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HOSTILITY By Benji Womack –You’re Music Magazine & Army of Pit Soldiers Presents MAY 16TH 2005 Now Hostility was one of the first bands I worked with in the scene when I moved out here and through all the bullshit to get where I am today this band has stuck by my side. And for that I will do anything for them I can to help them fulfill there dreams. They recently made the theme music for the new online line matrix video game witch sold 500,000 copies before it even hit the release I feature this band in my first issue with your magazine and I just had the opportunity to interview the line on the air and here is how it went. Benji- Ok first off can you state your name and band name for the record? Tony- Tony guitars Andrew- Andrew drummer Benji- So tell has the Matrix game doing so far? Andrew- There raging, its been doing awesome for us Tony-Its pretty cool, it sold 500,000 copies before it was even released, and its cool to have three of our songs on there, Its good exposure, its good man is really going good Benji- Tell me the best show you can remember playing? Andrew- Right now I would have to say Slipknot, it was pretty intense Tony- Yea Slipknot was crazy man Memorial Auditorium Sacramento, almost 4,000 strong Andrew- Taste of the sweet butter Tony-Yep Yep Benji- Tell me the worst show you can remember playing? Andrew-Well we have played a good amount of bad shows in the older days , I think with anybody , any band starting off , but I think the worst thing is showing up for a show and not being able to play Tony- Yea I would have to agree the shiftiest show is not being able to play the show Benji- So where is the HOSTILITY from and were you guys in previous bands before this one? Tony- We are from Novato CA Marin County the bay area, Na this is the first band for all of us except for Brandon and Andrew witch had a band when they were younger but this is the first band for the four of us, and that’s pretty much the way it is. Benji- So tell me when can we expect a full length to come out? Andrew- Well the way it looks right now we got new material and we are going to be writing some new tunes this summer, so a lot of constructing on that, I mean we got a lot

of material and we are just looking for the right person to pick it up. You can expect the best full length to date. Tony- When we get signed is when you will her it (laughing) Andrew-You’re going to hear it and its going to be brutal Tony- It will crush Benji- What do you guys think about Tony- I think it’s a good tool. I actually never went on until about three months ago, I just been checking it out, we got a Hostility page on there now, its pretty cool you can find out what’s going on with bands, networking and stuff like that. Defiantly a good resource for bands starting out, shit even big bands, everyone is on there. Andrew- I think there is a lot of people on there that is generally not into music but into the whole my space thing and fine themselves listening to bands the never intended to in the first place and you got some new fans you touched thought the internet Benji- In your opinion is the metal world living or dieing? Tony- To the grand scene of things I think its thriving, but in the smaller scene I think um well it needs some work to say the least. I think personally its coming up, you know with bands like Lamb of God, Shadows Fall and all these bands that are pretty heavy, getting signed to major labels and things like that Andrew-Metal is defiantly big time right now, go to a store and buy a CD and just get down Benji- What changes if any have to be made to the music industry? Tony- People need to buy albums Andrew- People need to learn to support music, I mean its one thing to burn a CD , but when someone has a computer collection going on it kind of takes the fun away it. You know what are you going to do when you go to a show and you want to get back stage and meet the bands, I mean isn’t it the most rememberable thing to have the CD booklet that you bought at the store and the whole bands signed and has commits to you on it. . That’s what its all about, I don’t know but personally I am in to that. Tony- Most of all you’re supporting the bands that need it Benji- Tell what does this kind of music represent to you and why do you play music in the first place? Tony- Music is everything man , at least to me personally music is were it comes from ,its what gets you though the day when things suck, its always there, what it means to me is really what drives me and that’s it man , always has and always will Andrew- there’s just so much of it out there and it just all there, yea anytime, just a killer path of life Benji- Tell me the feeling you have deep down inside of you soul when you are on that stage performing in front of all HOSTILITY fans? Andrew- Defiantly a rush you know , sweating , the next thing you know Im kind of tense, but then I get lose and pumped up , just instantly keeps rushing, and you know everyone there wants to hear it and there pumped and feeling the rush Tony- For me adrenaline man take a shot get up get your act on and slam some people, not even sex compares

Benji- Any advise for the new bands out there lacking the knowledge of making something work for them in the scene, what would you have wish someone would have told you starting out in the music scene? Tony- Quit, na just kidding, just do it , you got to eat sleep and think only your band if your down to do that then do it man im still working at it and I love doing what I do I am no rock star I just love doing what I do , jamming Andrew- straight up, I’ll drink to that Tony -Cobo Wobo I’ll take a shot to that myself (Everyone is cracking the fuck up right now) Benji- Name some of the some of the nationals you guys have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with? Tony & Andrew- Slipknot, Superjoint Ritual, Fear Factory, Unearth Otep, Skinlab Chimera and a lot of others we can even think of right now Benji- I thank you guys once again , and its always a honor to chat with you guys man. Hostility- anytime Benji By Benji Womack

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