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Soup GMIT Students’ Union Newsletter Volume II Issue 1_September 2009


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Hey everyone!

We’d like to welcome you all to the first issue of this years SU newsletter and we hope you all had a great Summer (remember that day the sun shone?). We want to make sure that you have as good a year as possible, so make sure you get involved and come into the SU office if there is anything you need. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date with everything going on (see page 10). Have a great year everyone!

Paddy and Colin

Don’t Get Clamped!

_SU Events _The Library.2 _Chaplaincy.2 _Just for Laughs.3 _Class Reps.4 _Health Unit.5 _GMIT GAA.7 _Parking Info.8 _Counselling.9 _SU Connect.10 _Careers.11

_Grant & SAF.12 _DWHA.13 _Chaplaincy.15 _SU Events.17 _The Library.18 _PAL.20 _Barbarista.21 _Meditation.23 _The Apprentice.24



Diary Dates OCTOBER

_Thu 1st Don’t Walk Home Alone and Sshhh Campaigns Launch


Soup is also available at, on Facebook, Bebo and your student email

_Mon 5th to Wed 7th Mental Health Week // Please Talk - Please Laugh Campaign _Tue 13th Class Rep Training _Wed 21st Wolfe Tones gig @ Library Bar

Library News


Welcome to the library!

United in Faith (Saints and Sinners) is a new society in the GMIT which hopes to bring people all faiths together, through social activities and trips away we hope that people can get more enjoyment from their faith and a better understanding of the faiths of others. Contact Fr.Adrian to get signed up!

Visit the library to borrow books, study, photocopy… Use the library website to access… � the library catalogue � databases of online articles � other online resources (e.g. ebooks) � exam papers Library PIN Don’t forget to set up your library PIN. Why? Because you can use your PIN to access Exam Papers, Databases and your Library Account on our website How? Create a PIN when prompted to enter one on our website or ask at the library desk. Databases News JSTOR The Ireland Collection New to GMIT Library is the prestigious JSTOR Ireland Collection, which gives access to an interdisciplinary collection of journals and other materials from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries across the arts, humanities, and sciences. Disciplines covered include music, art, history, literature, archaeology, mathematics, and biology. Available:

Opening Hours

Dublin Road Mon – Thur 09.30 – 21.30 Friday 09.30 – 17.00 Cluain Mhuire Mon & Thur 09.30 – 19.30 Tue & Wed 09.30 – 18.00 Friday 09.30 – 16.00 Contact Us Tel: 091 742785 Email: Website:


Fr Adrian chaplain has a drop-in now everyday from 4pm-5pm in his office so please feel free to call in for a chat!


It is with deep sadness we remember Aiden Gillander (Computing services), Theresa Leonard (2nd year Pharmacautical Science Student) and James Savage (3rd year Forrestry Student) who have died recently. We also remeber Conor Gilligan (4th year Industrial Engineering) last year who died during the Summer. May they rest in Peace.

Goal Jersey Day

FRIDAY 9th OCTOBER 2009 Please support Goal Jersey Day on Friday October 9th by wearing your favourite jersey with pride! All proceeds will go directly to GOAL’s work in the developing world.

Just for Laughs

SU FAQ The Fab Four in GMIT?

Q. Is it true that U2 are playing at Union Square in December. And if so, how much will tickets cost? John, 2nd Year A.’re mad as a hatter? U2 are NOT playing at Union Square in December*. It’s in the gym. Tickets are free...first come, first served from the SU office.


Q. If we have a student permit, can we park anywhere? Paul, 1st Year A. Hi Paul...everybody must have a staff/student permit and you must park in the designated areas i.e. students must park within the green lines. Make sure you do this as clamping is now in operation and it’s €50 release fee!

How to Save

Q. do I set up a savings account with yourselves and what are your rates? George, 3rd Year A. George, we are the Students’ Union, NOT the Credit Union.


World’s Easiest Quiz You only need to answer 4 right to pass! 1) How long did the Hundred Years’ War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut? 4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? 5) What is a camel’s hair brush made of? 6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal? 7) What was King George VI’s first name? 8) What colour is a purple finch? 9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from? 10) What is the colour of the black box in a commercial airplane?

Q. Do I need to bring the entire locker down to you at the end of the year? I tried to move it yesterday and it was quite heavy. Ringo, 4th Year A. Just bring the lock and keys down at the end of your exams and we’ll reimburse you €5.00. Make sure you keep your spare keys seperate too. *may not be entirely true


If you have a question, or indeed anything to say, pop us an email to

Answers on page cheating!

“Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings”


Become a Class Rep! Look out for class elections and don’t forget, Class Rep training takes place on Tuesday 13th October. There’s a free hoodie for every Class Rep who attends the training. 04

Health Unit To make an appointment, please call to or phone Student Services (091-742118). The service is free to GMIT students.

//Swine Flu

As you are aware, there is currently a worldwide flu alert. It is of vital importance that students who may have the flu DO NOT ATTEND COLLEGE or STUDENT ACCOMMODATION (i.e. If you are at your home address and are unwell please remain at home)

SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Fevers/Chills Headaches Muscle/Joint aches Runny nose

Spanish Theme Evening - Cruise the Corrib -

Sore throat Cough Diarrhoea/Vomiting

If you feel you may be affected, please phone your local GP or the G.M.I.T. Student Health Unit Helpline 087_9971574. It is essential that you remain at home for 7 days from the onset of symptoms (or longer than 7 days until you feel better).

in aid of The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland Cruise the River Corrib onboard the

Corrib Princess

on Saturday, 10th October 2009 Spanish Tapas :: Latino Music :: Fun Boarding at 6.45pm for 7.00pm at the Waterside Pier, Woodquay, Galway Tickets: â‚Ź20 (Special rates available for students)

Please Support :: Apoyar por Favor Tickets available from the Reprographics Unit, GMIT Contact the SU office for more details



Freshers Week...

GYM located in the Sports Hall

//STUDENT Prices Sep - Dec: €60.00 Jan - May: €80.00 Jun - Aug: €40.00 _academic year: €110 September - May

_calendar year: €140 September - August

Daily: €7.00 Weekly: €15.00

Appointments for tests & inductions must be made prior to using the gym. Contact Eimear or Ray 742194

International Students

All GMIT students who hold study visas are warned that it is a legal requirement to notify the GNIB in Liosban of any change in your address. Failure to do so can result in a prosecution.


We’ll have loads of pictures from Freshers Week up soon on, Facebook and Bebo!

GMIT G.A.A. Clubs 2009/2010 Welcome! The Institute G.A.A. Clubs would like to extend a warm welcome to all returning and new students - we hope you enjoy your time with us. We would encourage you to become actively involved in the sporting side of college life, as it can be exciting, enjoyable and a great opportunity to make friends, as well as being a huge social outlet. For details of meetings, training and matches please check the plasma screens in the Canteen and also other noticeboards throughout the college. The GAA Pitch and changing rooms are situated across the road from the New Building. Contact Damian Curley (GAA Development Officer) at Ext. 2062 for further details. We cater for the following teams: • Fresher, Intermediate and Senior Hurling • Fresher, Intermediate and Senior Football • Fresher and Senior Ladies Football • Senior Camogie We also hope to have a handball team to enter in the championships this year.

Even if you are not interested in playing, we are always looking out for club administrators, coaches and referees. Watch the newsletter and college noticeboards for details of meetings, training and matches. Trials and training for all Fresher players will continue next week, so it is important that all interested players have gear back with them next week.

Registration for the GMIT G.A.A. Clubs Contact Damian at office number 428 or contact him at 091_742062. You can register to join the: • Gaelic Football Club • Hurling Club • Camogie Club • Ladies Gaelic Football Club • Handball Club

Registration Fee is €2


Parking Zones Student Spaces (inside the green line)

Student Spaces (inside the green line)


Counselling Never feel that you are helpless and on your own in college. Contact the Counsellor to get help and support in total confidence. Counsellors Pauline Staunton and Pauline Clancy are available to speak to you today. Opening Hours: Drop in times: Phone:

9.00 - 5.00 11.00 -12.00 and 1.00 - 2.00 091_742118 for appointments

The Counsellors are available one day per week in Cluain Mhuire and Letterfrack campuses.

Facing Up to What’s Behind the Mask

Keith Doherty. Irish Times, September 2009

I used to be afraid of what people would think of me, so I wore a mask. But then I saw the pain and the hurt it can cause when people hide their feelings behind masks for too long. I was at a friend’s funeral when I realised this. All of us were standing together forming a guard of honour for her to pass when her mother turned to all of us and said: “Never ever do this and leave this pain behind.” It was then I knew I would have to face up to what was behind the mask. I know it’s not easy to talk about how you’re feeling, but nothing worth talking about is. I had hidden what I was going through for long enough and I felt like I was missing out on my life. Basically I missed out on being a teenager. I did all the usual things a teenager would do: I played hurling, went to school, had friends and hung around. But feeling down was always there. Sometimes I had a reason for feeling down, but often there didn’t seem to be any particular reason. I just didn’t care and I wasn’t pushed to do anything. I wanted to be on my own. Being depressed, I pulled back from the world to hide my hurt from myself and others. At times, talking about it made feeling down go away for a moment, but I always knew in the back of my head that it would come back. I had ups as well as downs, but even when I was happy without a care in the world, I knew I was going back down. Being happy made me feel vulnerable. When you’re on your own a lot, there are things that can make you feel a bit better, things that help you forget your thoughts. Some of these things can have bad consequences such as drinking too much, misusing drugs or self-harming. Luckily, I found music. When I picked up a guitar and started strumming I got lost in the music. I sang about what I felt and it made me take an honest look at how I was feeling. The words in these songs rang true for me then and today when I perform them other people hear their truth in them. Maybe that’s why some of the best songs that have ever been written have been about people going through a hard time in their lives. If nothing else, these great songs let us know that we’re not alone when we feel down or unhappy. It was through music that I first faced up to the crap I was feeling. The hardest step was to admit to myself that there was something wrong and let the mask slip a little. For me it was music – for you it might be something else. It might be something as easy as knitting. So when I was ready, I began talking and I started to learn how to make it through a tough time. I was lucky and found people in my community who helped. But at the end of the day you just have to find a way around it yourself. It’s your war to settle with yourself but other people are out there to support you in this battle. Once I was willing to open up to people who cared about me, other opportunities came along. I started to get involved in my community, working with other people who wanted to help make things better for young people going through a tough time. We did practical things like raising funds to pay for a safe place for young people where they could meet up. We invited others to become involved. The biggest thing I could offer though, was telling other people my story. I knew what it felt like to think I was the only one going through this pain, which is scary when the main thought going through your head as a teenager is, “What are they thinking of me?” Just because you’re depressed, it doesn’t mean you’re different. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let the mask come off. But once you realise that there is more to life than worrying what others think of you, you learn to be happy with yourself. Once you can find the courage to draw your own future, you become the hero of your own life. Keith Doherty (aged 20) is a member of the youth advisory panel to Headstrong – the National Centre for Youth Mental Health (


gmitsu launches

Don’t be the last to know!! This year, there are more ways than ever to be kept up to date with all the activities of the Students’ Union. As SU President Paddy Bonner points out, “We would ask students to take the time each day to get up-to-date information from our new website, the Soup newsletter, the Plasma screens (which will be operating again in the canteen shortly) or any of the information points on campus. You can also sign up for our text service in the SU office and the handbook & diary is just €1 from the SU shop”. SU Vice President and Welfare Officer Colin Canny adds, “With the dangers of Swine Flu and Mumps a reality for everybody at the moment, it is vital that students are fully aware of actions they need to take. Also, all students should take note of our Welfare campaigns such as the upcoming Sshhh Campaign, Mental Health Week, Road Safety Week and the Plagiarism information sessions. Hopefully, information on these topics will help us all to have an more enjoyable and safe year”. Check out today and become an SU friend on Facebook & Bebo!



Welfare Students’ Union Vice President and Welfare Officer Colin Canny will host the SU Sshhh! Campaign AND World Mental Health Week during October. Watch out for more information to follow...

MICROS-Fidelio IRL Ltd Location:


Vacancy 1: Salary:

Customer Support Agent €20K per annum basic salary

Vacancy 2:

Service Delivery Manager

Website: E-mail: To Apply: E-mail CV & covering letter


Vacancies: Part-Time/Casual Work in Reception, Bar & Restaurant Website: E-mail: To Apply: E-mail CV


Vacancy: Telephone Operators Location: Galway Applicants: Team player, with an upbeat & outgoing personality & a strong work ethic Work hours: Applicants must be available Mon-Fri from 5pm – 9pm To Apply: Phone 091-380110 For further information on these positions, Graduate Programmes, Internships, and Scholarships, please contact the Careers Office or check out the Careers Newsletter which is available on campus.

Contact Us

The Careers Service is available to all students and recent graduates of GMIT. For appointments, call in person to the Student Services Office or phone 091742392 or email If you have concerns about your course or your career plan, and you feel that career advice could benefit you, do come along and talk to the Careers Advisor, Bridie Killoran.


Your Grant _The first TLT grant payment is 8th of October with the second payment due on 5th November.

Galway City Indoor Market Margadh Faoi Dhoin Chathair na Gaillimh

Dominick Street, Galway Open 7 Days

Fiori di Zucca CafĂŠ plus

Hand Knitwear & accessories Personalised gifts Jewellary Leather Belts - Zippos Home Baking Ironworks and lots more! Call in and See Ss Dominick Street, Galway

Student Assistance Fund

   ( %//3          ! "#  


       $      % &   ' (  )    *  $ + ,

- (  & " (

./01-122 """  

If you are experiencing FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES,, call to the Student Services Office to check your eligibility to apply for the Student Assistance Fund (SAF). All applicants will be interviewed by the SAF Committee (application forms for the Student Assistance Fund are now available from the Student Services Office). To apply, eligible students must complete the form, attach proof of


income, and return it to the Student Services Office.

B IG O est



n time





On behalf of Big O Taxis, I would like to welcome all students to MILES AHEAD ON SERVICE GMIT, particularly the Freshers. As the oldest and largest taxi company in Galway, we look forward to renewing our long term relationship with the student community throughout the college year.

Big O have recently invested in the very latest on board car technology, which provides 230 drivers with accurate collection point information that guarantees the student a taxi on your doorstep within minutes of calling. Our I.V.R. will provide you with a booking reference as our dispatch staff deal with demand. Alternatively, students can phone earlier in the day (091-585858) and make an advance booking. As part of our professionalism and high standards, Big O guarantees you all vehicles are insured, reliable and clean. All our drivers are Irish and living in the locality so they have a comprehensive knowledge of the shortest and quickest routes around town. All our cars are sanitised against swine flu and MRSA amongst other known viruses. We strongly advise you to keep this in mind when choosing a taxi. When going home at night, we urge you to walk down the rank and select a Big O Taxi, as we will take you home for the same reduced rate that we took you in for earlier, again assuring you that your safety and savings are guaranteed. As the official taxi partner of GMIT, we have “reduced” our rates for students to make us the cheapest taxi in Galway. Rates are available at the Student Union Office. As part of our commitment to student safety, we remind you to be mindful of the “Don’t Walk Home Alone” Campaign. Our “TAXI SPY” will make surprise visits to GMIT so make sure 091-585858 is stored in your mobile. Don’t miss a chance to win €100! Finally, I would like to wish all of you every success throughout 2009/2010. Best regards, Alan O’Donohue Marketing Director Big O Taxis

Left to right: Paddy Bonner (SU President), Alan O’Donohue (Marketing Director, Big O Taxis), Darragh Frain (GMIT Head Rep, Big O Taxis), Colin Canny (SU Vice President & Welfare Officer

//Don’t Walk Home Alone! If you have no money for a taxi, Big-O-Taxis will bring you home. Simply give the driver your student card and it will be returned to you once the fee is paid! Contact the Students’ Union for further details For your own personal safety, you can also pick up a “Charm Alarm” (Personal Safety Alarm) for just €1.00.


Official GMIT Entertainment Centre

Every Tuesday is









NIGHT Free return bus

Bus departs GMIT main entrance @ 7.30pm

Bowling â‚Ź5 DJ / Live Music Drink Promotions 091 388100 | Weekly Competitions Free entry into city centre nightclub Claregalway





Galway City



Live champions league qualifiers on our 20ft Screen

City Limits New era as City Limits Invests in GMIT GMIT students union is delighted to announce a sponsorship and partnership agreement with City Limits for the forth coming year. City Limits based in Oranmore (10 mins drive from GMIT) is the largest entertainment centre in the West of Ireland. It’s the ultimate bowling destination in Galway with 18 lanes, 6 of which are fully licenced. It also comprises of a 5 metre climbing wall, laser quest and a fully themed Amazonia restaurant with mouth watering steak, pizza desserts and their great value lunch for €5! Limits Sports Bar offers comfortable and spacious seating, great bar food, six licenced bowling lanes, live music and a 20 foot projector screen. Watch every game live on SKY, ESPN & SETANTA SPORTS on their big screen or on any of their seven plasma screens. If you want to relax and unwind with a group of friends or if you need a stylish private location for your birthday party or special occasion then visit City Limits Vbar. Based on the third floor of City Limits overlooking Oranmore the Vbar offers sleek stylish surroundings where you can enjoy a drink from their cool classy cocktail bar or even enjoy a barbeque on the terrace. Every Tuesday is student night in City Limits. A Free return bus will collect you from outside the college main gate @ 7:30pm where we guarantee a full nights entertainment. You can bowl for just €5! In fact you can bowl anytime in City Limits for €5, all you have to do is show your student id card. Everyone who gets a strike during the night will win a free shot and the team with the most points at the end of the night will also win a prize.

If your not into bowling or laser quest you can have a great night in our sports bar where all Champions League matches will be shown live and you will be entertained by our resident dj with loads of competitions every night. At the end of the night you can get back on the bus and you will be dropped back to GMIT or into a city centre night club. Shane Murphy & Jim Leacy of City Limits announced the deals on Friday and added “We are delighted to announce this partnership with GMIT and we are hoping that they will be the first of many new initiatives in this new era for City Limits” We want to engage with all clubs and societies to see how the complex can be used to cater for their needs.” Paddy Bonner (GMIT SU President) adds “It’s great that we can have an alternative to pubs and niteclubs for students who want something different, and the facility that City Limits offer students is fantastic”. City Limits can cater for a range of events from birthday parties, business lunches, fundraisers, rehearsal space, special events and a lot more besides. You can contact us on 091-388100 or

Pictured left to right: Colin Canny (SU Vice President & Welfare Officer), Fidelma Griffin (City Limits), Paddy Bonner (SU President)

WANTED: Promotional Staff

STUDENT TUESDAYS @ CITY LIMITS ORANMORE GMIT’s official entertainment center, City Limits Oranmore, are currently seeking energetic, enthusiastic and presentable staff to promote the excellent €5 Bus & Bowl student night every Tuesday. To apply for this position, please drop down to the SU office with CV and photo. Hours of work on campus: 11:00am – 11:30am // 1:00pm – 2:00pm // 5:00pm – 7:30pm (Glasán village for pre bus departure) Competitive rates of pay



Mature Students " !,,,!( + '" !,,,!( +/"%%!%(' !-*+0 ,!,(* "' *((''(',!'" !,

" '-)"',!,-',+1'"(' (*(',,('"(!, 



• 100s of youth friendly factsheets on all aspects of youth health, lifestyle, and citizenship including drugs, alcohol, sexual health, mental health, environment, work, education, and more • Signposting to support services nationally • Moderated discussion forums for peer discussion & debate • An alternative media space to publish news, views, opinion pieces, comments, video, photos, and art • A platform for advocating, participating, and engaging with the national media, with politicians, and decision makers on health and social policy • A way for you to ‘take control of your world’

We can all feel spunout at times, but there are answers. You can get involved in making decisions that affect your life. You can get help. You can educate yourself. You can get published. You can be entertained. You can lobby for change. You can learn how to organise a protest. You can make change for the good in your world. You can get heard. This is your space. You own it. There is someplace on the website for you. If you don’t think so, tell us and make it happen! Get in, get involved, and take control.


New Year : Welcome to 09/10 New Look : We’ve Changed – come and see!! New Ideas : Brand new Student Food menu New Nights : Theme nights, Promotions & live Entertainment every week New Season : Sky Sports live on the big screen New Choices : Stay in? – Go to town? – just go to the Library!! New Home : You won’t want to leave!! New You : Free manicures & hand treatments from Gemini beauty every month All Birthdays, Class parties, Clubs & Society events catered for Call 091-761761 or Alan @ 087-6289887

Worlds Easiest Quiz...Answers: 1. 116 years 2. Ecuador 3. Sheep and Horses 4. November 5. Squirrel fur 6. Dogs 7. Albert 8. Crimson 9. New Zealand 10. Orange (of course)


PAL Programme PAL will help first students develop their independent learning and study skills to meet the requirements of their programme, and enhance their understanding of their modules through collaborative group discussions. It is hoped that PAL will be rolled out across more programmes during the year. More information and the first issue of the new PAL GMIT Student Leadership Programme Newsletter (left) is now available at...


Gourmet Quality at Student Prices

Top Quality Ingredients

@ Union Square

The GMIT Meeting Place Playstation :: Movies :: Music

Served All Day Smoothies Speciality Coffees & Teas Toasted Sandwiches & Pannini’s Tasty Breakfast Rolls


We’ve got your student needs covered! Meet our Team:

Laura, Eimear, Noreen & Niamh. For all your financial needs, drop into us in GMIT or phone us at 091-752189.

Terms and conditions apply. Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Financial Regulator.

Have a seat Kermit. What I’m about to tell you might come as a bit of a shock!

Clubs and Socs Couldn’t make it to the Clubs & Socs Fair? Don’t can still GET INVOLVED by calling into Angelica Dooley in the SU office. Phone Angelica: 091_742008 Email:

Meditation Group Meditation Group is starting…Make a positive change in your life… Lower your stress levels... Stay calm under pressure... Sleep better... Learn to relax... Beat exam stress... Worry less?

Aerobics and Circuit Training The gym are now taking names for aerobics and circuit training. Both courses (Tuesdays & Thursdays) last 8 weeks and cost just €40. Contact Eimear in the gym for more details. 091_742194

From Wednesday 7th October & running for 10 weeks 1-2pm in Chapel/Meditation Room (Near SU & Medical Centre) :: Dublin Road Campus All students welcome.


Contact us!

If you have something you would like included in Soup, please email /// Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all contributors. A GMIT Students Union Publication, 2009.

Printed by Mel Faherty, Reprographics Department


Coming Soon!

GMIT Do you want to be GMI T’s next Apprentice!?

WIN €1500

and other prizes to be announced!

The winner will also be one of the chief organisers of RAG WEEK 2010 ALL students can participate. Entry fee is just €5.00 Closing date is Wednesday 14th of October First boardroom scene takes place in The Library Bar at 9:30pm on Thursday 15th of October. Sign up in the SU office.

Soup Issue 1  
Soup Issue 1  

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