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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? a) I managed the group dynamics well because I am very much a team player, and I enjoy working in groups. Also, I think that working in a group is very helpful because you have more than one opinion, and you have different people that are good at different things. This helps because it means that one person can do something whilst, the other person does another. This speeds up the whole process. Technology played a big part in this because social media sites such as facebook allows us to communicate quickly. We also communicated through the use of texts and phone calls and also skype. We held a few group skype calls with our actors as well to give them a chance to give their opinions, and also to give them instructions and to tell them when to meet and where, and all of the information needed. The example of social media already said above, also helped us to meet the required deadlines and we would constantly contact each other and tried to motivate each other to get everything done on time. Next, we had to create quite a lot of documents to aid us on our way to creating our thriller. We created a shooting schedule, risk assessments and a list of actors, props and costumes. We used technology such as google drive to help us to create these documents together because google drive allows two people to share documents so that you can both edit it at the same time. We managed the equipment in an efficient way, making sure to keep everything in its box to reduce the chance of damaging any of the equipment. We also made sure that the battery was charged and we blanked the tape the night before filming. b) My group split the filming and editing workload evenly so that we would both experience filming and editing in equal amounts. When filming, we took turns in using the camera and we also helped each other out. If I was filming a shot, Dan would set the lighting up, and vice versa. We both edited during lessons, break and after school to ensure that we get everything finished, and to a high standard. Sometimes I would edit on my own and sometimes Dan edited on his own as well, but most of the time, we went to the editing suite together because it means that we both have an equal say in the way that we edit our thriller. Overall, I think we both put a lot of effort into editing because we wanted to make our thriller as good as possible. c) There were some potential health and safety issues which we had identified in our risk assessments document. When filming in the house, there were children running around, meaning that we had to ensure that they did not come near the set.This is because not only did we have expensive equipment that could be broken by a child, but we also had a red head lamp with us which could be dangerous. When turning on the lamp, the light operator warned everyone that it was turning on, so that they could look away to avoid harming their eyes. We also turned the light off immediately after each shot. Also, we used garden tools and dangerous equipment for our thriller. This meant that we had to use this equipment with care and make sure not to injure anyone. When we filmed in the graveyard, we were faced with the hazard of a busy road. This of course could be dangerous, but we made sure to keep all equipment away from the road. Also, in the

graveyard there could have been rocks or stones which could be dangerous, so we checked the area before we started so that we knew what we were dealing with. d)

e) During my research, I used Art of the title to view some clips of different films. This helped to try and see what type of thriller I wanted to create such as slasher or a psychological thriller. I also searched what type of thrillers people like the most and found that a lot of people like to watch thriller films when there is an abduction or kidnapping. I also used technology such as skype and facebook to communicate with my group in order to discuss our storyline and how we wanted to film our thriller.