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food/4. wine/36.



Jams/5. Honey/10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil/12. Ready Made Food/24.

jams The products of “Colline di Evagrio� born in Abruzzo from agricultural and culinary traditions untouched yet. Following ancient Mediterranean recipes we pack fruit and vegetables from family farm who cultivate their farms with humility and wisdom. We use high quality raw material choices. We do not use preservatives, additives and dyes, but we try to keep the product as intact as possible, to offer the palate by flavours that quality and quantity of ancient land full of traditions simple and genuine. 5


Montepulciano grapes jam fresh fruit used 255 g for 100 g of jam


Peach jam

Plums Jam

Cherry jam

Apricot jam

fresh fruit used 253 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 230 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 267 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 263 g for 100 g of jam

Figs jam

Orange marmalade

Strawberry jam

Black cherry jam

Chestnut cream

fresh fruit used 210 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 139 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 159 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 268 g for 100 g of jam

fresh fruit used 110 g for 100 g of jam

No sugar added

Cherry jam with sorbitol

Consisting of melon, apricot and juniper

Quince jam

whith grape juice

whith grape juice


whith grape juice

Peach jam

whith grape juice


Montepulciano grape jam

Montepulciano grape jam

eucalyptus honey

Pear and saffron compote whith grape juice

Montepulciano grape jam

Montepulciano grape jam

honey thyme

honey orange


Tomato jam

red tomato in sour

Plums in syrup

plums in sugar syrup

Coked must black grape juice for pastry


dark chocolate stuffed grape jam


Montepulciano grape jam “Ragnata�

Fresh fruit used 255 g per 100 g of jam con pectina da forno



-“ SCRUCCHJATA “ 250 g – Marmellata di uve Montepulciano con miele millefiori di montagna, senza pectina e senza acido citrico…marmellata tipica abruzzese. Da spalmare su pane integrale o “pizzelle” o da unire al burro, per una deliziosa colazione. - FRUTTA e Miele di acacia 250 g – Pasta di frutta e miele di acacia, gusti: LIMONE MANDARINO ARANCE MENTA MIRTILLI FRUTTI DI BOSCO CILIEGIE PESCHE ALBICOCCHE FRAGOLE CAFFE’

-ORSETTO da 360 g Miele di acacia -MIELE da FAVO ( vendita a peso ) Miele di acacia -PROPOLIS soluzione idroalcolica/analcolica da ml. 20/30 anche in confezione spray -CONFEZIONE in legno tipo piattaia con tre vasi da 250 g Miele di acacia, millefiori di montagna, castagno/melata -CONFEZIONE in legno da 4 vasi da 50 g Miele acacia, millef. Mont., castagno, melata -ORO & ORO da 100 g Miele di acacia e zafferano -NERO & ORO da 100 g Miele di acacia e massa di cacao pura 100% - NOCI e MIELE di ACACIA 220 g


MIELE e CREMA di NOCCIOLE ( orsetto 330 g) Miele di arancio e crema di nocciole, senza conservanti e coloranti, pasta di nocciole finemente tritata e amalgamata con miele. Eccellente per ricche colazioni e per guarnire dolci, ottimo per dolcificare un buon caffè. Circa il 90% della materia è costituita da due acidi:oleico e linoleico, a questi due acidi si attribuisce la capacità di proteggere i tessuti dall’invecchiamento. ( miele 70 %- crema di nocc. 30% ) NERO & ORO ( orcetto 100 g ) Miele di acacia e massa di cacao pura 100%, blend di cacao di origine africana e domenicana. Prodotto molto sfizioso e delicato, si accompagna a dessert e dolci. ( miele di acacia 75 %- massa di cacao 25 % ) -ORO & ORO Miele di acacia e zafferano dell’Aquila in polvere e in pistilli ( orcetto 100 g ) ( 100 g. miele di acacia e 0,15 g. di zafferano dell’Aquila ); ottimo per formaggi pecorini e vaccini, si accompagna a bolliti e composte di frutta. MIELE di ACACIA ( orsetto 360 g ) Miele delicatissimo, con retrogusto quasi inesistente, molto chiaro che si presta bene come dolcificante, sia per formaggi freschi e per dessert e yogurt….

-MIELE BALSAMICO 250 g Miele di eucalipto, melata, propolis, pino, timo e menta ; da usare come espettorante e per Affezioni alle vie respiratorie, tosse produttiva e influenza. -ERBAMARO della MAJELLA con miele di acacia 500 ml. Liquore digestivo di 20 erbe macerate fresche -FRUTTA SECCA MISTA 200 g Miele di acacia con mandorle pelate, nocciole tostate e noci -NOCCIOLE 200 g Miele di acacia con nocciole tostate e pelate -CONFEZIONE da 4 vasi da 50 g di miele acacia, millefiori di montagna, noci e miele di acacia, crema di nocciole e miele -ORSETTO CREMA di NOCCIOLE 330g Crema di nocciole e miele -POLLINE di FIORI 100 g ( allo stato naturale come raccolto dalle api )


Extra Virgin Olive Oil













aRiservaBio organic farm is a smallholding which was ounded by owners, Mrs. Anna Maria De Rossi and her husband, an expert in agronomy, from their passion for high quality olive oil. The farm is situated in Tuscania, in the district of Viterbo, an area which has perfect climate and soil conditions for he pressing of prime quality extra-virgin olive oil. The arm also produces cereals.


aRiservaBio’s extra-virgin olive-oil is produced through a well supervised process, where quality is always more mportant than quantity. The olives, which are harvested early, are brought to the press daily and put through a cold extraction system within 24 hours. The oil obtained is then carefully preserved in stainless steel cisterns and immediately bottled, before being sold. The farm uses Caninese olives, typical of the Tuscia Viterbese region, as well as a small percentage of other varieties Leccino and Frantoio. The result is a balanced oil, suitable for a variety of uses, with a fruity flavour and a bitter and spicy aftertaste. Extra virgin This lavour is due to the presence of polyphenols which have olive oil mportant antioxidant, hypoglycaemic and cholesterolbottle 0.75 lt owering properties. The olives are harvested early, when they still contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, and have an emerald green colour. This gradually develops into a more golden hue. At the time of pressing the acidity of the oil is 0.1-0.3 g/l, well under the required limit. A further advantage to the use of Caninese olives is the long shelf life of its oil.

Extra-virgin olive oil - metallic box 1 lt

az. agr. di De Rossi Anna Maria

str. della Peschiera 2 !75&$0,$"6?!# tel. e fax 0761 434211 cell. 329 6123052

Extra-virgin olive oil - Glass bottles 0,50 lt

Extra-virgin olive oil - Glass bottles 0,25 lt

Tuscania Viterbo

Extra-virgin olive oil - metallic box 3 lt

Extra-virgin olive oil - metallic box 5 lt


Ready Made Food



Quality Italian Food Who we are EATARTE is a food company located in the heart of Abruzzo. We offer the best and most comprehensive range of Italian ready-to-eat meals: a full spectrum of freshly prepared original Italian dishes, available in 3 different versions (frozen, refrigerated and room temperature) and readyto-eat in just a couple of minutes. All products come in single-portion plastic containers, which simply need warming up in a microwave oven. Shelf life of the products goes from 18 months for the frozen version to 30-40 days for the refrigerated version. Our dishes are prepared by Italian chefs, following traditional recipes and using 100% original ingredients. As a result, the convenience of meals in a take-away friendly format is combined with superior sensorial and nutritional value. Save the time and effort of home cooking, stay healthy and feel better. All EATARTE meals are low fat, low calorie and made from fresh and natural

Masterpieces of Italian cooking

The concept


In the current economic environment consumers are looking to replicate the restaurant experience at home and, as a result, they are turning to new meal solutions. After becoming accustomed to eating out more often in the last decade, diners demand superior quality on their family tables.

Consumers often desire to eat at home rather than in a restaurant, fueled by perceptions of health. Dining at home on the right prepared meals offers better opportunities to control nutrition by customizing food in diet-friendly ways.

EATARTE is a new concept developed in Italy, set to change the way people look at prepared meals. It is designed to offer premium Italian dishes, typically associated with traditional homemade cooking, to consumers hungry for excellent quality, greater convenience and moderate prices.

Opportunity for retailers

To satisfy these needs, EATARTE has added a line of 8 dishes made using only organic ingredients. ple of high-quality prepared meal offered to health-conscious consumers.

EATARTE represents a great opportunity for gourmet shops, grocery chains and supermarkets to compete with restaurants by offering comparable quality food at better prices. Prepared-foods sections are becoming front and center, as retailers have seen the growing appeal of ready to- eat foods for family dinners and have decided that this is a market worth stretching for. to offer a ready meal, cooked in Italy and available in such a variety of options to create a cultural as well as a gastronomically savoring experience. In addition, EATARTE products are perfectly suitable for in-store promotion initiatives such as tasting stalls or innovative restaurant-style presentations.




Pasta calls Abruzzo its home, a region once

Original Italian Pasta


known as the “Granary of the Kingdom of Naples”. As a result, Eatarte is able to select the best quality available for each particular type of pasta and offer a wide selection of traditional dishes: Chitarra al Ragu` (the quintessential Abruzzo recipe), Pennette all’Amatriciana (the best known’s sauce in Roman cuisine), Pasta alla Norma (the luscious pasta from Sicily named after Bellini’s opera), savory delicacy from Piedmont) - just to mention a few - give our clients an opportunity to a culinary travel into Italian culture and history.


Pasta Served With Sauces

Pennette Tomato and Basil Chitarra Bolognese Fettuccine Bolognese Pappardelle al Pesto Farfalle Boscaiola (Cream, Ham and Peas Sauce) Bucatini Amatriciana (Tomato and Bacon Sauce) Pennette All’arrabbiata (Tomato and Chili Pepper Sauce) Pennette Alla Puttanesca (Tomato, Anchovies and Capers) Pennette with Vodka Sauce Fusilli Pecorara (Ricotta Cheese and Peppers) Spaghetti Carbonara (Bacon and Eggs) Pasta Alla Norma (Tomato, Ricotta Cheese and Eggplants) Seafood Linguine Sedanini agli Scampi (Prawns and Peas) Fettuccine Artichokes and Pineseeds

Local ingredients make our sauces unique for from the Marsica mountain, saffron from the plains around L’Aquila, ricotta cheese from sheep-abundant pastures in highlands inland D.O.P. brand (Denomination of Protected Origin).



Filled Pasta

Tortellini Bolognese Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto (Cream and Ham Sauce) Lasagna Bolognese Timballo (Lasagna) With Artichokes Half Moons in a Walnut Sauce White Lasagna With Mushrooms Cannelloni Bolognese Cannelloni Ricotta And Spinach Ravioli (Ricotta And Spinach) Bolognese Ravioli Boscaiola (Cream, Ham and Peas Sauce)

Filled pasta is a world in itself, and our repertoire of dishes can suit the most sophisticated tastes. Wrapped in savory Italian crepes, with selected ingredients such as local buffalo mozzarella, artichokes growing spontaneously in the Abruzzo meadows and and mushrooms from the Marsica mountain.



The legend has it that Risotto alla Milanese dates back to the Renaissance, when a painter accidentally dropped into his plate of rice the saffron he was using to give the windows of the Dome a special golden tone. Today, there is a large variety of Italian Risotti and taste. Eatarte presents a selection of the most traditional dishes, ranging from the most famous Risotto alla Milanese to the mouth watering Venetian seafood risotto. We make sure that all our Risotti are made using the best quality ingredients and delicately elaborated, so that our clients are always impressed with their rich consistency

Traditional Italian Risotto



Traditional Italian Risotto

Risotto with Mushrooms Risotto Red Lettuce and Provola Cheese Seafood Risotto Risotto alla Milanese Risotto Zucchini and Shrimps Risotto with Asparagus

The three main ingredients of any risotto are rice, wine, and broth. All our variations are made using particular ingredients such as saffron, radicchio (the typical Italian red lettuce), mushrooms, asparagus, zucchine etc. The Carnaroli rice, the ingredients and the way it is cooked make our Risotti not only delicious, but also extremely elegant in appearance.



“Secondo ” is the Italian equivalent of the more international “main course”.


Whether it is Veal Stew garnished with peas and mushrooms in a creamy red wine sauce or Filet of Plaice in a parsley sauce, all dishes are based on and freshest regional ingredients on which our chefs put a sophisticated gloss. Roasted Veal with Peas, Mushrooms and Potatoes Roasted Turkey Roll with Potatoes Pork Chop with Mixed Vegetables Chicken Cutlets with Sliced Potatoes Grilled Chicken Breast with Spinach Stew with Peas Roasted Pork Meat with Oven Potatoes




Filet of Plaice in a Parsley Sauce Squids with Potatoes and Peas

B take center stage in Abruzzo cuisine. to other meats found elsewhere because of the animals’ mountain-grazed diets rich in herbs. The coastal areas along the Adriatic Sea supply



In Roman times, soups epitomized the idea

of comforting and healthy food. Two millennia later, at Eatarte we have taken this concept to a whole new level. By using mostly organic vegetables, and sticking to traditional family recipes, we provide a variety of regional soups (from the traditional Minestrone to the highly sophisticated Leek and Potato soup) that are nourishing and delicious.


Minestrone (Mixed Vegetable Soup) Leek and Potato Soup Mixed Legume Soup Pasta e Fagioli (Bean Soup)

Vegetable soups are classic dishes of the Abruzzo culinary tradition and for this reason they are prepared in a simple and natural way. respected professional chefs will tell you that a really good Italian soup depends on the quality of the vegetables. All ingredients we use in our soups are regional and mostly organic, providing


Tth Abruzzo region has a superb and of natural landscapes of its territory. The gastronomic map of the region runs along two dimensions: coastal and inland, Adriatic and Apennine. Cooking in the mountainous inland is based on pork and, to a minor extent, on sheep and poultry,

Abruzzo cuisine also draws from ancient tradition. The use of an old pasta-making technique called “chitarra� (the guitar) is still widespread. The name derives from a rectangular frame of beech wood looking like a small harp; the pasta dough is pressed through the strings producing a particularly thick type of spaghetti.

















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Business e via Italy - Food and Wine  

Business e via Italy - Food and Wine