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Welcome to the World of Walter or WOW for short. WOW is a collaborative inspiration network built for JWT London. WOW has been created to be a totally open platform for all users to interact with. There is no mediation on WOW and the whole network is supported by the content contributed by its members. WOW allows you to post, share, rate, upload and comment on anything that interests you. This can be anything from the latest work of an artist or director to useful articles that you have read. You can post something that has inspired you or just something fun that you found or that was sent to you from a friend. WOW is a window into the collective tastes of our agency. It allows us to connect and share our curiosity and expand our learning. WOW has been designed with familiarity in mind. The platform and its content are displayed using conventional viewing formats based on blogs and social networks. WOW is basically a collection of blogs that are split into individual channels according to content type. As you will see, these include: Film, Music, Art & Design, Digital and so on. These channels are then underpinned by a basic social network format. Most of you who have social networking accounts will recognize the basic layouts and how to interact with them. For those who may need to brush up, there is all the help that you need to get started in this guide. WOW is a network that has been tested by about 40 members of the agency to define relevance and purpose. It has been designed by JWT for JWT. This is our network. This is our World of Walter.



What is Webjam?

How to Join WOW

Open your web browser and insert the URL: HYPERLINK The best ways to return to the WOW site in the future are: Adding WOW to your browser’s bookmarks or bookmark bar. Setting WOW as your default home page. To do this go to your browser preferences and enter the URL into the section marked Home Page. On the home page of WOW click the button: ‘Join WOW’. This is located on the lower right-hand side of the display. Complete the simple registration form. Please note that prompts will guide you through this section. If you select a user name that is already in use or leave a space between words, the site will flag this and ask you to correct your information.

Tips: Remember that your Username will be the name that people will see on the site

Many of you will notice the word Webjam that is incorporated into the WOW site.

so Fluffy_Bunny may not be a great idea (unless you like Fluffy Bunny that is).

Webjam is the platform that WOW is built on. This company provides the technology for people to create and maintain their own social networks. When you sign up to WOW you will

R emembering lots of passwords can be a pain. Using one that you use for other

also be signed up to Webjam. There are many benefits of exploring your Webjam membership.

sites can help.

These will be elaborated on later in this user guide in the section called ‘Extras’.

It is important that all JWT members enter their email addresses in the field marked ‘Email address’. There are no separate inboxes on Webjam sites. This means that all messaging and updates are fed to a preferred email address. Using your work email will ensure you get all of the latest updates and newsletters. Once you have completed your registration form click the button at the bottom ‘Create my Account’. This will send your request to join the network to an administrator who will activate your account. The administrator will also set you up as a collective editor allowing you to post content to the different channels. When your request to join the network has been processed you will receive an email to welcome you to WOW. Now you will have full access to the site and all its functions. You can request that your computer remembers your account settings to save you signing in repeatedly. If, however, you do log-in via another computer you will need to sign in when returning to your normal preferred computer. Now it’s time to start to explore WOW.



Explore Here is a quick breakdown of each channel and what you can do to add to WOW.

Home If home is where the heart is then this is definitely the case on WOW. The Home Page contains the main activity feed for the whole network. This allows you to see at a glance what is going on. It tells you who posted what and when, who started a discussion or posted a comment, who just joined WOW and who set up an event.

work The Work channel is aimed to help us celebrate all of the work that we do at JWT. All channels are open on WOW but account co-ordinators will be the main custodians of this channel. Here they will be able to upload

Tip: Activity feeds feature a lot on social networks. Each of the channels in WOW has

all of the latest work created by their accounts across all media. This is not for our creds or our clients. This

a mini activity feed so you don’t always have to go back to the home page. Everything on

just shows off everyone’s hard work and those who contributed to make it happen.

an activity feed features quick links to take you straight to the action. Tip: This channel is not just for UK work exclusively. If you know of other great work from The Home Page also features an open Web search so you can have WOW as your main browser

around the global JWT network that deserves a post, please share it.

home page. This allows you to search the web as a whole or by key categories. It also allows you to choose which search engine you wish to use depending on your preference.

The Work channel also hosts links to other JWT Blogs and JWT Trend reports to keep you in the know.

Each page on WOW features a network search bar. This allows you the ability to search for anything

The channel also supports a Network Search, mini activity feed and a link to the JWT Flickr account so you can

on WOW. This can include, posts, topics and events. Simply type in key words to get your results.

access all those embarrassing pictures from agency parties.

The Home Page also includes a notifications board for the administrators to post news and updates. Users can read about latest issues and join the conversation to discuss the site as it grows. A Suggestion box is also a key feature to get your voice heard with regards to WOW.

Film Adventures in Sound and Vision. This channel does represent best in class. Film, shorts, animation, documentaries, experimental art pieces, commercials, promos and new directors. This channel aims to


showcase the best and most inspirational in these mediums. If your not sure your entry is up to scratch share

Buzz is a channel devoted to all the fun things that go around the Internet. Post images, videos, share and

it in Buzz.

write about anything. The content here does not represent best in class but it is important to understand what gets sent around the web no matter how daft. These are the things that are truly viral. Understanding this can help us create more engaging content. It’s hard to be snobby when your beautiful film costing 100k

Tip: When posting about someone’s work always make sure you accredit the artist and embed a link to their website or representation. It could get them some work.

gets 200,000 views and a cat stuck in a box gets 10,000,000. Buzz also supports a Network Search and mini activity feed.

The Film channel supports a module that allows anyone to add URL links to sites that fit within the category. Film also supports a WOW network search and mini feed.

Tip: Unsure of what to post? Take a look at the content posted by others. This sets the tone for each channel.



Music Bands, solo artists, DJs, gigs and ‘track of the day’. Any style any genre. The music channel gives you the opportunity to show off and post what you’ve been listening to and share it with everyone else.

Digital Technology, Gaming, Mobile, Social Networking and the Web, this channel is your plug-in point to everything New Media. Post the latest in gadgets, emerging trends and website designs.

Tip: Not sure if you should upload a music promo to the Music or Film channel? If you’re posting because of the promo, put it in Film. If you’re posting because you love the

This is geek chic at its best.

band more, put it in Music. There are no rules really as long as you’re having fun. Tip: More of a PC than a Mac and in a frenzy over the latest anti PC ad by Apple posted by your mate? You can vent your views by posting a comment on any of the blog posts.

A new ‘Track of the Day’ will feature each day so click on it to try something new.

This is a great way to start a conversation. See the ‘Get Involved’ section to learn how

The Music channel supports two links modules that anyone can add to. The first are

to post a comment and more.

for links to band sites, Myspace pages and Spotify https. The second is for generic music links. The channel even allows you to upload a photo from your last gig.

The digital channel also supports a module to add links to sites relevant to digital media. It also features a retro arcade game of the month. Month one: Puzzle Bobble. Asteroids, Donkey Kong & Pong coming soon.



The Art, Design and Photography channel is another best in class channel. Post illustrators, graphic

This channel is to showcase commercial work in an ambient environment. This can be commercial

designers, painters, photographers, sculptors, installation artists and exhibitions. Write about the work of

installations, inventive outdoor media, commercial events and PR stunts. If a brand is being experimental in

artists that have inspired you and see what others like to find something new. This is a great place for a quick

the great outdoors post your findings here.

inspiration break. Tip: If you don’t want to leave a comment but do want to make a quick statement about a post, Tip: Remember to accredit artists and embed links to their websites. This will allow people to

add a rating. WOW allows you to rate posts out of five stars. One click and your done.

explore and enjoy more of their work while also raising their profile. The Ambient channel supports WOW network search, mini feed and links modules. The Art & Design channel also allows any WOW member with a flair for art to post their own creations for the network to see.



Members This is the community area. This is where those who play on the network live. Users can search for members and send them messages. You can also invite people to be a part of your own personal network. Personal pages are covered in the ‘Extras’ section of this guide. Remember all messages will be sent to members’ jwt. com Lotus Notes account.

Events The Events module is a great way of finding out what’s going on from a cultural standpoint both inside and outside of the agency. This module is an open collaborative calendar. You can post any event you wish. This can be anything from a showing of a new directors reel to TLCs or the Typography events. You can tell

The members area also hosts a link to Google Maps with default setting at 1 Knightsbridge Green but you

people about and invite them to upcoming gigs or exhibitions. The module works with your Lotus Notes so

can use it to find anywhere. You will also see two helpful live feeds into the TFL London Underground. The

if you opt into an event WOW will synchronize it with your main calendar via an email. See how to create an

first lets you see when a leaf has fallen on the tracks and caused a 7-hour delay to getting home. The second

event in more detail in the ‘get involved’ section of this user guide.

is a handy route planner.

Glossary Forum

The Glossary is a Wiki. For those who don’t know where the word Wiki came from it means ‘Quick’ in Honolulu!

The Forum channel is a blank canvas for discussion and opinion. The first module is the WOW wall. This is for quick shout outs and notifications. If you need something quick, this is the most visible place on the network. The second main feature is the Discuss module. This is allows you to set up open forums and discuss things in more depth. Once you engage with one of these modules you will get updates pushed to your email to keep you in the loop. To stop receiving updates you can deselect the tick box just above the

This module is designed to let you post and share all of the daft jargon and acronyms that plague our industry. The Glossary is in fact a really helpful repository for all things that we hear about but could do with a definition for. We all have areas of expertise so if we can take a bit of time to explain some of the basic terminology we can help our collective learning. This means no more nodding enthusiastically in meetings when the person in front of you may as well be speaking Korean.

‘Post message’ button. Users can also select to opt out of the discussion by unsubscribing to the forum. The module is fully searchable to help you find what you are looking for. Any member can also suggest a Poll. This is a great way to quickly gauge your opinion. Simply write the details of your poll in the ‘Suggest a WOW Poll Question’. Provide the closed answer options as in a,b,c or 1,2,3 etc…

To post an entry go to the ‘get involved’ section.

Then state how long you would like the poll to run. The results will be visibly tallied to get your results.



Cult.Urls This channel is your quick window onto the open web. It is a collection of RSS feeds (See WOW Glossary) that take the latest information filtering onto a selection of sites relevant to our industry. It displays a huge amount of information in an efficient way. If you like the look of a headline within a feed simply click on it to be taken to the source webpage to read more. Cult.Urls also has open links modules for latest sites of general interest and list of prominent bloggers whose opinions attract large readerships. You can add to these modules at any time. Unfortunately it is not possible for members to add RSS feeds. If you would like to add a feed please enter your request in the ‘Suggest an RSS’. This will then be picked up by a WOW administrator.

Playtime Playtime is a hands-on creativity channel. It will announce and showcase fun projects put out for anyone in the agency to participate in. Some of these projects will focus on individual expression but many will be based on collaboration. Some projects will be tailored to experience new technology or emerging social mechanisms. The one thing that all of these challenges will share is that they will be fun and easily achievable. Players can put as much or as little time into each project as they choose and still get something out of it.

An example project would be: Design and build the ultimate paper aeroplane. Cut, fold, research, experiment and accessorize. Put your own personal stamp on aviation. Test flights will be filmed in the Comm in two weeks and all the results posted on Playtime. Chocks Away!

Playtime will not be a permanent fixture on WOW. Challenges will be announced at random and you will only be able to see the Playtime tab when a project is live.



basics GET INVOLVED... this section will go over some quick tutorials to allow you to interact with WOW and get the most out of the experience.

Rating Rating is the quickest way to state your opinion on content without having to write a comment. You will


notice that on most channels, articles give you the opportunity to rate them. The rating system is based on

Many WOW channels feature open modules that allow any user to add a bookmark / link to other sites on the

a scoring of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best. To rate a post let your mouse hover over the stars and click on

open web. These mean you can choose to link sites pertinent to each channel: film sites for the film page,

the star that is the most appropriate. This will register your vote. Notice that when you hover over a star,

music links to the music channel etc.

an information icon appears after the fifth star. This allows you to see your voting history and the average

Click on the green plus button at the bottom of the module to add a link. This will open up a small window

rating for that article. It also tells you which articles have been rated the highest and those who have been

inviting you to ‘Add a new bookmark’.

interacted with the most.

Enter the title of the site or band name. This will be the text viewable on the WOW channel. Copy and paste the URL address for the link. This is the full address at the top of your browser on the site


currently viewed.

The best way to have your say about an article is to post a comment. You can ask a question, get more details from the author, state an opinion or add something to evolve the post.

Tip: WOW already gives you the http:// beginning to any URL address.

To post a comment you click on the ‘Add Comment’ link. This is situated at the top right-hand corner of

If you copy and past the full URL from a site it will double up and the link will fail.

each article.

To get around this, delete the http:// in the WOW URL box.

Your click will lead you to the post’s individual area. Below the article you can enter your comments. There is also a field that allows you to enter a URL link if required. When you have finished, click the button below the comments box, ‘Add Comment’. Your comment will be instantly logged and you will be accredited for your contribution so others can respond. Your comment will also be posted on the network activity feeds to notify other members.

You can enter a short description of your link to give it more context. WOW’s network search relies on key words entered in title bars and also tag words entered additionally by users. This allows everyone on WOW to find all the possible results to a search made. Please take the time to put in a few key word tags that relate to your link. To add a tag simply write the approprate words and

Once you have left a comment you will be automatically updated of any other comments left to that post.

make sure they are separated with a comma and then a space, e.g. band, music, rock, lady, gaga

This means you have subscribed to the article. These updates will be sent to your email. This will allow you to know if anyone has replied or added to your comments so you can respond. If you wish to opt out of these updates simply untick the box under the comments section labelled ‘Subscribe to Comments?’. To return to a channel select backwards green arrow featured next to the title of the main article or the link labelled ‘Back to…’ that sits next to the add comment link.



Post a Blog As a member of WOW you are able to post blog entries onto the following channels: Buzz, JWTv, Film, Music, Art & Design, Digital and Ambient. This is the most important function of WOW.


If you are familiar with blog posting WOW uses all the same features found on blogging platforms. For those

WOW makes it very easy to message other members.

of you who like to share your content between different social platforms you can use WOW to push out to all Messaging is a more private way to correspond with another member of the network. The messaging service on WOW is linked to your Lotus Notes account. This negates the need for having another inbox to worry about.

of your blogs and social networks. WOW’s share icon lets you push to over 40 platforms including Facebook, Myspace, Digg Delicious, Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress and Twitter. (While WOW is a members only platform, however, only other members can view pushed material.)

Four ways to send a message on WOW:

For those new to blogging here is a step-by-step to popping your blogging cherry.

Go to the members’ channel. Type the name of the member you wish to message into ‘Search WOW Members’.

Choose a channel you wish to post to. Click on the button ‘Write New Post’ located at the top of the blog page. This action takes you to the main

Tip: At present Webjam will search its entire member database. This means that it will

publishing window.

potentially serve results for user profiles outside of WOW. To get the quickest and most

Title: Enter the title for your Article in the field provided.

accurate results, type in the full name of the member required.

Manually search the ‘WOW Members’ module that is displayed in alphabetical order. Once you have located

Tip: WOW uses the words in your title as key words. This is what WOW’s

the member required, click on their image to go to their mini profile.

search engine uses to track the post. Make sure you don’t make your title too obscure.

Any member who has added a blog post to one of the channels is accredited for the post. Click on their

Have fun but try to feature an accurate description.

name situated below the post title. Body Copy: Write anything you want into the main copy area. There are tools just above to help you manage All member activity is picked up on the main and mini network feeds. This also attributes a named link to the

your post. Most of them you may recognize from basic word processors.

member’s mini profile. Colour: The first icon allows you to change the colour of your text. Once you are on a member’s ‘Mini Profile’ you will see a ‘send message’ button. This will lead you to the main messaging window. WOW automatically attributes your member details. Enter a title, then your message, then type in the security code. Once the code has been entered, click ‘send’ to deliver your message.

Text Style: The next three icons change your text from between bold, italic and underlined. Text and content alignment. Align left, centre, right and full. Lists: Bullets or numeric. Indents and Outdents .



Option 1: click ‘Upload’ Tab

IMPORTANT: Embed and Unlink. This one needs a bit of explaining. WOW does not let you copy a link and paste it into your post and make it a rich media link. All rich media links to external sites need to be embedded. Fortunately doing this is very simple.


Click ‘Select files’


Locate image from your computer and click ‘Select’.


Optional: Tag image and add description.


Click ‘Add more files to queue’ if required.


Once you have finished selecting you images click ‘Upload Files’. This will return you to the main library window. Your images will now be visible in the uploaded files.

Simply write whatever text you wish to prompt a user to click your link e.g. ‘click here’.

Then highlight the text. This will prompt the embed buttons to become fully visible.


Click the ‘insert’ button.


Select your image size: Large 300px is a good standard.


A lign your image. This is mainly for multiple image layouts. Keep ‘Normal’ as you select

Select the first icon to embed a link. This will open the insert link window.

and if this is not right, try align left.

Copy the desired URL address from the site you want to link to.


Border: Keep as ‘normal’.

Paste the URL into the field ‘Link URL’


Ignore Horizontal and Vertical padding.

Target: Select: ‘Open link in a new window’.

xi) Click ‘Insert Image’. This will return you to your blog publishing page with your image inset to preview.

Title: give your link a title (optional) Click Update to embed.

Option 2:

To unlink a link, highlight the text and click the unlink icon. Your link will be disabled.

Click Add URL. This allows you to select an image from an external web page and link it into your post. Very simple.

Link a table. It is unlikely you will need to use this option.


Upload an image. Posting a Picture is essential for all posts to help make them look engaging. Remember:

ii) Right click on image. Select ‘Copy Image Address’ (Mac) or Select ‘Properties and then

Post a Pic. Most sites allow you to drag and drop images from their sites onto your desktop.

Find desired web image on external site.

copy the ‘Address URL’ (PC).

Click ‘Insert Image’ icon to open image library window.



Paste the URL into the ‘URL’ Field.


You can play with your image size settings if you wish to customize them.


Click ‘Insert Image’ to add it to your blog post.


Upload a file: This procedure is the same as inserting an image. You can insert PDFs, Word Docs, Power Points. Most file types are accepted but there is a file limit of 5Mb. Click ‘Insert File’ icon. Select the media player that the file uses to run. In most cases web films use Flash. If you are unsure stick to

Select the ‘Upload’ Tab.

the default ‘Flash’ and it should work. Select file from your computer Optional: You can customize the dimensions of the viewing window. This is can help if you feel the viewing Optional: Add tags and description.

window from the original source is too big.

Click ‘Add more files to queue’ if required.

Standard size for 16:9 (widescreen) films:

Click ‘Upload Files’. This will take you back to the main library window where your file will be visible.

480 wide by 295 high

Click ‘Insert’ to add the file to your blog post.

560 wide by 340 high Standard size for 4:3 (square) films:

Important: Insert / Embed Media

320 wide by 265 high

To embed a web film from sites like YouTube or Vimeo follow these steps. Please note that not all sites allow

425 wide by 344 high

you to embed their films. Click ‘Insert/ Embed Media’ icon. Click ‘Insert’ to embed your film. This will take you back to the main blog page with your media attached. Copy the URL address from the page playing the film required. This can be done from the main http:// address line or many public upload sites like YouTube have a box with URL and Embed Codes. For your use,

Do not worry if you cannot see the film. You may just get a yellow fill preview box. Your film will be viewable when the post is uploaded onto WOW.

only use the URL code. Paste the URL into the ‘File/URL’ field.



Edit HTML This should be treated as an advanced option. The only time it may be of some help is if you are having trouble embedding a film. Sites like YouTube allow another option to Embed media. Copy the Embed code from the source site that pertains to the required media and then simply paste it onto the end of the HTML code. This will embed the media directly.

Click ‘Post Message’ to post your forum

Tagging. Enter key words that represent the content and context of your post for the WOW search engine

You can subscribe to updates on who engages with your forum. Ensure the ‘Subscribe to replies on this topic?’

to recognize.

box is ticked. You will receive your updates via email to your Lotus Notes.

Publish your Post. To publish your post live onto WOW click ‘Publish Post’.

To unsubscribe you can either:

If you have not finished a post but wish to save it to work on later you can click ‘Save Draft’. To recall a draft select the ‘Manage Posts’ button on the main WOW channel page. This is located next to the option to ‘Write


Untick the ‘Subscribe to replies on this topic?’ box


Click the ‘Unsubscribe from this thread’ icon.

new post’. To enter the post again select your post from the inventory and click ‘edit’. You will now be able to

To ensure your opening post stays at the top of the forum, click the icon on the far right that looks like a drawing

complete your post and publish it on WOW.

tack. This is known as making a post sticky. To lock a discussion and no longer allow comments, click the icon on the far right of lock.


Edit your post by selecting the pencil icon on the far right.

The WOW Forum channel lets you create and control your own online discussions.

Delete a post by selecting the red cross icon.

Create a forum: Add a reply to a forum:

Select ‘Post a New Topic’.

Click on the forum you wish to comment on.

Enter a Subject in the top field. This will be the title that others will see on the main forum page.

Write your comments in the ‘Post a Reply’ box.

Enter an opening statement to start your conversation

Click ‘Post message’ to post your comment. Tip: Think about what you want to achieve with your topic, who you want to engage with.

You will automatically subscribe to a forum you engage with.

Open questioned topics will give you broad responses. Closed and more focused questions will receive narrower responses.



Glossary Entry Using the WOW Glossary Wiki couldn’t be easier. Searching the Glossary: Type your query into the search bar. If someone has already posted something regarding your topic you can retrieve the results here. Using the A > Z. For browsing purposes you can also use the A > Z buttons to navigate

Event Entry Coming Soon!

around the wiki. Reading an entry. When you have found an entry that interests you, tap the double downward arrow button on the far right of each entry header. This will expand the post. Creating an entry: To add your little gem of knowledge to the glossary click the ‘Add new entry’ button. The entry form that appears is the same as the blogging post form. If you need to refresh your knowledge of how to use this form please go back to the ‘Post a Blog’ section.



Blogging Etiquette

This little article contains some very simple pointers to help you write really engaging posts that everyone will enjoy and interact with.

Attribute your sources

What do I write about?

Always remember to accredit your sources where possible. WOW is a creative information network. Its It can sometimes be daunting writing your first post but once you’ve popped your blogging cherry it can all get very addictive. Everyone has interests. There is a bit of geek chic in everyone. Post about the things that really engage you. Don’t worry if your contribution is mainly based in one channel and about one subject. If

purpose is to widen everyone’s understanding of creative work on an immersive level. To ensure that you provide the richest experience always credit those who created professional work and embed links to their personal sites or companies. This can help us get the best talent into JWT and also help artists get work.

everyone does that with all the potential interests out there then we will have a great network. Saying that, do not be afraid to experiment. WOW is supposed to be fun.

POST A PIC If I can offer one bit of advice this would be it. Always post a picture when you write a post. WOW is a creative

What channel do I post to?

and visceral experience. Pictures can bring your post to life and drive your readership. Always Post a Pic. WOW is not designed to be rigid. Sometimes a quick check of the channel definitions can help. Sometimes a post seems as if it can fall between two channels. In this case just go with your gut feeling. If you wish you can write about why you chose to put your post in one channel as opposed to another. It is your point of view

Respond to comments

that makes each post unique.

Replying to comments is good blogging manners. You know that you have posted something good when someone takes the time to comment on it. This is the beginning of a conversation so take the time to acknowledge those who make comments you never know where the conversation will take you. It is also

Be original and have an opinion

great to answer people’s questions so they can learn more. If you are posting content, the likelihood is that you have found it elsewhere on the web. Try to make your commentary on the post reflect why you found it interesting. It is fine to copy links and attribution details but

Appropriate behaviour

make the main copy your own. Copying and pasting other people’s copy is bad manners.

There is no moderation in WOW for a good reason. We think that freedom of speech is a good thing. We respect the fact that we are all old enough to know what is appropriate and what wanders past the line of

But I don’t have time to write lots of editorial. I have work to do!!!

good taste into the offensive. Be expressive, test boundaries and use your own good judgement.

This is a fair point. Members of WOW are busy people. If you don’t have a lot of time you can still contribute and make a difference. Copy in posts can be as long or as short as you like. A short post is better than none.



Extras: Once you have got used to all of the features on WOW you may want to start exploring some of the other features that being a member of a Webjam social network can bring. Many of the following may be superfluous to your needs but you will need to know some of the basics. To use WOW you will use the URL HYPERLINK If, however, you click on your user


name at the top of the WOW page or go to HYPERLINK and sign-in, you will go to

The more you use WOW and start to add your own content, the more you may notice the call

your own personal Webjam area.

to ‘tag’ posts and links. Key word tagging is a very common practice in the blogosphere and on bookmarking websites. It is the key to help manage and retrieve items held in a database

Basic View:

or content management system. Simply put, search engines can only return results if the information to retrieve them exists to support that search. WOW recognizes each word that

‘My Activity’: This shows your own personal activity feed for your interaction with Webjam. This means if you

you put into ‘title’ fields when adding content. Additional tagging can then focus in on the topic

join any other networks or use your own personal webjam page, this activity will be logged and displayed here.

and contents of the post or link to help the WOW search engine recall things at a later date. On the right-hand side you will see a link to your own personal profile page and then underneath is a list of the Please take the time to put in a few key word tags that relate to your link. To add a tag simply

networks that you are a member of. When you first join you should only see WOW in the ‘My networks’ summary.

write the appropriate words and make sure they are separated with a comma and then a There is a status bar at the top of the page. This performs the same function as the status function on

space, e.g. If you wanted to tag the short film The Old Man and the Sea you could add any of

Facebook. It is there to express to your friends a summary of what you are doing or how you are feeling at

the following tags: artist, animation, sea, fishing, Hemingway, paint, glass, Aleksandr, Petrov

any particular moment. ‘My Networks’: This aggregates a summary of all of the networks that you join. It also displays your memberships and channels joined.

You will also see an icon ‘Create a network’. This allows you the chance to build your own network like WOW. Advanced user guides on how to create a network are available on the Webjam site. It’s a lot easier that you think.



Personal Pages: ‘My Contacts’: This area allows you to manage your contacts. Remember that all of the members of

Every member of webjam gets their own personal page. It contains a default layout of

WOW will not be listed here. This is your personal area and you can invite whoever you wish as a

modules from the webjam toolbox. This is a great place to experiment. The options to modify

friend into that area.

your personal page are the same when creating a webjam network from scratch.

The ‘Add new contact’ icon allows you to send friend requests to anyone’s email. Remember you

You can delete all the defaults and start from scratch. You have control of the layout structure,

can invite anyone into your own personal area and networks but only those with a email

module selection and look and feel. To gain access to these options click the ‘edit site’ tab at

address will be accepted onto WOW.

the top of your page.

To add a contact, enter their email address, set the title line for the email if you want to alter


it from the default. Finally add whatever personal message you might want to impart. Finally

Name your Page, tag your profile, enter a personal URL if you have one. Set your network

choose what network you are inviting someone to. Click ‘Send request’ and then the recipient

email address, add a description about your page. Set the page privacy of your profile within

will be sent the request by email which they must accept.

the webjam network.

‘My Account’: This page holds all of the account details that you registered when creating a profile.


You can change, update and amend these details at any time. Please always ensure that your

All Webjams are made up of a series of modules. It is up to the user how they want to

primary email address remains a registered account.

sequence these modules according to their objectives. These modules all are individual

Upload a Profile Photo: This is also the area where you will be able to upload your profile photo.

applications that perform different utilities. Explore the options available and have a play.

To do this click ‘My Profile Photo’. Click ‘Choose File’. Select the photo you want from your

Once you select a module you can drag and drop it around your page to control the layout.

computer. Try to avoid using files that are too big in data size. Once the photo has uploaded click


‘save’ to complete the process.

To determine the look and feel of your page you can either select a standard template or go

‘About Me’: Much like Facebook and other social networks you can elaborate on your personal

into the more advanced customization settings. For the uber advanced you can even access

details beyond the basic criteria featured in your registration.

and alter your pages CSS.

Notifications: This section allows you full control of the notifications that Webjam can send


through to your Lotus Notes. Select what’s right for you.

Manage and communicate with your friends. Again remember these will be your selected friends, not everyone from WOW.

For further inspiration and tips go to:



WOW User Guide  
WOW User Guide  

WOW User Guide