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BEN WAGNER Industrial Design Portfolio

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Current Address

410 Ada St. Cincinnati, OH 45219

Permanent Address


EDUCATION University of Cincinnati Industrial Design Cincinnati, Ohio G.P.A 3.2

2011- Present

Northridge High School Johnstown, Ohio G.P.A 3.8

Class of 2011



4907 Raccoon Run Rd. Johnstown, OH 43031

Rock-Tenn Co. Co-op

Fall 2013 Spring 2013

College DAAP Tribunal


College Works Painting Painter

Summer 2012

High School Art Club Cross Country Ski Club

2009-2011 2011 2007-2011

Kroger Co. Grocery/Dairy Associate Courtesy Clerk

*References available upon request

Alias Automotive Solidworks ArtiosCAD Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Microsoft Office

2009 - 2011

2052 Olympic Medal Set in future Fukuoka, Japan. A city with a unique blend of the past and the present.




Casting Process Ren foam was C&C milled into the shape of the 3D model. The ren model is then attached to a blank which is packed with sand. The sand hardens into a mold and the ren model is removed and molten aluminium is pored into the mold. When the aluminum is cooled it is removed. The final product is then sanded and polished to a shine.

Final Model

PCR500 Flex Ratchet By: A pneumatic ratchet designed to be more flexible enough to fit into the tight spaces of modern automobiles.


Task Analysis Removing a Strut Issues Requires great strength Hands are easily scraped on other parts Ratchet has so much torque it can cause injuries

3. Remove lower bolts

1. Lift vehicle with jack.

2. Remove wheel

4. Remove upper bolts

5. Remove strut


Build Process

Exploded View

Final Render

Ascension A a smart shoe designed around the fast paced future lifestyle.




Final Render

Thank You For your time & consideration


My portfolio from spring 2014.

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