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‘Water memories’

Book ‘Water memories’

“Water memories� is an on-going photography project that I started in 2010 and that has journeyed throughout many regions in Brazil, the leader of the 21st century in water resources. My visual account does not follow a geographical order; it is rather a journey through sensory memories, arranged according to the liquid texture. Our relationship with water is explored in its most intimate form, as the source of life, the primordial resource which connects all human beings. The photos are taken in direct contact with the liquid element, in an intuitive form. Water, the dream matter, produces sensory experiences, creating an imaginary universe, in which we are able to lose ourselves in our own daydreams. Within the plane of the black and white photos you are able to experiment with the quest in which everything becomes both subject and object, the opaque light that deforms and the temperature that shelters or stiffens. In the post-modernity of liquid talks we are able to understand that the non-centrality is the expression. The swinging, the daydream of freedom are aqueous. We momentarily observe the world, then, return to the sensations of the formless body. Ladeira Ari Barroso, 66 leme - cep. 22010-060 - rio de janeiro - rj (55 21) 9 8633-5916

Water memories - Benoit Fournier  
Water memories - Benoit Fournier