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-My story-

• Name:You-Yi Chen • Age:18 • Favorite:Listening music , watch TV ,play badminton • Hometown:Yunlin County • About:I’m a shy person, but sometimes I’m not shy. My english isn’t very good ,but I will tried my best to introduct myself in this program.

-Experience of workWhen I was senior high , I went to library and work for volunteer one month on summer vacation. Library is a nice place, because there have air condition for free.But in serious, it should pay attention, or sometimes will make mistake on put the book in right number place.

In fect ,although I was volunteer, but at these month , I learned many things, like how to compleet the book in right way. Also,it remind me if we finished reading,we should put the book in own place ,or the holder will very busy.

Thanks for reading