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First ISSUE of 2010! gift guide - Aberdeen gets christmassy - This Years Hot gadgets previewed

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- Our comprehensive guide to the best gifts available in 2010. Find out what to get your friends and family and find the perfect gift for a special one with our detailed guide on the latest tech and entertainment!

How and Where to Shop in Aberdeen - What shops should you buy from?,Where has the best deals?,What’s the best way to


Aberdeen gets Christmassy


Hottest gadgets of 2010 review


compare shops? Find out the answer to all these questions and more in our holiday shopping guide. Perfect for new comers to Aberdeen who find the number of shops intimidating.

- We explore the tinsel and light up town, snapping up pictures of everyones decoration efforts and have compiled some of our favourites in a gallery. We also explore the publics view of what they think of the towns decoration.

We Review the Apple ipad and Nintendo DSi XL and two other big gadgets of 2010. Are they as amazing as people say? Should you get one right away? Read our in depth article and find out if these gadgets are right for you or just a novelty.


Christmag’s 2010 Holiday shop & gift guide

Over here at Christmag, our excellent and hard working staff have found themselves being bugged by family members and friends on good gifts to get their siblings, children and friends etc many many times so to save us the grief of explaining for the 5th time what the difference between an Xbox and a Playstation is and what laptops are worth getting what to avoid, we’ve compiled our holiday season guide for readers to get clued in on some of the hottest electronics and toys and other gifts being sold in stores at the moment. From ipods to game consoles and from Laptops to board games we’ve got a diverse range of gifts covered so there’s something for everyone to be found in this guide!


For years Apple has been the kings of the portable media player market. Very few homes in the UK would be found without at least one i-device. This holiday season they have four fantastic products on the market for music and portable entertainment fans to get excited about!

1. The Shuffle RRP: £40 Apple’s smallest MP3 player and among the smallest on the market this handy device is ideal for music on the go, or at the gym. Coming in a rainbow selection of colours the shuffle has something for everyones taste. At only 2GB in size it’s not ideal for those who like to carry large volumes of music with them. + Highly portable + Quite cheap - Not much memory - No screen for music selection

The Touch - RRP £200-£330 Apples most recent model, being known as the Iphone without the phone part, is Apple’s most unique The Classic - RRP £200 and feature packed portable deThe Classic Ipod, having changed vice in the portable entertainment the least of all Apple’s different Ipod world. models since they entered the porta The Ipod Touch’s glorious high -bale music player market over a resolution 3.5” multi touch screen decade ago. is leagues above the other ipods The Classic has a larger screen and for clarity, graphical output, size, hard drive (memory) than the other contrast. models which makes it perfect for As well as music, video, camera Music enthusiasts to carry entire col- support and an internet browser lections around with them. the Ipod touch has an online It also allows users to watch down- application store with literally loaded video files or movies too. 2. The Nano RRP £130-£160 hundreds of thousands of free and Making it a good device for longer paid for apps for all kinds of audiHaving had more facelifts than Michal Jackson (RIP) the Nano has car or bus journeys or when you’re ences. stuck waiting for hours at the doctorsThe app store adds hundreds of come in several shapes and sizes in those dull waiting rooms. over the years. hours of entertainment for users + Large memory for music The Nano has always been the half to go through, with hundreds of + Easy navigation through files way guy between the Shuffle and games to chose from and thou+ Good Battery Life Ipod Classic. sands of apps for all kinds of uses - Not nearly as portable It’s small and light like a shuffle theres something for everyone. - Pricey but has with more memory and a + Portable Has a lot of competition from other touch screen for easier navigation. + Great screen big names such as Sony and Philips. + Packed full of Features + Portable + Better Library Navigation - Very Pricey - Quite Pricey - Battery life - Doesn’t play videos.




Want a new games console? Or tired of one of yours? Trade them in for something else instore! Trade in a DS and get a PSP for only ÂŁ9.99!

Get the wrong game for Christmas? You can trade in any retail game instore off anything else within the store. Save money and get new games! Trade in Fifa or Call of duty and get Any Wii game for only ÂŁ4.99! A fiver for a new game!!

Gamezone will not be beat on trade in prices! We will match any stores offers within 10 miles of our store. Just bring a reciept or written proof!

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