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REIMS’ARKABLE • Dare to make the session remarkable •

Some words from your President,

Maria Manolescu Dear participants of Reims 2010,



After months and months of preparations and hard work of the organisers, your dream is about to come true: the 9th Summer Forum of EYP-France is already here. Probably you’ve been wondering during the past weeks how will this session turn out and maybe you’ve even imagined yourself already in Reims, but now there’s no more time for generating expectations or wishes about these days, now it’s the time to enjoy them. It’s an inherent quality in humans to look back to our past to regret what we did wrong or to remind of those days when we felt happier, but we often don’t realise that what we should do is just live for the present. From our view, thinking of the past makes us stronger and humbler and wondering about our future makes us more ambitious and well-prepared. In fact, there’s nothing bad in trying to learn from what we did and from what we will do, but we believe that as Groucho Marx said one day:

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” We, as journalists and as Press Team of the session, are going to be the ones in charge of witnessing what you’ll be enjoying during the upcoming days at the same time as we do it as well. So don’t worry for the memories, but worry for getting as much as possible out of this experience. So from now on you know what to do: just be yourself, speak up your mind and enjoy the small pleasures of life that the forum in Reims will bring you because we just can live the present once. Get ready to meet new people, to feel passionate about debating and to get to know different cultures and diverse points of view. Just breathe right now because you’re about to get into a breath-taking experience!

Benoit Viault & Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano

Forever young

Maria Manolescu is not only the dazzling president of our session and an assertive law student, but also an interesting personality with many fascinating qualities. Taking objects apart to see how they work, annoying her sister and listening to grandfather’s stories played a massive role in Maria Manolescu’s childhood. “Growing old is natural, growing up is optional.” After the happy childhood and travelling, which was a cornerstone in her upbringing, the sagacious young woman found EYP and all its pleasures, “Nowadays I can go a long time with no sleeping.” Control freak’s (as she describes herself) professional record is four nights. Laughing makes sure that she is able to face the world with energy and enthusiasm, “When I’m re-

Now... we, the officials, we’ve got the experience, dedication and commitment. Add your enthusiasm and energy and let’s make this session a life time memorable experience for all of us...or to put it bluntly, pure bottled awesomeness! Looking forward to meeting you all in person! by Elina Sairanen

ally tired, I start laughing with tears. My nostrils can flap.” When nobody is watching, Maria amuses herself by looking at high-quality TV-shows such as Cheaters, Big Brother, Next and X Effect. Holding guns at the mature age of 5 and threatening people on street have shaped president’s personality. “I like to go with the flow, but I do have a safety plan.” Nowadays her biggest passions are target shooting with 4 kg riffles and walking barefooted, “I slow down when everybody else is rushing.” The zappy woman has style, verve and gusto – but no talent when it comes to handcraft, “Once I clued my fingers together and sowed a thing into my pants”, she tells. The eternal romantic, who loves causing small fires in the kitchen, relies on love at first sight,

“In love and war everything is possible!”

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

I just have today and I’ll be happy in it

It is with great excitement that I write these words to you, to officially welcome you to the 9th Summer Forum of EYP-Framce. While reading this, some of you already know what EYP is about; some might have a vague idea on what will be happening here in the next days, while some may be clueless on what awaits you. I could try to briefly explain you what it’s all about, but it would be pointless. Why? Firstly, because the officials’ team is dedicated into making this session special and different from past sessions, as we all strive towards developing EYP and taking it further. Secondly, because EYP is different to each and every single one of us. Be it the friends, the fun, the talks, the travelling or the mixture between all those and bit have to discover your own EYP, your own reasons to continue, your own way to give back. You have the chance to experience something completely different than your every day normal life. Experiences that some go through in months’ time, while others might never get the chance, you get to go through them in 6 days. My advice to you is this: make as many new friends as possible, learn as much as you can, seize every opportunity, cherish the moment, party and smile and hug and laugh.


Reims Summer Forum 2010: step 1 !

Reims Summer Forum 2010: step 1 !

Since weeks, you were all dreaming, waiting and getting excited about this forum. Now you are finally here, and all your fantasies are about to become reality. But let’s talk about the “puppet masters” of the session, those without which this forum wouldn’t have existed, let’s talk about the amazing, the wonderful, the great, the worship-able... Head Organizers ! Exclusively, between 2 orga-meetings and press interviews, we managed to collect their deepest thoughts and feelings with only a few days going to the opening of the event.

- First of all, please present your colleague HO... Thibaut Castelli: My Mum told me not to talk about the age of a girl... Laëtitia is studying medicine in Reims. She took part in the second regional Forum in Reims in 2007 and organized several local EYP activities. She is wonderful and loves music. Laëtitia Jamet: Thibaut is a kind of 12 years-old boy like students to whom he’s teaching history and geography. He is a dinosaur of EYP, he has done everything, he has seen everything. He’s fond of weird plays on words. - How long have you been preparing this session

? TC: I have the idea since December 2007, but we really work since June 2009, with almost all the member of the Regional Committee LJ: Since June 2009, all days and all nights.

- To Thibaut: French team eliminated from the World Cup, any comment ? TC: Chic, on va enfin pouvoir parler des choses sérieuses! Comme le forum par exemple. [Great, we’ll finally be able to talk about serious thing. Like this forum, for exemple]

- If you had to define your final objective in life, your ultimate dream, what would it be ? TC: To be president of the EU. LJ: To marry Peter Doherty and to be his muse.

- Being a head organizer for a session is a long and hard work, so give us your reason for spending all that time working on it ? Seriously, why ? TC: It’s to take up a challenge, and to loop the loop, because 10 years ago I was a delegate at the Second Summer - To Laeticia: We know that you’re studying mediForum of EYP-France in Epernay. cine. Seriously, why ? LJ: Thibaut has threatened me! No serioulsly, it was being LJ: I would like to be a great doctor to be adan HO or being Miss France and I think that organising mired and loved by the entire world and to kill a forum is easier than being photographied naked. (and people with impunity (niark niark!!) Genevieve de Fontenay is more dreadful than Thibaut) - If a delegate wants to make you smile, what should he/ she do ? TC: She/he should speak in her/his mother tongue ( and it’s even better if I understand this language) . LJ: Just smile at me !! - Hey, dites, on peut vous faire des bisous ? [Hey, what about kissing you ?] TC: Mais oui :-). [Indeed !] LJ: Oh oui et des câlins aussi :p. [Sure, even hugs !]


- Le mot de la fin sera: ... ? [ And the final word will be... ?] TC: Sfîrşit. LJ: Muxus.

Come with me on a journey through time and space...

by Cormac McGuinness

Well, more like a journey through a delightful French city, but it’s still awesome! In this article I’ll show some of the wonders that await you in this historically and culturally stupendous city! I’ll let you know what to see and do during your stay, turning you into… SUPER TOURIST! (cape and sidekick optional) Reims is known as ‘LA CITÉ DES SACRES’ (The City of the Coronations), because Notre Dame de Reims was where France’s Kings were crowned for centuries. This stunning cathedral in the heart of Reims, along with the Basilique St-Rémi and Palais Tau will simply take your breath away. These wonderful examples of architecture are UNESCO world heritage sites, and are well worth a visit. On top of that, the Champagne houses in Reims provide fascinating tours of vast underground cellars, and sampling of the golden bubbles, which is a memorable experience (provided you don’t sample too much!) *TOP TIP*Shop around! Often the same champagne can be found much cheaper in shops or supermarkets. For info on all things tourist, head over to the tourist office beside the cathedral, or ask one of the (soon to be zombie-like) orgas. Perhaps the best thing to do is explore Reims yourself, walk through the streets or the market, soak in the atmosphere and see where the wind takes you! Along with the Flâneries musicales, and 14th July celebrations, you guys have an unforgettable week ahead in this fantastic city!


“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people...”

by Marta Valls

When I first heard about the Variable Geometry related with Europe it immediately came to my mind the several European ‘clichés’ that differ one country from another such as the round triple-B (Belgian Beer Bellies) or the square-headed German old men (no offense), or other noteworthy European aspects, features and delicatessen such as the triangle-shaped Swiss chocolate or the cylindrical bottle containing the italian Limoncello. But, once I gathered some information I realized it had nothing to do with European body morphology nor gastronomy. Everyone of us is here, in Reims, to debate something more transcendental. To talk about Europe’s future. To discuss about what could be a middle way between two main models of the EU, and mostly, to weigh what problems and what solutions would we come across in each case. To decide between the “When two fit, three will as well” or the “It´s better to be alone than have to put up with bad company”. So, dear ‘delis’, bear in mind you are facing such an epic task. And as John M. Richardson, Jr. said: “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people; those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened”, and for EYPers ‘make it happen’ is the way.

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Organize’d !

by Benoit Viault

“La Cité Des Sacres”


News & Trends

No more European Lameness. Bring the Cup back to Europe!


by Giorgi Tabagari

Some people were lucky enough to attend the matches in South Africa, but we have an amazing opportunity to watch games with fellow EYPers. How awesome is that? You have probably noticed already in the introductory videos that football is going to be a leitmotiv of the event. Indeed World Cup always leaves a room for everyone even if our favourite teams are not represented to this truly the most important football celebration. But, this year things went unexpectedly bizarre…At least for Europe. Italy, France, followed by England.

The EYP Guide to Flirting for Guys by James Barnes

She caught your eye didn’t she? The one standing opposite in the Big Fat Pony circle. Be it the way her angelic voice during the frog song, or perhaps her comprehensive knowledge of European laws on strawberry farming. What ever the reason this guide is here to help you get the girl !

Tip number one : Make her think you’re so clever by coming out with lots of words that sound complicated, but don’t actually mean anything, if French isn’t her native tongue expressions like jene-sais-quoi are sure to catch her attention. Legal or medical terms will also do the trick ! Tip number two : Girls like presents and there are not a lot of florists during a session so other gift ideas are : keep aside a piece of the best dish on your eurovillage stall just for her, or share your pen and post its during committee work. Tip number three : Be a good listener, she can talk all day about that resolution, can’t she? So here’s a good piece of advice paint eyes on your eye lids, that way you can snooze a bit or even play a video game under the table. For maximum effect add interjections like : ‘No! Really?’ and ‘They didn’t did they?’ .

Factually South American teams dominated all through the championship. Should we join to the South American Youth Parliament? We need a European team to win the Championship and maintain the Cup on the Old Continent. So keep up good mood all through the Forum and enjoy the mixture of two amazing events 9th Forum d’Eté and the WC’10.

EYP Fashion: “There is no need to explain what fashion is !”

by Gabriela Mamoń

There is no need to explain what fashion is (although followers of socks in sandals probably could use that). We are able to show our personal creativity, something that is vital during each EYP meeting, not only through passionate speeches but also passionate clothing.

The extravagances like dominating trends this year: lace in any form or military style are much welcome , however I will strongly suggest the approaching trend: up-to-date hippie, which we now call BOHO. Long hair and skirts, fake huge, huge flowers or maxi dresses for girls and bell bottoms for boys. However male delegates should feel free, no... should feel encouraged to show the complete nudity during this summer’s session. Jokes aside, France is known worldwide for its great taste and ageless elegance. Silk, linen and tweed are only few fabrics that will be ideal for the classic cut. You may go nuts in case of patterns, leopard print (Louis Vuitton) or dragon like scale print (the late Alexander McQueen) will jazz up any serious-looking suit and shirt.

“Viva France and Viva la vie boheme !”- these are our fashion slogans for EYP 2010 Reims, remember them and follow fashion column for more stylish tips !

Remember these tips guys and she won’t be able turn you down, so just get out there, be confident, and overall just try and have a good time.

The EYP Survival French glossary

by Benoit Viault

As your journo team only think about your well-being and your happiness, we prepared for you a short glossary of mustknown words to survive an EYP session in this great country. Before the reading, please consider that this has been done entirely objectively, and without a single ounce of seriousness.

First, the basics. Bonjour – Hello ! Salut – Hey ! Au revoir – Goodbye ! S’il vous plait – Please. Merci – Thanks. En grève – On strike. Serious stuffs – FOOOOOOOD ! Une baguette – A baguette Un croissant – A croissant Le fromage – Cheese Le vin – Wine La fraise tagada – The secret ingredient to corrupt the pressteam for more ludicrous informations Le champagne – Try to guess...

Useful expressions Désolé pour hier soir ! - Sorry for last night ! Non, pas ce soir, j’ai mal à la tête. - Negative answer to the universaly-known “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi”. Non, je ne peux pas, je fais grêve. – French negative answer to the same question. Laisse-moi faire ! – Leave it to me ! (can also be used as a positive answer to the previous question). Merde ! – Oh, shit ! Ou pas. – Or not. (that’s useless... Or not) VDM – FML Coupe du Monde – Epic Fail Schtroumpf - Smurf (who knows why this word could help you...)

Any non-French speaker able to recite this entire glossary almost correctly AND to translate in French Cormac‘s unique, very classy and 100% efficient flirting technique involving reflective pants (you’ll have to ask him about it, I can’t decently write it down here) will win the right to use him for anything during 1 hour. So learn your lessons, mates ! (he worth it !)

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Do you know why Reims Forum is going to be so special? I presume you do! Yeah, World Cup’10 is going on and right in the meantime of Forum days, we are gonna have two hot football evenings with burst of emotions and hopefully glasses of beer.

The How Tos of the Pressteam



• Dare to make the session remarkable • is SUBMITTED BY...


Marta Valls Esteve SPAIN

Elina Sairanen FINLAND

James Barnes FRANCE

Florian Marandet FRANCE

Cormac McGuinness IRELAND

Gabriela Mamon POLAND



Benoit Viault

Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano



Reims · 9th EYP-France Summer Forum · Issue 1

Giorgi Tabagari


Reims'arkable Issue 1  

Newspaper ot the 9th Summer Forum of EYP France, Reims 2010

Reims'arkable Issue 1  

Newspaper ot the 9th Summer Forum of EYP France, Reims 2010