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Ben L. Smith High School 2407 Osborne Road Greensboro, North Carolina

The Many Faces of Freedom ... Only the Educated are truly free . .

Freedom is our American heritage . . . and freedom has many faces . . . it reflects in our eyes; it determines the firmness of each step; it can be heard in the ring of many voices . . . Along the halls, within the classroom, at each assembling, in the gathering places at lunch . . . the faces of freedom... . These are American faces . . . these faces of freedom . . . This heritage is gained through knowledge, strengthened by discipline, nurtured by creativity, and maintained through learning . . . It is the constant search for food to feed the mind and faith to clothe the soul... . Freedom's faces! Keep them ever bright, ever glowing... . In the pages which follow, see these faces...

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Our thanks for their loyal support .. .

A school annual cannot be produced by wishful thinking alone. It cannot be successful merely through the effort of students and advisor. There are always people in the background who gain no glory, but without whom, the book could not be possible. Mrs. Florence Whiteley and Mr. Otis Gardner helped the staff of the AQUILA in so many ways that it is impossible to conceive what would have happened without their support. The Staff of the 1965 AQUILA, therefore, lovingly dedicates the Second Edition to them. We hope this will show our appreciation for all they have done for us and for Ben L. Smith High School.

Mrs. Whiteley works conscientiously to keep Smith among the top high schools in Greensboro.

Mr. Gardner spends leisure time improving his educational and "physical" skills.


Able administrator, capable leader, and wise mentor, describe our principal, Mr. William B. McIver. His responsibilities as principal of a new high school can be compared to a vast horizon—we see only that which the limited scope of vision allows, but its boundaries go far beyond human sight. Students have been able to enrich their lives through his ability to provide firm leadership, an outstanding faculty, and strong moral precepts. In addition to his capacities as principal, Mr. McIver is a District Governor of the Lion's Club International, a position of high honor and integrity. We, the students of Ben L. Smith High School, appreciate his ever-present smile, his encouraging words, and his unselfish devotion to the principles of freedom and service.

Strong leadership fosters high standards

Arbiter of excuses, interpreter of regulations, and friend to all, Mr. Williams, our assistant principal, constantly finds himself with his desk piled high! Daily announcements, student transportation, textbook control, and disciplinary procedures, are but a few of his many tasks. He is always available to help with our problems, however, no matter how much work he has in front of him.

1965 Yearbook Project  

Yearbook in progress

1965 Yearbook Project  

Yearbook in progress