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INTERVIEW WITH GRAVEN IMAGE By Benji Womack -Your Music Magazine / Army Of Pit Soldiers Presents

1. Can you state your name and band name for the record? Kainan - Vocalist of Graven Image 2. So I will have to say that I’m seeing Graven Image everywhere these days, whats behind the perseverance man? The way I have always seen it is, if you want to make a living in music and you want to have success in any project your working on then you need to be in the right place at the right time. What better way to accomplish this than to be in every place at everytime. The other thing too is bro, I have been doing this a long time, since I was about 15 years old, I have seen a lot and been through a lot of let downs, but through it all the one thing I have learned is that there is nothing more in this world that I would rather be doing than playing heavy as hell music, be it live in front of a crazy ass crowd or recording or writing or any other facet of being in a metal band. So my perserverance derives from my pure love for what I do. 3. Now I have known you for a while man and there has been a lot of struggles for you keeping a band together, you think you got something solid this time? I haven't really had problems keeping a band together but you know and I know that in order to have a successful band and actually have success in this business you have to have the right pieces to the puzzle. With Graven Image we've finally been able to put together a line up that cares about our goals as in one instead of individuals. Other bands I have been in sometimes seem to care more about what they are going to get out of it instead of the greater goal, which is to write the best possible music we can. And when you forget that the most important thing is the music, then other distractions start to leak in making your band lose sight of whats important, and if a band loses sight of that then that is not something I want to be a part of anymore. 4. What does Graven Image represent and what message if any are

you trying to get out? Graven Image to me represents a group of individuals that have something to say lyrically and musically. We feel that Metal nowadays in some ways has forgotten the power that it has to make people change the way that they view the world and themselves in all topics. Me personally I am tired of a lot of the stereotypes that Metal receives, like for instance Metal is seen by a lot of our culture as Evil and Violent, when there is a lot more to it than that. Graven Image is also about putting the "show" back in the show. I don't think enough bands anymore really put on a good show for thier fans. Some national bands still bring it and put on a show, but as far as on an underground level too many bands think they can just go on stage and pretend that they are still in their garage. 5. Tell me what you guys are doing different to get to where you want to be? We really just try to use every bit of our limited means to give people a show. We also take a lot of professional pride in what we play. We spend tons of time practicing and getting tight. We make sure that we have the best equipment possible so that way when you go to a Graven Image show your getting to see the machine that is Graven image. Also, for instance when it comes to playing a show we take pride in getting up and off the stage as fast as we can, too many bands that I have seen or that we have played with are taking way too much time getting their shit up and off. No music fan wants to sit around for a half an hour watching a band get there shit together. Also, we always try to be early to every show and we never cancel a show unless it is not humanly possible for us to do it. 6. Whats your opinion on the issue that our local scene is struggling? I don't agree with that what-so-ever. I think there is tons of talent out there, tons of great bands,huge amounts of loyal fans. I do however think that there is a lot of things that could be done to improve upon the scene. Like bands could start promoting more, start doing more of the professional things that I talked about in the last question, fans could

start coming out and supporting all the bands on a bill not just their friends bands, they could also get more involved with bands like forming street teams to help with promoting the bands. Club owners and promoters could start promoting more wisely, like putting less bands on bills, rewarding the bands that are professional by paying fairly, by putting bills together with bands that they have actually taken the time to listen to instead of just throwing a bunch of bands that just want a show onto a bill. Pretty much everyone needs to stop fighting and looking out for number one and start working together because we all love music. 7. What achievements is Graven Image trying to accomplish in the next few months here? We are in the middle of finishing the writing process for our upcoming full length album "Out for Blood" which we plan to release this summer. We will be hitting the studio with producerD.Sheldon and recording at J street recorders in March. We also plan to continue to do a full schedule of shows as well as a few small tours this summer. We also plan to start shopping for a record label here in the next few months. We just finished a music video for the song "Hands around your neck" which was directeds by Ethan S.Tabor, and should be available at our shows and on the website sometime in March. 8. Any regrets so far? I don't really have any regrets so far, I feel that everything happens for a reason. 9. What can fans expect to see at a Graven Image show? An intense experience. Visually, sonically and emotionally. I guarantee that if you go to a Graven Image show you will be left wanting more. 10. What brought the band name Graven Image to life? We wanted a name that means something. We literally went through hundreds if not thousands of prospective names and finally I came up with the name Graven Image, because my mom is a controlling religious fanatic that tends to read things into scripture. When I was growing up

she read a passsage that read "thou shalt not worship thy graven image" . She took that to mean that you shouldn't possess an image of any living creature, be it on a photograph a carving and especially music, a recorded voice. So because of this I lived in a very torturous existence for many years. So by naming the band Graven Image, it was me naming my craft as my outlet to vent my rage and frustrations created from those events upon the world. 11. Tell me what you love most about this and what you hate most about being in the music industry? I love the people that I get to meet. I love the fans and their support. I love the commorodity of my band, and there is nothing like going up on stage and ripping a crowd apart. It is also great to be able to go out and get to first hand see so much young talent that is out there and getting to meet all the people in the music industry that I have grown up idolizing. I love being able to create great music, living in a country that is free where you are able to speak your mind. The things I hate about the industry are how it is all about the all mighty dollar. Be it the record labels not taking talented bands because they are worried about them not making them enough money. Or these major corporate bands who take poor kids and sue them for downloading their music, when they can't afford to buy a Cd from the store. Music is supposed to be shared, I understand a band needs to make a living but you don't need to destroy a kids life over it. The one thing I really hate is because of money all of these unsigned local underground bands have to be at eachothers throats and stab eachother in the back because they feel that is the only way they could ever make it. That is a product of the greed brought about by these record label monopolies that control the music industry.

Interview with gravin image  
Interview with gravin image