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Why go north when prices are

going south?



gent’s Santa suit for €3. A toddler’s first walker for €18. A €130 watch for only €8! Have we gone crazy? No, we’ve gone to Crazy Prices! Crazy Prices has been open in the Ilac Centre on Dublin’s Henry Street for almost a month now, and has already gained a reputation as the ‘go-to’ store for all your Christmas needs and more. With 70 per cent discounts on the recommended retail prices of most items, it’s no wonder that customers are coming from Dublin and beyond to get their Christmas shopping sorted. There’s something

for everyone here – from kids to grandparents! The aim of Crazy Prices is simple – give wholesale prices direct to retail customers. This means that customers can buy items that are, on average, 70 per cent cheaper than Dublin prices and 40 per cent cheaper than prices in Northern Ireland. According to Anthony Seery, manager at Crazy Prices, customers are amazed at the value on offer. “What I would say to people is: Why go north when our prices are going south? “The customers that walk in here are saying that they’re absolutely amazed

by the prices that we’re giving. They can’t believe it – they’ve never seen anything so cheap.” Although the shop has been open barely a month, trade has been incredible, picking up week after week, day on day. “Customers get a lot of variety – and everything here is priced €1, €2, €3, €4 and so on – there’s no 99 cent, no 45 cent. It’s all round numbers. “We have actually had wholesale people, traders coming in and buying from us to retail on. They asked me could I do them better prices and I said: this is wholesale price, you’re not

going to get it any cheaper anywhere.” According to Seery, people today are concerned with discounts and value – whether it comes with brand names or non-brand names. Everyone is conscious of money and even Santa is on a budget! Crazy Prices has top brands and non-brands with 70 per cent off. At Crazy Prices, people are already starting to pick up some great value items for Christmas. The top seller is the 16” dancing musical Santa, the recommended retail price (RRP) of which is €22 – at only €6 here it’s a terrific bargain and would bring festive cheer to any

household, without breaking the bank! You can also get a 6ft luminous fibreoptic decorated Christmas tree for only €77, a saving of €200 on its RRP of €277! Have your tree sparkling this Christmas with 20 festive lights for only €1, or 100 fairy lights for €5. Turn your house into a winter wonderland with the luminous 10m flexible colour outdoor rope light for only €15 (RRP €54). Add to this the rope light lamppost (€37, RRP €133) and the rope light twin reindeer and sleigh (€48, RRP €158) and you’ll really be the envy of all your neighbours. Why not pick up the four-way

Unbeatable value in the heart of Dublin


It’s a very good place. This is our third time back! The products are great quality as well. We always go up North to buy stuff, for our new baby and general shopping. Once you can get prices like that down here, why would you bother? These prices are unbelievable.

A couple of years ago there was nothing like this at all in Dublin. The last time I was in the Ilac Centre there was nothing like this! The prices are amazing. This is my first time in the shop and I’ll be back again before Christmas.

We spoke to a range of shoppers at Crazy Prices, who all agreed there was amazing value to be had.

Wayne, Elisabeth and baby Joshua



For The Girls

16” Dancing Musical Santa

Glitter Doll in a Gift Box

Crazy Price: €6 RRP: €22 You save: €16 A fantastic novelty Christmas decoration – he comes with a candle, a saxophone, a violin or a lantern. One of the top sellers at the moment!

Crazy Price: €4 RRP: €14 You save: €10 These girls are never out of fashion and come in a range of stylish outfits to delight your little girl.

For Dad

For The Boys

Quartz Accuracy Wristwatch

Set of Four Wrestlers in a Gift Box

Crazy Price: €7 RRP: €25 You save: €18 A quality and stylish watch that comes with a 12-month guarantee. Dad will be well impressed!

Crazy Price: €6 RRP: €22 You save: €16 With moveable heads, arms and legs these American wrestlers are sure to give your little man and his friends hours of fun.

For The Whole Family

For The Little One

Connect Four

Buggy Activity Centre

Crazy Price: €5 RRP: €18 You save: €13 A terrific game that all the family can enjoy at an astonishingly good price.

It’s cheaper than anywhere else, I think. I’ve picked out a few things for my grandson today and the prices are brilliant. I picked up a baby play centre for him for €5. I’ll be doing all my Christmas shopping here.


Everything for Christmas requires batteries and Crazy Prices won’t be beaten on price, no matter what battery it is. You can get Duracell batteries which normally

cost €6 for €3, a pack of four Philips batteries for €1 (RRP €4), or a 26-pack of assorted batteries which normally costs €25 for only €7. Wrap up your trip to

It’s very reasonably priced – a kids’ Santa costume with hat for €1, or €3 for a gent’s Santa costume! We’d certainly come back to get Christmas decorations and other stocking-fillers. It’s really cheap. It’s better and handier to shop here than in the North . Natalie and Nora

some fun gifts for friends and family. Treat Mum to ‘the ultimate foot file’ with the Ped Egg, as seen on TV, for only €2 (RRP €7), and get baby’s cute first Christmas stocking for only €1.

Crazy Prices, and of course your presents, with the cheapest luxury Christmas wrapping paper in Ireland. A 12m roll costs an incredible €1. That’s Christmas sorted!

Crazy Prices Unit 20, Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1 Tel: (01) 872 7776

Overall Ireland is expensive, but Crazy Prices has better value than anywhere else we’ve been. If you have a small budget and are going out shopping for Christmas, for Christmas decorations and so on, this is a good place to come.

Lea and Dietlind, from Germany

extension lead, which is ideal for Christmas lights, available in Crazy Prices for €3 (RRP €11)? Fill your Christmas stockings with great value toys for boys and girls, as well as

Crazy Price: €7 RRP: €25 You save: €18 Attach this to your little one’s buggy and keep him or her amused for hours!

Why go north when prices are going south?  

Commercial feature in Herald AM, November 12 2009

Why go north when prices are going south?  

Commercial feature in Herald AM, November 12 2009