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John Shieh


John Shieh is the founder of Ultra Chem Labs. He is currently the Director of Technical Services and attends to the supervision of research and development for Ultra Chem Labs HQ in Ontario, California. He has worked extensively in the field as a forensic scientist, chemical specialist and educator for environmental sustainability.

For over 30 years, he has worked hand in hand with countless individuals and organizations on implementing sustainable and high performance, cleaning and protection programs on a worldwide scale. Presently, John Shieh is working closely with the Ultra Chem Labs’ research and development team to not only provide the most dynamic, superior cleaning technology for today, but more importantly, for the future.


It isn’t what you know, but what you don’t know that can hurt you.

It was Dr. Shieh’s humble start as a janitor in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada that provided him his first step to what would later become a technological legacy.

One cold winter day in 1976, during the holiday season, John Shieh was asked to take on a strip and recoat job for a large commercial office building. Working as a janitor for a contract cleaning business, John had come to be well acquainted with cleaning procedures and conventional cleaning chemicals and was well equipped to take on larger scale jobs. However, he was to complete this job with one other janitor who had not received the proper training on floor care. Yet, they were instructed that the job had to be completed that night. They were given a heavily toxic stripper that burned in every sense of the word. They were given heavily styrenated and metal fortified finishes that were by no means pleasant, efficient or easy to use. Although a tall order, John had no choice but to complete the job as instructed. Fifteen hours later and late into the morning night, John finally completed the job, only to have his partner do what he was specifically instructed not to do. Maybe it was the toxic chemicals and the early hours of the winter morning that played tricks on his mind. But regardless of the reason, a disaster ensued. His partner walked across the undried finish, completely ruining the job they had spent their entire Christmas Eve trying to complete. As a result the job had to be redone immediately.

After another fifteen hours of work, John returned home. But before collapsing in his bed from sheer exhaustion, he had made a heartfelt decision: that no one should ever go through such hardship and grueling efforts just to provide clean and protected surfaces. There had to be a better way.

As a university graduate with a Masters in chemistry, Dr. John Shieh eventually made his way to develop technology for the cleaning industry designed not only to clean more effectively than conventional chemical products, but also to be socially and environmentally responsible. His purpose is to educate the public on the harms that conventional chemicals and methods have on people and the environment and to provide alternative, safe and more effective solutions using his extensive background in forensic chemistry and toxicology.

Through Ultra Chem Labs, Dr. John Shieh has been able to implement his philosophy through ground breaking

cleaning technology that has been enjoyed and utilized on an international scale. His discoveries and consistent application of his passion have set the foundation for the principles and values we strongly stand on today: innovation, efficiency, environmentally consciousness and smart economics.

By listening and working with countless individuals through the decades, Dr. Shieh has invented cleaning and protection technology that has fine tuned its power to the needs of all types of people and from all types of industries. His goal is to personify the very vision Ultra Chem Labs has set out to accomplish during its very inception in 1985: to provide a higher quality of life for the world through the implementation of ideal cleaning and protection solutions.

With his passion of educating industry professionals, Dr. Shieh has developed a reputation as an elite technician and inventor who is able to relate deeply with individuals he comes in contact with. His down to earth demeanor in conjunction with an educated and straight forward realism, helps those he teaches to understand new technology applications that are not always readily accepted. It is this very connection that drives his vision and desire to continue developing the most advanced cleaning and protection technology the world has ever seen.

Confucius says, a short pencil is much better than a long memory.