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July 23rd, 2005

By Benji Womack- Your Music Magazine & Army of Pit Soldiers Presents Sounds of the Underground Tour-Shoreline Amphitheatre-Mountain View, CA Benji What do you expect to see and do during the SOTU tour and what do you think of the line up? Would you add or remove any bands? Benji Would you have liked to have been a part of the Live 8 benefit concert and if so, what song would have you sung? Benji Exodus?

What compelled you to name your new album Robot Hive of

Benji How does this album differ from your other albums, not just musically, but emotionally as well? Benji -

What were your social lives like while growing up?

Benji Wild?

Who was the person, or people, that influenced The Mob Goes

Benji Say you are sitting in a cafĂŠ of sorts and you overhear people talking about your new record and the band in particular, what would you like to hear? Benji If you could take a band under your wing, kind of like teaching them how to write better lyrics, guitar riffs or bass lines, who would you give some pointers to? Benji -

What band do you identify with?

Benji When on tour, how do you and the rest of the band keep things interesting and running smooth between all of you?

By Benji Womack