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BEYOND THE UNDERSTANDING OF MOST HUMAN BEINGS Review by Benji Womack – Of Felony1 Records Location: Chico, CA (private party) Band: Esoteric Label: Felony1 Records 2006 In the last two years I have had the privilege of working with a lot of great bands. But there are a couple that shines above the rest. So me and Edge set out on a journey to Chico, homeland to the band Esoteric. I must say that this is one of my favorite bands to work with on any level. The reason behind our journey to Chico was to catch up with the band to get an exclusive interview, and a show review in their home town. Due to their recent signing with Felony 1 Records, this was going to be there last show before they go back into the studio to record their 3rd album.

The night started off slow, due this was a private party, not a venue. People were still pouring into the scene most were getting hammered, waiting for esoteric to play. A few freestyle sessions took place in the meantime while random people got up and played some jams to hold the crowd over, but everyone was waiting for Esoteric. Even I was getting a little anise. Finally about 9:45 the band starts up the music. Leading out with the song Untie, the crowd suddenly gathered around the stage area to see the band perform. The energy was strong among the fans as an emotion of complete release, an obvious reaction to the crowds response, as they finally get to hear their hometown favorites, Kenny on vocals getting the fans worked up and sucked into the vibe that has been rightfully chosen for the listeners chance to understand something poetic as the five of

these guys on stage together. Josh with his energy filled dreadlocks as he slings the feeling of life out among the crowd in slow motion so the crowd doesn't miss anything. Doug and Chris playing there leads and solos out into the crowd as they channel the emotions of life and freewill through their visions of sound. Matt playing his flawless rhythms on the drums, as he zones out into his own goose bump ride ,loving the fact they are playing there music in front of these loyal fans. Quickly moving into the next song Contradiction System, the band is jumping all over the place as there fans are right along side of them. As they perform their unique style of hard-core rifts, flavored with some reggae and funk. Together it makes up one hell of a recipe. Moving on they added in one of their new songs Harder Than Me, which I thought was one of their best. Harder than most of their tracks, but still unique with its splash of funk and reggae. Getting closer to the end of the night they performed a couple of covers, Balls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine and 5 Minutes Alone by Pantera, which I thought was an excellent cover. Not trying to sound like Phil, but instead giving it an Esoteric twisted version. When the local authorities suddenly arrive I thought the fun was over. Instead was very cooperative with the band, and the band continued playing. Closing the night singing about what they love most life and Gauga, a crowd favorite by the response the song Gauga People. As the fans jump all over the place, moshing each other out for the last song. My closing statement is simple. If you have not witnessed the band Esoteric then you are missing a phenomenal band as performers, as people, and as the reason we listen to good music. The band has my highest rank and they will make it far in the music world. This was one of my most respectable shows I have been to in the local scene, so don't hesitate log on to and open your mind to an Esoteric understanding. By Benji Womack (Felony1 Records)

Esoteric show review from 2006  
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