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Benjamin Carter Zamore Work Sample | Spring 2014 Masters of Architecture Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis

Reading Room in the City Fall 2013 | Studio 317 Buildings are disappearing in the Fountain Park Neighborhood. The accelerating disassembly of the urban environment changes the relationships of bodies in space. What was once solid is now permeable to views. Reading room in the city seeks to return control to inhabitants by allowing them to regulate how they are viewed.

Wilderness Observation Deck Fall 2013 | Studio 317 A valley is a natural amphitheater in which people move along contours, but where their views may sweep across. The wilderness observation platform optimizes the experience of visitors by introducing new contours to the site. Sometimes these are parallel to existing contours, sometimes they bend away, encouraging new experiences of view.



1. Semi-Autonomous Urban Recycling Unit

5. Studio

2. Kitchen

6. Half Bathroom

3. Main Entryway

(Master Bedroom and Bathro

4. Storefront

Compressed Space - Double Urban Dwelling Spring 2014 | Studio 318 (In Progress)



1 2

oom on second floor)

This duplex is composed of two functionally independent bodies. The shell, inhabited by an artist, is a static live/work environment. The mobile reclamation unit, inhabited by a controlled demolitions expert, moves about the city, performing acts of deconstructive digestion to ensure the health of the changing landscape amidst a collapsing urban grid.

Hover House - Design for a Residence Spring 2014 | Studio 318 Based on an early model for Compressed Space - Double Urban Dwelling, this house floats above its site, supported by a single cantilever. Sunshades regulate the density and quality of light, and floor-toceiling glass allows maximum view.

Split Function Library

Spring 2014 | Studio 318 (In Progress) By separating its functions and performing symbiotically, this urban library meets the needs of two disparate groups of users. During the day, it ships books from its collection to schools around the city, allowing St. Louis’s school districts to better adapt to changing populations. At night, the library roof serves as a cinema, functioning as a meeting point for a neighborhood primarily filled with young professionals.

Reading Room for Working Parents Spring 2014 | Representation II

This reading room uses the exterior walls of its carrels as a curving stack of bookshelves. Glass panels in the roof tip up during the day to allow convection currents to cool the spaces. At night, a firepit serves as the center focal point, while also illuminating the ornate paneling of the reading room’s interiors.

Site Analysis - Water Runoff Spring 2014 | Environmental Systems I (In Progress) This analysis of a fictional site in Taipei, Taiwan was created using Rhinoceros and the Grasshopper plugin suite Sonic Mosquito. The vectors were then passed into Adobe Illustrator where a gradient was added to simulate the accumulation of water as it flows downhill. It was combined with data gathered in Climate Consultant to devise an intervention strategy for two pavilions and an ADA-approved pathway.

Thank you for your consideration Benjamin Zamore 739 Heman Ave. St. Louis, MO 63130 978.505.8965

Benjamin Zamore - Work Sample  

Spring 2014 at Washington University in St. Louis

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