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St. Benedict Parish Education Endowment Update Our Endowment continues to grow thanks to recent events and donations. Currently on deposit we have $115,680.24 with the archdiocese, from which $5,500 in interest will provide this year’s scholarship awards. Eighty-three golfers came out this past September for a day of fun at Sunset Valley Golf Course in Highland Park to support our endowment efforts. Over $13,000 has been raised over the last two years through this golf outing for the parish endowment. We are grateful to the committee who organized another great success: Alfredo Alvarez, David Keenan, Max Nutkowitz, Pete Quinn, and Jeff Remotigue. The day started with brunch at Rocks in North Center, followed by 18 holes of golf, and ended with a barbecue dinner and awards ceremony.

Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors!

The induction of Mrs. Laurette Kittler, HS drama teacher from 1959-1995, this past October into our Alumni Hall of Fame brought together hundreds of alumni to celebrate her legacy and to provide another contribution to the parish endowment. The first endowment award for drama was presented to HS senior Antonio Gonzalez in her honor. $9,382 was realized for the parish education endowment through the generosity of our alumni who put together a night to remember. This evening was an extraordinary outpour ing of love for their favorite drama teacher. After Mass and dinner, a musical revue highlighting her career at Saint Benedict High School was performed by alumni and current students. Thanks to our dedicated organizers: Bill Bergfalk ‘76, Rich Paschall ‘69, and Mike Teolis ‘71.

Each Gift Becomes a Legacy for the Future of St. Benedict Parish and Preparatory School!

2015 Endowment Reception and Awards Presentation On November 8, 2015, the parish community celebrated our annual Mass of Remembrance for all the deceased of the past year as well as former faculty and alumni. At the endowment reception that followed Mass, three of the eight endowment scholarships were presented. The recipient of the Christian Leadership award in memory of Father Arthur Krueger was Sarah Eden ‘16 (left). Bryan Padilla ‘16 (center) was awarded the Civic Leadership award in honor of Mr. Robert McTigue. Maisha Kasole ‘16 (right) was awarded the Excellence in Mathematics award in memory of Sr. Natalie Gerlach, S.S.S.F. This last award was recently funded along with the Chorus scholarship in memory of the donor’s first wife, Susan (Kass) Perschke ‘65. We are grateful to Gerhard Perschke ‘65 for his generosity in helping to expand our endowment awards.

Ed Stark Band Award Presented at Spring Honors Assembly We are happy to announce the first recipient of the Ed Stark Band Award, seventh grader, Ethan Edlund, was chosen out of five nominees for this award from our Parish Educational Endowment. The application included an essay written by Ethan along with a nomination from our current instrumental band teacher, Ms. Jenna Stamper. Mrs. Geraldine Stark, Mr. Stark’s widow, was In it he wrote, “Once I get my part down, I feel on hand to present the award to Ethan Edlund. like no one can stop me from playing my best. Band is undoubtedly my favorite class because I love music and playing my instrument (baritone) with my friends and classmates.” This $500 award is a direct result of the interest we receive from our evergrowing endowment through the generosity of our alumni and parishioners.

Ms. Stamper joined ES band members to play for the Alumni Homecoming Party in 2013. (Ethan is seated at the far right.) Consider making a gift to our endowment today! See for more details.

Consider supporting a Bengal today!

Scholarships open to both new and current students: Christian Leadership


Honoring Mr. Edward Stark

Our endowment scholarships are named for key individuals who have contributed significantly to the life and growth of St. Benedict Preparatory High School. Additionally, each scholarship is awarded for an academic talent or Christian virtue that exemplifies our unique program.

Performing Arts

Honoring Fr. Arthur Kruger

Honoring Ms. Laurette Kittler

Scholarships open to current students: Creative Spirit

Civic Leadership

Honoring Ms. Carol Molenda

Honoring Mr. Robert McTigue



Honoring Mr. Patrick Heffernan

School Spirit

Honoring Mr. Christopher Ford


Honoring Honoring Susan (Kass) Perschke ‘65 Sister Natalie Gerlach, S.S.S.F.

HOW DOES THE ENDOWMENT WORK??? 1) Gifts of cash, stocks,etc. are deposited in our special endowment account with the Archdiocese of Chicago.

2) The interest from this account is then awarded in scholarships to both current and incoming students.

3) This interest is divided to fund the yearly awards to students who exhibit excellence. Therefore an endowment with $200,000 on deposit for a year will earn the school

approximately $10,000 at the current interest rates. So growing the endowment will ensure funded scholarships for many years.

HOW CAN PARISHIONERS CONTRIBUTE TO OUR SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT??? Any gift no matter what the size will be a perpetual one that will benefit the students for years and years to come! Taking time to make a planned gift to the new endowment fund would be most appreciated. Please refer to the chart to the left for suggestions.

A planned gift counselor from the Archdiocese of Chicago will be happy to assist with any of the more involved options listed. For more information please contact: Mr. Joe Accardi, SBPS Mission Advancement Officer Tel: (773)509-3832 Email:

Endowment 2015-11-29  

Endowment Collateral

Endowment 2015-11-29  

Endowment Collateral