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The Benefits of Interning Earlier There are many different benefits of interning earlier then what the HRD school has in store for us. Some of those benefits are:

Work Experience Lost Opportunities

The Benefits of Scheduling Issues Interning Earlier

Work Experience Students also lose very important work experience that most might not have a second chance to get. Here are some key points: Students get better work experience to pu ton resume Students get to see how the “real

Lost Opportunities There are many lost opportunities happening when we have to do our internship on our last semester. Here are a few of the key ones: Learning things at an internship that you can apply into future classes. Graduate a semester

Scheduling Issues Scheduling for classes has always been a problem as a student but scheduling for an internship is even harder as a student. Here are some good reasons why it will be easier for students: Seniors no longer have to spend extra time on it No longer a rush to find and fulfill the Professional Phase

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