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Does Remarketing Work? By Ben Moskel

Proper Remarketing Can Give You an ROI That Typically Outperforms Other Channels Remarketing gives you a “second bite at the apple”. It’s another opportunity to convert your casual website visitors into customers. In addition, it gives you opportunities to show different offers and products to your existing subscribers and customers.

Which Remarketing Platforms Should You Use? Remarketing platforms that I recommend using include Google Adwords, Adroll, and Yahoo! Gemini.

Google Remarketing Google's remarketing platform gives you the ability to target inventory within its display network, which includes millions of properties. In addition, you can link your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account and create custom audiences to run laser targeted campaign to niche segments of your audiences.

Yahoo! Gemini Remarketing Yahoo! Gemini's remarketing platform gives you the unique ability to shows ads inside of Yahoo's email platform to your remarketing audience.

Google Remarketing Adroll has a wide coverage and accepts certain types of products and services that Google does not currently allow. For example, Google does not allow remarketing on certain financial services products while Adroll does allow this.