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REIMS’ARKABLE • Dare to make the session remarkable • Issue 4

15.16. 07.2010


Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

Something you will Reims’ember


Observed from the outside, words and images is mainly what you would have found in this newspaper, but in fact, the Reims’arkable is something more than just that. All the issues don’t mean just hours and hours of work, but also efforts and especially, feelings. There’s love, there’s passion for writing, there are memories. And this is what we want you to keep after the session. Images build up the memories of our own experiences so this is the reason why journalists are needed in EYP sessions: to capture the spirit of the event and be able to communicate it to all the participants. They have taken part in the majority of wonderful moments that you’ve experienced during these days but when writing their articles they

have taken into account what a former director of the English newspaper “The Guardian”, C.P. Scott, said one day: “Comment is free but facts are sacred”. We really hope that this Reims’arkable compilation means to you as much as it means to us. Have a save trip home!

Benoit Viault & Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano

Good MORNING reims

What’s happening in the world? by Gabriela Mamon • Cuban dissidents arrive in Spain. Seven political prisoners reach Madrid after being freed by Havana following deal. • France is staging its annual Bastille Day parade, amid criticism at the presence of some African leaders. A human rights group has said that some of the troops and leaders should instead be facing trial for war crimes. • France’s lower house of parliament has voted to ban the wearing of face-covering veils in public places. The bill, which has received overwhelming support in opinion polls, must now be ratified by the senate in September to become law. • Police in Italy have arrested at least 300 suspected members of a powerful mafia in a crackdown described as the biggest in the past 15 years. • Polanski escapes extradition to US. Switzerland has set free Roman Polanski from house arrest, saying he will not be sent back to the United States to face sentencing for unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. • Nicolas Sarkozy has urged a minister at the centre of a furore over alleged illegal political donations to step down as treasurer of his ruling UMP party, but said he had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

by Elina Sairanen & Marta Valls

As amazing as the session has been, Tuesday night crowned everything. What a great job, PEJ, to organise a firework just for us! Seriously speaking, the concert of Celtic music matched perfectly with EYP spirit, it was all about pure energy and lively atmosphere. When the day was failing into a night the sharpeyed event reporters duo realised the other effect of the concert. It was not just about dancing, enjoying music and feeling the Irish Spirit going through senses, but also falling in love. The darker, the more couples. At first we were amused by a Spanish group, who were playing music with wind instruments, for example with bag pipes. After the land of bulls, it was the turn of Ireland to jazz us up! To be honest Ireland rocked the night. Celtic dancers were

smoking hot, especially male ones. The music was incredible romantic and touching. It was not just about the amazing music, but also the coloured waterfalls and fireworks. Frankly, it was awesome, there are absolutely no words to describe the beauty of the night. Sadly, as we are in France, in the land of slowness and strikes, the journey back to the school took almost one hour! Positively thinking, we are EYPers and for us there are no obstacles or limits when it comes having a whale of time. French people have now experienced EYPers doing Big Fat Pony around a bus in the street full of cars. Vive la France. Oh la la et merci – we had a blast! The night EYP at its purest. Amazing new experiences, jollity, love and singing.

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

When the lights go down


The Debate of the day:

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4



The European Union is indeed a significant project that brought peace and prosperity to post war Europe. Supranational way of government implemented in unprecedented manner brought enormous changes in the old continent. Though, there is not a common stance about the future of the EU. After Lisbon Treaty went into force the EU appointed the president and established External Action Service. How far it can go? Forward to Federalism or back to Economic Union?

By Cormac McGuinness

By Giorgi Tabagari

The Unites States. Most people think of the USA when they hear this, but very soon we could hear about the USE, United States of Europe (aka- the blob that ate everything). A balance needs to be struck between a Federal Europe and an Economic community, one where benefits and independence are given in adequate amounts, and I feel we have reached that balance at the moment. I am not against the idea of the EU, but I’m a strong believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. A ‘Europe of Nations’ as proposed by Jaques Chirac in 1999 is one that we have now, and is the best model. A further push towards this monstrous blob will lead to a dramatic increase in Nationalism in European countries. Populist politicians with xenophobic agendas will gain support, and possibly come to power, making life worse for minorities in society. Much like trying to build a shed around a hive of bees, it will most likely piss them the hell off, leaving you with not a great shed, and lots of angry bees. So Giorgi’s vision of Europe is a crappy shed filled with angry bees!? This would also increase tension with world powers, especially Russia. Think about it, a superstate made up of it’s traditional enemies? Tensions would increase, to the detriment of NATO, and its possible collapse. Furthermore it is unlikely that former USSR countries, having relatively recently gained independence, will give it up again. Say no to Giorgi’s bee filled shed! Say yes to partying instead! Whoop Whoop!

Federalism, if taken with its classical understanding comes from the USA and is quite often misinterpreted in Europe. It’s true that the EU has far exceeded the frames of an ordinary International Organisation, but this tight cooperation was exactly a reason of the development and strengthening of Europe. That’s why the enlargement in the post communist countries was/is so popular. The majority of the European countries cannot be successful without strong economic and political ties with other countries. History showed that solutions are found in stronger cooperation and delegation of more power to the EU institutions certainly brings more democracy and prosperity to the countries of Europe. In 21st century, there is no room for Nationalism. It is already empirically proven that economic and political cooperation always end up in success and the EU is the best example of it. We do not need to go back to past which was full of enmity and blood, the EU was built up on idealistic pillar which has been put into practice through pragmatic approach. Delegating power to the EU institutions with the cooperation to the governments of member states is not a threat for national identity and after 60 years of unity one can claim that Europe is even more culturally diversified as never before.

Seriously... Let’s speak freely and cherish that !

By Gabriela Mamon

Every citizen may therefore speak, write and print freely spoken in 1789 by the French National Assembly expresses what we are used to in Europe in general, however we also harshly experienced censorship amongst the ages and fight against. Nevertheless, that’s not the case of Belarus which was n 2006 listed as one of the 13 “Internet enemies” by the Reporters Without Borders. Imagine that your fellow Belarusians EYPers have no access to the music they like or even facebook. The very interesting fact considers your dear country darling French; according to a study conducted at Harvard Law School, the search engine Google practices self-censorship in countries where its search engine may display hits for sites whose content is banned by national laws. The study compared the results of searches on Google. fr and vs. searches conducted on The results were telling, with some 113 sites excluded from and that were not excluded from similar searches on Reporters Without Borders added Turkey and Russia to the organization’s “under surveillance” list published in the latest report. “Taboo topics” for Turkey are quoted as mainly related to Atatürk, the army, minorities and the dignity of the nation. Don’t be passive, keep on involved in EYP and check out great organization as Amnesty International is in your own country! Help those who cannot speak for themselves in case you would be in such position someday.

Being green means destroying? By Elina Sairanen International negotiations are under way to draw up a United Nations agreement to govern global action on climate change after 2012, when the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires. The European Union is playing a leading role in these difficult and important negotiations and wants to gain proper results as soon as possible. Proper results mean a comprehensive, ambitious, science-based global and legally binding agreement. The European Union has come up with a realistic climate change strategy, advocating practical actions to prevent temperatures from increasing more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. EU’s priority is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to control and rationalise energy consumption. The European Union launched a large-scale consultation based on a Green Paper and has adopted an Action Plan to make energy efficiency and energy saving a key component of European energy policy. According to our policymakers by 2020 a total of 20% of European energy consumption will be met from renewable sources. To achieve this goal the EU has adopted measures aimed at promoting renewable sources and developing the markets in the biomass and biofuel sectors. I am very thankful to be European, Union’s goals are accessible and rather realistic. Still I find it very hard to accept that the European Union does not regulate enough the amount of nuclear power used in the member countries. The Finnish parliament made a sad decision two weeks ago. Two new nuclear power stations. Careful and thorough actions are needed to slow down the climate change. We need courageous and determinant decisions to save the earth. Does cutting speed equal to creating huge amounts of dangerous waste to next generations?

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

“The free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most precious rights of man”


Last & exclusive news !

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

Sketchy Night!


By Cormac McGuinness

And so it was that the wonderfully embarrassing sketches took place.

With the occasional quiz show type question to mix it up, each committee stood on up and made royal asses of themselves. Well done those delegates. EMPL set out to explore the meaning of love, but ended up doing dodgy impressions, and the shmexy scarf dance. Both good! ECON then made up some mad story about a vampire , which somehow ended in a frog turning into a princess, causing everyone to “keeess her!”, which ended with everyone dancing like a pill head on fire. LIBE 1 then turned the pages on the story of a king and also managed to kill off their chair. Mission complete, and I eventually realized the moral of the story- Ben is a dick. LIBE 2 also taught us valuable lessons- internet dating will put you in hilarious situations with not so funny consequences. Rape by transvestite for example. AGRI made some controversial turkeys in Germany jokes, which the Germans in stitches, also providing by far the best Turkish turkey impression of the night. REGI was possibly the trippiest sketch of the night. Santa, Maria, and the Godfather were united in a very... different story. Points for originality, giving the most hilarious way to answer a policeman when he asks for your identity- “Santa?”. SEDE showed their European army vision, a multitalented, Spanish speaking, dancing rabble. Very nice! To end things with a bang were the chairs, who, after a brief rendition of Justin Bieber (longer than the journos version, and not as outrageous!), promptly ran out the door, leading to a toe accident, and eventually a very loopy Anar! The orgas ended things with a bang with a fantastic rendition of Womaniser. Safe to say this sketch night was a roaring success, and one we can remember for times to come!

Clash of the(committees) ! General Assembly started off with the traditional opening words from session President Maria, followed by a rendition of the European anthem : Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. With the official bit out of the way the assembly could begin in earnest, the debate began with LIBE II, the committee on everything Lesbian, Gay, Bissexual and Transgender. Delegates start off with feriocious speeches, and points of debate. Though once the initial excitement of the beginning, the traditional EYP problem of sleep deprivation began to take hold. No such effects on the Brown twins Ben (vicious ant bite survivor) and Dan, are ready and raring to go (UK for the win !). The coffee break revitalized the Delegates, their contrasting opinions help to colour the debate. Committees using their arsenal of paper cards to battle, not scared to jump on in, the direct response was used frequently, keeping the debate alive and engaging. Unlike other sessions where interjections during GA can be almost completely about definitions and explanations, Reims participants all have something constructive to bring to the debate. Comparaisons to the world cup final help illustrate points, yes a small hole in the dutch defense is comparable to a resolution. Well guys deadline is up time to hand in this article, just one last thing to say: anybody curious about what the Board are writing about?

By James Barnes

How to survive in the heat of Reims? The European fashionistas show you the way

by Elina Sairanen

Highheels make you 150% sexier by Gabriela Mamoń That’s in fact the truth proved among the delegates! Let them be classy black leather stilettos (slim, high once) to the dress and you’re going become the hottest chick at the party darling. Wedges (high platform like) goes with jeans very originally but you can try them on the beach as well with the skirt or shorts. Last but not least, the shortest ones are kitten heels – sweet and cute gonna rock his heart at the first randes vouze. Be brave girls!

Die German, Angela Merkel, is not known for her clothes or amazing style. She is more like an inspiration to down to Earth women and working mothers. You can lead the world and still wear clothes that are not so big deal, in good nor in bad.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the dazzling president of France has is all. A well-fitted suit, trillions of amazing ties and the smile. Guys, note! The best accessorize is always a beautiful woman. If your sweetheart happens to be one of the most beautiful women in Europe, could for you! David Cameron is playing in the same league and Sarkozy, meaning he also has an amazingly gorgeous spouse. Mr UK is one the guys who wear extravagant and delicious shoes and the perfect suits.

Mara Carfagna, former showgirl and topless model, present politician, knows how to look good. As we have said, black looks hot and gorgeous, oiling yourself guarantees a bunch of looks. You go girl, I go with the boys!

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

In the other issues, we’ve showed you some fashion highlights of the session, but now it’s time to go further: European polititians also have a place in Reims’arkable. Let’s take a look at the best-dressed and most stylish polititians of our continent!


Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

Has it been REIMS’ARKABLE?


by Cormac McGuinness, James Barnes & Florian Marandet

So many adjectives come to mind when thinking about this session; words such as unique, awesome and hot, so very hot. Are all sessions the same? Definitely not and this Reims forum is no exception. First of all the ambiance generated by the two Football world cup games, Germany v. Paraguay and Spain v. The Netherlands was simply electric. Who could forget the numerous water fights that took place in the courtyard outside? Everyone was fair game and believe us anyone taking part got soaked. This was entirely necessary though, it’s been incredibly hot during the session with temperatures of around 30°C most days. This was a real challenge for all the participants, blistering those who attempted to walk bear foot outside, as well as making it difficult to concentrate (on articles for instance) indoors. But hey, as long as

the sun is shining and there are EYP songs being sung and games being played nothing can disrupt the wonderful atmosphere. What made this session great? How about all the entertainment? Every evening the organizers had something planned: Quiz Night, Eurovillage or the European party. We even were treated to the history of the Roman empire, fascinating wasn’t it? Not to mention the translation... I mean, come on, “Vestige” ?! This session has been so tiring as well. Everybody has been working so hard and partying even harder still, but despite this everybody has still kept on smiling. The orgas played their part doing a home grown haka or their Orga-orga-organizer, organizer dance. To sum up (like a resolution debate) we would like to thank everyone for being a part of this totally awesome session, it would have not been the same without you!

No, it’s not over yet ! How to stay involved in the EYP... By Gabriela Mamon & Giorgi Tabagari

So, here are some tips how to keep in touch with the EYP. 1st – Become a member of EYP France, take part in the decision making and have all the first hand information got to, fill in the form and pay a little fee of 10€; 2nd – Meet your dear board members at the party! Marco, the President; Fey who is in charge of National Sessions and Forums and Damien, the coordinator; 3rd – Go to the National Selection and be picked for the International Session, like upcoming Frankfurt, that’s really prestige! So try to be on Lviv and Athens International Sessions. 4th – Look up all the upcoming EYP France events and enjoy the ending of this one thinking about the future.

Post Eyp Depression a.k.a Putain que c’Est Dur... If you have already been in an EYP session you'll certainly know what am I talking about when I say that P.E.D is probably one of the worst diseases someone can get. If not, sit down and I'll try to give you the clues to suffer as little as possible. EYP is not at all a superficial experience, like a party you had a blast in and when it's over you feel exactly the same as when it began (but with a huge hangover kicking your head). EYP becomes part of you, and that is both, the biggest advantadge and drawback. It's amazingly awesome how good it makes you feel, but at the same time how empty, when the session gets to an end. You leave a part of yourself behind, but this gap will soon be filled with a feeling of mature eagerness. It filters within you how lucky you were to be surrounded by so many interesting people and you will silently plan to be part of it again. Don't lose contact with all the good friends you have met during the session. Keep on enriching yourselves from your beloved EYP-mates. Don't forget to attend as many EYP sessions as you can (practice makes perfect, they say). Start an EYP-coachsurfing network. And don't believe those ones who tell you the typical most-known sentence in EYP, what happens in EYP stays in EYP. What happens in EYP stays on facebook. Unfortunately I have to confess you that there's no cure for the Post EYP Depression. Try to keep yourself busy so you won't think that much about how awesome this Forum was. You can only learn how to live with it until forgiveness and time cover the upper part of this huge iceberg (the painful part of it), and only good memories will remain.

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

Reims Forum is approaching it finish and we hope you had an amazing time here. Many of you are already experienced EYPers and for some of you that might have been the first session. In any case the aim of the EYP and in this particular EYP France is to maintain each and every person who had ever had acquaintance with EYP events.

Marta Valls Esteve


Reims’arkable song

by Cormac McGuinness

Reims is pure bottled awesomeness Don’t be sad that it’s over Be glad that it it happened

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

We started off, a few days ago All set for EYP, all ready to go


But now, we are at the end We’ve had a great time, and made new friends ( like Mr. Brown Bear and Alejandro) Staying up all night, shaving legs And having pillow and water fights Barely slept at all Probably to avoid the vuvuzela wake up call! The orgas were amazing, They brought us food when we were fading Very well done, now go home and sleep for 27 whole hours! Eurovillage, what delicious food Pity there were no potatoes World cup and Bastille day- the best by far That of course, and in the club saying BAILLARRRR! But now, we’ve got PED No more friends or big fat pony But don’t worry we’ll see eachother again, At the next EYP session Reims is pure bottled awesomeness Don’t be sad that it’s over, Be glad that it happened. Reims is pure bottled awesomeness Don’t be sad that it’s over Be glad that it happened

MY CRYSTAL BALLS Family: A meteorite will crash into your house, but on the bright side, it will be made of GEMINI CHOCOLATE! 21 May - 22 June Job: You live on the street, drink cider, and shout Love: I see TIIGGEEEARR UPPERan awkward en- CUT at people. That’s a counter with a job, right? goat in the near EYP: You will hug, laugh future. and cry with your favourite EYP tonight.

by Cormac McGuinness


22 April - 20 May Love: Some wild cowboy/cowgirl/cow will steal your heart! Family: Will ask you why you look like a

Zombie Vampire. The answer will most likely be late night corridor waxing/ sleeping bag races. Job: Showing your appreciation to everyone who made this session amazing. EYP: You will cross Europe to meet your old friends at future sessions!

Behind the curtain...

Grandiose Gossip.

By James Barnes & Florian Marandet

It has come to the attention of the Journo team that one of the Vice-Presidents has a rather sinister secret, one so dark that it’s very nature could threaten the integrity of the time space continuum. Vivek does in fact know ALL the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs. Yes, you read that right MIND BOMB! No surprise Zahra and Anar are extremely jealous and have been listening to JB CDs non-stop to try to obtain the same level of enlightenment. Everyone the race is now on, get some of Bieber’s hits, before he is sold out! Did you notice the large amount of people going into room 107 on Tuesday evening?! In the end, when people knocked on the door, J.L. appeared in his boxers shouting: “Get out of here, it’s an orgy, we are f**king !” …

Franco-British diplomatic relations improved on Friday night when Vanda and Callum, two delegates from AGRI, met on the dancefloor. They danced together but also shared a passionate kiss, or even two! However, since that romantic moment we haven’t observed any other chapter of this story, even if they’re sitting together during CW and meals. Who knows where they’re relationship is heading. If you know please tell your closest curious Journo!

Orga love Geometry : Episode 3

La vie amoureuse et sentimentale des organisateurs est sans fin… Malheureusement cet article plein d’émotions, de suspense et de drame sera leur dernière aventure illustrée !

1 : Sonia, très ouverte d’esprit, entretient aussi une relation passionnelle avec Dani…

2 : …Ce qui ne l’empêche pas de jeter un œil sur le corps de Pierre !

3 : Et bien que tout le monde soit au courant de la relation entre James et Laëtitia…

4 : ...très peu de personnes savent qu’elle a également une relation parallèle avec Dany !

5 : Trahie par James dans leur relation, Jean-Lémon tente de s’essayer aux filles…

6 : …sans succès, car s’il ne manque pas d’imagination, il manque encore d’expérience dans ce domaine !

Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4

Welcome back to another edition of the best Gossip around, so here it goes with the latest and greatest rumours from right here in Reims. In this edition, you’ll find out a shocking revelation about the session Vice-President, Vivek Gathani, as well as the creation of surprising diplomatic alliances



• Dare to make the session remarkable • Reims’arkable · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 4


James Barnes (FR) Gabriela Mamon (PO) Florian Marandet (FR) Cormac McGuinness (IE)

Elina Sairanen (FI) Giorgi Tabagari (GE) Marta Valls Esteve (ES)

Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano (Editress, ES) Benoit Viault (Editor, FR)


Reims'arkable Issue 4  

Newspaper ot the 9th Summer Forum of EYP France, Reims 2010

Reims'arkable Issue 4  

Newspaper ot the 9th Summer Forum of EYP France, Reims 2010