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Seduction and the Modern Man The pickup world has recently been flooded with companies trying to capitalize financially off the frustration and lack of ability that guys have with attracting girls. This is a growing epidemic that is sweeping across all classes and locales across the globe, and there are any number of variables that are directly contributing to this sad state of affairs. Where guys were once completely comfortable in their roles in life and knew who they were and what they stood for, our modern world has changed so much (and continues to reinvent itself almost every single day) that today’s man is trapped in a constant state of flux. For this main reason Modern Man has set out to distinguish itself from the other attraction companies in the marketplace and give today’s men the kind of hard hitting and cutting edge information they need to attract women. The Modern Man ethos is simple – cut through all of the bull that is being dispensed and marketed as high quality attraction material and trainings and offer only high impact products and solutions for attracting the highest quality of woman possible. Where so many other people and companies in the space fight over the last dollar, Modern Man takes an entirely different approach combining knowledge and free information with the intent to get you to a certain level and comfort zone as well as establish their credentials as a top flight seduction company. There are very, very few companies in this space that have the kind of transparency and dedication to perfection as the guys behind Modern Man – something you used to see in the early days of pickup but has become almost a dying breed in the new commercial environment we find ourselves in. Speaking of old school pickup and how it was a formative experience for the guys at Modern Man, they’ve kept the same message of community first over commercial enterprise alive and well. Where we used to be a collection of frustrated guys underground reaching out and assisting our fellow men the seduction community has almost morphed completely to a more commercial first industry – something that Modern Man just doesn’t and will not embrace. If you’re interested in more than just some silly lines and a rah-rah motivational speech when you buy pickup products or look for the best trainings and instead are looking to belong to a truly unique and personal pickup community, the choice is clear – you need to look into the Modern Man solutions as soon as possible.

Seduction and the Modern Man