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The Spotlight Issue 2

Editorial. the perfect occasion to show what you are capable of, so do not miss this occasion. Be smart, be talented, be glamourous... Be an EYPer!

Buongiorno, dear stars-to-be ! We hope that you enjoyed your first days under the spotlights, because there are much more events coming and you better be ready to act as a genuine celebrity in all of them in order to win one or several of the coveted Lucca Academy Awards! But the most important is not only your recompense... As Nathalie Portman said once, “Awards are so

unnecessary, because I think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.” You have not only to look good, but even more to think and to

act amazingly in order to have the privilege to step on the podium, to receive your deserved prize, and to shine like a real star! The General Assembly will be

Your Editors, Sonia, Sara, Benoit. Erratum: In the first issue, the article “Who’s doing what?” has been written by Oscar Duse, and not by Edoardo Mestieri as written. But as the editors are always right, that is most probably his fault anyway...

Fancy pants, elegant cameras, lavish pens... By Erke Can Tellal

Who are they? Where do they come from? What are they doing? And, more than anything else... Why?

Oscar Duse

Erke Can Tellal

Andrea Montanari

Nives Kaprocki

They are everywhere! Chasing delegates is a part of their job. They can even change shape or wear costumes to hide from you. Don’t be afraid, they do not want to hurt you, their only desire is to take pictures. 3 Italians, 1 Swedish ,1 Serbian ,1 Turkish paparazzi will be pro-

viding you with “The Spotlight”, with the help of the three editors. To make the session extraordinary they will write articles until the end of the night without even thinking about sleeping. They are... the Journalists!

Gianmarco Battistini

Edoardo Mestieri


Vibrating delegates for Valeriia and Robin. By Edoardo Mestieri

Robin and Valeriia could not have got a better committee! The vibrating energy of people in the group was amazing. Even if they did not know each other, they immediately found the right spirit: meeting new friends and getting along with them.

At the very beginning of their teambuilding, they got involved in one of the classical EYP games: after forming a circle, everyone had to say his/her own name plus an adjective starting with the initial letter of the name. It seems simple when said but you should ask them

if doing it was so easy! But they didn’t give up: they continued to be really enthusiastic and eager to go on with the game, and always kept a smile on their faces! They went on acting as a real group, even when they had to face some bigger challenges, like sorting themselves by

age without talking to each other. With perseverance and determination, their efforts led to a welldeserved victory. So keep up the good work and enjoy your session, guys!

Streetfighting and happiness! By Nives Kaprocki

Being led by Afrola and Laurens, what better way could it be to enjoy the Teambuilding to its fullest ? Chaired by Laurens and Afrola, the group did not have a single hope of staying shy or boring! Their shouts made all the heads turn around and they seemed to have even more fun than their enthusiastic leaders. Grins from ear to ear on delegate’s faces said much more than any words about their feelings during the afternoon. When they were asked questions such as which celebrity they would date if they could, the group started thinking about what Teambuilding is really about, and when they realized that in those couple of hours they learned more about each other


than they would do in a month in a normal life, everything became clear. One of the games delegates particularly liked was “The Street Fighter”. Not even the shiest one could resist the force of the energy ball, which was being confidently passed around. The spirit of the committee seemed to be unbreakable, and as the time went on it got only growing. Although the ‘The Street Fighter’ will not help them to be more efficient during the committee work, being heard is a valuable trait to have for the GA. Once again: I do can!

Paparazzi for the win! By Gianmarco Battistini and Oscar Duse By

Paparazzi took on actors whilst fans were getting beaten.

The delegates got used to the spotlights of Kerstin and Andrea’s Teambuilding ! After the Zulu Dance the delegations were separated in groups to partake in Team-

building. The delegates could then be introduced to complete strangers, starting with your lovely chair-persons Andrea Reversi and Kerstin Eckart. Learning how to re-

member ten new names is a difficult yet funny task, and there are many ways to do it. Throwing a tennis ball to each other whilst saying the name of the person you were throw-

ing to turned out to be a particularly successful one for the group. Once that was achieved, you were allowed to move on to the more amusing games, like for instance Rock, paper, scissors. The chairs made their own version adapting it to the session theme, using the 3 positions: Paparazzo, Actor, Fans. Our group could then proudly challenge the European Ninjas in an intense match which they most deservedly won.

Great job guys!

Big in Japan. By Oscar Duse

Scared? You should be: they are the European Ninjas! Guided by Chiara Rezzoagli and Nemanja Predojevic, this group fought the difficulties of learning each others names and breaking the ice in very efficient ways. The Adjective Name Game was the first game they engaged in. The characteristics varied all from the Great Gabriella to the Violent Valentina. After a few more name games the first goal had already been achieved. The delegates then started to get to know each other better, and really find out what they

had in common. The Circle Game is based on somebody in the group stating something and stepping into the middle followed by everyone else in the committee who agrees... That made us discover that

only one was fond of tennis whilst all of them found foreign languages interesting and some other spicy details that cannot be divulgated in these lines. These introductory games actually allowed

them to break the ice and after a while they were all ready for facing the first upcoming obstacle: the Committee Work.


On their way to be stars! By Edoardo Mestieri and Erke Can Tellal

The delegates chaired by a 100% Italian feminine team composed by Beatrice and Giulia went through their first day of session as smoothly as movie stars on a red carpet ! The experience and dynamism of their lovely chairpersons brought the group to a new kind of social experience: the Teambuilding! The day started with different variations of the Name Game. It began with the objective of remembering just one name at a time, but sooner it became harder‌each delegate having to say the name of all the other people who threw a ball before him/her! Tough! The afternoon quickly went on, filled with

different and funny games, aimed at making this new committee think and act as one. It seemed difficult, but the delis overcame the obstacles with a surprising ease. The clearest exam-

ple was the game called Human Row: after a few initial misunderstanding, the band immediately understood how to get out of that embarrassing situation and moved in a very smooth

and efficient manner. What to say‌if this was the first day, the following ones will be full of surprises!

The fabulous delegates of B&E. By Erke Can Tellal

Everybody was trying to catch someone, so catch me if you can!

What can be better than teambuilding in the middle of Italy when the season is spring? Basically, nothing. Hence the lucky delegates of Besard and Elisa had this opportunity. They started with easy name games.


After getting over it in no time, they divided into couples and conveyed 2 truths and a lie from their own life. The purpose of this game was to strengthen the bounds between the delegates and to become a more integrated

committee. All of a sudden Mrs. President appeared and had a game with the lovely delegates. Subsequently Besard described the cat & mouse game which was really electrifying with delegates running all

around making noises. When the day was over everyone was exhausted but they knew that they had precious and unique moments. Just stay tuned, and be ready to be amazed !

First day of Teambuilding... Do it as a Greek ! By Andrea Montanari

As the session begins, the cheerfu Sebastiano and Lavrentia guided the work-group through the first day of Team Building. “2 Truths and a lie” and “Pidibi-bu” completed nicely this first sequence of Team Building.

As every group reached the liceo “A. Vallisneri” of Lucca, every committee began to do some activities, that could help the delegates being more expressive and self-confident on

their abilities in order to be ready for the General assembly. In Sebastiano and Lavrentia’s group, the delegates played “Name and Action” and “Trust

Walk” firstly, in order to get information about each members of the committee, and they really worked with a lot of energy and team spirit as the games and the time came along.

As they quickly got to know each other, the delegates became easily cooperative, and learnt their names and hobbies in less time than Anne Hathaway changing her outfit during the Oscars ceremony... If the group continues to be as cheerful and active, there is no need to say the Committe Work will be easy for them !

Through the first Teambuilding of the session. By Andrea Montanari

Focusing on the first day training for the delegates In this first Teambuilding, at the beginning, just to warm up and get ready for the next activity, they all played some name games and a round of “Cat and Mouse” to get to know each other and gather some energy for the rest of the day, as the cat had to catch the mouse while this one tried to escape running as fast as possible or grabbing a couples to be safe.

“Banana Song” which helped in a great way the delegates to feel better, and to forget about their fears. The end of the day went as gently as its beginning, and when evening arrived, the delegates were fully ready to confront the hard upcoming task of Committe Work !

The chairpersons then began the more complicated activities, such as the relaxing “Drunken bottle” and the funny


The Fantastic, Untouchable, Unspeakable Nine. By Gianmarco Battistini

Introduced to the EYP world by the lovely Camille and Eugenio, the delegates just enjoyed to the full extend their first EYP day ! Dear delegates, Arriving in a new town, surrounded by perfect strangers and forced to speak English all at once is never something easy to accept. Add the fact that you were almost immediately asked to play “special” games, not to use other adjectives which would not exactly be appropriate for a newspaper, and you will have the perfect mixture of a classical EYP session. Taking into account that this was your first experience, I have to admit that you were simply amazing. As I am sure you noticed, getting to remember ten names is not as easy as you may think it is. Yet thanks to the games, you managed this task without a blink. Once that was achieved you got the chance to move to more amusing games, such as the Ninja Game, which hopefully you enjoyed as much as I did (it actually happens to be my favourite EYP game). I hope the next days will be for you as much interesting and amazing as this one was. Your beloved journalist, Gianmarco.

Untangling the knot ! By Nives Kaproki

Just one hour after their arrival, standing in a circle, the delegates led by Carolina and Tiago were already playing their first Teambuilding game.

When everyone realized that in a “name game” Simone could not actually be “mad” and that this title had to be passed to Marco, Carolina and Tiago knew they broke the ice! After that, shouting the names of the others while cramped together in a circle was not as strange as you could imagine. Moreover, not all the committees could boast about


doing the circle game with so many common opinions. As soon as the break was finished, chairs explained the game called “The Human Knot”. Coffee surely had woken up the delegates up, because the tangled knot became a perfect circle in no time. It was soon obvious that the bond between the delegates and the chairs was strong, and they could call it a day with pride !

Although the Teambuilding lasted for just a couple of hours, both cooperation and team spirit improved a lot. If the Committee Work goes the same way,

chairs should for sure count on some wonderful and creative ideas!

So... first question: “Do you like EYP?”

By Andrea Montanari

The Team Building is an awesome activity, isn’t it? Running, laughing, dancing and smiling... The press team actually managed to get an interview with the delis and the chairs about their first feelings about the session. friends told me about their EYP experience, and I figured it was actually true stories! I like the place, the activities we are playing, and the lovely EYP songs.

(I = interviewer C = chair D = delegate ) I: What is your first impression about EYP? D: It is great, I thought it was going to be much more serious, maybe tomorrow it will! I: How are the new del-

egates? C: They are cool, I thought they would have had some language problems during the session but they are speaking fluently with no fear! I: Is this what you expected? D: No, not at all! Some

I: Do you think you are ready for the General Assembly? D: Not yet, I would like to have another day of games, laughs and songs to become more confident about the session and all its parts. I: Are the delegates motivated for the National Session? C: Yes, they are. I have seen many delegates

Italian Village.

playing the activities without any problems, motivated and eager to learn every name, every song and they are completely open to this new marvelous experience, enjoying what they are doing and not afraid of failing. I: Last question, what is your biggest fear? D: I am afraid of speaking in front of a lot of people, because I heard that from the last session, you were talking and standing up on a podium facing 100 people.

By Erke Can Tellal

The place of all wonders...

12 schools from all over Italy have gathered in yesterday’s Italian Village. The main objective of the event was to represent their local cultures through its culinary aspect. But after a while it turned into a diner worthy of the most wonderful fairy tale. Tomatoes, wines, breads, cheeses, hams... All were waiting for the

participants to be tasted and appreciated on their own merit. After an intense and exhausting Teambuilding, this was the perfect opportunity for the delegates and the officials to restore their energies. All the delegates were generous and passionate, and the officials, especially the international ones, could

not stop savoring the delicious meals. The most popular table was the one of the Liceo G.Spano from Sassari which looked like a genuine Cheesyville. Most of the people (including the delegates) just couldn’t count the stupendously numerous varieties of cheese. With their impressive Porchetta, Liceo M.Montessari from Rome was also very attractive. Incidentally, Federico Fasol officially confirmed the quality of the product. All the way from Torino, Liceo G.Bruno has made the chocolate lovers happy with their huge Nutella-dipped

sticks. Some additional local Tuscany flavors were brought from from Volterra by the Liceo G.Carducci, whom delegates definitely won the award of the most delicious bread and olive oil. The delegations have proved again how formidable Italians are when it comes to the food and drink, just as if every single Italian almost magically developed an innate aptitude towards high gastronomic skills.


Delegations’ presentations: just a preview of the real fun! By Gianmarco Battistini and Andrea Montanari

“Bella…” “Edward…” “Bella…” “Edward…” *bite* For their first EYP evening, the twelve delegations presented themselves in a very special way. Acting, singing, dancing, reading poems and showing off the main features of their hometowns were the basic ingredients of this performance. Presented by the “lost but not found” chairperson coming directly from Athens Lavrentia Christodoulou and the “awesome” yet freshman journalist coming from Pordenone (which happens to be in Northern Italy, if you were wondering, as the co-

By Nives Kaproki

writer of this article until a couple of days ago) Andrea Montanari. They were also helped in background by the “lovely” and worldfamous Laurens “the Voice” Kraima, chair of a few lucky delegates. The night began with the presentations of the schools that amused us with folkloristic dances, anecdotes about their hometowns, funny accents and dialects, songs, theatrical sketches about typical behaviours of their regions. At the end, since you didn’t seem tired enough to go to sleep

yet, the chairs’ teams decided to show off their energy and passion for EYP with an astonishing reproduction of Lady Marmelade from the Moulin Rouge. The girls acted like real burlesque performers, making every man standing in the room jealous of the

male chairpersons. Concluding this fabulous show, the media team decided to provide the public with a spectacular example of the typical Hollywoodstyle night.

Mission impossible: dress code.

What should I wear for the GA ? We all faced this difficult dilemma at least once. In order to avoid you to be desperate in front of your suitcase, the Media Team decided to help you to make the right choice. What every delegate should know before heading for the GA is the dress code. Although most would assume sneakers fit with everything, or skirts’ lengths do not matter, it is far from the truth! If you want to be allowed to get into the GA venue, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind. Depending on the impression you want to make, here are the proposals of our very own fashion specialist.


Classy style Women- Pants or skirt, short or long-sleeved blouse, dress. Men- The 3S: Suit, Shirt, Shoes (not Sneakers: learn the difference, it could save your life).

Weird style Women- Mismatching shoes, crazy accessories and haircut. Men- Actually much harder to pull off if you are a guy without entering the Failed category.

Failed style Women- Jeans or skinnies, mini-skirt. Men- Jeans, sneakers, T-Shirt.

The Awards!

By Gianmarco Battistini

Have you ever dreamt of winning an Oscar? Now you will get the chance to win an even more prestigious award!

If you have read the first issue of the newspaper, you will know that our aim for the session is to create our own Academy Awards, as it is definitely not fair that Hollywood has got them

and we do not! What makes an Academy remarkable are the awards given to the best actors, movies, directors etc. So we will have to create our own awards as well. Since

we are currently attending an EYP session and we (unfortunately) are neither movie stars nor in Hollywood, we will have to change the categories for which you can be nominated and win a fancy award. The intriguing part is yet to come, in fact not only will you get to choose who to vote for, but you will also get to decide the categories yourself! Our plan is to have the poor journos (including, obviously, me myself and I) run all over the place asking random delegates/ chairs/organisers who they want to nominate and what for. Let me just give you

And now... it is poll time!

a practical example: you can vote for the most handsome guy, for the voice of the session, for the person who best represents the EYP spirit, for the one who dresses in the most fashionable way you could ever think of, for the one wearing the worst shoes ever etc. We will collect the votes until the very last minute, which means that you have time till Tuesday afternoon to communicate your votes to the journos who will then announce the winners at the farewell party (or as it will be known at this session “The Academy Awards’ Night!).

By Edoardo Mestieri

Twilight: Should Bella divorce from Edward and marry Jacob?

A) Yes, definitely. B) No, they should make a threesome. C) No, she should have a secret affair with Jacob... D) No way !


The movie lovers’ corner.

By Gianmarco Battistini

As promised, we will introduce you to the most anticipated column ever.

The first movie we are going to discuss here is “The Black Swan”. Let’s start with the basics: the Black Swan is a 2010 psychological thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Natalie Portman (Best Lead actress Award winner), Vincent Cassel and Mila Kunis. The plot revolves around the production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet by a prestigious New York City


company. The production requires a pure, caste White Swan and a sensual, sometimesaggressive Black Swan. Nina Sayers (Nathalie Portman) is perfect for the role of the White Swan as she is innocent and fragile, yet her personality does not exactly match the Black Swan character. Lily (Mila Kunis) on the other hand, has the right attitude to play the Black Swan. The director, Thomas Leroy

(Vincent Cassel), is firmly convinced not to choose Nina, because even though her technique makes her perfect for the White Swan, he does not see in her the passion to become the Black Swan. She apparently lacks the dark side necessary for the part. As the plot evolves it becomes clear that Nina displays several psychotic disorders: paranoia, hallucinations... I will not tell you more as

I want you all to watch it and we all know how spoilers can be annoying. Just one last piece of advice: if you get scared too easily, do not go to this movie at night, otherwise you may have serious issues trying to fall asleep.

Next stop: Europe. By Oscar Duse

A continent in need of exploration: the Media Team knows her way around and gives you her top four destinations.

The European Youth Parliament provides us with the great opportunity to travel to destinations all over Europe. Young and adventurous we all are, which means that now is really the time to do so. The home of the queen, the Mini Cooper and the Big Ben. What is there not to love about London? Be sure not to make fun of the guards at the Buckingham palace, English people are real sticklers for their traditions and if you are

caught, you may be in big trouble. Once visited London, you should make your way to Berlin. Whether you choose to drink a cappuccino at Brandenburger Tor or exploring the dazzling U-Bahn system, you will have a great time. Berlin is a city rich of history, and visiting it is really a great cultural experience. Like singing or drinking beer? In Dublin you can do both at the same

time. Visiting a local pub will show you the true culture of Ireland, where cheerfulness and friendliness are everywhere. In the mood to visit the greatest city of Europe? Then you should pack your bags and book your ticket to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. Stockholm is a unique city, often referred by Americans as the Venice of the North. There is always a lot

to do, and if you come during summer there may be a great chance to catch a nice tan as well. There you are with four very different cities, each offering you its own culture and hospitality. Whether you choose to visit them for an EYP-event or on your own is completely up to you now !


Libya suspends help on illegal EU immigration.

By Edoardo Mestieri

Libya has decided to suspend the cooperation with Europe in the fight against illegal immigration. “Libya has decided not to be responsible over the illegal immigration to Europe”, stated a television reporter on Sunday, quoting a security

official. The decision followed the air strikes and unleashing of Tomahawk missiles barrages aiming at Libyan targets on Saturday by the United States, Britain and France. These actions were approved by a UN Security Council reso-

lution with Arab backing authorising military action in order to stop Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from attacking pro-democracy rebels. Libya alone has 2,000km of coastline and twice as much in borders with North African neighbours. Boats

carrying thousands of illegal immigrants landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa in the last weeks, putting a heavy strain on Italy’s immigration infrastructures and leading Italian administration to plead for EU assistance.

Note from the Editors: The instability of the situation being what it is, sudden changes may arise. Do not hesitate to ask your journalists for more updates!

By Edoardo Mestieri

Stretched Japan asks EU to coordinate quake relief. Japanese authorities have asked for the coordination of the European Union aid in order to make easier the delivery of supplies to the devastated nation. Humanitarian aid commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said on Thursday that with over half a million people in shelters, the EU stated to be “ready to provide any help”, the most urgent things right now being blankets, mattresses, water, food and tents. “Given the enormous difficulties in delivering assistance, Japan asked us to coordinate and bring together relief from Europe”, with a team working hand in hand with the Japanese Red Cross. “The efficiency of delivery matters more than speed”, she said. A team of civil protection experts was ready to fly to Japan to coordinate logistics for European relief, she added.


EYP’s Horoscopes! By Gianmarco Battistini

Today’s tales from the stars...

Aries (21/03 - 20/04) The new position of the moon will surely make you nervous during the entire day! In addition to this, some working inconveniences during committee work will probably try to steal your smile and happiness, so that this evening you will just have one desire: sleep and forget everything. Follow your wish and get some rest!

Cancer (22/06 - 22/07) In this period, your mind is sharp and penetrating as ever, so you should be able to notice details and rule out the committee work. You will need to have a break and just think, isolating yourself if it is necessary, because you need to choose the right path to follow

Taurus (21/04 - 20/05) Mars helps you to increase your physical resistance and thereby your moral one. Just focus on the very urgent works, such as . Do not let anybody command you and if someone tries to contradict you during the debates, then you know how to send him from the place he comes from.

Leo (23/07 - 22/08) You are curious about the entire world: you want to observe it and maybe experience all kinds of adventures. Maybe the best choice is to make a big party, so that you have plenty of fun. However you will still feel tired as hell, so try to grab some sleep before tomorrow !

Gemini (21/05 - 21/06) The Moon and Saturn in the Libra position will give you as a present a day full of important reflections. It’s the typical situation that shows clearly what you want from your life, especially in unsignificant actions. Discard the aspects of your life that do not help you for the session!

Virgo (23/08 - 22/09) This day is dedicated only to the kitchen and the housekeeping. Yes, even in EYP. Clean everything listening to music and try not to be too much tight and rigid while doing these activities. And don’t forget to be prepared for the GA in the midtime.


The Spotlight Issue 2  

Newspaper for the XXIV NSC of EYP Italy, Lucca 2011