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Sample portfolio | Benjamin Tuffy

Design & Art Direction

Sample portfolio | Benjamin Tuffy

Design & Art Direction –

Snow Travel Expo Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Thrust & Archipelago Book Design & Art Direction


Archangelsky Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Rock the Schools Tour Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Sydney Airport TRAVEL Magazine Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Miscellaneous Logos Brand development, Design & Art Direction

Snow Travel Expo Brand development, Design & Art Direction

– Back again in 2012 for its seventh year, the Snow Travel Expo has proven to be a huge success. The Expo is an independent, privately owned business run by snow enthusiasts. It’s creator, Phil Osborn whom I’ve work closely with since it’s conception is the ideal client giving me a full creative license and opportunity to brand the event and define it’s position in the market. The current creative is a small diorama that quickly became an iconic image in the Australian snow travel landscape and also, fast engraving itself in the snow enthusiasts calendar each year.


Model Concept Bring the ultimate snow experience, to a city near you. The event travels to Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane each year. The concept focuses on creating a winter wonderland for each visitor to escape too.


Website & Event Marketing –

Indulge your snow passion

ExclusivE offErs!Australia,

• Meet over 50 resorts from Canada, Europe, Japan, NZ, USA & South America • Exclusive offers from up to 14 snow travel specialists! • Gear & Fashion parades • Gold coin donation to assist with Japanese and Christchurch relief efforts. • Presentations, demonstrations, climbing walls.

Win A ski holidAy of A lifEtimE ...

Melbourne Sunday May 15, 2011 10am - 4pm

for two people to Big White & Silver Star, Canada, flying Air Canada. Includes 6 nights accommodation, lift tickets, lessons.

Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Hall 1. Southbank.


For T&C’s log onto: PRESENTED BY:

Sunday May 22, 2011 9am - 4pm

Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, Hall 6. Darling Harbour. STE_AD_230x297 xx.indd 1

7/04/11 5:22 PM

Advertising Design –


Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine & Website Brand development, Design & Art Direction

– In January 2010, I was invited to Art Direct and invest in the launch of Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine and Developed brand identity. Masthead / logo design, magazine layout / style, defined it’s position in the market, magazine sampling, media kits, company collateral and more. I have now taken the position of Creative Director of this title.

Issue three 2010 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards. ‘Magazine Cover of the year’ Australia’s Biggest Off-road Dirt Bike Website

Facebook 12,000 followers in 16 months

Website takeovers –


The Simon Anderson Stroy Book Design & Art Direction

– The most enjoyable project in 2011 was Thrust. A biography of one of Australian surfing’s most revered figures, Simon Anderson, published to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his design breakthrough, the three-fin Thruster surfboard. Co-authored by Simon and Tim Baker, this is the one surfing book every surfer should own.

Official Logo

Limited Edition Book Logo

SIMON ANDERSON Simon Anderson is one of the world’s elite surfer/ shapers, whose three-finned Thruster innovation revolutionized surfboard design. Simon was a leading pro surfer of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, finishing in the top 10 three times and winning five world tour events. But it was his stunning sweep through the ’81 season on his radical Thruster design that provided his lasting legacy to surfing – winning in huge surf at Bells Beach, small perfect lefts at Narrabeen and heaving Pipeline in Hawaii. By year’s end, virtually the entire surfing world had been converted to Simon’s Thruster. Simon continues to shape surfboards for a wide and varied clientele, and is still producing contestwinning boards for the world’s best surfers. He lives in Newport, Sydney, with his wife Sharon, and sons Alex and Jordan.

PETER TOWNEND: “Australian Champion, Pipeline Master, design guru. ‘Big Sime,’ as I’ve called him almost 40-plus years of knowing him, is one of the greatest of all-time, in and out of the water, and we’re all the better for it.” TERRY FITZGERALD: “The biggest thing the bugger really nailed everyone with was the layback. A lot of people don’t give Simon the credit for that. The layback under the lip, at six foot Narrabeen, where the guy holds that position for 20, 30, 40 yards. Think how hard that is. Have a real think about how bloody hard that is, to position yourself backhand in the tube and hold it. Then stand back up and whack the hell out of it. How awesome is that for positioning, trim-line, power, balance? It’s all there! ”

TIM BAKER Tim Baker is the best-selling author of Occy, High Surf, Bustin’ Down The Door and Surf For Your Life. He is a former editor of Tracks and Surfing Life magazine, and currently Contributing Editor to Surfing World. –

In October 1980, struggling with small waves on the pro tour, Simon Anderson stuck three fins on a surfboard and changed surfing forever. Over the course of 1981, Simon won the three biggest events in surfing on his radical innovation and converted the surfing world to his cheekily named Thruster. Now, for the first time, on the 30th Aniversary of his historic breakthrough, Simon tells the whole remarkable story of how a kid from Collaroy graduated to Narrabeen and then took on the surfing world. Still in demand as a shaper to the world’s best surfers, Simon continues to influence the course of surfing history.

WAYNE LYNCH: “People talk about Simon a lot of the time today in relation to the Thruster, but Simon Anderson’s a hell of a lot more important to surfing than those three fins. I think he was one of the absolute greatest surfers of all time, in any era. He could surf backhand as well as forehand, which is very rare in a natural foot ... because they’re just generally speaking retarded (laughs), inadequate, narrow-minded (laughs) ... Simon was so well-rounded, and probably growing up at Narrabeen on those lefts, he’s got to go left. Lefts are the best anyway. (laughs) ... “And he was a shaper right from the start and we don’t get that much any more ... All the great developments have come from the surfer/shaper through our history and it bothers me now that it’s not like that. There aren’t many young guys after our generation like that. I just really like Simon’s approach. He’s a very matter-of-fact sort of guy, good humoured - all sorts of personal attributes that I like, apart from his surfing. I just have enormous respect ... He really understood that excellence, absolute excellence, was what mattered, and that was his goal, not just to win. His whole surfing was about excellence.” DAMIEN HARDMAN: “Even today, he’s still surfing Narrabeen so well. I look back at footage of 20 years ago and, watching him surf now, I don’t reckon there’s that much difference. He’s slowed down a bit but he’s still cracking it as hard as anyone. His lines are the same.”

Published by



28/02/11 4:28 PM



Searching the islands of Indonesia Book Design & Art Direction

– It was a pleasure working with the best surf photography available and presented by Rip Curl Australia. My objective was to provide the reader endless opportunity to explore the photography and chapters without interruption. With the book in your hands, the beauty of this publication speaks for itself.

Archangelsky Brand development, Design & Art Direction


Rock The Schools Tours Brand development, Design & Art Direction

– Rock the Schools is a FREE education and entertainment initiative aimed at inspiring thousands of students across Australia to follow their passion and provide them with direction and knowledge regarding various careers in the music industry.

Official logo

Sydney Airport Travel Magazine Brand development, Design & Art Direction

– In August 2008 I was approached to launch Sydney Airport TRAVEL Magazine. Developed brand identity. (Masthead / logo design, magazine layout / style, defined it’s position in the Tourism market, magazine sampling, media kits, and company collateral).

Thank you for taking the time to sample a small portion of my work. More projects and creative work can be found at:

Benjamin Tuffy  

Benjamin Tuffy, Sample work

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