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GMIT Castlebar Students’ Union Newsletter Vol.I_November 2009



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Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever FMP...your GMIT Castlebar Students’ Union newsletter. As GMITSU President for Castlebar, I felt that we needed a forum to showcase student’s activities, achievements and issues. It’s been an action packed 2 months. This newsletter is in recognition for the work done in the past by Fr. Mike Murphy who was a tireless campaigner for the students, here in GMIT Castlebar. Fr. Mike has sent a letter to the students of GMIT goes:

_Library News.2 _Exams & Holiday.2 _Just for Laughs.3 _Halloween.4 _Car Parking.5 _Class Reps.5

_Promoting GMIT.7 _Fit4Work.8 _No to Fees.9 _Counselling.9 _Registration.10 _Clubs & Socs.13

_Hoodies.5 _Movember.6

_GOAL Triathlon.18 _Sensitive?.19

“To the students of GMIT @Castlebar; Thank you all so much for the friendship and kindness over my years in college. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and one I have enjoyed sharing with you. Thank you for your generosity of spirit that expressed itself in many different ways over the years and you really made me feel special. This has left me with memories to treasure. Keep up the good work and the great spirit of GMIT@ Castlebar. Always in my Heart, Fr. Mike.” Fr. Mike was a great support to my education over the past four years and he is missed by the student services. We try but still fall short in our ability to do what he did with ease and humility. We are working hard to provide the best possible service within limited time and budget and are always open to ideas from students – Alan Judge, GMITSU Castlebar President

The FMP is also available at, and through the GMITSU Cbar Facebook

Diary Dates NOVEMBER Mon 2nd: Beginning of Movember Mon 9th: Beginning of Mental Health Week Mon 16th: Sports Scholarships

Library News Moore Library News

(Named after author George Moore of Moore Hall) Greetings from the Library! With the push on to hand in assignments and course work, here is some useful information to keep you up-to-date on developments, and hopefully make your life a little easier: Opening Hours Our opening hours in the first term are: Monday & Tuesday: 9.30 – 7.00 Wednesday & Thursday: 9.30 –5.00 Friday: 10.00 - 5.00 These hours may change coming up to Christmas and summer exams. Keep an eye on library notices and the plasma screens for further updates.

New Developments in Moore Library WIFI Since September Wireless Internet access has been available in the Library. We have also had extra sockets installed solely for laptop use. These are to be found in the ‘window alcove’ downstairs, and on both long walls upstairs in the reading room. New Laptop The Library has purchased a laptop that can be borrowed for use in the library only. This will be available within the next week or two so please check at the Library information desk for further details. (Some terms and conditions apply but no sneaky ones) Printer As part of our continual upgrading of library equipment, a new black & white printer will soon be available upstairs for student printing. Many thanks to our technician, Pat Lappin, for facilitating our changing technological needs.


And finally… Referencing your Research Our Referencing your Research guide is achieving celebrity status in the college-wide campaign against plagiarism and correctly acknowledging your sources of information. The guide is available in the library at the information desk, or online at: gmitreferencingguide.pdf If you have any queries on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of Library staff.

Exams & Holidays 2009 – 2010

Christmas exams had been scheduled for all students from the 14th to the 18th however the cross over courses for some courses would mean students could have faced 4 exams in two days. Thanks to the college for approaching the SU and requesting feedback from the Students as to more appropriate dates for examination. Well done to the Student Reps who approached their classes to find out what you the students wanted. Christmas exams this year start before the Christmas holidays this year on the 11th of December to the 18th of December, this was a student led initiative last year as to allow students to enjoy their Christmas holidays. The Nursing programme exams will remain as per their existing timetable from the 14th to the 18th. This was a request from the students as their placements would be affected. Christmas exams do not affect all students check with your course co-ordinator. Ask your lecturers when they intent to continue to teach course content! Christmas Holidays begin Saturday the 19th of December and students return in the new year Wednesday the 13th of January.

Just for Laughs

First frog victim of Swine Flu passes...pig suspected


An award should go to the Virgin Airlines desk attendant in Sydney for making her point when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo...

A crowded Virgin flight was cancelled after Virgin’s 767s had been withdrawn from service. A single attendant was rebooking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said, “I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to be FIRST CLASS.” The attendant replied, “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these people first, and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.” The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?”

The Numbers

826 820


The official population of the Vatican City

Age of the world’s oldest pub, ‘Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem’, Nottingham, which opened in 1189 Age of the world’s oldest record shop, Spillers Records, in Cardiff, which opened in 1894

Don’t over do it!

Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address microphone...”May I have your attention please” she began, her voice heard clearly throughout the terminal. “We have a passenger here at Desk 14 who DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Desk 14. Thank you.” With the folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man glared at the Virgin attendant, gritted his teeth and said, “Fu*k You!” Without flinching, she smiled and said, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll have to get in line for that too.”


If you have a question, a joke or indeed anything to say, pop us an email to


Car Parking This has been an explosive issue which has had my (Alan Judge SU President) full attention as it has affected students for the past number of years. The lower car park has been tarmacadmed and lined increasing the amount of available spaces to the college. There has been a meeting with the buildings committee in relation to improving parking services here and as part of that a tender for a parking provider has been submitted. This outsourced company will maintain the policing of the parking to ensure a safe, accessible campus for students and faculty of GMIT @ Castlebar through a permit and clamping system of nonpermit holders.

HalloWEEn @ CBAR

Halloween in the Irish House and Mantra This year saw a huge crowd put in a great effort into their Halloween costumes and made an impact on the Irish House. Prizes were given out to some well deserving costumes this year especially B1 and B2.

Points to remember: • This is being done to stop the ridiculous parking habits of some individuals. • This is to stop the general public from using our spaces to get to the hospital • There are more students with cars then there are spaces available • There will be fines and clamping enforced by an outside company • Cost of permits and clamping fines have not yet been discussed • The allocation of permits has also not been discussed as of yet. • The committee agreed that there should be not segregated parking spaces between staff and students. We will keep you posted as to the system proposed and the Students do have a say as to what is the best system to suit the needs of the student body. It will not follow the system that is in practice in Galway. We will set the system ourselves. - Alan

Then the text arrived Fergal D’Arcy had arrived into Mantra where the party went into high gear with Fergals own distinct energy as he played the crowd. He even came as The Crow. He handed out the prizes of which Natalie Mc Greal was his number one! Halloween @ Bar One Friday saw Bar One give out €150 and provided DJ Saturday saw Finbar Hobin and his halloween special with€300 up for grabs with 3 live bands and percolator putting on a class show. Cheers to CBAR who put on such a great show for us. Between Mantra and Irish House there were over €700 of prizes and cash given away. We look forward to the rest of the year continuing this great support of students and their welfare. - Alan


Class Reps


Class rep training this year, for the first time, was conducted in Castlebar which allowed over 25 reps to attend compared to five the year before.

Boxercise is a combination of circuits, aerobic training and boxing. It has been and is continuing to be a big hit with the students, with more and more people becoming health conscious.

Guest speakers from Big Brother Big Sister here in Castlebar ran exercises on Leadership which was a big success. Daniel Mc Garrigle, Western area officer for USI, came to talk to us about the structure of USI (Union of Students and Ireland) and our fight against fees campaign (further details in other article. Paddy Bonner and Colin Canny the SU President and Vice President of GMIT Galway came to a show the support of our college and to continue the great relationship our unions have with each other. Big thanks to those guys.

Every week sees new member coming along to get a poece of the action. With fitness enthuasist Sharon Kenny leading the show, it is no wonder why it is a success. When taking part in such an intense club, having an instructor with a drive and knowledge makes the session more enjoyable and promotes the want for the members to return. Of course any club wouldn’t work without the committment of its members so to ye guys I say- keep up the good work! Boxercise runs on a Monday @ 6pm and Wednesdays @ 7:30pm so if you are interested, come along and enjoy... PRINT & EMBROIDERY SPECIALISTS WWW.LOGO2GO.IE, SALES@LOGO2GO.IE P H / F A X 0 9 4 9 0 - 2 0 0 4 4 m o b 0 8 7 9 9 0 9 8 6 0 ARCTIC WHITE HOT PINK












We supply, t-shirts,hoodies,jackets and much more. You decide, we supply



/1 09 r fo

THE Hoodie alternative

cLASSiC hoodies

09490-20044,MOB- 087 9909 860 ,SALES@LOGO2GO.IE,WWW.LOGO2GO.IE

To John the A.S.S Rep who managed to keep all the oranges well done! A master class in negotiation skills and how to shaft everyone. I salute you. - Alan

Hoodies Class hoodies and GMIT Castlebar wear can be purchased from Logo2Go on New Antrim Street across from The Welcome Inn. Price list available from the SU with a list of the available products. Call Logo2Go: Email:



This is the Month where men can show their manliness by growing a moustache to raise awareness of testicular cancer in men. We will have a registration in the SU where you can show your intent to grow a lip legend. For more details call into the SU or Check At the end of Movember we will be holding a Movember party and organise prizes for the best moustache voted by those who have registered. Good luck, gods speed and check your testicles!



GMIT CASTLEBAR During the Summer months the SU President Alan Judge and Head of Centre Barbara Burns identified that promotion of the GMIT @ Castlebar campus was a necessity to the continuing thriving nature of our campus. Alan committed to meeting with local colleges and during the month of September and October has been to 3 events One held in Ballina the higher options event in Galway and an event held here on Campus. The promotion using the SU was a suggestion of Barbara Burns who sees the importance of the students perspective on 3rd level education. The events were a huge success and Barbara has been so supportive of us the student body and the Student Exec. Thanks to her and her input we are a thriving campus and we the students got to share our life here at GMIT @ Castlebar. We continue to meet with local students and look forward to the incoming first years. The Union this year has been so important to the continuing vibrancy of the campus and I salute all the students who have been into see us. If you haven’t called into the Union yet please do. You may be the next person to change the college for the better or even the next SU President. AIB Student Plus Account Your potential isn’t always obvious. But we see it. Lucy, future nurse.

Whizz in to AIB and talk to us at AIB GMIT Castlebar today.

Terms and conditions apply. Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Financial Regulator.


FIT 4 WORK FIT 4 WORK The second phase of Fit4work classes will take place from Monday 2nd November – Friday 11th December 09. See timetable below. * Classes are for staff from the HSE, Mayo County Council, GMIT, Western Care and Mayo VEC only. * To book a class, contact the instructor for that class. * You must pay the full fee for the 6-week class

SPECIAL GMIT STUDENT RATE OF €18 PER COURSE The Instructors phone numbers are:



Deirdre Donnelly Emer O’Toole Joanna Moran Siobhan Hughes-Geraghty Sharon Kenny Taragh Cosgrove

Circuits Aerobics Yoga Pilates, Core & Tone Boxercise Pilates

Day Monday

Time 1.10pm – 1.50pm 5.15pm - 6.15pm


1.10pm 1.10pm 5.15pm 5.00pm

Wednesday Thursday

- 1.50pm – 1.50pm - 6.15pm - 6.00pm

Class Kundulini Yoga Pilates

Instructor Joanna Moran Taragh Cosgrove

087 6305577 087 6568693 087 2462591 087 7643822 086 1506522 087 6471919 Location Nursing Suite, GMIT Castlebar Celtic

Cost €40 €35

Deirdre Donnelly St Mary’s Hall, GMIT Siobhan Hughes-Geraghty Castlebar Celtic Taragh Cosgrove The Hub, St Marys Deirdre Donnelly St Mary’s Hall, GMIT

€30 €50 €35 €30

1.10pm - 1.50pm 5.15pm - 6.15pm

Core & Tone Siobhan Hughes-Geraghty Castlebar Celtic Intermediate Pilates Siobhan Hughes-Geraghty The Hub, St Mary’s

€30 €50

1.10pm 1.10pm 5.00pm 5.15pm

Aerobics Kundulini Yoga Boxercise Pilates

€30 €40 €30 €35


1.50pm 1.50pm 6.00pm 6.15pm

Circuits Beginners Pilates Pilates Circuits

Phone Number

Emer O’Toole Joanna Moran Sharon Kenny Taragh Cosgrove

St Mary’s Hall, GMIT Nursing Suite, GMIT St Mary’s Hall, GMIT Aras an Chontae



Counselling & Careers Service If you experiencing difficulties remember that there is lots of help available. You can call Michelle, the Counsellor, on 0949043127 to make an appointment. You can also call into her during her drop in time from 11.15 to 12.00 each day for quick queries or to make an appointment Michelle also runs the Careers Service on campus, so if you have any queries regarding your career please call her for an appointment.

Action Against Litter As part of the green campus campaign the Student Union formed the Action Against Litter (A.A.L.) which has been promoting a clean campus and the correct use of recycling bins which are allocated throughout the college.

No to Fees

For the past two years the Union of Students Ireland (USI) of which all registered students of GMIT are part of have been fighting the introduction of 3rd level fees by minister for education Batt O’Keeffe. It is a proud moment for the student movement in Ireland to say that our voices and opinions were finally heard and active protesting and lobbying has ensured that for the duration of the existing government their will be no introduction of fees. However hell bent on students paying for education Batt is, attempting to increase the registration fee again further increasing the existing plight of the third level student. We will be keeping you posted on that and the class reps will keep you posted as to any movements we will be keeping you informed! On the day the announcement was made Alan Judge SU President and Clare Lawlor Vice President were at the RDS campaigning against the introduction of fees to the Green Party where Clare and Alan spoke to the Green Party members as they arrived by bike on what their opinions on 3rd level fees were and highlighted the plights of many students which they have faced due to the increase of the registration fee and the the ncertainty of the introduction of tuition fees.

The AAL also cleaned areas outside the college from rubbish in the grass areas and also the cigarette butts. The AAL hope that smokers can walk the 10feet to the allocated bins and please keep the campus from looking like a dump. The AAL removed 3 full bin bags of rubbish from just the surrounds of the campus. The SU held a Green Day with Green Day music pumping through our speakers and wearing a bit of green in support of the green campus initiative. Thanks again to everyone involved.


Registration Issues This was a huge issue for many students and the Union has been working tirelessly to try and resolve these issues to date we have with the support of the admin staff been able to resolve most if not all of the problems. Unfortunately there are still a number of students unable to get registered due to the influx of grant applications to their VEC and COCO. Any student that has filled out their forms we have been working to getting it resolved. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary Lammond a tireless fighter for the students here in GMIT @ Castlebar who is only one woman but did the work of ten! Without Mary taking on such a huge task we would still be trying to resolve many many issues. For this Mary we salute you and thank you so much! We do not forget Bridie, Caroline and those others who helped us along the way in terms of registration either! Students who had to repeat or defer examinations and were awaiting information on whether they were allowed into the next year were awaiting forms from Galway and while trying to resolve the issues of registration Alan Judge, Clare Lawlor and Sean Murphy had a meeting with registrar Bernard O Hara and the head of Admin in Galway who ensured we would get our forms in the post. We refused to leave the Galway Campus until the forms were printed and we would hand deliver them to the administration office here in Castlebar. Galway was not amused. However I am delighted to say that Castlebar was the first campus to get the issue resolved and I would like to thank the SU exec who supported the trip and the student body who were so supportive on our return with the registration forms. If any student is still unsure where they stand call into the SU and we will let you know what we can do! On Wednesday the 28th of October 20 student Reps attended the registration working group held with Cait Noone and Anne Donnelly where the concerns of the students were raised and solutions were made as to not let this happen again. Well done to the Reps who are making your voice heard at a level where action can and will be taken. It is encouraging to see so many leaders among the student body willing to stand and be heard on issues that affect others not just themselves. Thank you guys!


If you are still unsure where you stand, call into the SU and we will let you know what we can do!

Student Food Drop Another student led initiative where a number of mature students noticed some of the younger students struggling with budgeting for food. So thanks to the efforts of these students a food drop has been created in the Common Room Kitchen. Just take what you need and leave what you can. Non-perishables if possible please. Thank you to all students who have been moved to help their fellow students. This is one of the reasons that make GMIT @ Castlebar such a great campus to be part of.

Equality News Hey guys, James, “head whatever” of the *EQUALITY Society here. I’d just like to thank everyone who turned up for the Tran*tastic night on Thursday (the 22nd of October) and give an even bigger thank you to everyone who dressed up for the night! It was a great way to raise awareness of both equality, and the society itself. Congratulations to Fiona Moran, Thomas Cox, Caoimhe O Shea, and Oisín Foden who won prizes on the night. If any of you want to get involved with the society just contact me or Siobhán, the “vice whatever and PRO” or anyone in the SU; thats what the society’s about, getting involved! We’ll be having a few more nights out, etc. so please try supporting us in any way possible. If any of you need me I’ll be dossing around the SU most days, so you’ll most likely find me there.

Learning Support Help Read&Write gold version 9 and Mind jet mindmanger pro 6 are now available in the open computer lab. Run them on one of the computers in the open lap to watch the video tutorials, or check them out on utube to see how they can help you plan, research, proofread, and so much more ;)

Review The Hot Dots Circus Performance Monday Night saw the hot dots a circus and performance act from England. Their unique play and drama interwoven with the sublime artistry of their circus skills enthralled the audience and kept us all on edge as they performed their acrobatic routine. They used a mix of audio visuals to enhance their show which was about the development of the relationship between two performers during the 1930s and the eventual separation of their show due to artistic and egotistical differences. A great show of skill and truly entertaining.


Hey Guys, Hope the college year got off to a good start and everyone is having a memorable time so far. Ok, so by this stage all clubs and societies should be truly up and running. Some clubs and socs have had a more active start to the year compared to others but captains/ chairpersons it isn’t too late to turn this around- get out, get and have fun. Along with the academic and social side to college, sporting achievements, the fun and the people you meet through your chosen club/ soc will be remembered long after you leave GMIT. Clubs and societies provide the opportunity to meet new people and grow long friendships with people you may not meet otherwise- I’m talking from first hand experience!! So what I’m saying is take time out, get active, and allow your college your college experience be pushed to the max and most of all, have fun while doing so.

Clubs & Socs

If you would like to know anything further on any of the Clubs or Societies here at GMIT, call into the SU or into Nigels office (beside the SU). Here is an overview of what some of the clubs and societies having been doing so far… (all the documents that I sent already to go here… ladies GAA, Boxercise, Mens GAA etc) - Sonya Condon Clubs and Societies Officer

TRAINING TIMES FOR CLUBS MENS SOCCER- Mondays 6pm BOXERCISE- Mondays 6pm and Wednesdays 7:30pm WOMENS GAA- Mondays 7:30pm and Thursdays at 6pm HURLING/ CAMOGIE- Mondays 8pm MENS RUGBY- Tuesdays 6pm MENS GAA- Tuesdays 7:30pm ARCHERY- Wednesdays 4pm Everybody is wecome to all these sessions, just come along to your prefered club or drop into the Students Union.


Clubs & Socs GMIT Soccer This year we have seen a huge resurgence in the interest in soccer within the college. We have 60 members signed up with interest in various aspects. We have a panel of roughly 26 players for the men’s team. One of our highest turnouts in the last few years. This year we also welcome a new manager as Declan Kilkelly had to step down we would like to thank him for his work in his 3years in charge. The new manager is Brian Coffey a 1st year mature student. Brian has worked with nearly every level at Westport and is a proven manager so we were lucky to get him. This year the club is been run slightly different as we are not just concentrating on the competitiveve side of the game, we are also trying to get a 5 aside league going for those who just want a kick about. We are trying to get something going for the older soccer players in the college at the moment and we will keep you informed with our progress. We have only played one league game so far this season against Fermanagh who we lost to 3-2 but any one watching the game can tell you this was down to our mistakes rather than them been the better team. They are a good team and maybe there little bit of experience was the difference on the day. We have three matches to go and we would ask for as many people to get behind us and support us at home games. This year so far we have run a table quiz last Wednesday night the 21st October. This was a great night for us as it is the first event the club has organised in a couple of years. We have to thank the TF who have been very accommodating for us. Hopefully this will continue and we will have some more great night out. We would also like to thank everyone who has supported the club so far and also all the people who sponsored prizes on the night.


Although we do not have a womens soccer team this year, we do have a number of students interested in travelling to the National Futsal Intervarsities which will be held in U.L this year. If you are interested in travelling down and taking part call into Nigels office for more details.



Wednesday 14th of October saw the Ladies Gaelic team kick start their year with an impressive victory over campus rivals GMIT Galway. The blistering heat in Ballyheane didn’t effect the intensity of the game, which Castlebar upheld for the entire 60 minutes. Coming up against a team of higher division, this fresh Castlebar team, under new managment of Trina (Junior) McNicholas of the Mayo Senior team, were able to hold their own for a convincing win over their Galway counterparts and hopefully stand to the girls for the league and championship campaign of 2009, with their league kicking off on Wednesday 28th October against NUI Galway. On the day it was obvious to the spectators that the GMIT Castlebar team have been putting in a huge effort at training and look like a strong force to be reckoned with, a challenge that all the girls will be putting up. As this was a challenge game, it gave Trina the ability and flexibility to work with and adjust the layout of the team and to show her their abilities outside the training pitch. Katie Rogneen looked very strong in between the posts and gave 100% for every ball. With Siobhan and and Horse winning the important battle at mid- field, the forwards were in no short supply and maximised every scoring opportunity. In particular, Roisin and Scutch worked well and showed their ability and accuracy on the ball, fighting off any resliance from the opposing team. Sinead O’ Hara and Rachael Fallon held the defence and were on hand to break down any sign of a Galway comeback. With Megan Winters and German Erasmus Student Katrin coming off the bench for their first ever gaelic game, spirits were high- fair play girls!!


On Wednesday 14th of October, our hurlers welcomed Sligo IT to the home pitch at Ballyheane. This is the first outing of this brand new team in the league campaign 2009, a team which was desimated by the loss of seveal talented athletes. They have been trying to get themselves back on track with the motivation of senior players such as Oisin MacTiarnain and Nick O Lonain who have also taken on the all important and inspirational role of head coaches. Unfortunataly the day did not go to plan and Sligo IT came out of the game with the points, however, some great performances did show on the day from players such as Castlebar natives Ronan Kenny and Conor Douglas who showed great strength in the full back line. Other performances that should not go without being recognised came from Brian Howley, a talented and skilful player who is looking on top form for the coming year. James Lynch was transformed by his return to forward duties after a year spent languishing in defence had stifled his immense attacking talents. Also special credit goes to Benny Mee, who played half the game with a broken shoulder and we wish him a speedy recovery! Comic relief was provided by late comer Paul Martin in the full forward line who kept the referee on our side. The game also provided a great insight into the abilities and skills of first years Colm Hassett, Kenny Jordan and Paul Ruane. Training has intensified to push on and get a better result from their next league game away against Athlone IT on the 4th November.


Clubs & Socs Kayak Club Last weekend a group of our members went up to Buncrana to take part in a Boater cross on the 25th of October. Our group of paddlers took 1st and 3rd place in the novice section and the top three spots in the expert class. In 1st place for the novice was Diarmuid Higgins and in 3rd place was Dominic Graham. In the expert division 1st place went to our former captain Ronan (Bosco) Shaw who still helps with the club and its events. 2nd in the expert division was a new comer to the club Paddy Mcgovern an established kayaker in his own right. And in 3rd place of the expert division was Paddy Woods a big long distance kayaking enthusiast whose fitness levels showed on the day. We also had more members make it to the semi finals but to just lose out due to fatigue we won’t say from what though. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all that came and took part, hope to see even more at these events in future. So far this year the club has been very active, going out every Wednesday on the lake and the slave auction and also the river clean up and I would like to thank every one for making the slave auction and the river cleanup such successes. It is now at the time of the year where the club picks up a little more starting with river trips and this year sea kayaking and also skills workshops. There will be a lot going on over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the notice board so that you don’t miss out on anything. - Alan Rogerson Kayak Club Captain

Weekend of Rain... In early November, the Kayak Club ran the lower gorge section of the lower Clydagh. 8 students ran the gorge section a number of times with two rope rescues required. For those new to the sport, these recues are common place and were executed with precision and ease. Allowing the swimmers the opportunity to run the section again. The kayak club also ran the Shranalong on Sunday with three of its members running the cascades although they were begging to get low it was good for the level of experience gained. The kayak club would also like to congratulate Bosco, who became its first member to gain his Level 5 proficiency over the week in Scotland. He is actively involved with the club and has been part of its rebirth in the past number of years. Bosco began his kayaking here in GMIT @ Castlebar and has made me (Alan Judge) very proud of his accomplishment! - Alan Judge


What happens when you throw litter on the ground? It can take many years and even centuries to decompose.

Plastic Bag 10 - 20 years

Cigarette Butt 10 - 12 years

Plastic Bottle 450 years

Beer Can 200 - 500 years Litter ruins the appearance of our towns, villages and countryside.

Please help keep our county litter free. To report incidences of illegal dumping of waste and littering please contact Mayo County Council’s Free Phone Litter Line.

1800 400 256 For further information, please contact Sharon Cameron Environment Awareness officer, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co Mayo. 094 90 24444 (PDLOHQYLURQPHQW#PD\RFRFRLH


Clubs & Socs Rugby Men/Women This years rugby has taken a slow start but it is there guys and gals. Anyone interested is welcome to join in on Mon at 6 for the girls and Tues at 6 for the lads, every week. Keep an eye on the sports board to see any changes. Its always good fun and a great way to keep fit. Most training sessions have a good game of tag to get going which everyone can learn to play within minutes! We have a match againts GMIT Galway on Wed the 11th November in Castlbar RFC. Anyone who hopes to play needs to make training to ensure we are in with a good chance. An additional training session will be on Thurs the 5th Nov aswell as the Mon/Tues sessions. Well done to our students playing for Castlebar RFC at the weekend. A great performance was seen by Danny O’Morchoe, Paul Yeun and Mark Llewellin. They were key players in a tough match that saw them beat Ballina 22:5 away. Keep up the work lads! Anyone interested in joining Castlebar Club or the College team come out to the trainings above. Give our sports officer a shout to sign up for the txts too. Lets play ball! - Danny O’Morchoe

Ski/Snowboard trip For the past two years we have been on two incredible trips away to UCPA Argentiere, France, both skiing and snowboarding. We are hoping to go again this year after christmas in the first weeks of January. About 25 of us usually head over for the week, lecturers and students alike. Boarding down from 3,500m to 1,500m has been one of the most amazing feelings of my life and is well worth the money! A meeting will be held in the coming days to see who is interested, get numbers, let you know whats included in the package and the prices we have been quoted so far. Keep an eye on the sports notice board for meeting times. Tuc and role baby!! - Danny O’Morchoe


Alan Running GOAL Triathlon On the 27th of November, SU President Alan Judge is running an indoor tirathlon in Kingfisher leisure club in aid of Goal. Donations and sponsor card available in the SU. The distance will be 20km bike followed by a 10km run and a 5km row. Please support.



banking only better

nuntt dAe Surrtu ent cco C





0/-: Č˝

Contact: Olivia Jennings permanent tsb, Ellison Street, Castlebar, Co.Mayo

(094) 902 4516


5 &/ 6% 45 /5 & 6 / 0  -* 0/ %*4$ 03& 45

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Personalised cards are only available on cards with the Cirrus facility. A charge of %10 will apply per card. Government Stamp Duty applies. Calls may be recorded. Irish Life & Permanent plc (trading as permanent tsb) is regulated by the Financial Regulator. Information is correct as at 30/07/09.

LM-116 CURRENT ACCOUNT AD caslebar.indd 1

Contact us!

If you have something you would like included in The FMP, please email /// Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all contributors. A GMIT Castlebar Students Union Publication, 2009. PHONE THE SU Alan Judge_GMIT Castlebar SU President // 087_7520575 Clare Lawlor_GMIT Castlebar SU Vice President // 086_0542474


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Sensitive Disposition...

Joke Corner Anytime you see a young man open a car door for his girlfriend, either the car is new... or the girlfriend is. -----------------A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch. “I couldn’t help noticing how happy you look,” she said. “What’s your secret for a long happy life?” “I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day,” he said. “I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods, and never exercise.” “That’s amazing,” said the woman, “how old are you?” “Twenty-three,” he said. -----------------A family went to a hospital, where one of their relatives would be having a brain transplant. One of the relatives asked, “What will the cost of a new brain be?” The doctor replied, “A female brain costs $25,000 and a male brain costs $50,000.” The men smirked, but one of the females asked, “Why is that, doctor?” “Well,” the doctor replied,” the female brain is less because it has been used.” -----------------Girl: You remind me of the sea. Boy: Why? Because I’m so wild and romantic? Girl: No. You make me sick. -----------------Q. What’s green and has wheels? A. It’s grass. I lied about the wheels. -----------------A skeleton walks into a bar and says, “I’d like a beer and a mop”


Please drink sensibly...

Jesus was...

Three arguments that Jesus was Irish: 1. He never got married. 2. He was always telling stories. 3. He loved green pastures. Three arguements that Jesus was a woman: 1. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was virtually no food . 2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it . 3. And even when He was dead, He had to get up because there was still work to do.

Thanks to everyone who sent in jokes / pictures!


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