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Benjamin McKean


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25 September 2011

Focusing on typography, compare periodical reading between electronic and print based media. (Working title)

Dissertation Andy Broadey Tutor Rationale (200 words) My design practice revolves around a typographic investigation of layout and format with a focus on working across a range of media. In terms of layout I am interested in how the benefits of print and digital offer different possibilities, where concepts such as hierarchy and grid systems fall within them, and producing them to a professional standard. Within typography I have a keen interest in letterform, how it represents speech and how it works as communication. I strive to manipulate and produce lettering relevant to the context, whether it is increasing legibility for signage, working on a font that needs to be legible at minute sizes for information design, or working on the relationship between a brand and its typeface. I work on selecting correct fonts relevant to the period of history, context or subject matter relating to briefs informed by my interest in typographic theory. With ever updating technologies I aim to incorporate the functionality and usability of new media to aid communication without relying on it, whilst maintaining a passion for print which is still very much existent in society and will be for some time.

Statement of Intent (SOI) - (400 words) PRINT Attending advanced InDesign software workshops will educate me further in the procedures of producing professional print resolutions, it will also give me the opportunity to focus on the outcome of my layout of articles and text ensuring all the correct treatments and pre-print changes have been made. A confidence in key software I will be using adds professionalism to your practice, giving you the ability to make quick changes on request and speak to printers, clients and other designers in depth about the software and editing techniques. WEB Advancing my web skills is something I want to work on to add knowledge to the production stages of design for screen. This way even when designing on paper for website to be I have more insight into what is possible, what is reasonable given time restraints, and what I will need help from a web developer with. Having more web skills will also help me to produce, maintain and update my own website which is a key part of my personal promotion strategy.

FONTOGRAPHER At least one of my briefs will allow me to learn how to use font production programmes such as Fontographer. This will inform my knowledge about lettering, letter spacing, font families in terms of final font creation. TYPOGRAPHIC CONTEXTUAL KNOWLEDGE Reading books such as the ones listed on my OUGD301research proposal form will help me to understand ways of coming up with relevant solutions. Books on type history will inform my knowledge of appropriate fonts to be used for certain contexts, for example if I was designing a film poster about a film based on World War 2 I wouldn’t necessarily want to use a font created in 1960, and if I did I would want to know about it and have a reason. Books about current type techniques and mechanics will help me to produce and use type coherent with modern trends, technologies and opinions. I will continue reading magazines with typographic content as well as accessing the large amounts of online data including forums, communities and blogs. VISITING LECTURERS As well as secondary source information, visiting speakers with industry experience will help me work out which work I mostly appreciate and how to focus my personal practice even further on relevant briefs. BRIEFS Choosing relevant briefs to work on will underlie what I am able to achieve based on what I have set out. The briefs I write will allow me to produce work that showcases my abilities and ambitions.


Brief 1 (ISTD) Tales To Change The Word We want you to use the text of The Waitress*, a tale by Jack Zipes, to invest the book with the invention and experimentation of the magazine. Consider the current format, nature and pacing of a book; the half-title page, title page, dedications, colophon, chapter headings.... How might this change and develop into something new? The competition brief I have chosen is part of the ISTD competition and it was a clear choice out of the available briefs, it has the scope to allow me to do some experimental layout with a predetermined content. 3.

Brief 2 Charles Dickens 200th Birthday (Collaboration) We will propose to curate and promote an exhibition, which will celebrate the 200th Birthday of Charles Dickens. The exhibition will include artist and designers interpretations of famous Dickens titles. This brief will give me a chance to work in a collaboration on a research led brief. As we are working together there are possibilities to create an extensive amount of detailed outcomes. We have similar aspirations for the brief but have also identified how it could address our individual design practices.


Brief 3 Grid Type Develop and produce a set of 5 typefaces each based on grids or shapes from a personally sourced investigation of spatial and structural environments. This brief gives me the chance to work strictly with letterform and the relationship between different letters, I will also develop my skills on Fontographer. 5.

Brief 4 BFI Identity Develop an identity for the British Film Institute to be used as branding for the London film festival and to promote ‘an understanding and appreciation of film and television heritage and culture.’ Create a solution that reflects the history of British film culture and accommodates for modern trends. The identity should work across a range of film genres and audiences whilst being coherent and reflecting the BFI. This brief gives me the opportunity to work with branding and identity with a focus on promotional and supporting informative media. ADDITIONAL BRIEFS - D&AD GBH Poster live brief -Croatian Posters -Essay publications which could feed ISTD brief.

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