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If you don’t think the usual cheesy Halloween parties and bad costumes are going to cut it this Oct. 31, maybe it’s time to take a trip somewhere on the spooky side. Instead of quieting their ghostly pasts, many tourist spots are now trying to capitalize on them so you can actually stay in a haunted hotel room or visit a place where scores of people died from the black plague. We rounded up the scariest places to visit — if you dare! DOROTHY ROBINSON


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One ghost: Something that goes bump in the night

Five ghosts: There’s a pretty good chance of becoming possessed by Satan.

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The Real Mary King’s Close Edinburgh, Scotland Spooky level:

In the 17th century, Mary King’s Close was an underground slum in Edinburgh, Scotland that was devastated by the black plague; there’s a long-standing rumor that in 1644, in an effort to quarantine the victims, city officials just sealed it off, leaving some 600 inhabitants to die inside. Now that it’s a tourist attraction, you can take the supernatural history tour, which examines urban myths and legends, as well as tries to explain the sightings of mysterious figures since its opening. Info:


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Travel destinations with an extra spooky edge Where to head this Halloween season to get scared — and maybe even haunted

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The Bite

The above-ground tombs in the cemeteries of New Orleans are often referred to as “cities of the dead.”

New Orleans Spooky level:

Are these places just not spooky enough? Read the “Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Revised Edition,” which is written by several of the world’s leading paranormal investigators and is filled with firsthand accounts, interviews and photos of haunted places.


Described as “America’s most haunted city,” New Orleans has a host of spooky events for you and yours. Its voodoo tour teaches guests about

the city’s cryptic culture and aboveground cemeteries, and explores how voodoo legends and haunted cemeteries have shaped New Orleans for centuries. Info:

Jared Coffin House Nantucket, Mass. Spooky level:

If you check into room 223 in this allegedly haunted Nantucket hotel, you just might get a visit from the ghost of a little girl. Not a believer? The innkeeper has apparently had a few “run-ins” with spooky

guests who don’t need room keys — they just float right in. Info:

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