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World Wide Hole at TAT Berlin In 2008 we would like to open a hole between the art space TAT in Berlin and other locations in Europe. This Installation would create the possibility of collaborating with other art spaces in Europe. During the hole opening it would be possible to organize concerts, performances and other events using the holes as a vector of communication between publics in the different spaces.

world wide hole connecting the whole wide world Imagine being able to dig a tunnel through the earth, imagine looking down into this hole you’ve just dug and being able to see someone at the other side. Imagine being able to talk to this person, and to any other person where ever you dig a tunnel! World Wide Hole makes this possible! The goal of world wide hole is to open virtual holes all over the world. Each of these virtual holes would be able to connect to any other hole. Imagine a world where there would be holes everywhere, walking in the park in new york city, you stumble upon a hole, and find yourself face to face with a poodle and its owner in Paris, France. Sitting waiting for your metro in Tokyo, you look down and talk to someone waiting for their metro in Sydney, Australia! The possibilities are endless. World Wide hole consists of 2 computers connected with webcams through the internet. The technical elements are hidden under a pile of earth so that we can imagine the live video sttream as a “hole� in the ground. When 2 holes are connected it is possible to see and talk to people on the other side of the hole. For more information please visit:

world wide hole, London, Summer 2005

world wide hole, London, Summer 2005

world wide hole, Paris, Summer 2005

world wide hole, Freiburg, Febuary 2007

hole 1.0, Paris, Palais de Tokyo, 2005

Benjamin Lee Martin born: November 2, 1976 French/American +491577-3930324 email: website: Exhibitions: 2007 “ibrow”, LACDA, Los Angeles CA, U.S.A “rewind << >> fast-forward”, Kunsthaus L6 Freiburg, Germany presentation of a world wide hole 2006 presentation of the drawing program “humanography” SO69 experimental mediabox, Berlin, Germany 2005 july_”Paysage” 5eme edition \ festival Summertime. Presentation of “GreenerScreen” may_”The Final Cut” Exhibition powered by Candice Breitz, Palais de Tokyo, Paris january_”Air Cambodia” Collective Exhibition Palais de Tokyo, Paris january_”Air Cambodia” Group Show, Centre Culturelle Francais, Phnom Penh, Cambodia , organized by Jean-Luc Vilmouth 2004 november_” 88’ “ video playlist , 10eme Festival Cinemas et Cultures d’Asie, Lyon,France july_Participation “Nature Numerique” Belleville, France june_Participation “made in Grenoble” ,fashion show, with Emmaus Charonne, Paris, France opening of _ 2003 december_Group Show “The world maybee Fantastic”, Roubaix, France june_Participation 3rd edition of the festival Summertime, Belleville, France opening of _ 2002 june_Exposition “Red Art” (Campari) au Musee de la Pub(Louvre), Paris, France june_Participation 2nd edition of the festival Summertime, Belleville, France 2000 march_Group Show “Playground”, invited by Gianni Motti, SMM Galerie, Berlin Germany june_Participation 1rst edition of the festival Summertime, Belleville, France Studies: 2005 Residency, Pavillon, experimental research Laboratory, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France 2004 5th year Visual Communication, Ecole National Superieure des Arts Decoratif, Paris, France 2002 Diplome National Superieure d´Etudes Plastique, Grenoble, France