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Graduate Product Designer


Experience Ocado Delivery Driver (2017) - Communication and time-critical

Degree BSc Creative Product Design 2:1

Rockett St George Warehouse Operative(2016)

A-Level Geography - B | Computing - B

- Understanding of logistics and product lifecycle

History - C | Economics (AS) - D

Wasteland Ski Representative (2016) - Client communication and planning

GCSE A-3|B-4 |C-2 University of West of England Hurstpierpoint College Great Walstead Prep School

UWE Snowsports Media and Merchandise Officer (2016) - Designing and procuring a variety of media and committee planning



I am a graduate creative product designer looking for experience in a design environment. My skills range from idea generation, prototyping, product

Interests Mechanics

Hi - Eye Photography (Company Owner 2014) - Self-motivation, client driven, aerial photography

branding to creative marketing. I work effciently in a

Military History Skiing Photography Video Editing

team and am a busy, critical thinking aesthetically

Football, Cricket, Hockey

inclined employee with a strong environmental ethos.

Ben King Graduate Creative Product Designer 07446 899372

Skills Focused Problem Solver

Software Skills Sketching Model Making


Solid works






3DS Max

Critical thinker Photography Video Portfolio




Digital Media

Team Player Organised









01. SUBUD Individual Project

“ citizen

science and video diary in one ”

Brief : Improve the usefulness and interactive experience of a scuba dive log which contributes to the monitoring of the marine envionment.

Testing & Sketch Models

Testing of existing toy submarines to

the movement of the craft in the water.

understand thruster layout and control.

Initial sketch model to gauge scale and

How diffferent motor postitons affect

product features.

Features Basic control of the craft through FOB mounted on watch or BCD.

upper shell


Subud frame with the electric control board and cameras mounted inside.


battery box dome

Exploded Diagram


Subud environment on a boat before dive and during dive, highlighting how it can be used. In this case the diver has chosen to mount the FOB onto their dive computer watch

Model Final model on display.

02. Ark


Brief : Design a product which promotes and encourages greater physical activity in and around the working day.

Individual Project

Research New York High Line

London Lido Line

Bristol Waterways

Disused elevated rail road transformed into a public

London’s swimmable commuting

City waterways across the UK are rarely utilised to their

space to embrace nature. Regularly used by locals and

route. A swimming lane is inserted

full potential. Common examples are river taxis and

tourists alike as a means of exercise and travel. The user is

into the canal which has a

sightseeing tours which can be found in most large cities

given the opportunity to travel above the noisy and busy

membrane on it which filters the

including Bristol. However, even with these services there

roads below.

water. This allows the swimmers

is still the opportunity to make use of these wide and

to swim safely in what is otherwise

uncongested spaces which lend themselves to activity.

dirty water. Stations located along the route would house lockers and showers.

Several private sightseeing vessels use Bristol’s waterways Opportunity to use the waterways as there is little to no traffic

Water Taxi dock on the river

Ark Concepts

Zorb walk Commuter pedal boat

Kayak locking mechanism Kayak station

Kayak storage



Visualisation of an Ark Park on Bristol’s waterways.

03. SOMNUS TEAM PROJECT Brief: Design a first class aircraft cabin for a Boeing 777.


Initial layout ideas led to a full scale sketch model to help us utilise the small space. Roleplaying cabin crew and basic cabin features enabled us to iron out any oversights.

Large dining ta ble

Cushioned sofa for guest

Layout Features

slide up tv fully extenda ble seat to bed

personal storage

couple booth guest seating

Renders Rhino renders illustrating the form and functional elements of the cabins. Strong lines throughout the cabin give you a sense of flow and relaxation while feeling safe and secure.

04. Pocket


TEAM PROJECT Brief : Take an exisiting product, redesign it and then prepare it for production, taking into account materials, the market and costs.

Brand Research

Personas People who want ground coffee on the move at anytime and are willing to spend a little more for the quality of the coffee.


Dan Expensive


Young working male, who lives in the city. Has open ended shifts and enjoys social spaces.



Middle age mum who is regularly driving around doing chores. Works one day a week. Enjoys family time.


Hinged lid holds down plunger, preventing premature releases of coffee

Sealed non-drip screw on lid Dou ble wall thickness ensures insulation

Plug separates hot water from coffee

Closed off coffee compartment


I Know who I would rather be.

05. ww2


Car Restoration An ongoing project of the restoration of a 1943 Ford GPW I am conducting at home. Since beginnning this project I have taught myself to weld, manage a large project and understand the inner workings of a car.

During the restoration I have learnt a variety of new skills such as: Welding Spray Painting Understanding of materials Engineering Specialist tools

06. Hi-Eye Aerial Photography Buisness

Hi - Eye Photography Aerial photography company which I set up over the summer of 2014. Using a drone with a GoPro camera attached, I carried out work for several local estate agents to supply aerial shots for their sales brochures.

Ben King Portfolio  

A collection of my design work to date. Video links - Photogra...

Ben King Portfolio  

A collection of my design work to date. Video links - Photogra...