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Data Privacy Statement (see also – “Join us, Newsletters & GDPR” page ) Reading Civic Society only uses the information we keep to help us to administer the functions of a membership-based organisation and to notify you of our latest news, activities and events. On occasion we may inform you about events and activities organised by other organisations in and around Reading which we think may be of interest to members. We will not pass your information to third parties without your permission, unless required by law to do so. Members’ data is kept and maintained for the duration of your membership. In the case of former members details will be retained until the Gift Aid on any payments has been reclaimed. Members personal details are not held anywhere on the internet. We may retain membership information for historical reasons but former members may apply at any time to have their details removed from the record at the address below. Please post to: Richard Bennett, Chair, Reading Civic Society, 69 Baker Street, Reading. RG1 7XY. Or email to

13 May 2018