be anywhere near as high.

tain Japanese foods and these signals indicate that the food safety situation is more serious than originally thought. In some cases level of radioactive iodine in milk from Fukushima was over 17 times higher than the acceptable limit. The decision to prohibit food produce sales, although necessary, will have terrible consequences for the

local farmlands, which are among the top Japanese producers of fruits, vegetables and rice. Radiation level at the nuclear plant itself is up to 400 milisieverts per hour, which is unlikely to cause radiation sickness. However, it could start to depress the production of blood cells in the bone narrow and was likely to

Although this catastrophe did have terrible consequences on the life in Japan, as time passes the amount of radiation decreases. Because of the good precaution measures in Japan, and immediate response, the severe damage has been avoided.

Air strikes largely destroy Libyan defence forces.

By Eduardo Mestieri

“We promise you a long war!” - Muammar Gaddafi TRIPOLI, March 21st. Two days of relentless allied air attacks have largely destroyed Libyan military capabilities and left troops scattered and confused, according to a statement from the U.S. commandment on Monday. The report came one day after a cruise missile smashed into an administrative building inside Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, as international forces kept up their military bombardment.

It was not clear where Gadhafi was at the time the missile landed. Prior to the attack, the U.S. had said the Libyan leader was not the key target, but that the ob-

jective was to protect civilians and stop Gadhafi’s military advance against the rebels. On Sunday the Libyan government escorted

journalists from at least two major news outlets to the scene of a rocket attack, to view the damaged building said to be a Gadhafi command centre.


Tunisian migrants spark protests in Lampedusa.

By Edoardo Mestieri

With hundreds of Tunisian migrants arriving every day by boat, the inhabitants of the overcrowded island of Lampedusa during the whole weekend have staged daily protests in the port, calling on the Italian government to step up the pace of

transfers to the mainland. It was the third consecutive day of demonstrations. But this time it was against gendarmes and riot police who were blocking access to the docks, where hundreds of stranded Tuni-

sians were being given first aid and aluminium foil to wrap around their shivering bodies. “We can’t take them to the reception centre,” says one aid worker, “there is no more room for them there”. With its

capacity already at its limit with 850 migrants, the reception centre on the island can no longer cope with the fresh arrivals. The total number of immigrants on the island stands at about 4,000.

The End Is Near!

By Erke Can Tellal

As we have reached the end of the session, the question of “what is next” should have popped up in every mind... Teambuilding and Committee Work are now over. New friendships have been made. Traditional food has been tasted. The delegates had so much fun. Discussions have taken place among the delegates. And now, there is only one day left which is G.A. Each person came to the session with his/ her own expectations and hopes. Maybe they were having an intellectual experience or perhaps a week full of parties. Throughout the session, those prospects have combined. After Lucca, there will be several things remain ing in delegates’ minds:


the friendships that you made and a hunger for EYPing. The homecoming will be followed by a feeling disturbing the souls: this mood has a particular name which is P.E.D (Post EYP Depression). But what is the cure of this syndrome? In EYP there are several session types. The International Sessions come about twice per year in different European cities. The International delegations are chosen from National Selection Conferences just like Lucca 2011. It doesn’t matter wether you are selected or not

since there are numerous other sessions. Regional sessions can take place anytime almost everywhere around Europe. Summer sessions are marvellous occasions to meet new EYPers and have real fun. The National Committee of EYP Italy will be notifying its members about the event taking place

locally and internationally via e-mail. Bear in mind that EYP is a very big family and has a place for every European youngster. Soon you may get the feeling of being at home anywhere if surrounded by EYPers.

Let me introduce you... The Delegates! By Edoardo Mestieri & Erke Can Tellal

Since the first issue of this newspaper, we are all writing about delegates. But in the end, who are they, and what do they think? Our accurate Media Team elaborated a questionnaire to answer all those unsolved questions.

Questionnaire A. Did you read the newspaper? What did you think about it? B. Have you ever been involved in other experiences like EYP? C. What is your favourite movie ever? D. Do you have any special expectations from the 20’s Farewell Party? E. Which celebrity would you like to date at the Red Carpet Dinner? Megan Fox Brad Pitt Adriana Lima

James Franco

Natalie Portman

Leonardo Di Caprio

Natalie Portman Justin Bieber F. What is the European city you would like to visit the most? G. Do you have a pet? If yes, which kind?

Best Anthology A. I... Well, I liked it… No, ok, I want to be sincere with you. I have some complains. Actually, more than some. Yesterday night I wrote a paper full of things you journalists should really learn. You are quite new in this job, are not you? (Flaminia) B. Yes, I have. Not in EYP, anyway. Let’s say it: this session seems quite easy… Do you always play games? Ok, I kind of liked it, but I cannot wait for tomorrow to come, GA is the best part. Well, maybe not the best one, but at least we do something. Something productive, I mean. I can say I am not wasting my time here in Lucca... Not all the time, at least. (Francesco) C. Back to the Future. Even if I don’t remember what it is all about. (Enrico) D. Yes, I would really like to surprise myself not being too drunk and high at the end of the night! Which is actually not likely to happen. So my answer is no, I unluckily have no surprises for you, but I surely do have some left for my liver… (Cristiano) E. - Standard female delegate: “Oh, I don’t know… I’m really looking for someone who can understand my feelings and be there when I need him. I don’t really care if he is famous or not, I just want him to love me forever.” - Standard mal delegate: “Megan Fox, definitely. Like... Yeah.” F. Well, tough question… Europe is always great. There are a few cities I would like to visit, maybe the northern capital cities. But they are very cold. I like snow, but not that much. As a matter of fact, snow makes me think about Spain! Ok, I know it seems quite weird, but it is quite logical indeed. It is the wellknown “theory of opposites”, someone studied human brain and said it really existed. True story. Actually, this conversation reminds me of the sandwich I ate during lunch… [the interview had to be stopped about 73mn later by the nervous breakdown of the journalist]


G. Oh yes, I have a dog and 6 cats. And some chickens. Did I mention the sheep? (Anonymous)


Survey Area! By Edoardo Mestieri

Making your private life public is our favorite hobby!

How do you prefer to sleep? A) With pyjamas B) With underwear C) Naked As our graphic shows, officials proved to be very nasty! Watch out, delegates!

Sudoku time! By Edoardo Mestieri

On your way back home, you may need to relax a bit, and to make the time faster as your travel is going on. Hopefully, the Media Team already thought about that, and provides you with this sudoku grid!


EYP’s Horoscopes! By Andrea Montanari

Our specialists dicypher the astrology to help you to deal with your lives !

Libra (23/09 – 22/10) You do not need to take everything seriously today, otherwise you’ll feel like it is an everlasting day! You will have for sure lived more exciting and amusing situations during teambuilding yet you have sometimes to face this kind of situations!

Capricorn (22/12 - 19/01) You cannot stop making efforts today because you are aware that this is the only way you are going to achieve the reward you deserve. Do not stop taking certain responsibilities you are used to easily deal with!

Scorpio (23/10-21/11) Today you might experience small moments that will completely change the way you approach school and friends. Do not overreact when someone expresses his doubts about your behaviour, which is interesting yet sometimes inappropriate.

Aquarius (20/01-18/02) At the end of this day you will be finally able to start a project you created under the best auspices. This is the occasion to express all your strength! Keep behaving like this and do not change for those who want to convince you that you can’t achieve your goals!

Sagittarius (22/11-21/12) It is time for you to let the others decide what they want to do with their life. Even the smallest and most meaningless choices could be important for those who are around you, so it really isn’t indicated to obstruct or interfere. More self-control wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

Pisces (19/02 - 20/03) A person you don’t actually like that much today could cross your way and you might be forced to endure her presence. Even though your points of view are completely different and incompatible, hold on and you may learn something from this experience!


The Spotlight Issue 3  

Newspaper of the XXIV NSC of EYP Italy, Lucca 2011

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